New Jersey Has 7 Of The 10 Counties In America With The Highest Property Taxes


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greetings from new jersey


Anybody here remember a fellow named Chris Christie? He ran for governor, promising to “do something” about New Jersey’s perennially high property taxes.

Boy oh boy, I sure do wish we’d elected that guy.

Because according to a recent study, 7 of the 10 counties in America with the highest property taxes are right here in the Garden State. Where, rumor has it, Chris Christie is actually the governor.

It’s no secret that New Jersey homeowners are hit with some of the highest property taxes in the nation. But just how high, relative to other parts of the country, might be a bit of a shock.

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A typical homeowner in Bibb County, Ala., paid just $228 in property taxes in 2013, according to an analysis by Zillow, the real estate website. Compare that to someone paying the median in Paramus or Ridgewood in Bergen, who shelled out $9,546 — about 45 times as much.

Bergen and Bibb lie on opposite ends of a list of median property tax rates nationally. Bergen was third-highest in the country, and the highest in New Jersey, while Bibb joined several other Alabama counties boasting some of the very lowest property tax bills for single-family homes.

Sigh. I’d be ecstatic if my property taxes were only $9,546. Alas, I’m paying closer to $16,000, and Essex County is supposedly way down the list at Number 4.

1. Westchester, N.Y., $13,842
2. Rockland, N.Y., $10,550
3. Bergen, NJ, $9,546
4. Essex, N.J., $9,288
5. Nassau, N.Y., $9,091
6. Passaic, N.J., $8,978
7. Union, N.J., $8,926
8. Morris, N.J., $8,549
9. Hudson, N.J., $8,407
10. Hunterdon, N.J., $8,392

Yay New Jersey.




Pelosi Demands Boehner Force Tax-Cheating Republican Resign…Ignores Tax-Cheating Charlie Rangel


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Hat/Tip to Curt at FloppingAces.

Republican Michael Grimm from New York won re-election to the house despite pleading guilty to tax evasion.

Grimm faces up to three years in prison for a tax evasion scheme that concealed revenue and off-the-books cash payments to undocumented workers at the Healthalicious restaurant he co-owned and managed.

After pleading guilty, Grimm said he would not resign but also sounded apologetic.

“I am truly, truly sorry for the mistakes that I made. … As long as I am able to serve I am going to serve, as of right now I am still in the capacity to serve,” Grimm said Tuesday.

House Speaker John Boehner withheld comment until speaking with Grimm. House Republicans said Grimm’s future would likely be decided after the Christmas holiday.

Republicans stopped campaigning for him during the election but he won anyway. Now guess who is demanding his resignation?

Yup, the same lady who wouldn’t demand her own corrupt party members to resign:

“Now that the election is over, Congressman Grimm is finally admitting the truth to his constituents,” Pelosi said in a statement Tuesday morning. “Clearly, Speaker Boehner must insist that Congressman Grimm resign immediately.”

Guess this makes sense since she demanded “cold cash” Jefferson resign right? Eh, not so much.

Charlie Rangel?

He was censored for tax evasion and ten other ethic violations but still has Democrats supporting him for every election, and no demand of a resignation.

I’m all for demanding Grimm to resign but if Grimm goes, so should Rangel. In the end Grimm will be forced to resign because our party holds our members accountable.

Unlike Pelosi’s party.





What Really Happened This Weekend Why I tried To block Obama’s Amnesty

Senator Ted Cruz R-TX
Senator Ted Cruz R-TX

Hat/Tip to Senator Ted Cruz in an Op-Ed in Politico Magazine, and reprinted in it’s entirety.

What Really Happened This Weekend

Why I tried to block Obama’s amnesty.

By Senator Ted Cruz

For the past week, Sen. Harry Reid has worked hard to prevent a vote on President Obama’s illegal executive amnesty. Finally, after considerable turmoil this weekend, we were able to force a vote.

Only one month ago President Obama announced amnesty for roughly five million people here illegally. He did so in defiance of the manifest will of the voters; as he rightly noted, his “policies were on the ballot all across the country.” And the people voted overwhelmingly against amnesty.

Amnesty is wrong, and it is unfair. It’s unfair to millions of legal immigrants, to the 92 million Americans who are currently not in the labor force, and to minority communities across the nation struggling with record unemployment.

 Even more troubling was how the amnesty was decreed: by executive fiat, directly contrary to federal immigration law and to the Constitution. The former prohibits issuing work authorizations to those here illegally, and the latter prohibits the president from ignoring federal laws passed by Congress.

If a president can defy federal law, it renders useless the checks and balances in our Constitution. And it sets the stage for presidents to ignore any other laws (tax, labor, environmental) with which they might disagree.

If Congress does nothing in response, we acquiesce to this constitutional crisis.

Late Thursday night, the House passed the so-called “CRomnibus,” funding the federal government to the tune of $1.1 trillion.

That’s what’s publicly known. Now let me tell you some of what happened behind closed doors.

Within hours, I joined a handful of other senators in going to leadership and affirmatively offering to cooperate to facilitate a quick vote on the CRomnibus—that very evening, we suggested—in exchange for a simple up or down vote on defunding executive amnesty.

Republican leadership told us we would likely get our vote. All day Friday, they told us the same thing. Then, late Friday night, Harry Reid apparently changed his mind, and we were told there would be no vote on amnesty.

At that point, I supported an objection to delaying the CRomnibus vote any further. We used the leverage we have under the rules to try to force our vote.

Harry Reid responded in anger. He forced the Senate to come back Saturday and spend the entire day casting procedural votes to move forward a series of Obama nominations.

Some critics have disingenuously suggested that, by fighting on amnesty, we somehow facilitated these Obama nominations. That’s nonsense; Harry Reid had announced a week earlier he was going to force through every one of these bad nominations—from an unqualified and extreme surgeon general to the new head of immigration enforcement who has pledged to uphold Obama’s amnesty—and there is no doubt he would have done the exact same thing on Monday and Tuesday, with the very same result.

An hour into our Saturday session, I offered to Reid yet again to take up the CRomnibus immediately, vote on amnesty, and then finish it. He accepted my offer, but then the other Senate Democrats vetoed his agreement.

Finally, late Saturday night, the Democrats relented, and we forced a vote on the constitutionality of executive amnesty. Had we acquiesced, had we waited until Monday, Reid could have held the floor and blocked the vote.

So what was accomplished? First, every single Senate Democrat is now on the record in support of President Obama’s illegal amnesty. No fewer than a dozen Democrats had previously criticized that amnesty; now their positions are unambiguous for the voters.

That matters, as we discovered this past November.

Second, 22 Republicans voted in support of my constitutional point of order. This comprised a majority of the Republicans voting, and (not coincidentally) most of the Republicans up for reelection in 2016.

This puts a stake in the ground: That we will defend the Constitution.

Some have attacked the vote because not every Republican stood together. That’s true, because leadership did not want to fight this fight right now and urged Members to oppose.

But the substantive disagreement is overstated. A number of Republicans had a good-faith disagreement with the procedural vehicle we used to force the vote. They argued that Obama’s amnesty is unconstitutional, but the bill funding it is not.

It would have been much better if all 45 Republicans had stood together. For that reason, we had preferred another procedural vehicle—a straight up or down vote on defunding amnesty—but Reid had blocked that. So this was the only tool remaining. This was the only way to get a vote.

And the procedural disagreement on the vehicle masks the breadth of the substantive opposition of Republican Members to executive amnesty.

Republican leaders have promised that the CRomnibus was part of a broader plan to force a fight to stop executive amnesty in January or February. I very much hope we come through on that promise.

And if we do indeed stand united against amnesty sixty days from now—if we follow through on our commitments—none will celebrate, and praise leadership, more than I will.

But we need action, not just words. We need resolve.

And one of the most significant benefits of the fight this weekend was that almost every Republican—those who voted with us and those who voted against us—has once again gone to the press expressly agreeing that Obama’s amnesty is unconstitutional.

We should build on that, stand together in the new Republican Senate, and honor those commitments. If we are going to defend the Constitution, we must respond decisively to this constitutional crisis.

Ted Cruz is a U.S. senator from Texas..




America: She Loves Him Not


She Loves Him Not

“With votes still being counted in more than a dozen congressional districts, Democrats were on track to shed 13 to 16 seats, an outcome that would leave the party with as few as 185 of the chamber’s 435 seats. The last time Democrats had such a small House delegation, Herbert Hoover was president, Charlie Chaplin was making movies, and Alka Seltzer was just hitting the shelves.” Politico

“Shellacked and thumped by an angry electorate, President Obama declared to every American who voted in Tuesday’s elections—and to those who’ve checked out of the political process—”I hear you.”  And then he ignored them.”Ron Fournier

“Anyone who says we don’t have to rethink things should be fired.” Steve Elmendorf, Democrat strategist

The wise in heart will receive commands, but a prating fool will fall. — Proverbs 10:8

4th and 804Anyone who expects Barack Obama to work with the Republicans who just sacked him has snorted one too many lines of fairy dust.  When has the head of a People’s Republic ever actually listened to the People?  America, of course, is not a full-blown Marxist dictatorship except in the minds of its president, the left-wing media, and much of the Democrat Party, but that never stopped them before.  And if past performance is indicative of future action, it won’t stop them now, despite the smoking wreckage that 6 years of Obamunist rule has produced for the Jackasses that followed him:

For Obama, there have been two convincing presidential victories; for the Democratic Party, electoral ruin at every other level. On Tuesday (assuming the most likely final outcome), the largest Democratic Senate losses since 1980. The ranks of moderate Democrats — including Mark Pryor, Mark Begich, Kay Hagan and (probably) Mary Landrieu — decimated. During Obama’s presidency, the loss of nearly 70 House seats, producing the largest Republican majority since 1931. The near-extinction of the Democratic Party in the South, including in Arkansas and Tennessee, which provided the party’s national ticket in 1992 and 1996. Full Republican control of 29 state legislatures, the highest total since the 1920s, and Republican governors in 32 states, including Massachusetts, Illinois and Maryland. Obama’s particular form of political magic has worked only for Obama himself. (Obama’s harmful ‘gifts’ to the nation and the Democrats)

On Friday, the Grand Poobah and his minions will leave the Fuehrer bunker to meet with GOP leaders and their apprehensive food tasters in the White House Old Family Dining Room.  Despite the fact that Obama Land is now in ruins, crow will likely not be on the menu.

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Teacher admits he helped write Common Core to end white privilege – Audience is upset


Listen to this teacher freely admit that he helped write Common Core because of his “white privilege.” The audience is visibly and audibly upset, reacting with boos, laughter and one person saying, “Oh come on!”


A teacher who helped write the controversial Common Core State Standards informed a shocked audience that he was motivated to do so because he is a “white male” who has been “given a lot of privilege that I didn’t earn.”

Dr. David Pook, a professor at Granite State College and chair of the history department at the Derryfield School in Manchester, New Hampshire, had just been introduced at the event at New Hampshire Institute of Politics on Monday night when he delved into his ties to Common Core.

“The reason why I helped write the standards and the reason why I am here today is that as a white male in society I am given a lot of privilege that I didn’t earn,” he said.

Read more here.


Obama to claim half million acres today under ‘Monument act’



Thanks to LadyRaven’s Whisfederally owned landsky In A Jar – OH!

Obama to claim half million acres today under ‘Monument act’.

Originally posted on BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades!:

We were warned that this was coming. Of all places, the announcement today will give illegals an open pathway on the border with Mexico directly to the U.S. Bundy style, the BLM moves again. Back in 2010, a leaked memo indicated Obama had his eye on 13 million acres. Some larger than Rhode Island and Delaware combined. Much of it rich in gas, oil and other rich minerals.

President Obama on Wednesday will declare a national monument in southern New Mexico, delivering a win for environmentalists but angering ranchers and local law enforcement, who say the land restrictions will end up creating a safe haven for drug cartels to operate within the U.S.

Mr. Obama will declare about 500,000 acres as the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument. About half of that land is expected to be set aside as wilderness, meaning it will be closed to vehicles and construction.


Read the full story here.


More Trey Gowdy … good stuff!


You’ve got to take a few minutes (well, almost 15 … a “few” is between 3 and 7) and watch this video. Trey Gowdy is absolutely awesome … Oh, watch at least 8 or 9 minutes of it … he will demonstrate to you the contempt team Obama has for our veterans.



More Americans Dying Because Of Obama’s Incompetence


I find it amusing how liberals cannot accept the fact that Obama is hands down the worst president in American history. (I use the term “president” for the sake of argument because he’s a well-known fraud, but what the heck) This guy has had nothing but scandal after scandal. Naturally, all phony scandals. You know, not a word of truth in any of them even though a lot of those “phony” scandals contain body bags with dead Americans in them. The latest one being manifested is a whole bunch of U.S. military veterans who couldn’t get the care needed in a timely manner by various V.A. hospitals died waiting. There were problems going back to the G.W. Bush’s presidency, however we’ve learned that Obama was briefed about it 6 years ago and did nothing, nada, zip, zero, zilch. One fact that should have Barack by the cods is a letter sent to him a year ago by House Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman Jeff Miller in which said:

Dear Mr. President: I am writing to bring to your attention an alarming pattern of serious and significant patient care issues at the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Centers (VAMCs) across the country. Recent events at the Atlanta, Georgia, VAMC provide a perfect illustration of the management failures, deceptions, and lack of accountability permeating VA’s healthcare system…I believe your direct involvement and leadership is required.


Now team Obama is lying again and use the “He didn’t know about it. He just found out on the news” line.

No, American military veterans are nothing to Mr. Obama. Regardless of his usual line of crap and the stupid dung that proceeds out of his mouth, his actions or should I say inactions demonstrate the real care he has. He would rather race bait and play golf than even act like a president. I mean we all know the guy is a fraud, but heck man, at least fake it! This guy isn’t just incompetent, he’s a disgrace and an embarrassment.

Cartoon by Bob Gorrell

obama mad cartoon


Benghazi Documents Point To White House On Misleading Talking Points


Since October 18, 2012 Judicial Watch has been trying to obtain Benghazi State Department related documents. The lame Congressional hearings of which team Obama has been stonewalling and delaying are in the minds of simple liberals, “evidence” of nothing happened that Obama and company have been covering up. To a liberal, Obama and Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice can outright lie and blame a Youtube video one day and then the next fess-up, admitting the attack at Benghazi was a planned terror attack and it’s no problem. It’s no problem to a liberal that Obama and company lie to them and use them as little “meat puppets.” Anyway, moving along here, Judicial Watch finally obtained some documents and voila, team Obama is exposed as orchestrating a campaign to “reinforce” President Obama and to portray the Benghazi consulate terrorist attack as being “rooted in an Internet video, and not a failure of policy.” Other documents show that State Department officials initially described the incident as an “attack” a possible kidnap attempt.

Via: Judicial Watch

Benghazi Documents Point To White House On Misleading Talking Points

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that on April 18, 2014, it obtained 41 new Benghazi-related State Department documents. They include a newly declassified email showing then-White House Deputy Strategic Communications Adviser Ben Rhodes and other Obama administration public relations officials attempting to orchestrate a campaign to “reinforce” President Obama and to portray the Benghazi consulate terrorist attack as being “rooted in an Internet video, and not a failure of policy.” Other documents show that State Department officials initially described the incident as an “attack” a possible kidnap attempt.

The documents were released Friday as result of a June 21, 2013, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed against the Department of State (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:13-cv-00951)) to gain access to documents about the controversial talking points used by then-UN Ambassador Susan Rice for a series of appearances on television Sunday news programs on September 16, 2012. Judicial Watch had been seeking these documents since October 18, 2012.

The Rhodes email was sent on sent on Friday, September 14, 2012, at 8:09 p.m. with the subject line: “RE: PREP CALL with Susan, Saturday at 4:00 pm ET.” The documents show that the “prep” was for Amb. Rice’s Sunday news show appearances to discuss the Benghazi attack.

The document lists as a “Goal”: “To underscore that these protests are rooted in and Internet video, and not a broader failure or policy.”


Folks, I look forward to the day Obama and his band of corrupt perverts are carted off to jail where they belong. I look forward to the day that Mr. and Mr. … er … Mrs. Obama’s vacationing days on the backs of the American taxpayers is over. That will be a day of rejoicing. Amen!

obama cuffs




I believe the pause in action concerning the Bundy family and the Feds in Nevada could be a calm before the real storm happens. Anyone familiar with the strong armed tactics of those of team Obama know they ain’t going away. They are simply gearing up, lawyering up and figuring out how to overrun the Bundy family and rip them off for their cattle and land. Now that Harry Reid and the Feds have been caught and embarrassed, they’re not going to just go away. This only gives them more reason to squash the Bundys.


Via: WND
Warning follows threat from Harry Reid that grazing dispute ‘not over’

The executive director of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association says his sources inside the federal government warn that Washington’s weekend retreat in a dispute over grazing land in Nevada was only a move to distract attention and diffuse tensions, because a raid on the family’s ranch still is planned.

And there probably would be violence involved, said Richard Mack, the former sheriff of Graham County, Ariz.

“I don’t think it would be possible” to launch a raid without violence, he told WND Monday. “I don’t think the Bundys would lie down and be taken.”

He cited the vow by Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., that the confrontation was far from over, despite the weekend’s retreat by armed gunmen working for federal agencies.

Reid on Monday told KRNV-TV in Reno: “It’s not over. We can’t have an American people that violate the law and then just walk away from it. So it’s not over.”


Mack, a longtime sheriff, told WND that Reid’s statements are beyond the pale.

“That kind of stupidity, where he puts federal regulations and policies of bureaucrats ahead of a family in his state that has done no wrong or committed a crime,” Mack said.

He charged that it is Reid who is destroying his own state’s ranching industry as well as the U.S. Constitution. The sheriff chided the senator for making statements about abiding by laws.

“Isn’t that amazing? The biggest crook in Washington,” Mack said.


Original Post:  Cry and Howl


The Stand-off is over: BLM Retreats!


Well there is some good news. LadyRaven brought to my attention that the standoff in Nevada between the Bureau of Land Management and the Bundy family is over. I went to the Drudge Report and sure enough there is a link to an ABC story though personally I doubt the headline because I think the Feds are simply regrouping and/or will come up with a new approach … time will tell.

Via: ABC News

Nevada Cattle Rancher Wins ‘Range War’ With Feds

A Nevada cattle rancher appears to have won his week-long battle with the federal government over a controversial cattle roundup that had led to the arrest of several protesters.

Cliven Bundy went head to head with the Bureau of Land Management over the removal of hundreds of his cattle from federal land, where the government said they were grazing illegally.

Bundy claims his herd of roughly 900 cattle have grazed on the land along the riverbed near Bunkerville, 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas, since 1870 and threatened a “range war” against the BLM on the Bundy Ranch website after one of his sons was arrested while protesting the removal of the cattle.

“I have no contract with the United States government,” Bundy said. “I was paying grazing fees for management and that’s what BLM was supposed to be, land managers and they were managing my ranch out of business, so I refused to pay.”

The federal government had countered that Bundy “owes the American people in excess of $1 million ” in unpaid grazing fees and “refuses to abide by the law of land, despite many opportunities over the last 20 years to do so.”

However, today the BLM said it would not enforce a court order to remove the cattle and was pulling out of the area.

“Based on information about conditions on the ground, and in consultation with law enforcement, we have made a decision to conclude the cattle gather because of our serious concern about the safety of employees and members of the public,” BLM Director Neil Kornze said.


I just can’t help but think that Harry Reid being exposed for the weasel he is had something to do with it.

Original Post:  Cry and Howl


Fight between the Feds and a Rancher


I happened by this situation over at LadyRavenSDC  and feel like folks should be aware of how the government works to control and confiscate land and personal property. In 1993 the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) changed grazing rules in an area called Gold Butte which is a 600,000 square acre area in Nevada under the guise of protecting an endangered desert tortoise. A rancher named Cliven Bundy whose family and forefathers have lived in the area since 1877. According this piecethe Bundy family was already ranching here long before the Department of Interior was born, and long before tortoises were protected.

It boils down to environmentalists pressuring the BLM and now the government is moving in armed troops and hiring contractors to round up Mr. Bundy’s 500 or so head of cattle so they can auction them off. In other words, put the guy out of business.


The Save America Foundation has an excellent piece of which I agree with wholeheartedly …

A Constitutional Fight Brewing In Nevada between a Federal Agency and Rancher.
Editors Note:-    I find myself firmly on the side of the Rancher who is preparing to do battle with the federal agency, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, with all their strengh and money, as he fights for what I believe is a States Rights case and a private citizen rights case. 

The Federal Government should own NO land what so ever in any State in the Union, and all land not privately owned within those States should belong to that State, in this case, Nevada.

Rancher Cliven Bundy is a Patriot, my new hero, and we should do all we can to support him, if it be financially or by getting the word out, maybe attend any hearings and let him know that we, the people are sick and tired of the federal government trying to rule every aspect of our lives and we have his back.  This and many previous administrations have unconstitutionally year by year removed land from the individual States by using their agencies like the EPA and the BLM in support of their Agenda 21 program, often with the treasonous help of those states representatives.  They must be stopped and this case may just become a landmark case for States rights and for this rancher, a brave and loyal true American.


Thanks to Sara Noble at the Independent Sentinel for the following video

Then  there’s this one related to the above where the government is shutting down the ranchers in Nevada …

Original Post: Cry and Howl



The Name Game


 The Shaming of the Shrew

“Like Manchurian candidates, we have been made into Manchurian consumers, who subconsciously buy when we are triggered by our brand masters.” – Bryant H. McGill

Name recognition.  It’s why corporations spend millions plastering their emblems on every stray sporting venue that seats more than 5 people; why jingle writers drive Cadillacs; why, in politics as in nursery schools, rhyme is always more effective than reason; and why Hillary Clinton, according to a March poll conducted by the Associated Press, is viewed more favorably than crab lice by 1,016 randomly chosen American idiots.

This is a woman, after all, who accomplished nothing as First Lady, nothing as U.S. senator from New York, and whose malfeasance as Secretary of State resulted in the deaths of 4 Americans in Benghazi and 6 billion missing dollars in contract funds.  The only items in her resume that seem to qualify her for the modern presidency are a predilection for socialism and a lack of testicles — the same attributes that carried Barack Obama to victory.  Even such a noted expert on Hillary as Hillary couldn’t conjure up any achievement worthy of mention:

Several weeks ago, MRC-TV’s Dan Joseph visited the Democratic Party’s winter meeting to see if attendees could name a single tangible of Hillary Clinton during her tenure as Secretary of State. They couldn’t. It turns out that Hillary Clinton herself can’t even do that.

“People began to rely on us as setting the values, setting the standards. I just don’t want to lose that because we have a dysfunctional political situation in Washington. And then of course, a lot of particulars, but I am finishing my book so you’ll be able to read all about it.”

Of course, the “values” and “standards” set by the last president named Clinton resulted in impeachment, disbarment, and Monica Lewinsky’s infamously soiled blue dress; but, as a madly ambitious former First Lady might ask, “What difference does it make now?”

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Original Post:  Be Sure You’re Right, Then Go Ahead


Is God With America?


America today …

Same-sex marriage is just as acceptable as traditional marriage

A military comprised of homos … and if the commanders don’t like it … resign


Perversion of our children in public schools

A fraud for a president

A congress consisting of corrupt, compromised people

Black on white violence is ignored by the press

Doctor assisted suicide

Trayon Martin is a hero

Hillary Clinton is the most admired person

Bill Clinton thinks we’ll be visited by aliens … that’s cool.

The Congress is mad that the CIA might have spied on them

The Congress thinks they need a raise for a job well done

Abortion is women’s health

Christians are evil for saying “Jesus loves you”

Muslims are good saying “Convert to Islam or die”

A criminal shoots some people … gun owners are punished

Inside trader is illegal … unless you’re a politician

If a boy in school thinks he could be a girl … it’s okay to use the girls restroom

Unemployment payments are good for the economy

Tax-payers are forced to pay for abortions

Paying people not to work encourages people to find jobs

The government can provide everything one needs in life

Athletes are roll models

Middle school girls can get abortions without their parents permission … but not an aspirin.

Praying before a sports event is a violation of the separation of church and state

It’s better to euthanize a new-born child rather than have it possibly be raised by poor people.

55+ million unborn children murdered in the womb in cause for celebration

Condom use is promoted in elementary schools as well as the joys of sex

Promiscuity is normal behavior

Retaining ones virginity until marriage is dumb

The president of America weakens the military while the leaders of Russia, China and our enemies strengthen theirs.

Christian values have been replaced by Hollywood’s values …

So, is God with us?

Words from the past …

We should be weeping for this once blessed nation …

Original Post:  Cry and Howl



The Big “Stinkburger” … Obamacare


I’m at work right now and I have to admit I’m in a very good mood. Some liberals didn’t take my previous post very kindly and that does sadden me somewhat … NOT!!

Regardless of how many times they say it or how loud they proclaim that people are swarming the system to try to get signed up,  and  millions of people are rushing to get insurance.  And  America is now cognizant of the fact that Obamacare is a good deal after all,  it doesn’t change the fact that Obamacare is one big “stinkburger!”  (I wish I’d have thought of that one originally)   And this one I just can’t stop laughing at …  Righties are still moaning on and on about millions of people who are alleged to have lost their insurance because of Obamacare. What they are not telling us is how glad most of those people are that they were able to get off their old policies and onto some new ones that actually work and are often much cheaper than what they were paying before.

Whew! Delusional? Ignorant?  Both. It’s just your typical everyday ordinary liberal, the kind Obama and company loves.  Obama can tell them anything and they’ll fall over themselves to be the first to repeat such nonsense.

Moving away from mindless drivel we’ll check out some facts …

Via: Yahoo Finance

The Coming Obamacare Shock for 170 Million Americans

Barack Obama declared victory this week as the deadline to avoid the penalty for the individual mandate to carry health insurance passed on Monday.  “The Affordable Care Act is here to stay,” the President insisted as he announced that 7.1 million people had enrolled in private insurance through Obamacare. “The debate over repealing this law is over.”

Consider that presidential wish casting in a midterm cycle in which Democrats will have to constantly defend their support for the unpopular law. As Jimmy Fallon pointed out later the same evening, the numbers were neither impressive nor reliable. “It’s amazing what you can achieve when you make something mandatory,” Fallon told his laughing audience, “fine people if they don’t do it — and keep extending the deadline for months.”

The public has hardly been in a celebratory or a laughing mood. Polls show that the American public remains as opposed to the ACA as ever, with 55 percent of Quinnipiac respondents disapproving of the law. Only 39 percent approve of Obama’s handling of health care policy, which has until recently been a Democratic Party strength. For that matter, Obama only gets a 40 percent approval rating on the economy and jobs, to which House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi wants the debate to turn now that the Obamacare debate “is over.”

Pelosi and Obama may want to be careful with that wish casting, because the two debates are now closely related. A new study from the American Health Policy Institute – recently launched by former Bush administration Deputy Secretary of HHS Tevi Troy – shows that large employers expect to face steep compliance costs, starting in the fall. Their cost estimates range between $4,800 and $5,900 per employee over the next decade.  The total cost to large employers over the next decade will run between $151 billion and $186 billion, according to the 100 companies surveyed by AHPI that employ 10,000 or more people.


Thanks to Earl of Taint for the great pic!

Original Post:  Cry and Howl


Jesus isn’t in the Constitution … neither is the right to abortion


I have to laugh at this …

Via: American Thinker

The president will arrive on Tuesday night with a 900-strong entourage, including 45 vehicles and three cargo planes. Advance security teams orchestrating every last detail have combed Brussels already, checking the sewers and the major hospitals, while American military helicopters were last week given the green light for overflights. The city hosts at least four EU summits a year, with each of these gatherings costing €500,000 in extra police, military and transport expenses. “But this time round, you can multiply that figure by 20,” said Brussels mayor, Yvan Mayeur.

In the mean time Michelle and family are in China naturally at the expense of the American taxpayer expense. Just the hotel bill exceeds $8,000 a night. And Mrs. Obama is making speeches revealing how hard she had it growing up.  Poor girl, but she’s making up for it now!

And she is making an impression …

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I thank God we’re in the home-stretch of having to support these freaks. I can feel the relief right now knowing Barack and Michelle, mom, kids, dogs … well the dogs can stay … are on their way out of the White House. They’ve disgraced the office of the presidency in every way imaginable. I read somewhere that the office of the presidency deserves the respect of all citizens. My reply is … not when the occupant of the office doesn’t respect it or his oath of office or the U.S. Constitution. Some suggest because they once wore a uniform they are offended that people would attack the “high offices of this beloved country”.  What offends me is how people once wore a uniform but honor and dignity weren’t part of the outfit. Wearing a military uniform at some point in the past or even now doesn’t make one patriotic or posses a love for America. There are many wearing uniforms today who know Obama is a fraud … but the honor that’s supposed to accompany that uniform isn’t there, thus Obama is free fundamentally change the United States.  The long and short description of people such as those is hypocrites. We could even include traitors. These are the very same people who will attempt to quote Bible scriptures to support idiocy … and then turn around and suggest Jesus Christ was a homosexual. I read once where some liberal blog site claimed America never was a Christian nation because the words “Jesus” and “Christian” are not in the Constitution.  Okay that’s cool, but why is abortion a Constitutional right when it’s not in there? I see the right to life in there and the right to keep and bear arms. Liberals have taken the right to life away from the most innocent, and the right to keep and bear arms without infringement they hate just as much as innocent life.

Yes, it’s going to take some work to undo all the damage team Obama has done to America. I think maybe the 2014 elections could be a start. I believe the Democrats are going to get spanked pretty hard and hopefully a lot of the establishment Republicans will be forced out of office as well. Americans are tired of being led by a fraud whose turned this nation into a cesspool of perversion and the embarrassment he’s brought on America.

 Cry and Howl


Of golf and a Christian nation


I think some of the looniest arguments or at least the most juvenile come from liberals bent on defending Barack Obama no matter what. For example taking Obama’s perpetual golfing get-a-ways,  I read recently where a liberal wrote that “right wing” presidents (referring to G.W. Bush) played golf just like Obama does. Sigh … “he did  it too!” … like toddlers playing in the back yard. Well, it is a fact that G.W. Bush played golf during his eight years (8) in office.  Twenty four (24) rounds in eight years as opposed to Obama’s nearly 150 rounds in five years. Am I manipulating the facts? No, those are the facts.

Bush to his credit stopped playing out of respect for the men and women in the military. When Americans die of a result of Obama’s negligence, his game gets better.

Personally I’m glad Obama spends a lot of time on the golf course. At least then we know he’s getting a break from this destroy America campaign.

The left always mocks the fact that America was founded by men who feared God. Not all were “Christians” per se, but they honored God as the creator of mankind with unalienable rights …  We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

And for those who don’t know, ”unalienable rights” are different than “inalienable rights”. I noticed since I posted this liberals already are spouting off things like … some of the Righties go ahead and tell us that religion is absolutely necessary in order there to be a moral and upstanding government of integrity and honesty in its dealings with its citizens. 

Well, I tend to believe George Washington rather than some snot-blowing liberal, and with the following I rest my case.

Regardless of liberal drivel who continually display gross ignorance, religion and morality are essential for political prosperity …

Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports. Let it simply be asked: Where is the security for property, for reputation, for life, if the sense of religious obligation desert the oaths which are the instruments of investigation in courts of justice ? And let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion. Whatever may be conceded to the influence of refined education on minds of peculiar structure, reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle.

It is substantially true that virtue or morality is a necessary spring of popular government.  Washington’s Farewell Address 1796. 

Some of the most laughable comments or claims by liberals are that food-stamps, welfare, Pell grants and unemployment benefits for all, are signs of a Christian nation. Sigh (again) … any attempt to even formulate an argument against such nonsense is a complete waste of time. Comments such as the above are the mind-set of people whose god is the government and all good things come from that god.


One side note. A Texas A & M study found that Barack Obama is the fifth best president in American history …

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