Useful Idiot of the Year Poll 2010: UPDATED


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Well, the response to the Useful Idiot of the Year Nomination Thread was beyond expectations.  I thank you for all of the fine suggestions, and here are your nominees, and the poll.

Barak Obama: I don’t think that there’s any explanation required.

Nancy Pelosi: “You have to pass it to see what’s in it.”

Harry Reid: Again, no explanation required.

MSNBC: I know that no one watches, but any network that has Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, and Ed Schultz on the payroll simply must be nominated.

Janet Napalitano: AKA, Big Sis.  Whether she’s being a groper apologist, or telling us that the “border has never been so secure,” Janet is a weath of useful idiocy all by herself.

TSA: Speaking of gropers…

Eric Holder: Black Panthers?  What Black Panthers?

Arlen Specter: If memory serves, Arlen was one of the very first Useful Idiots of the Month.  The consummate RINO, Arlen learned what all Useful Idiots do; when you are no longer useful, you will be discarded.  Enjoy your retirement!

Julian Assange: The Wikileaker in chief, and accused rapist, Julian has done all he can to damage this country.  Failing that, he might give the left a crisis, and we all know how much “progessives” like crises.

Barney Frank: No explanation required. His record of useful idiocy speaks for itself.

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The People of California: They elected to keep Nancy Pelosi, Babs Boxer, and re-elected Governor Moonbeam.  If you look up, “asking for it” in the dictionary, you will see a map of Califpornia.

Paul Krugman: He’s almost constantly wrong, and he did slip about the death panels, but he get’s an “A” for effort.

Phil Hare: He was caught on video saying that he did not care about the Constitution, so his constituents decided that they did not care about him.  Enjoy your retirement!

Alan Grayson: Congressman Shrek was retired by his constituents as well.  He’s nominated by me as an honorable mention.

Michael Bloomberg: A lover of taxes, and a hater of all things tasty, Emperor Bloomberg is the nanny that runs NYC as his own private nursery.

Donald Berwick: He loves the NHS, and the rationing.  He probably drools over the death panels as well.

Van Jones: He just keeps on working for the revolution.  I think he fancies himself as one of the leaders of the “future communist state.”

The Progressive States Network: This is a group that was covered extensively by the VRWC at the Resistance. There are many links about them on the Resource Page. Look at it this way, they are working at the state level to install socialism/failure at the state level.

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Update: Welcome, Infidel Bloggers Alliance,  Always on Watch, and Motor City Times Readers.


Resource Post: The Progressive States Network


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Here’s the latest Resource Post from your friends at the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.  This one deals with the Progressive States Network, and it is our hope that more people become aware of this group, and its agenda.

  1. The Progressive States Network: What you need to know
  2. The Progressive States Network: Undermining Liberty one State at a Time
  3. Popular Vote: By the Numbers
  4. Progressive States Network: Distorting the Electoral Process?
  5. Progressive States Network – Immigration
  6. The Progressive States Network & Green Energy
  7. Getting to know a Michigan candidate
  8. The Progressive States Network: Exploiting the Crisis that Progressives Caused?
  9. The Other ACORN: Progressive States Network
  10. The Socia.list

This, of course, will be posted on the Resource Page as well, for your research and educational convenience. Feel free to share this information with local candidates, Tea Party groups, as well as your friends and relatives.

Though this group operates in the open, it is little known.  As we all know, sunlight is the best disinfectant for this type of activity.  So, spread the word!


Blog Focus: Socia.list


Our good friend, the Mind Numbed Robot, has taken considerable time and effort to show us the actual size and scope of the Progressive States Network.  Kindly take a look at his latest page, Social.list.


What is it?

An idea I had while researching the Progressive States Network.

What is the Progressive States Network?

The Progressive States Network’s Board of Directors at the time of this posting consist of:

Rep. Garnet Coleman, Texas House of Representatives, Co-Chair

Sen. Joe Bolkcom, Iowa Senate

Wes Boyd, President of

David Brock, President and CEO, Media Matters for America

Anna Burger, International Secretary-Treasurer, SEIU

Sen. Morgan Carroll, Colorado Senate

Sen. Spencer Coggs, Wisconsin Senate

Leo Gerard, President, United Steelworkers, Vice President, AFL-CIO

Lisa Seitz Gruwell, Political Director, Skyline Public Works

Del. Tom Hucker, Maryland House of Delegates

Steve Kest, Executive Director of ACORN

Sen. Nan Orrock, Georgia Senate

Rep. Hannah Pingree, Majority Leader, Maine House of Representatives

John Podesta, President and CEO, the Center for American Progress

Lee Saunders, Executive Assistant to the President of AFSCME

Ben Scott, Policy Director, Free Press

Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, Arizona House of Represenatives

Naomi Walker, State Government Affairs Director

Why the list?

Because, you need to know who your friends are in government. Likewise, your foes.

These names are taken directly from the Progressive States Network website and are noted as having signed the PSN HealthCare letter supporting ObamaCare.

As such, it is my never so humble opinion that these individuals have no clue as to the limits the Constitution of the United States places on the Federal government and should either reconsider their stance on this issue or lose their office.

ObamaCare is unconstitutional, socialistic and furthers the implementation of and forces a soft tyranny on every American citizen with its overreaching federal intrusion into our lives.

Vote these people out of office. Support their Republican opponents, if available.

I should also note that due to the lateness of the hour in terms of the November election, I’ve chosen, with one exception, to include only Republican opponents. While I vote my true conscience as to libertarian/conservative values in Primary elections, I believe in voting for the most conservative candidate that can win in this important General election.

For now, the only ones listed are Texans. In time, more will be added. However, if you’ll notice the list below, there are over 1000 signatories to the PSN Healthcare letter to Obama.

How does it happen that those whom otherwise may be very sane people can ascribe to such philosophy? Anymore, I don’t care. I’m just here to stop the bleeding. We already have a diagnosis. The prescribed treatment is a transfusion of new blood, preferably TEA.

The rest of the information can be seen at the Socia.list page.  The Robot shows us the state legislators, by state, that are supporting the Progressive States Network.  Go there and be educated!!!

Please share this information with your local Tea Party, local candidates, and whoever will listen.


The Progressive States Network: Exploiting the Crisis that Progressives Caused?


As I looked over aspects of the PSN’s agenda to cover, I was struck by the irony that they have all sorts of ideas on how to deal with the housing crisis.  Mind, you, they all seem kind and well…nice, but why are they even in a position to suggest them?

Let’s start by looking at their “shared agenda” in foreclosures, from their site.

  • Mediation Before Foreclosure: Mandatory mediation increases the chance that a mortgage will be modified so that the borrower can stay in their home, while not reducing the ability of the lender to refuse a modification request.  By getting the opinion of a neutral party and forcing the lender to the table, foreclosures can be avoided.
  • Maintenance of Properties Before and After Foreclosure:  Legislation would require banks to repair properties before a home can be foreclosed upon, a key measure to preserving communities.  Requiring new owners to upkeep foreclosed property will contain the effects of the subprime foreclosure crisis since lack of upkeep on foreclosed homes brings down the appearance and property values of the surrounding area.  Upkeep requirements and penalties can offset this burden on communities.
  • Notice to Tenants of Foreclosure: Legislation would require that tenants and others with interests in any building would have to receive notice of any pending foreclosure action.  They would be given notice and greater protection from summary eviction with greater due process.
  • Right to Rent after Foreclosure:  Instead of foreclosure leading to millions of vacant properties, this legislation would allow homeowners facing foreclosure the option of renting their home at fair market rate.  People facing foreclosure would be allowed to stay on as renters even if the foreclosure goes through, helping them keep a roof over their heads.  The proposal requires no taxpayer dollars and would help preserve neighborhoods by keeping community members in their homes as long-term renters.
  • Whistleblower Protection: Legislation would protect the employees of financial institutions from retaliation when they reveal criminal or unethical conduct by their employers, which can help bring predatory practices to light.  Such free speech protection is essential to bringing these practices to light.  States should also empower workers to resist pressure to engage in illegal or unethical conduct when an employee reasonably believes the company “to be in violation of any law, rule, or regulation, or to be unfair, deceptive, or abusive and likely to cause specific and substantial injury to one or more consumers.”  This will empower the employee to stop the bad practice right away by refusing to cooperate.

As usual, the real detail, and therefore the irony, is in what they do not address.

As we on the right are aware, many of the factors that the PSN seeks to use government power and force to correct are problems that “progressives” caused in the first place.  I covered this extensively on the page “The Democrats Caused the Housing Crisis.”  You can look there for all of the details.  We’ll cover the basic points here.

During the Carter presidency, the Community Reinvestment Act was passed.  To summarize, it was an act of liberal “feelgoodery” than mandated that banks make loans within a radius of their branch offices.  It was designed to fight the practice of “redlining,” in which banks would avoid making loans to people in low-income neighborhoods.  Of course, there were all sorts of class warfare and racial connotations to redlining, so no one stood against this.

The legislation was upgraded at times during the intervening years, but during the Clinton administration, it received a major overhaul.  Regulations were removed, criteria and targets were added, and the sub-prime mortgage became a major factor in the home lending business.  These  were not a consequence of the reforms; they were  FEATURES.

For some background, kindly view this video.  It shows Clinton appointees instructing banks on making the loans, and informing them that they carry greater risk.

After the regulations were removed, and the targets put in place, community organizations, such as ACORN, put huge pressure on the banks and government to make more and more loans to people that were unable to pay.  Protests were held, threats were made, people were followed & harassed-all classic Alinsky method.  So,  loans were made for people with no assets, no income, and no chance of repaying the loan.  Not only did that take advantage of the poor, and put the banking system at risk, those same community organizations started protesting again; this time against “predatory lending.”  In other words, they protested against what they pressured for in the first place!  No matter what the motivation, the risk for everyone was increased.

The solution to handling this additional risk was to bundle these mortgages into securities, and sell them as such.  The general thinking was that by lumping them all together, having a higher percentage of failures wouldn’t bring down the whole thing.  After all, a wall can lose a few bricks and still stand, right?

Apparently not, especially when millions of those bricks fail.

Now, before I’m accused of leaving out many details, these mortgages were not the exclusive cause of our current woes, but they are a HUGE factor.  And, it’s still going on today.  Here’s what I wrote about it in the spring of 2009.

Yesterday, we discussed that the banking industry was being portrayed as evil because they did what the government told them to do.  You know, offering mortgages to people without sufficient income to pay it back, offering variable rates, having Freddie and Fannie offering to guarantee the bad mortgages no matter what, and so on.

Well my friends, there is another sort of bank.  There are a few like this one, so let’s take a look at an example, shall we?

Here is a list of the sins this bank committed:

Bad or delinquent loans? Zero.

Foreclosures? None

Money set aside in 2008 for anticipated loan losses? Nothing.

Now, now dear reader, I know what you’re thinking, “This should be a good thing, amirite?”  Well, that’s not the case.  Here’s more…

Joseph A. Petrucelli is one of the most cautious bankers in America.

In fact, Petrucelli is so cautious that the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. recently criticized his bank for not lending enough.

The FDIC’s negative review of East Bridgewater Savings Bank’s loan volume is an anomaly in today’s current banking scene as lenders reel from their role in offering too many cruddy mortgage products to borrowers with weak credit.

Still, the FDIC slapped East Bridgewater Savings with a rare “needs to improve” rating after evaluating the bank under the Community Reinvestment Act.

From late 2003 through mid-2008, East Bridgewater Savings averaged 28 cents in loans for every dollar in deposit. The average loan-to-deposit ratio among similar size savings banks is more than 90 percent, FDIC data show.

“There are no apparent financial or legal impediments that would limit the bank’s ability to help meet the credit needs of its assessment area,” the FDIC said in its CRA evaluation.

FDIC examiners also faulted East Bridgewater for not advertising and marketing its loan products enough. The bank, which does not have a Web site, offers fixed-rate mortgages. (Emphasis Added)

OK now, we have references to the Community “Redistribution” Act, or CRA.  You know, all those regulations that ORDERED banks to make bad loans?  You know, all the variable rate mortgages, all of the people getting loans that had no income?  You know, all the regulations that eliminated many of the protections in the mortgage industry?

So, we are left with this;  One group of banks are evil because they did what the government ORDERED them to do, and then here is this bank, who is evil because they didn’t do what the government told them to do.  As a result of not making bad loans, they aren’t in fiscal trouble and have no need of TARP monies.   They haven’t thrown people out of their homes and they didn’t make variable rate loans (predatory lending in libspeak).  For doing none of these things, they are just as evil as the other banks!

Well, here we are.  “Progressive” policies caused an economic crisis.  Then, “progressive” groups, like the PSN, seek to propose more “solutions” to the problems that “progressive” policies caused in the first place.  Of course, while the goals seem kind and helpful, they do have the side effect of giving the government more and more power.

Or is that a feature?


Progressive States Network: Distorting the Electoral Process?


In my first post on the Progressive States Network, I went over their Board of Directors, and showed that they are a far-left, if not quasi-Marxist organization.  In coordination with John, owner of The Current, who wrote about the National Popular Vote, I’m going to address some of the PSN’s election initiatives.

First up, is Vote by Mail.  Here are some details from their own website:

Vote by Mail: Vote by Mail is now an option in five states (California, Colorado, Montana, Hawaii, and New Jersey) and has been increasingly popular with voters. California and Colorado have seen the greatest usage with almost a third of California voters voting by mail in November 2008, and an astounding 71% of Colorado voters doing so. Key arguments in favor include:

  • Vote by Mail Helps Increase Turnout: For many voters going to the polling place on election day is difficult, either for work or family reasons. Vote by Mail is the obvious, low-cost solution for giving such voters the flexibility they need to participate in our elections. Allowing voters the option to vote by mail for every election gives them a flexible path to the ballot box, without which they might not participate.
  • Vote by Mail Gives Voters a Choice: In the 21st century, we have the ability to give all voters a choice in how they cast their ballots. There are many voters who can make it to the polls, but who prefer to vote by mail either for convenience or because they like having time to fill out their ballots in the comfort of their home. However, under current practice in some states the mail ballot option requires voters to have one of a few narrow reasons (an “excuse”) for not voting at the polls; and in all but five states, voters must reapply for a mail ballot every election.
  • Vote by Mail Reduces Election Day Chaos and Costs: Vote by mail also helps make sure that no one is prevented from voting on election day by long lines. Colorado residents reaped this benefit in the last presidential election with a smooth election that contrasted sharply with the previous election without vote by mail. In that election some Denver voters waited in lines that lasted half a day or more.

They put a very nice wrapper around this idea.  It does sound very nice, doesn’t it?  However, as I have looked at the PSN, it became obvious that one has to look at what they DON’T say.  In this scenario, they discuss nothing of preventing fraud, or how the integrity of the vote will be maintained.

For example, we know that the organizations formerly know as ACORN, and similar groups, sign up thousands of fake voters with every registration drive.  This is still happening, as it recently was recently exposed in Houston.  If there are fake registrations, might there be fake mail in ballots with return addresses being vacant lots, or places that are not residences?  Now, a supporter of this will probably say that these can be checked.  However, this is the same Cloward-Piven that was ACORN’s voter registration fraud.  The idea is to overwhelm the system with false registrations, making it impossible to verify them all.  With untold thousands of ballots being cast by mail, there could be no possibly way to verify all of them.  I think that the results are predictable.  In my opinion, this is a means to facilitate fraud.

The PSN also supports the National Popular Vote:

National Popular Vote: NPV garners the support of greater than two-thirds of voters in the 30+ states where it has been polled. The bill has now passed in five states (MarylandNew JerseyHawaii, Illinois and, most recently, Washington) with a total of 61 electoral votes, almost a quarter of the total needed for NPV to go into effect. Voters typically support NPV at about 75%, including healthy majorities of Republican voters. Polls in individual states show consistent support as well, with voters supporting it in a range from 68% to 81%. The following messages help address some of the myths and misunderstandings about the consequences of NPV:

  • The Winner Should Win: Emphasize the primary reasons why NPV has such broad support – because every vote should count equally, and the candidate with the most votes should win the election. These are the principles that we respect for our local, state and congressional elections and they should hold for the Presidential election as well.
  • Making Every State a Battleground State Will Increase Turnout: Average turnout in the 15 most competitive Presidential states was 6% higher than in the rest of the states for the 2008 general election, so NPV will help expand turnout.
  • NPV is a Civil Rights Issue: Civil rights has drifted out of the national dialogue as the battlegrounds have shifted away from states with high percentages of minority voters. For example, just 21% of African Americans and 18% of Latinos live in the twelve closest battleground states from 2004. NPV assures that all groups and their issues get equal attention. This is why the NAACP and African-American and Latino legislator organizations support NPV.
  • NPV Helps Small and Rural States: Despite myths otherwise, by leveling the playing field, NPV forces candidates to concentrate on all constituencies, states and populations, rather than disproportionately spending time in a few larger winner-take-all mega-states. In addition, because 12 of the 13 small states are spectators, they actually constitute the most ignored groups of states.
  • NPV Avoids Disputed Close Presidential Elections: Because a very close result is more likely among a smaller group of voters, the possibility of a Florida 2000 style electoral meltdown is much less likely under NPV. Put another way, because the margin of victory nationwide is much larger than it is in individual states, NPV elections are less susceptible to problems than essentially 50 state races.

This issue has been much discussed over the last couple months.  So I will not cover the objections to this.  Steve, at America’s Watchtower, Kristen, at Kristen’s Mishmash, and John from the Current, have all expertly covered this topic.  My analysis will take a different direction.

Again, my take deals with what the PSN does not say.  The NPV moves us, as a nation,  closer to a Democracy.  While I know that many would think that is a wonderful development, it is clearly not.  The PSN fails (deliberately) to recognize that the United States is a Constitutional Republic.  While there are components of Democracy to our system of government, there are built in protections against mob rule.  There are checks and balances built into all of our systems.  For background, consider this from Thomas Jefferson:

“A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.”

There is truth to this statement.  If we went purely by popular vote, there might be still slave states.  We might have never had civil rights legislation of any kind.  Popular rule is mob rule.

For even more, let’s take a look at this from Alexander Tyler.

“A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.” (Emphasis added)

Let’s take a look at this idea a bit more closely.  Do we not have 50% of the population that pays no federal income tax?  Does a segment of that 50% receive the Earned Income Tax Credit…for income that was NOT earned?  How many of that 50% owe their housing, medical care, food, and other essentials to the government?  Out of that segment, how many will vote against their own benefits?  Or, will they vote for the “progressive” that promises them even more?

Then, take a look at the move to make more and more people dependent on government benefits? Using unemployment expansion, ObamaCare, and other programs, the current administration seeks to make more and more of the population dependent on the government for their basic needs.  This has the effect of turning more and more Americans into dependent classes, and therefore, permanent “progressive” voters.

If you want proof, how many times have the Democrats said one, if not all, of the following at election time?

  • The Republicans are going to take your Social Security!
  • The Republicans are going to take your Medicare!
  • The Republicans are going to take your Schools!
  • The Republicans are going to starve the children!
  • The Republicans are going to freeze the elderly!
  • The Republicans are going to make granny eat Alpo to afford her medication!
  • The Republicans want the poor to die.

It’s a work right now.  And by bringing us closer to a Democracy, they know they can enslave enough of the population to achieve insurmountable levels of power.

Again, it’s all about what they haven’t said.

Another initiative that the PSN supports is National Voter Compliance Act:

National Voter Registration Act Compliance: NVRA compliance has been re-implemented by public assistance agencies in five states (North Carolina, Michigan, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Missouri). The messages to expand these successes include:

  • NVRA Compliance Increases Registration: The reward has been substantial, and in some cases dramatic, increases in voter registrations obtained. Missouri has obtained the most impressive turn-around, with a 2600% increase in registrations collected from public assistance agencies after reforms were implemented.
  • NVRA Compliance Assures Equal Opportunities to Register: The National Voter Registration Act was enacted with the understanding that opportunities to register to vote must be equally available to all. But racial and socio-economic gaps in the electorate will persist so long as public assistance agencies fail to offer voter registration to their low-income clients. Such individuals, who are less likely to own a motor vehicle, must have a chance to register to vote at public assistance offices as others do at departments of motor vehicles.
  • NVRA Compliance Addresses Racial and Economic Disparities in Registration: Recent U.S. Census data confirms the racial, ethnic and class bias of the electorate: 73.5 percent of non-Hispanic whites were registered to vote in 2008, as compared to 69.7 percent of blacks, 59.4 percent of Latinos, and 55.9 percent of Asian Americans. Only 65 percent of adult citizens in households making less than $25,000 a year were registered to vote in 2008, as compared to 85 percent of those in households making $100,000. Effective voter registration programs at public assistance agencies are powerful tools for reducing these disparities and bringing more voices into the democratic process.

Again, the presentation is quite nicely worded, but the key is in what they DO NOT say. As I discussed in my recent post on voter fraud, AG Holder has decided to not enforce the part of Motor Voter that dictates that voter rolls be purged of dead or ineligible voters.  The PSN does not mention this either.  Then again, even if they did, Holder’s inaction might well be replicated at the state level as well.  In my opinion, again, this could be a means to facilitate fraud, as there is no apparent means to provide oversight to the voter registration and verification process.

Also missing is the checks for actual citizenship in the PSN’s description.  In many states, illegal aliens are receiving welfare benefits.  If they are signing up for benefits, are they also being registered to vote?  Again, with the systems for monitoring voter registration in most areas being deficient at best, who is to say that there aren’t illegal immigrants voting?  Again, the PSN doesn’t seem to care for the integrity of the election, they simply want to register as many people as possible.

They should want to do that, as I have repeatedly mentioned, the breakdown for political demographics is as follows:




The “progressives” cannot count on the Moderates, they switch from time to time, and they’re currently trending to the right.  With these numbers, it is impossible for them to maintain any kind of majority over time.  As we’ve seen with the current administration and Congress, once their agenda becomes clear, and the results of their actions come to pass, the electorate recognizes the stench, and votes accordingly.  By (potentially) creating fake voters out of thin air, they might be able to make some gains to avoid a rout, or create a victory.

Now, let’s add one other fly into this ointment.  In the post on voter fraud, I mentioned the Soros funded Secretary of State project.  No, I’m not talking about Hillary Clinton’s current job.  The Secretary of State, at the state level, is charged with certifying elections.  Soros, and his minions, are intent on making sure that as many of them as possible are “progressives.”

Considering that several people on the PSN Board come from other Soros-funded organizations, might they be coordinating?  Let’s consider that for a moment…

Imagine this hypothetical situation based on what I’ve discussed.  In my scenario, there are tens of thousands of fake voters, illegal immigrants, and otherwise ineligible voters mailing in ballots.  There is no way to check them all, as the system is overwhelmed (Cloward-Piven).  Also, there has been no effort to remove fake, dead, or ineligible voters from the rolls.  Massive fraud changes the result of the vote.  Then, the “progressive” Secretary of State will certify that election no matter what is exposed, and the “progressive” candidate wins.

As for this topic, the PSN seems to be able to create a very pretty picture of their intent. However, if you look at what they aren’t saying, and what is, or could be done, a different picture emerges.  At every stage of the process, we MUST realize that “progressives,” like any other totalitarian form; will always misrepresent themselves to achieve their long term control agendas.  The ends justify the means, and they are very free and loose with the means.  Just as reminder; remember how ObamaCare was going to reduce costs?  Remember how the porkulus was going to create all these jobs, and keep unemployment below 8%?  Remember how there were no taxes in ObamaCare?  Remember how ObamaCare wasn’t going to fund abortions?  I could write a book on all of the lies, all told to advance an agenda that they knew we wouldn’t like.

In other words, if a “progressive” tells you that “fish live in the sea,” you might want to check, just to make sure.


The Progressive States Network: Undermining Liberty one State at a Time


We know that the Tea Parties are trying to accomplish change at the state level.  We know that blogs, such as this one, are attempting to inform and educate.  We know that there are many Conservative organizations that are attempting to save this Republic in innumerable ways.  People are energized and active as never before.  Better yet, more and more people are reading the founding documents, and are studying the ideas that are represented in our Republic.  I think we’d all agree that these are excellent developments.

However, there is a dark side.  There is a well-organized “progressive” organization that is currently in operation.  The Progressive States Network coordinates efforts across states to pass “progressive” legislation.  As with all “progressive” legislation, these tend to limit freedom, cost jobs, corrupt elections, and increase the power of government.  They appear to be well funded, and they have a significant head start.

Some of the issues being undertaken by the PSN include:

  • Paid Sick Days – Require employers to provide paid sick days to employees for them to take care of their own illness, that of a family member, or deal with domestic violence.
  • Election Reforms to Help Drive Turnout in 2010 and 2012 – Enact legislation to increase voter turnout, including improved public assistance agency compliance with the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA), allowing all voters to vote by mail, and making presidential elections competitive in every state by implementing a national popular vote for the President.
  • Prescription Drug Reforms: Reducing Costs and Improving Quality – Enact an integrated prescription drug policy to curb costly industry marketing practices, promote generic medications and join multi-state collaboratives to pool state purchasing power.
  • Corporate Transparency in State Budgets – Require full public information about how corporate interests benefiting from government contracts, economic subsidies and tax breaks are spending the money received.
  • Green Buildings – Implement policies aimed at making new and existing buildings more environmentally friendly.
  • Foreclosure and Predatory Lending Reform – Require lenders to use mediation, require proper maintenance of foreclosed homes, give homeowners right to rent former homes, increase state enforcement powers, and give whistle-blower protections to employees at lending institutions.

There are several bloggers that are going to focus on this organization, their ideas, their legislation, and their connections.  I am obviously part of this group.  For me, I think that any organization can be judged by who is at the helm.  Consequently, my first post in this effort will focus on the board of directors of the PSN.  Here are some highlights from their site.  It is not complete, but you can see the entire list here.


Wes Boyd, President of

Wes and his wife Joan Blades were the cofounders in 1987 of Berkeley Systems, a San Francisco Bay area software company. After selling the company in 1997, Boyd and Blades went on to found, which has quickly become a major national political force by using cutting edge online methods to coordinate fundraising and advocacy for progressive causes and candidates.

David Brock, President and CEO, Media Matters for America

David is the author of four political books, including The Republican Noise Machine: Right-Wing Media and How It Corrupts Democracy. His preceding book, Blinded by the Right: The Conscience of an Ex-Conservative, was a 2002 New York Times best-selling political memoir in which he chronicled his years as a conservative media insider. Brock serves on the advisory board of Democracy Radio Inc. and is the recipient of the New Democrat Network’s first award for political entrepreneurship.

Anna Burger, International Secretary-Treasurer, SEIU

Hailed by Fortune Magazine as “the most powerful woman in the labor movement” and named as one of Washingtonian’s 100 Most Powerful Women in 2006, Anna is both a top ranking officer at SEIU, the nation’s largest and fastest growing union, and the first chair of America’s newest labor federation, Change to Win. Before moving to SEIU’s international office in Washington D.C., Anna served as the first full-time woman President of SEIU Local 668 in Pennsylvania.

Leo Gerard, President, United Steelworkers, Vice President, AFL-CIO

After starting his career as a nickel smelter at age 18, Leo rose quickly through the ranks of the United Steelworkers Union, becoming Director of USW District 16 in 1985, National Director for Canada in 1991, International Secretary Treasurer in 1994, and finally as President of the USW International in 2001. Leo also serves as Vice President of the AFL-CIO, where he chairs the organization’s Public Policy Committee. Has been instrumental in forging the Blue/Green alliance for sustainable energy and green jobs and was a central figure in the founding of the Apollo Alliance.

John Podesta, President and CEO, the Center for American Progress

Prior to founding the Center for American Progress, Podesta served as Chief of Staff to President Bill Clinton from 1998 to 2001. He had served previously as a Senior Policy Advisor in the Clinton Administration and as Counselor to former Democratic Senate Majority Leader Thomas Daschle. Currently, John is a Visiting Professor of Law at Georgetown University Law Center. He is considered one of the nation’s leading experts on technology policy.

Lee Saunders, Secretary-Treasurer of AFSCME

Lee serves as executive assistant to Gerald McEntee, the President of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees. Previously, he served as administrator of AFSCME District Council 37 in New York.

As you can see, this is a laundry list of “progressive” causes.  Given the connections to the unions, the Apollo Alliance, and the  Soros funded operations; it is safe to conclude that this organization is a direct threat to liberty.  Many of the organizations represented here are far left, if not openly Marxist.  Complicating matters is the fact that they operate behind the scenes, and are little known.  That is about to change.

Over the next several weeks, John from the Current, Steve, from Motor City Times, The CH 2.0, and others, will be covering the activities and agenda of the Progressive States Network.  I would encourage everyone to share this information with their friends and family, as well as their state legislators.  As the saying goes, “Sunlight is the best disinfectant.”  It ‘s time to pull up the shades and let some sunlight in.