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Warnings from George Washington

I noticed the other day while scouring liberal web sites that one liberal in typical liberal fashion asked, “What happened to the ‘small arms treaty’ conservatives have been so paranoid about? You know, BIG government wants to take your guns! It appears it’s just like all the other paranoia right-wings are attracted to … nothing to it!” Now, that’s paraphrasing, but here is the actual post: Via: American Liberal Times Whatever Happened To The So-Called “U.N. Small Arms Treaty?” Not so long ago . . . in a land far far away . . . (The land where some “Righties” […]

Warning: ObamaCare Tax Hikes Strike in 2013

My opposition to the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare)  was based on the fact that it used the state to seize property from citizens and use that property to abort babies and encourage old people to die already all while lessening an individuals choices in their own healthcare. Because of its attack on life, liberty, and property rights, I opposed it, in addition to believing that it was unconstitutional and unaffordable. It remains all of these and more, and in addition billions of very real tax hikes hit a range of Americans starting in 2013, which are going to cost my […]

John Adams Predicted the Current Mess

The Founders, like John Adams, not only understood the flaws of prior political systems, but they also were keen observers of human nature.  Bob Belvedere, from TCOTS, found and posted the following quote from John Adams… I just read the whole section the quote was taken from and have decided to post it here because it not only speaks to the aforementioned Right, but is prophetic in it’s wisdom: Suppose a nation, rich and poor, high and low, ten millions in number, all assembled together; not more than one or two millions will have lands, houses, or any personal property; if we […]

Environmentalists See Genghis Khan as Hero Because of the Millions he Killed?

Throughout the history of the world, there have been many religions and movements that have been based around the fact that the world was once perfect before people spoiled it. Followers of these religions believe that mankind is evil and the source of corruption in society, and that society would be better if corrupted man were killed or removed from society. This hatred for people leads these groups and religions to push for policies that limit people and attack what it means to be person These haters of people attack the right to life by pushing for abortion and a […]

A Tale of Two Coverages: Leftist Sites Omit Occupy Oakland Vandalism and Property Destruction UPDATE: More Destruction, and Here There be Trolls


Well, the hard left, in the form of the Occupods, continue to expose themselves.  And, as it unfolds, we see the MSM, as well as the left blogs and sites, continue to cover for them.  A great example is in the coverage of the Occupy Oakland General Strike.  Here is an excerpt from Fire Dog Lake.. UPDATE: Here’s an eyewitness report from the protest, which has morphed into a march up Broadway. They’re chanting “Shout it out, without a doubt, banks took trillions to kick folks out.” UPDATE II: Mike Konczal has pictures of Men’s Wearhouse and the Grand Lake Theater, both […]

Obama is Wrong: You Do Have an Inherent Right to Property


In a recent interview with ABC, President Barack Obama was talking about the fee that Bank of America believes is now necessary to charge customers because of recent changes to bank card fees imposed by Democrats in the Dodd-Frank bill’: “This is exactly why we need this Consumer Finance Protection Bureauthat we set up that is ready to go,” he said. “… (petty government bureaucrats) can stop (the fees being charged by private banks) because if (petty government bureaucrats) say to the banks, ‘You don’t have some inherent right just to – you know, get a certain amount of profit. If your customers – […]