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Israel and Hamas: In Cartoon Form

After all the conflict and spin between Israel and Hamas, the following cartoon sums up the palestinian situation perfectly if this doesn’t tie it all together nicely, I couldn’t tell you what will.    

Occupy Movement Keeps Trying to Achieve a Kent State: Still Failing (but not for a lack of trying)


I’m still subscribing to the idea that the Occupods are trying to stage a Kent State type of scenario, when they create a situation to get people injured or killed.  Then, they will claim to be the victims in an effort to gain sympathy, and turn public opinion in their favor.  We seen two more examples of this.  The first is from Occupy DC, where protesters are once again using children as human shields… If you recall from last weekend, they Occupods used children as human shields when attempting to storm the “Defending the American Dream” event in DC. This […]

Occupy Oakland Update: Protester Admits that Occupods Threw Bottles at Police Prior to Tear Gas Being Used


In my last post on the antics of the Occupods, I made the point that lefty protesters intentionally break the law, or attack the police to prompt a response.  Then, they claim that they were brutalized by the police.  My point is based on observation, and an Occupod has confirmed it.  Take a look at the following video, via Gateway Pundit… The spokespod was rather petulant and seemed to see no seriousness in pelting the police with bottles, and then complained about the response. I think that proves the point rather nicely.