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Political Correctness

National Guard Banned from Vacation Bible School, Allowed to March in Gay Pride Parade

Have you ever attended Vacation Bible School? Around here, we call it VBS and it is the time of the year, usually during summer vacation from school, that children gather at a local, or not so much, school to learn about the Bible and the principles it teaches. In the case of the VBS put on by our church, it is some children’s only opportunity to attend an event that is both educational and uplifting. Not to mention, a lot of fun. During the week, representatives of the local police and fire departments, as well as the local paramedics. It […]

Some Comments Regarding Phil Robertson

To the executives at A&E Network; Something is seriously wrong in America when you can no longer voice an opinion based on your religious values without fear of some sort of reprisal. I am a Christian and like Phil Robertson, I believe the act of homosexuality is a sin. I don’t judge the sin, that’s not for me. Judgment is left to God as Mr. Robertson stated in his interview. Does this make me extreme or wrong? Only in a Godless society I am viewed as extreme and wrong and that’s what we are rapidly becoming; a Godless society where […]

Make A Wish Helps Five Year Old, Liberals Complain

Imagine that a five year old is surviving Leukemia, and has had this fatal disease since they were a toddler.  Now, also imagine that Make-A-Wish arranged to make the little guy Batman for the day, and get him some recognition. Sounds like a wonderful story, doesn’t it?  Well, not to some liberals, who thought it was terribly unfair!  Stacy McCain has some more… To see how Ace completely dismantled her, you’ll have to click the link and head on over to The Other McCain.  But before you do, just bear with me for a moment.  I’ve said before that liberals […]

Political Correctness Taken Too Far: British Child Taken From Family Due to UKIP

  In the newsletter I receive from Crisis Magazine, there is an article entitled “Political Correctness Reaches New Low in UK” by Theodore Dalrymple. In that article he shares the story about a family, in Rotherham England, who has been foster-care parents for the last seven years. Recently, the Rotherham Borough Council’s Strategic Director of Children and Young People’s Services, Joyce Thacker, made the decision to remove three children from their care because they are members of the UK Independent Party (UKIP). I don’t know a whole lot about politics in England or much about the UKIP, except for what […]

Bill Whittle: Political Correctness

What is political correctness, and what is it really all about?  Bill Whittle provides on of the best answers.  Give it a look. The caption in the video states that it might be the most important video you have seen.  It might just be a true statement.  Share it with whoever you can.  If you are new to this whole “political” thing, it will be very useful to you.

Bill Whittle on Political Correctness

Here is another great video from Bill Whittle.  The topic is Political Correctness. Once again, Whittle knocks it out of the park.

Bill Whittle Discusses the Frankfurt School and the Fight Against Socialism

I caught this over at Fuzzy Logic.  I think this is Bill Whittle at his very best.  Kindly take a look at them.  They are long, but VERY worth the time… It is a great thing to see people that so thoroughly get it, and are able to explain it so very well.

College Students Don’t Learn Critical Thinking: Should we be Surprised?

Students leave the universities without critical thinking skills? And we should be surprised by this why? That was my first thought when I saw the title of the article at Memorandum.  I thought that someone was demonstrating their grasp of the obvious, but you get the idea. Here are some excerpts from the article at McClatchy… NEW YORK — An unprecedented study that followed several thousand undergraduates through four years of college found that large numbers didn’t learn the critical thinking, complex reasoning and written communication skills that are widely assumed to be at the core of a college education. […]

English Classes Turn Into Diversity Training Classes

As an avid reader, someone who tries to read most of the well-known classics, I should love to visit English classes. Imagine a class where students read and discuss the great literature of the ages- Plato, Cicero, Mark Twain. Imagine students reading the great books and classic novels of the past, discussing the wisdom of our ancestors, analyzing timeless dilemmas and conflicts, being inspired by beautifully written literature, and passing on stories from age to age. What a great class that would be! Sadly my recent visits to neighboring school districts showed me a different type of English class. In […]

Fort Hood Retroactive Redux

November 1944 CH 2.0 News: In a shocking turn of events, Fritz von Manstein, a Major in the US Army, gunned down a dozen of his fellow soldiers, while wounding another 30.  More as this breaking story develops. NBC News: “We must not rush to judgment on this tragic event, committed by a obviously troubled serviceman.” CH 2.0 News: This just breaking…Witnesses confirm that Fritz von Manstein, the US Army Major accused of gunning down dozens of his compatriots, yelled “Heil Hitler” before opening fire, and was wearing a swastika armband while committing the act. NBC: “Nazis and other fascists […]