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Obama’s Stimulus Package? We Are Still Paying For Obama’s Cronyism: Chrysler Plants in Mexico, Bankrupt ‘Green Energy’

America’s Great Recession officially ended a few months after Barack Obama was inaugurated President in 2009. With a Democrat majority in both houses of Congress, he had no problems getting approval for nearly $800 billion to “stimulate” the economy. More than four years later Americans are still waiting to see their economy stimulated. President Obama took the most pride in his “saving” of the auto industry and his investments in “green” technology. Let’s see how his entry into venture capitalism has worked out for those of us who footed the bill. Saving the Auto Industry Remember how President Obama, during […]

New Deal Failed, Made Depression Worse

When people fail to learn the lessons of history, they are doomed to repeat it.  For some proof, here is what happened with FDR’s New Deal… Fast forward to 2009, when President Barak Obama promises recovery when the Stimulus Porkulus was passed.  It was promised that unemployment would not rise above seven percent, when it soared well above that.  Then, we were promised three “summers of recovery,” and each and every one was a disappointment.  If fact, the MSM was told to stop using the term, “unexpected” when discussing monthly economic reports. Now, in reality, the phrase about those repeating […]

Worst Case Scenario of Sequester is Far Better Than the Porkulus

Ah the infamous sequester-those automatic spending cuts that kick in if the Republicans don’t compromise give in to every single demand or whim Obama makes.  Estimates from the screaming left claim that 750,000 jobs will be lost due to the sequester (which Obama protected, under threat of veto).  However, those same leftists don’t seem to be all that concerned with all the people that are losing their jobs due to ObamaCare, but I digress.  However, even if the 750,000jobs lost figure is correct, it’s still a drop in the bucket compared to all the job losses after the stimulus Porkulus […]

Workers at Stimulus-Funded LG Chem Battery Plant Has Shipped no Batteries, Employees Play Cards

When planning is centralized, the stupidity is concentrated in one place; namely the center.  The Porkulus funded many “green energy” projects.  Many of them, like the infamous Solyndra, have gone out of business.  Others, like LG Chem, haven’t closed shop, but they haven’t delivered any “product” either.  Breitbart has more… An investigative report by WOOD TV in Holland, Michigan revealed on Thursday that workers at the LG Chem plant haven’t shipped a single battery yet because there’s no demand. People just aren’t buying Chevy Volts. Because they have no work to do at the plant, many of them are playing cards on the job: Workers at […]

Bill Clinton Claims That Americans are Impatient?

According to former POTUS Bill Clinton, we are inpatient.  Because, apparently, enduring four years of failure, and insisting that a POTUS make things better, and not worse, is a bad thing?  ABC NEWS has more… Former President Bill Clinton said Friday that President Barack Obama is facing a tough re-election race because “impatient” Americans haven’t fully recognized an economy on the mend. Campaigning for Obama in Green Bay, Wis., Clinton urged voters to stay the course as more signs of a recovery sink in. Clinton said voters should judge Obama on the past three years, in which private sector job […]

Obama Funded Abound Solar Announces Layoffs, Investigation Pending

If you recall, the porkulous was supposed to fund zillions of new jobs.  Unicorns would cross the sky whilst farting rainbows.  The oceans would recede, and we’d all hold hands, and sing kumbaya.   Well, the money was spent and, um, let’s just say the results were a tad bit lackluster.  As for the latest to hit the news Abound Solar, here is more from Michelle Malkin… Doug Powers and I continue to chronicle the world of failed, federally-funded eco-boondoggles for you — including Colorado’s own Solyndra,Abound Solar. Two weeks ago, the bankrupt firm went to auction. Now, its shady finances are […]

O’Keefe Catches Union Bosses Supporting Digging Holes, and Filling them Back in-At Taxpayer Expense

Remember the BS “projects” that the porkulus funded?  Like, Turtle Tunnels, fish sperm storage, and curb cuts where there were no sidewalks?  Well, James O’Keefe, the man who helped bust ACORN, has exposed some union shenanigans.  O’Keefe formed a fake company, who’s specialty is to dig holes, and fill them back in.  He also went to local union bosses for help.  The results are hilarious.  Here is the video… OK, here is the part of the story that will be completely ignored. THE FULL, UNEDITED FOOTAGE IS HERE!   If this get’s covered at all, the union bosses will say, “out of […]

Shovel Ready? $11,000,000 Spent-two People Helped!

For government work, that’s a bargain, apparently.  We said that when the porkulus passed, that there would be tremendous waste and corruption.  So, when the following came to light, I was not surprised.  Michelle Malkin has more on the shenanigans in Detroit.   Part of an $11 million grant intended to provide business attire to 400 low-income job-seekers instead helped only two people, an audit of the city’s Department of Human Services has found. The audit, conducted by the city’s auditor general for the period from July 2009 to September 2011, found the department failed to control the operations and […]

When you hear about Obama's "Jobs Bill," Think Porkulus


Well, we have the “Jobs Bill” Porkulus version whatever, filled with all new shovel ready or  infrastructure nonexistent jobs.  It was well know that that the administration went out of their way to avoid the words, “stimulus, shovel ready,” and the like.  Obviously, they are following the tried and true regressive tradition of repackaging old failed policies with shiny new wrappers. I think we ought to take off the shiny wrapper, revealing the failure underneath, shall we?  And what better way to do that than to look at the original Porkulus?  Here are some excerpts from CH posts on that steaming pile of failure […]

Redefining Success


That was the President attempting to defend his bailout plan that is humorously named the “Recover Act”.  Our legislative branch somehow passed this debacle because economists were advising that we must.  President Bush claimed that he had to abandon his free market principles and pass a large stimulus package because the economists were saying he had to. In less than two minutes of speaking, President Obama showed his true colors (clear isn’t a color).  This was a flat out admission that he has no long term economic plan.  It’s embarrassing that he continues to call this the “Recovery Act” while […]

CBO Indicates Porkulus Outspent Iraq War

This should go under the category; “just when you thought it couldn’t get worse for Obama.” According to the Congressional Budget Office, all eight years of the Iraq war created a very big bill.  However, it was dwarfed by the Porkulus.  You know, that almost-trillion dollar bailout for liberal allies, with some make work programs sprinkled in, like turtle tunnels.  For the wrap-up of Porkulus vs. Iraq war, check this out from FOX. As President Obama prepares to tie a bow on U.S. combat operations in Iraq, Congressional Budget Office numbers show that the total cost of the eight-year war was less than the stimulus bill […]

Blog Focus: Intent vs. Incompetence

As many readers know, I often get hung up on the idea that the Administration is either intentionally destroying the country, or they are hopelessly naïve and incompetent.  I have the basic belief that most, if not all behavior is goal directed.  We all do things that are pointed at achieving something.   However, the screw-ups of the current administration have caused me to question that belief.  As the errors and gaffes of this administration multiply, it becomes more and more difficult to determine exactly what the administration is doing. However, I am apparently not the only person asking that question.  […]

Biden Earns Title of Captain Obvious

In a shocking turn of events…well, not all that shocking, Vice President Joe Biden gaffed, yet again.  For a politician, and especially a Democrat, stating an obvious truth is a gaffe. Vice President Joe Biden gave a stark assessment of the economy today, telling an audience of supporters, “there’s no possibility to restore 8 million jobs lost in the Great Recession.” Appearing at a fundraiser with Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wisc.) in Milwaukee, the vice president remarked that by the time he and President Obama took office in 2008, the gross domestic product had shrunk and hundreds of thousands of jobs […]

Obama Tries to be Populist, Steals Republican Messages, Provides Cover to Self

So, there are a few things going on that show the Democratic reaction to the Massachusetts Miracle.  I think they warrant a review prior to the State of the Union Address tomorrow evening. My operational model for looking at the Obama administration has been to refer to the Clinton administration.  From this, we can note the similarities between the two, and what the Obama team, consisting of several former Clinton staffers, has learned from the Clinton years.  So, this is my current thinking. While the Democrats and the left are trying hard to spin it, they know they are in […]

Porkulus Fraud: More Funds Going to Places That Do Not Exist

The very first post at this blog was about the “Porkulus.”  I haven’t discussed it in a while, so perhaps it’s time to revisit the whole fiasco. So, we know that the Porkulus would most definitely prevent unemployment from going over 8%.  We also know at this point that the Porkulus funds, as predicted, went to overwhelmingly Democratic districts (we said all along that it was going to go towards paying back supporters).  We also found out that the numbers of “jobs saved or created” were bogus, and that some places were counting pay raises for existing employees as jobs […]

When Pigs Fly!

If you would have asked me when New Jersey was going to elect a conservative I would have told you “when pigs fly”. No this is not a reference to Chris Christie’s size though Corzine alluded to Christie’s girth. Now I find that as I watch the election returns some flying pigs are giving me hope. Virginia has already had a triple header with 3 conservative republicans elected and now it appears that New Jersey will surely have one also. I am sure to have to go to bed before the NY23rd race ends. I think I will go to […]

The Pretender and the Real Deal

So, like most every other  Conservative Blogger on Earth, I watched the ObamaCare is OMG SUPER MEGA KOOL SPEECH tonight.  Let’s review some highlights… He lies about saving the economy.  On one hand, the left claims that Porkulus hasn’t had time to take effect yet, now, even though the bleeding hasn’t stopped, they are now saying that the Porkulus has saved the economy?   Which is it folks? “The time for games is over…”  Does that mean that you’ll stop playing them? Lies about “scare tactics.”  For the left, “scare tactics” consists of quoting the POTUS and members of congress, […]

Irony That the Media Misses

Remember when folks on the right were telling everyone that the messiah was using the porkulus to pay back his supporters?  Remember that no one listened?  Well, the pork has returned to the stimulus.  This from the USA Today: WASHINGTON — Billions of dollars in federal aid delivered directly to the local level to help revive the economy have gone overwhelmingly to places that supported President Obama in last year’s presidential election. That aid — about $17 billion — is the first piece of the administration’s massive stimulus package that can be tracked locally. Much of it has followed a […]