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CPAC attendees plan to walk out on Jeb Bush

  Hat/Tip to Cardigan at It seems that the Conservatives, which form the base of the GOP, have a message planned for not only Gov. Jeb Bush, but the Republican leadership. And that message is a resounding, “WE DON’T WANT TO JEB BUSH AS OUR NOMINEE!” A movement is underway to stage an informal protest when former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush hits the CPAC stage Friday. William Temple, a member of the Golden Isle Tea Party, told The Washington Times that the party doesn’t need another Bush in office, and said that the party should listen to the grass-roots activists that helped […]

Pro-Union Group Demands Rights for Fast Food Workers; Denies Rights for Their Own Employees

Just yesterday, I was discussing that the fact that rules are things for YOU to follow.  However, you liberal overlords, who create and enforce the rules that YOU must follow.  THEY, on the other hand, have a rather “liberal” interpretation of those same rules.  Florida Watchdog has the latest example… TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Workers and organized labor groups took to protesting fast food companies last week in a multi-state effort to build public support for a $15 an hour minimum wage hike. But a peek into one group’s own labor contract reveals a delicious irony. PROTESTS: The Restaurant Opportunities Center […]

#TrestinsFast: A Fast in Support of Traditional Marriage

I’ve been in contact with Trestin Meacham, at some level or another, since probably 2009.   Trestin was a blogger, and has also run for political office, after his service in the US Military.  He is devout in his faith, and loyal to his country.  He contacted me yesterday to let me know that he was beginning a fast in support of traditional marriage.  Here is his commentary… After explaining the situation to my family, I have decided to pursue the following course of action. After my dinner tonight, I will begin a fast which will not end until all counties […]

Early Images of Trucker Protest

The trucker protest is under way.  Megyn Kelly interviewed a representative last night… Here are some early images… From CDN… Nice Deb has a video of supporters along the way… The odd thing about their protests is that they Facebook page was suspended, allegedly for the phrase, “God Bless America.”  Then, their Twitter account was suspended.  And, I was told that their website was kaput too.  Seems someone doesn’t want this being publicized. I wish them well and hope they have a peaceful protest, and that it sends the desired message.

Children Sent Out to Protest: Did not Know Why, Were Given Protest Signs by School

You gotta love how liberals use children.  If it’s not for human shields at occupy protests, its for backdrop at a political event, liberals love to use children to pull at the heart strings.    The latest example occurred last week, when children were sent out to send a message to Marco Rubio.  There was a problem with that, however.  The kids did not know who Rubio was, why they were out protesting, and according to a parent, were given the signs by their school.  MRC TV has more… At a Capitol Hill “Rally for Citizenship,” MRCTV’s Dan Joseph talked […]

Religious Guide to Stoning Women: Feminists Silent

From Soopermexican, via Doug Ross, there is a new, handy-dandy guide for stoning that adulterous woman in your life.  Or, that non-adulterous woman that you want to be rid of, or that rape victim that doesn’t have enough male witnesses to prove that she was raped.  Here is the image… Soopermexican has a poll where you can guess the religion that supports this tolerant and peaceful solution to adultery and rape. In related news, the Obama administration has announce that they will be sending tanks, planes, and wads of cash to the makers of this peaceful means to resolve the […]

OWS Defends North Korea?

What happens when the most repressive regime on Earth is featured in an American film?  OWS comes forward to defend it! That’s right, when Red Dawn was re-made, the Soviet Union was “unavailable” to be the adversary, so the producers turned to North Korea. And, when the communists at OWS heard of it, they decided to protest it. I loved the first guy for suggesting that they have been trying to unify their people-read subjugate them! Just to repeat the comparison… Of course, the OWS folks think that it’s terribly unfair that the people in South Korea have lights, food, […]

Chick-fil-A Quick Hits: TV News Team Refuses to Cover Appreciation Day, Media Harasses During Protests, Protests are Fail, but Manage Vandalism

We are seeing a lot of hypocrisy from the left, and their media lapdogs over the Chick-fil-A spat.  I guess it is necessary to punish Christianity whenever it rears it’s head.  And, since they can’t get to Jesus, they’ll go after his followers.  But, I digress.  Here are some stories that show how the “tolerant left” and their media lapdogs work. TV News Crew Openly States That They Would not Cover Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day: What happens when there are massive lines at Chick-fil-A resturants all over the country, and they set national sales records? “Nothing to see here,” according to […]

Earth Day 2012: Mythical Creatures Plan Protest

Here is another classic CH 2.0 post in honor of Earth day 2012.   I recently received a message from none other than Bigfoot!  Not wanting to miss an opportunity for a good story, I decided to interview him. Me:  Hello Bigfoot, thanks for contacting me.  BTW, do you go by Bigfoot? Bigfoot:  Thanks for answering, FYI, my name is Bill. Me:  Mmkay, Bill it is.  What was the reason for contacting me? Bill:  Well, we’re planning a protest.  We’re tired of being compared to something so ridiculous, that we end up looking bad. Me:  OK then, I have a couple of questions then.  Who are “we?”  and […]

U.S. Day of Rage planned to take place on Constitution Day


Well the leftists are at it again.  They’re putting on their class warfare game face and heading to the “Big Apple” on 9-17-11 (Constitution Day) to participate in what they are calling a U.S. Day of Rage.  Ahhhh good times.  I discovered this article over at one of my daily stops Maggie’s Notebook. As I clicked through the links I was stunned to see just how misguided these useful idiots are over at the U.S. Day of Rage website.  I recalled an article from a few months ago I read over at Moonbattery about Steve Lerner’s plan to create economic uncertainty in America by […]

May Day Post 1: LA is a Flop-Local Media Seems to Cover That up

May Day is a topic that always catches my attention.  Every May, Communists, Socialists, Anarchists, and “progressives,” come together to draw attention to the plight of the working class.  Generally, they accomplish this by destroying property and rioting-you know, “what democracy looks like.” In the next few days, I anticipate posting some videos of the destruction.  That way, the world can, once again, see how the left operates. In theory, it should be expected that with the poor economy, significant inflation, and recovery no where in sight, there would be more people willing to listen to the class warfare rhetoric […]

Great Moments in Civil Discourse: "Wipe my A** with the Flag" Edition

Just so there are no misunderstandings, this is the “new tone,” according the left. And they apparently hold the National Anthem in reverence, by booing and attempting to drown it out. I’m now having a hard time coming up with another way of saying, “this is the left.”  With all the evidence that is coming in, it is difficult to not be redundant. Let’s put it this way; if you love this country, no matter your political persuasion, these people are NOT like us.  We might disagree, have conflicts about the role of the government, or even not a single […]

An Open Letter to Union Members

I know that there are union members that do not favor the union bosses.  There must be union members that are Conservatives or Libertarians, and may have associations with the Tea Parties.  There must be union members that recognize that union bosses are not supporting workers rights, but growing their own power and influence.  Surely there are union members that recognize that eventually, the union will cost them their jobs.  These are the people that I would like to see this post.   We need you.  It is time for you to speak out and resist.  I know that it […]

Talkin’ and Bloggin’ and Waitin’ and Fearin’…

This title may remind you of a song by Dusty Springfield “Wishin’ and hopin’ and thinkin’ and prayin’…” In that song Dusty talks about how to get the love of a man. It is a great song and when I hear it I reminded by how we are going about the rebirth of America all wrong. Dusty’s song is filled with action. Our song is filled with whining. Then only action these days is coming from the Tea Party and a few brave Military men who are risking personal peril for saying they don’t recognize Obama’s right to be president […]

Campus Reform to Lead PSU Protest

The Campus Reform folks are at it again. Students, residents and community leaders will join together on Friday, February 12, to demand a fair and independent investigation of Michael Mann and Climategate. The University has a conflict of interest, and should not conduct an internal investigation without external oversight. The Rally for Academic Integrity will take place in front of the Hetzel Union Building (HUB) on Penn State’s University Park Campus (Pollock Road entrance) at 12:00. This Rally for Academic Integrity is jointly sponsored by PSU Young Americans for Freedom and The 9-12 Project of Central PA. Background: Penn State’s internal inquiry […]

1-20-10 Strike: Would it be Effective, or a Waste of Time?

I’m having a hard time fleshing this out, but there appears to be a national “strike” proposed by some Tea Party organizations.  The main site for the 1-20-10 Strike appears to be here.  However, it seems that the site is troll ridden.   Take a look yourself. The question then is, what do people strike against?  I’ve read  that some suggest purchasing nothing that is taxed.  I have to disagree.  Since most of those taxes are local or state, it won’t hurt fedzilla, and it might harm small businesses, which have a great deal to lose in this economy (which is […]