One Dad’s Awesome Response To School Principal Who Tried To Lecture Him


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Hat/Tip to Oliver Darcy at The Blaze.

The idea behind this letter might have been, at one time, penned in the best interests of the child. However, as government gets bigger and bigger, then you can begin to see the underlying condescension that this letter is virtually dripping with.

Where the schools letter says, “The school district is not in the position of overseeing family vacations, or evaluating the educational nature of a family trip”, you can imagine the principal writing, “The school district is not in the position of overseeing family vacations YET, or APPROVING the educational nature of a family trip.”

In other words, “Give ’em an inch…”

A Pennsylvania father penned a scathing note to a school principal after she said a trip he took with his 9-year-old twins to see the Boston Marathon was “recorded as unexcused.”

Mike Rossi shared the note from school principal Rochelle Marbury on his Facebook page.

“Dear Mr. and Mrs. Rossi,” the letter read. “I understand your family recently took a family vacation. I want you to be aware that the Abington School District does not recognize family trips as an excused absence, regardless of the activities involved in the trip.”

school principal tries to lecture father


“The school district is not in the position of overseeing family vacations or evaluating the educational nature of a family trip. The dates that your children were absent were recorded as unexcused. An accumulation of unexcused absences can result in a referral to our attendance officer and a subsequent notice of a violation of the compulsory school attendance law,” it added.

Rossi, who took issue with the school’s attendance policy, wrote a note back to Marbury.

Dear Madam Principal,

While I appreciate your concern for our children’s education, I can promise you they learned as much in the five days we were in Boston as they would in an entire year in school.

Our children had a once-in-a-lifetime experience, one that can’t be duplicated in a classroom or read in a book.

In the 3 days of school they missed (which consisted of standardized testing that they could take any time) they learned about dedication, commitment, love, perseverance, overcoming adversity, civic pride, patriotism, American history culinary arts and physical education.

family attended boston marathonThey watched their father overcome, injury, bad weather, the death of a loved one and many other obstacles to achieve an important personal goal.

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They also experienced first-hand the love and support of thousands of others cheering on people with a common goal.

At the marathon, they watched blind runners, runners with prosthetic limbs and debilitating diseases and people running to raise money for great causes run in the most prestigious and historic marathon in the world.

They also paid tribute to the victims of a senseless act of terrorism and learned that no matter what evil may occur, terrorists can not deter the American spirit.

These are things they won’t ever truly learn in the classroom.

In addition our children walked the Freedom Trail, visited the site of the Boston Tea Party, the Boston Massacre and the graves of several signers of the Declaration of Independence.

These are things they WILL learn in school a year or more from now. So in actuality our children are ahead of the game.

They also visited an aquarium, sampled great cuisine and spent many hours of physical activity walking and swimming.

We appreciate the efforts of the wonderful teachers and staff and cherish the education they are receiving at Rydal Elementary School. We truly love our school.

But I wouldn’t hesitate to pull them out of school again for an experience like the one they had this past week.

Thank you for your time.

Rossi told NBC’s “Today Show” that his children rarely miss school.

“They’re just never out,” he said.

“The plan was always to bring them with me, and do this trip as a family,” he added. “The school has known unofficially about it since the fall. The teachers have discussed it, so it hasn’t been a secret.”

Rossi was scheduled to meet with the school principal Wednesday, but at the time of publication it wasn’t clear what happened.





Organized Cheating Revealed: 11 Atlanta Area Teachers Found Guilty of Racketeering


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In the public schools, it seems that that when the going gets tough, the tough cheat!

ATLANTA — Eleven former Atlanta public school educators were convicted Wednesday of racketeering for their role in a wide-ranging conspiracy to inflate scores on students’ standardized tests.

Only one teacher was acquitted of all charges. The 11 convicted represented teachers, testing coordinators and other administrators who were accused of participating in the conspiracy dating to 2005, motivated by pressure to meet federal and local standards to receive bonuses or keep their jobs in the Atlanta Public Schools district of about 50,000 students.

Only one teacher was acquitted of all charges. The 11 convicted represented teachers, testing coordinators and other administrators who were accused of participating in the conspiracy dating to 2005, motivated by pressure to meet federal and local standards to receive bonuses or keep their jobs in the Atlanta Public Schools district of about 50,000 students.

A state investigation in 2011 found that educators gave answers to students or changed answers on tests after they were turned in. Evidence of cheating was found in 44 schools with nearly 180 educators involved, and investigators found teachers who tried to report it faced retaliation.

There’s your regressive-run public education system for you!  Is it just me, or is this training for regressive election tactics?  I mean, if you can win the vote legally, why not vote multiple times, or have a bunch of dead folks vote?

NOTE:  Don is having some technical problems, so I’ll be at the helm for a little while.  I really don’t have a lot of time, but I’ll do my best to get content up on a regular basis.

H/T: Wounded American Warrior


Kids Reject First Lady’s “Healthy” Lunches – Post Disgusting Pics of them Online


Hat/Tip to the Conservative Tribune.

Basically, the liberal elites know best what is good for us and we ought to be good adults and just listen to them.

The basic idea behind liberal ideology is that a completely fair, perfect, utopian society can only be achieved by elites in the government who know what’s better for you than you do. What is best for you as an individual doesn’t matter, only what is good for the collective.

This line of thinking has been behind every bad big government idea known to mankind. When Hillary Clinton and other progressives think more gun control laws are needed to end violence, they are coming from this particular school of thought.

Liberals believe Americans are too stupid to own and operate a firearm responsibly, and First Lady Michelle Obama believes citizens are too dumb to make healthy choices when it comes to what they eat.

But it would seem our children have more sense than to just accept the liberal elites when it comes to their school lunches.

A new report indicates that over a million children have decided not to eat lunch at school, resulting in high costs for schools as wasted food piles up.

via Right Wing News:

More than a million kids confronted by healthier school lunches are turning up their noses, leaving the cafeteria and heading out to get a burger instead.

The difficulty in getting students to eat lower-fat, lower-sodium meals is at the center of a food fight between House Republicans and first lady Michelle Obama that erupted this week.

The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, supported by President Obama, requires lunch programs that receive federal dollars to provide healthier meals. The new standards began to go into effect in 2012.  Childhood obesity has spiraled in recent decades, and the first lady has made the fight against it a signature issue. Democrats say stemming the epidemic will cut healthcare costs and keep the armed forces functioning.

But Agriculture Department statistics show the number of school children in the National School Lunch Program dropped from 31.8 million in 2011 to 30.7 million in 2013. School boards are asking Congress to allow schools to opt out. Some schools are raiding their teaching budgets to cover the costs of mounds of wasted fruits and vegetables, Lucy Gettman of the National School Boards Association said.

 According to the Daily Mail, has started a website that lets kids post pics of their schools’ “healthy” lunches.

Fed up with school lunch? Grossed-out students name and shame their most unappetizing offerings by posting pictures online. A non-profit called aimed at empowering kids has created Fed Up so they can showcase the worst of school lunches in an effort to educate the public about what kids are eating.

Along with the pictures, grossed out teens can vent their frustration with sarcastic captions that sum up just what makes each dish so unpalatable.

 Here are a few pics of what our young people have rejected.

michelle obama's allegedly healthy school lunches 004michelle obama's allegedly healthy school lunches 003michelle obama's allegedly healthy school lunches 005michelle obama's allegedly healthy school lunches 006michelle obama's allegedly healthy school lunches 007michelle obama's allegedly healthy school lunches 008michelle obama's allegedly healthy school lunches 009michelle obama's allegedly healthy school lunches 001michelle obama's allegedly healthy school lunches 002


Hamburger Chef Jamie Oliver Proves McDonald’s Burgers “Unfit for human consumption”


Hat/Tip to The Mind Unleashed.

pink slime

This will definitely make you stop twice and think before going to McDonalds to eat again. At least this story does validate what I’ve been saying for a long time about Mickey D’s, and that is that their food doesn’t taste anything like it used to. Back in the stone age of the ’80s and ’90s, your hamburger tasted like, well, a hamburger at McDonalds. Today there is more of a processed (for lack of a better word) taste to the food. My favorite was always double cheeseburgers, but now they just aren’t the same. I even asked once at a McDonalds and they said that they had just “changed their seasoning” on the burgers. When I was in my late teens/early 20s, I used to work the grill at my hometown McDonalds. We made all the sandwiches to order and even though they were frozen until use, the flavor was there.

On the Season Premiere of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution filmed in Los Angeles and aired on April 12, 2011, Jamie demonstrates how 70% of America’s ground beef contains leftover cow parts (a.k.a. “pink slime”) containing e.coli and salmonella that has been treated with ammonia. Ammonia treated meat can be found in virtually all conventional grocery stores, fast food restaurants, many national restaurant chains, and school cafeterias.

But wait, we have Uncle Sam to watch out for us, right? I mean the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) won’t stand for this! Or at the very least force the food providers to include ammonia on the ingredients list, right?


The saddest part is that the USDA allows this ammonia treated meat to enter the marketplace and with no labeling requirement on the packaging to inform the consumer that the meat their about to buy contains ammonia, thus hiding the truth and pulling a wool over the consumer’s eye. This is certainly a rude awakening to the majority of Americans that don’t know where the meat in their fridge, the meat in their conventional local grocery store, the meat in their fast food hamburger, and the meat in their restaurant made hamburger comes from.

So, what do we do?

How do you avoid this poison? Buy beef that has come from grass fed cows, which can be found at natural and organic grocery stores and your local farmers market. No matter the size of your town or city, grass fed beef (real beef) is not out of reach. Unlike ammonia treated beef, grass fed beef is clearly labeled and contains no ammonia.

Let me introduce Jamie Oliver.

Hamburger chef Jamie Oliver has won his long-fought battle against one of the largest fast food chains in the world – McDonalds. After Oliver showed how McDonald’s hamburgers are made, the franchise finally announced that it will change its recipe, and yet there was barely a peep about this in the mainstream, corporate media.

Oliver repeatedly explained to the public, over several years – in documentaries, television shows and interviews – that the fatty parts of beef are “washed” in ammonium hydroxide and used in the filling of the burger. Before this process, according to the presenter, the food is deemed unfit for human consumption. According to the chef and hamburger enthusiast, Jamie Oliver, who has undertaken a war against the fast food industry, “Basically, we’re taking a product that would be sold in the cheapest way for dogs, and after this process, is being given to human beings.”

Besides the low quality of the meat, the ammonium hydroxide is harmful to health. Oliver famously coined this the “the pink slime process.”

“Why would any sensible human being put meat filled with ammonia in the mouths of their children?” Oliver asked.

But score a victory for Chef Oliver.

In reply to all of the bad press this process has received from Oliver, the company Arcos Dorados, the franchise manager for McDonalds in Latin America, said such a procedure is not practiced in their region. The same, it should  be noted, applies to the product in Ireland and the UK, where they use meat from local suppliers.

~ and ~

In the United States, however, Burger King and Taco Bell had already abandoned the use of ammonia in their products. The food industry uses ammonium hydroxide as an anti-microbial agent in meats, which has allowed McDonald’s to use otherwise “inedible meat.”

Most disturbing of all is the horrifying fact that because ammonium hydroxide is considered part of the “component in a production procedure” by the USDA, consumers may not know when the chemical is in their food.

On the official website of McDonald’s, the company claims that their meat is cheap because, while serving many people every day, they are able to buy from their suppliers at a lower price, and offer the best quality products. But if “pink slime” was really the “best quality” that McDonalds can muster in the US, then why were they able do better in Latin America and Europe? More to the point, why can they apparently do better now in the United States?


Read the full story at The Mind Unleashed.


Most Segregated Schools are in Democratic States


Would it be a big surprise if the states with the most segregated schools were democratic bastions?  You know, the party of slavery?  The party of Jim Crow?  The Party of the KKK?  The Party of Margaret Sanger and the “Negro Project,” AKA Planned Parenthood?  Yeah, that democrat party.  They seem to be keeping their racist traditions going, as evidenced by the following…

The state with the most segregated public schools is New York.

Other states with exceptionally segregated schools include California, Illinois and Michigan.

These findings come from a longitudinal study of enrollment figures conducted by the Civil Rights Project at the University of California at Los Angeles, The Associated Press reports. The period studied was 1998 through 2010.

New York, California, Illinois and Michigan are traditionally among the most reliably Democratic states in the union, as an interactive 2012 map created by Slate shows.

A 2013 “State of the States” feature by Gallup indicates that New York, California and Illinois are “solid Democratic” strongholds. Michigan leans Democratic.

If you recall, it is democrats that actively prevent black students from escaping failing public schools.  Here is a video from several years back…

But, are African Americans really victims or racist Conservatives, or racist leftists? Well, lets take a look at a school that takes poor African American kids, and sends 85% of them to college-well over the national average…

Now, just take a second and absorb that.  A mostly white mob surrounds a school filled with mostly black, SUCCESSFUL students, and as you heard at the end, the man, who reportedly is a public school official, suggests that choice is being targeted as well-meaning, like in all choice situations, the unions want them shut down.  That, of course, would condemn all the children within to the failed public system-guaranteeing that the cycle of dependence continues.

Once again, a mostly white mob surrounds a school that sends most of their black students to college, and promises to shut the school down.

And, as we covered a month ago, Communist NY Mayor Bill de Blasio discovered that black children were learning to read at charter schools, so he’s trying to shut them down as well…

Like all good, white,  progressives, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio heard that charter schools were successfully teaching dark skinned children how to read, so he’s trying to shut them down…

So, it comes as no surprise that another progressive socialist is attacking another school choice program, charter schools.

As John Fund reported in the National Review, “Last week, New York’s ACORN mayor Bill De Blasio announced he is evicting Success Academy, a widely praised charter school from the Harlem public school building it occupies. Two other charter schools will be blocked from opening. He claims elementary-school kids wouldn’t be safe in a building with high-school students. His excuse is as absurd as the propaganda Vladimir Putin is using to justify the occupation of Crimea.”

If I may put this into the vernacular, De Blasio is a liberal socialist racist jackass who is more concerned with supporting the corrupt teachers’ unions than ensuring deserving minority children can get a better educational opportunity. And don’t give me the blather about him being married to a black woman, obviously she is a progressive elitist who cares not for young black mothers who want something better for their children.

According to Fund, Danique Loving, the principal of Success Academy, notes that “one out of every four African-American boys who drops out of school ends up in jail. That’s what Mayor de Blasio would be focusing on if he were really worried about the safety of our students.” Eva Moskowitz, the CEO of Success Academy, showed up last night at the New York Meeting, a group of political activists and donors, to blast the de Blasio decision and announce she would lead a rally today in Albany, the state capitol, to protest it.

See, charter schools do what the public schools cannot and will not:  teach black children how to read and write. So, when progressives find schools that do that, they always seek to limit them, and then shut them down.  After all, they can’t have black folks getting off the plantation, can they?

And, democrats block the school doors now, just as they did to defend segregation in the 1960’s…

In something reminiscent of the 60?s, Democrats are barring minorities from escaping terrible public schools.    Doug Ross has our first excerpt…

Pro-Choice: The Justice Department has asked a federal court to stop 34 school districts in Louisiana from handing out private-school vouchers so kids can escape failing public schools, just like the president’s daughters.

He didn’t say it on the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream Speech,” but President Obama, along with Attorney General Eric Holder, also has a dream — one of leaving every black child in the Pelican State behind, trapped in schools that cannot educate them.

Almost simultaneously with the president’s speech, Holder’s Department of Justice filed suit in federal court to stop Louisiana’s statewide voucher program.

Passed in 2012, the program guarantees a voucher to students from families with incomes below 250% of poverty and who attend schools graded “C” or below.

Liberals are all for choice when it comes to having children, but not when it comes to educating them. The irony of Obama’s speech is that he pretended to honor a man who fought to have black children attend schools they were barred from as his administration fought to keep them in schools they can’t escape from, a form of educational apartheid that’s both separate and unequal.

Once again, just like the 60?s, Republicans are trying to open doors, and Democrats are barring them.  Look it up, it’s history.

Just think about it though, they’re just following what LBJ said so long ago…

To answer this, I think we again need to go back into history, and see what happened in the 60’s. Let’s start with some quotes attributed to LBJ.

“These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference. For if we don’t move at all, then their allies will line up against us and there’ll be no way of stopping them, we’ll lose the filibuster and there’ll be no way of putting a brake on all sorts of wild legislation. It’ll be Reconstruction all over again.”

LBJ, Democratic President of the United States.

“I’ll have those n*ggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.”

Lyndon B. Johnson to two governors on Air Force One according Ronald Kessler’s Book, “Inside The White House”

As usual, there are many more examples, and I could go on and basically do a wall of text that no one will read.  However, the point is well made-that the democrats have never changed their racist ways.  They have simply changed their rhetoric, and have played the blame game so well that far too many of our fellow citizens actually believing that the democrats are helping them, when everything continues to get worse.


Milwaukee County Sheriff Sets the Record Straight


milwaukee sheriff david clarkeMilwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr sees the Liberal policies that have destroyed the black community for what they are, and he’s not afraid to tell you how he feels. His recently penned Op-Ed in the Washington Times lays it on the line and he pulls no punches. He gets it. He knows that big government begets dependency and dependency begets societal breakdown.


Believe me when I tell you, this is a must-read.

CLARKE: Liberal policies have destroyed the black family


Public, Private, and Home-Schools


I saw where some liberals took issue with my article yesterday about a sex poster on display in a Kansas middle school. I scratch my head at statements such as,  … children ought to be raised with the necessary background to fit into a diverse society if they plan on remaining in the greater American Community. 

I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer so … what the hell does that mean?


…Right Wingers appear to tend toward a little “Separatist Elitism” when they blow off about the advantages of private schooling and home schooling …

Now folks I’ve said it  before and I’ll say it again …  It is better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you’re a fool  than open it and remove all doubts.

About 40% of representatives in the House and over 40% of U.S. Senators send their kids to private schools, compared to about 11% of regular Americans.  Not to mention Mr. Obama, Rahm Emanuel, Education Secretary Arne Duncan, Bill and Hillary Clinton sent Chelsea to private school. So, I’m not convinced that “Right Wingers” are the only ones feeling a little “separatist elitism”.

Oh, just a side note here for liberals who spout off the nonsense of  …  “Right-Wingers” are those who prefer to have their children educated in an isolated bubble much the same as the one they themselves choose to live in … (the “isolated bubbles” of home and/or private schooling) …


  … public school teachers are about twice as likely as non-teachers to send their  own children to private schools.
About 11% of all parents — nationwide, rural and urban — send their children  to private schools. The numbers are much higher in urban areas. One study found  that in Philadelphia a staggering 44% of public school teachers send their own  kids to private schools.

In Cincinnati and Chicago, 41% and 39% of public school teachers pay for a  private school education for their children. In Rochester, N.Y., it’s 38%, in  Baltimore 35%, in San Francisco 34% and in New York-northeastern New Jersey  33%.

In Los Angeles nearly 25% of public school teachers send their kids to  private school versus 16% of Angelenos who do so.



Okay, instead of presenting just “one side” of the story like my accusers tend to claim,  the following is the argument for public school education being superior to home-schooling …

Advantages of Public Schools Compared to Homeschools

  • Public schools generally have a range of children from the whole gamut of socioeconomic classes and a wide variety of backgrounds. This is the type of community that most people occupy as adults, and public school is an opportunity to meet it and learn to negotiate with other points of view an understand people with diverse backgrounds and values.
  • Public schools generally have students with a range of abilities and disabilities. As with ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds, the diversity introduces students to the communication issues and interpersonal issues that rubbing elbows with people who are different from oneself provides.
  • The number of students in a public school classroom provides opportunities that don’t exist in most homeschools, from large-cale projects to team sports.
  • The number of students and funding allows public schools to have facilities (such as a skating rink or pool) and/or purchase equipment, such as laboratory equipment and technology that would be prohibitive for most homesechool families.
  • The number of students and funding often allows public schools, particularly at the high school level, to offer an array of advanced classes in the arts, technology studies, and the sciences, any and all of which might be difficult to conduct for homeschooling parents who do not happen to have specialized training.
  • Public schools expose students to a variety of teachers: even in situations with one main classroom teacher, students may have additional instructors for foreign language, home economics, shop, physical education, drama, music, art, etc. This gives them an opportunity to learn with diverse pedagogies.
  • Public schools often offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities, ranging from intramural sports to a range of clubs and other opportunities.

And now the arguments for public school education being superior to private schooling …

Advantages of Public Schools Compared to Private Schools

  • Public schools don’t charge tuition, while private schools do. Even scholarships an other aid may not cover the difference.
  • Public schools usually provide transportation for students who live more than a few blocks away, whereas private schools usually do not.
  • With ninety percent of all American children in public school, public education is a uniting element and can be seen as an important factor in our democratic way of life.
  • Because public school education now includes magnet schools and charter schools, as well as traditional public schools, there are – right within the public education system – choices that have many of the features of education that used only to be attainable in private schools.
  • As a result of receiving Federal funds, public schools must follow strict teacher certification rules, which do not apply in many private schools. As a result, public school teachers may, in some cases, be better qualified than private school teachers.
  • Researchers at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana found, when examining data from a standardized math exam taken by fourth and eighth graders, that if they excluded the influence of family background and socioeconomic factors, public school students did slightly better than private school students.
  • Public schools often have more robust services than generalist private schools (i.e., those that are not focused on a specialty population with a particular disability) for assisting students with disabilities, both in terms of staff and funding.
  • Pay for public school teachers is overall better than pay for private school teachers, though this differs by school.




Okay my conclusion in the comparison between public schools and private and/or homeschooling … public schools are great for those who want to “rub elbows” with kids of differing personalities; those who are interested in  team sports, skating rinks and swimming pools and/or extracurricular activities.  As far as actually getting educated, as far as having an environment supportive of learning something besides “how to express your sexual feelings“, The public school system has been reduced into a social club and a place where the innocence of our kids is stolen from them by “empowering young adolescents” to explore their sexual fantasies. The vast majority of public school kids can’t hold a candle to your typical homeschooled kid for an opportunity of success.

Next to even suggest that public schools compare at all to private schools in the quality of the education is ludicrous. If that’s true why the above facts regarding politicians and even teachers preferring a private education for their children?


Now lets do an actual comparison of the success of Homeschooling vs.  public schooling …



Original Post:  Cry and Howl


Children Sent Out to Protest: Did not Know Why, Were Given Protest Signs by School


You gotta love how liberals use children.  If it’s not for human shields at occupy protests, its for backdrop at a political event, liberals love to use children to pull at the heart strings.    The latest example occurred last week, when children were sent out to send a message to Marco Rubio.  There was a problem with that, however.  The kids did not know who Rubio was, why they were out protesting, and according to a parent, were given the signs by their school.  MRC TV has more…

At a Capitol Hill “Rally for Citizenship,” MRCTV’s Dan Joseph talked to protesters holding signs with messages to Marco Rubio who didn’t even know who Rubio is, couldn’t speak English, and said their kids’ school made and provided the protest signs.

They just love to use the kids. But just don’t call it indoctrination. It upsets the liberals!

You can support the CH 2.0 with your Amazon purchases, at no additional cost!


Public Schools are Indoctrinating Kids with Anti-Gun Propaganda


They get so many other  things wrong, that I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise that public schools are indoctrinating kids into believing that  the Second Amendment means not a whole lot.  In fact, they are teaching them that the Second is pretty useless indeed.  Girls Just Wanna Have Guns has more…

Boibeaux’s son is an eighth grader at Northeast Middle School. On Monday his social studies teacher gave students a worksheet titled, ‘The Second Amendment Today.’

“The courts have consistently determined that the Second Amendment does not ensure each individual the right to bear arms,” the worksheet states. “The courts have never found a law regulating the private ownership of weapons unconstitutional.

The worksheet, published by Instructional Fair, goes on to say that the Second Amendment is not incorporated against the states.

“This means that the rights of this amendment are not extended to the individual citizens of the states,” the worksheet reads. “So a person has no right to complain about a Second Amendment violation by state laws.”

According to the document, the Second Amendment “only provides the right of a state to keep an armed National Guard.”

Nope, the Second Amendment doesn’t mean the right to keep and bear arms.  The first amendment isn’t about free speech (just try and disagree with a liberal), freedom of religion (don’t talk about God, Jesus, and the Bible-Mohammed?  That’s OK! ).  The Fourth Amendment means that you have rights against illegal search and seizure (unless a TSA agent wants to anal-probe you).  Get the picture?  Rights are becoming far less rights, that stuff people talk about in historical speeches.  The purpose is clear: convince children  that there really aren’t any rights in our Constitution, and since most of them won’t be able to read, they won’t be able to research the truth anyway.

You can support the CH 2.0 with your Amazon purchases, at no additional cost to yourself!


Right Angles Declared Racist


Right angle?  Or Klan member?

The teaching of right angles will be dropped from the curriculum of America’s public schools after it was announced that they are considered “racist and not in keeping with mainstream American values.”

Declared DNC chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz:

If President Obama’s election and reelection have shown anything, it is that it is time for America to move beyond its racist days of slavery, Jim Crow, Ku Klux Klanism and Republican party policies.

Pressure had been building for years to stop teaching about right angles.  Two years ago Michael Mulgrew (pictured here)

Math is hard and right angles are racist!

of the United Federation of Teachers told a group of teachers that

The teaching of the so-called doctrine of the so-called right angle is something we are looking to stop.  The angle declares itself right, which means it is racist, which means it is Republican.  Besides.   Math is hard.

Also opposed to the teaching of right angles are various gay groups who are alarmed by the “straight angle” created by a right angle.

The AIDS coalition to unleash power (ACT UP) has announced plans to demonstrate wherever right angles are taught.  Said a member of the organization’s Action Committee:

Right angles cause AIDS.  No money for Math!  Money to fight AIDS.

They have also declared their intention to protest wherever right angle are found, whether man-made or the result of nature.

Did you know that most of the street corners in Manhattan are right angles?  And we are supposed to just stand back and let this happen?

The right angle for his part defends himself.

Come on?  Seriously?  I was discovered by Euclid.  A Greek.  Live and let live I say.  I have no hidden agenda.  I’m simply an angle that bisects the angle formed by two halves of a straight line. That’s all.  Besides, wouldn’t children benefit from knowing all of Euclid’s Elements?

Despite its impassioned defense, activists look forward to the day when right angles will be shunned and consigned to the dustbin of history.

“This is just the beginning” said one activist.  “Today the right angle.  Tomorrow the straight line.”

It is time for all mathematical theorems to get with the program.  No longer will they be allowed to terrorize us with their objective truth.  They must serve the state and its ideology.

Attempts to reach the straight line to comment on this article were unsuccessful.

No doubt because it was participating in the patriarchy.

Original Post: Manhattan Infidel


Stealth Indoctrination, With a Side of Anti-Semitism



A great deal of indoctrination is most often “under the radar.”  The best kind is indoctrination that isn’t implicit, but implied.  Yes, indoctrination consists of the direct lies that are drilled into the soft heads of children.  However, it is also the little things in the background that are not directly part of the lesson.  It’s the things that are unspoken, but abundantly clear.  For a great example, take a look at this from Chicks on the Right...

If it hasn’t been made abundantly clear that liberals want SO BADLY to rewrite history, then maybe this little news story will help accentuate the obvious.

As we all know, the UK is the poster place for liberalism gone wild, and now they’re actually pretending that Israel doesn’t even exist.  Nah.  Nope.  It’s not a country.  It’s not even THERE, y’all. In their warped little minds, it’s called “Occupied Palestine.”   Invisible.  Nothing to see here. Move along, lemmings.

And this is what they’re teaching kids.  What they’re putting in TEXTBOOKS, y’all.

Behold an exerpt from “one of the more popular and mainstream English language teaching (ELT) textbooks published by Garnet, which is quite popular and mainstream itself:”

See that place where Israel should be?  Yeeeeeeah.  Don’t you just love how it’s barely noticeable and renamed? 

Indeed.  it is part of the playbook.  As I said before, it just isn’t the stuff that blatant, like “Barak Hussein Obama, MMM-MMM-MMM,” it’s all of the little things like this map.  Apparently, this is currently in British schools, but how long before stuff like this is in our country, if it isn’t already?

Oh, and by the way, check out Chicks on the Right.  They have a log of good stuff, delivered with style and just the right amount of attitude.


Obama Quotes Bible in Sandy Hook Speech: Misses Irony Completely


In last night’s speech to honor the dead in the Sandy Hook shooting, President Obama quoted the Bible as follows…

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

Holy Bible Matthew 19:14


There is one little problem with that, Mr. President.  These children are in public school, they cannot come to Jesus-they aren’t allowed.  Because, Mr. President, the SCOTUS decided that there is something in the Constitution that isn’t actually there, but it matched the regressive agenda.  So, God isn’t allowed in schools.

And, come to think of it, these kind of things happened far less when God was allowed in the schools, right?

god in schools


New Oxford High School Marching Band Marches With Hammer and Sickle


Sometimes, we get to see what happens when public school staffer believe their own propaganda.  The New Oxford HS marching band  recently took to the field wielding hammers and sickles, rankling historically literate parents and observers.  The Blaze has more…

Todd Starnes wrote on the Fox News Radio website:

“St. Petersburg: 1917” [was] the theme for the New Oxford High School Marching Band [performance]. Ironically, the school’s athletic teams are called the Colonials and their colors are red, white and blue. The band’s website features a picture of the group with students holding a hammer and sickle.

“There is no reason for Americans to celebrate the Russian revolution,” said one irate parent who alerted Fox News. “I am sure the millions who died under Communism would not see the joy of celebrating the Russian revolution by a school 10 miles from Gettysburg.”

The parent, who asked not to be identified, attended a football last Friday night with his children. He said he was shocked by what he saw.

“It was Glee meets the Russian Revolution,” he told Fox News. “I’m not kidding you. They had giant hammers and sickles and they were waving them around.”

“Who thought this was a good idea?”  [Emphasis added]

But the school’s superintendent Rebecca Harbaugh insists the performance was “not an endorsement of communism.”  According to the school official it was a “representation of the time period in history called St. Petersburg 1917,“ and she is ”very sorry“ it was interpreted as anything other than a ”history lesson.”

Now, many leftists either ignore the millions of deaths caused by communism in the 20th Century, or deny that they happened at all.  In either scenario, it would be perfectly acceptable to promote the revolution that resulted in the deaths of nearly 50,000,000 people, as well as the complete oppression on hundreds of millions more.

But then again, that’s the current state of public education.


Is the Perfect Government for the US Now a Dictatorship? Thoughts Inspired by Montesquieu


Montesquieu was a French social commentator and first-rate political thinker who lived during the Enlightenment. Although he most famous for his influential writings on the benefits of separating political powers up between three branches of government, another important concept that he wrote about was virtue.

Montesquieu thought that the State should be a reflection of the people- “The government most comfortable to nature is that which best agrees with the humour and disposition of the people in whose favour it is established.”

Let’s say that the people of a certain nation desires to all be equally poor and to live in a society where a small group makes all the political and economic decisions for everyone- if that is the case, then this nation would be best served by installing a communist regime. One could argue that the lack of uprisings and opposition in Cuba or China means that the people of these nation want to live under a communist regime, and so they should stay communist. They should learn about equality, subservience to superiors, sharing the burdens with others, and watching others unequally share the rewards. Schools should push communism and state worship on students so that the people can learn what keeps them happy.

Let’s say that the people of a given nation wish to be taken care of from the cradle to the grave by a paternalistic state that treats them like kids, and asks in return that they forgo their individual desires and free choices- in that case, that nation would best be served by a socialist democracy or some sort of enlightened monarchy. Like Sweden or Britain or Belgium, these nations should focus their energies on learning who is best able to play daddy in society, and then learning how to follow daddy’s orders and dictates happily and without question. The nature of the schools in these nations is to learn who is better at making decisions and who is better at following them, so that they can have a nice happy paternalistic socialist democracy government.

Or imagine that a given people of some nation desires to empower one person to make all the choices for them, because of their superior talent or intelligence or connections with some higher power- in that case these people should naturally implement a dictatorship. In Iran or North Korea or Burma or Egypt, for example, these people might just be happiest when they live cowering in fear, learning how to best cower and grovel to their overlords or masters or kings or pharaohs, and would best be served in their education by learning the language and nature of fear.

For the record, I reject the idea above that people desire these sorts of governments- it is my view that man desires in his heart a nation that is built on rule of law and virtue.

If men desire to be treated equally before the law and to live in a nation where the people treat each other virtuously, they need to learn these subjects in school and be taught to embrace and celebrate them. In order for the people to be happiest and to have the government that they desire, it is certain that the government must in its schooling push for these subjects. Students must be taught to love their nation, saying the Pledge of Allegiance daily, learning the national anthem, talking to veterans who have risked their lives to keep our nation free and strong, studying in their classes the history of the republic in a positive light, and discussing with themselves and their teachers the meanings of virtue. They must learn about how to treat other people decently and equally, to put no person higher than another, to give everyone fairness and equality before the law, and to embrace equality of opportunity. For a nation of free and prosperous men to be happy and content, schools should have as their main mission the teaching of the founding documents of the nation, the learning of the basic laws that govern them, and should learn a certain respect for the wisdom found in them. Conversations and lively debates should center on how to be virtuous towards one another- how to best treat one another with respect, with decency, with equality, and without malice. And the government should be one in which its primary object is the protection and promotion of virtue and rule of law.

For the record, I feel that Montesquieu may go a little far here and empower the government to do a little too much, but the general direction is okay. Because if students are not taught to celebrate and desire virtue and rule of law, eventually these ideas will break down, and there will no longer be virtue and rule of law.

“When virtue ceases, ambition enters those hearts that can admit it. Desires change their objects: that which one used to love, one loves no longer. Each citizen is like a slave who has escaped from his master’s house.” Those who have not been raised to celebrate and embrace virtue instead will turn to ambition, desiring something from others- power, wealth, control, something that makes them unequal towards the others. They will view free and virtuous people as pawns to maneuver in a game of power, dividing them, using them, and not truly loving them as equals any more but rather loving the inequality that they can provide to them.

When virtue ceases, “what was a maxim (a rule of thumb or a virtuous way of behaving) is now called severity; what was rule (self-restraint or individual responsibility) is now called constraint; what was vigilance (controlling the border or making sure that communists or fascists aren’t infiltrating and corrupting our society) is now called fear.”

When virtue ceases to be taught in schools and the people no longer want and desire it, then “frugality (will) not (be) the desire to possess, (but rather be considered) avarice. Formerly the goods of individuals made up the public treasury; (but when virtue is lost) the public treasury (will) become the (property) of individuals. (Without virtue,) The republic is a cast-off husk, and its strength is no more than the power of a few citizens and the license of all”- in other words, the economy will sputter and fail and wealth and prosperity will only grow on the backs of great and virtuous citizens but they will be fewer and fewer of these and their efforts will be harnessed and used by the unvirtuous among us.

Much of what Montesquieu predicted of a people who have lost virtue and respect for rule of law is indeed coming to pass, and the responsibility could very much lie with our nations educational system. Virtue is no longer taught as it once was, values are no longer promoted and built, rule of law and equality of opportunity are forgotten, and respect towards fellow man is at an all time low. And so our nation slides away from a republic based on virtue towards something else.

What are we sliding to as a nation?

Students are not taught honor, so we aren’t sliding towards a monarchy. Students are not taught any sort of religion, so we aren’t moving towards a theocracy. And students aren’t really learning about equality and dividing wealth and the means of production equally, so we aren’t really moving towards communism.

Our schools increasingly teach students to fear one another, to fear their teachers, and to fear themselves and their own views. Critical thinking and hard questions and inquiry are discouraged in favor of memorizing the politically correct ‘knowledge’ of the day. The goal of education is to advance through the schools, checking the proper boxes, taking the proper classes, saying the proper things, and moving to the bells and whistles of the state.

Based on what we are teaching our students and based on the direction that our nation is going, it is my fear that the perfect government of the future for our people will be a dictatorship, a despotism, an autocracy, a tyranny. And every day we slide a little closer to accepting it.

Original Post:  A Conservative Teacher


If I wanted America to fail


Okay all, I found a great new site and stumbled upon them after seeing their video in the Facebook group, Conservative Blogger Meet Up. This group, by the way is always chock full of videos, stories and info that help articulate the Conservative message. Great group, I encourage all to join.

As I said above, I watched the video on my FB group page. It is a powerful, yet simple video which really exposes the left’s agenda for our beautiful country. Those responsible for the video call themselves Free Market America. Check out their website, it is well worth the time and effort to do so.

From their site:

We’re Free Market America.

Our mission is to defend economic freedom against environmental extremism. Since the 1960s, environmental regulation has skyrocketed by over 7,000 percent! It’s a no-brainer that everyone wants clean water and clean air. But when it comes to environmental regulation, we’ve catapulted past commonsense.
Free Market America began as Free Market Florida. In 2011, we began campaigning against the U.S. EPA’s so-called “Water Tax” – a Florida-focused measure that would’ve required the water in roadside drainage canals to meet the same standards as Florida’s pristine rivers and streams. Economists estimated the “Water Tax” would’ve cost Florida’s farmers, taxpayers, businesses and consumers billions each year.

A year earlier, in 2010, we led a coalition of more than 330 business, civic and labor groups against a Sierra Club-backed ballot initiative that aimed to shut down economic growth in the Sunshine State. We won that battle; but we realized that fringe environmental groups are well-financed litigation engines determined to steamroll commonsense whenever it’s convenient for them. We founded Free Market Florida to fight back.

Now, we’re taking the same approach to environmental issues of national concern. That’s why we want to hear from you. Where is environmental extremism threatening the free market? Drop us a line.

And without further ado, here is the video:


Public Schools are Probably Going to ban all References to Frederick Douglass


Conservatives, Libertarians, and otherwise concerned citizens have long documented the many failures of the public school system.  From mass indoctrination, to the exclusion of actual learning, the system is a victim of the public sector union, and it’s symbiotic relationship with the un-elected federal/state bureaucrat.  And, this dismal dance of failure seems to impact minority students to a far greater degree than others, particularly black children.  I did some research in late 2010 on that situation…

As for graduation rates…

The national graduation rate for the class of 1998 was 71%. For white students the rate was 78%, while it was 56% for African-American students and 54% for Latino students.

And for illiteracy…

September 2008

Graduation, Dropouts, and Preparedness

  • African American high school students are notably falling behind their white counterparts in graduation rates, dropout rates, literacy rates, and college preparedness rates.

  • In 2005, only 55 percent of all black students graduated from high school on time with a regular diploma, compared to 78 percent of whites.

  • In 2005, the on-time graduation rate for black males was 48 percent nationally; for white males it was 74 percent.

  • Nearly half of the nation’s African American students, but only 11 percent of white students, attend high schools in which graduation is not the norm.

  • In 2002, 23 percent of all black students who started public high school left it prepared for college, compared to 40 percent of whites.

  • On average, African American and Hispanic twelfth-grade students read at approximately the same level as white eighth graders.

  • About half of poor, urban ninth graders read at only a fifth- or sixth-grade level.
  • The National Assessment of Educational Progress reports that 88 percent of African American eighth graders read below grade level, compared to 62 percent of white eighth graders.

As you can see, there is a wide disparity between achievement, and it has been persistent no matter how much money has been spent. This leaves many poor citizens trapped in poverty, stuck on government assistance programs, and left voting for Democrats due to the false victimization narrative.

But, are African Americans really victims or racist Conservatives, or racist leftists? Well, lets take a look at a school that takes poor African American kids, and sends 85% of them to college-well over the national average…

Now, just take a second and absorb that.  A mostly white mob surrounds a school filled with mostly black, SUCCESSFUL students, and as you heard at the end, the man, who reportedly is a public school official, suggests that choice is being targeted as well-meaning, like in all choice situations, the unions want them shut down.  That, of course, would condemn all the children within to the failed public system-guaranteeing that the cycle of dependence continues.

Exactly as the regressives want it!

If you needed more proof, kindly considers what happens when a young black student “wakes up” to history, and has the temerity to quote Frederick Douglass, in the proper context…

Mr. Vargas is fortunate enough to have in his charge one Jada Williams, a 13-year-old eighth grader who voluntarily took on some difficult extra work: reading Frederick Douglass’s Narrative of the Life and writing an essay on the subject. Frederick Douglass is dangerous reading, truly radical stuff. Miss Williams, like most of the students in her dysfunctional school, is black. Most of the people being paid to go through the motions of teaching them are white. Coming across the famous passage in which Douglass quotes the slavemaster Auld, Miss Williams was startled by the words: “If you teach that nigger (speaking of myself) how to read, there will be no keeping him. It will forever unfit him to be a slave. He would at once become unmanageable, and of no value to his master.” The situation seemed to her familiar, and her essay was a blistering indictment of the failures of the largely white faculty of her school: “When I find myself sitting in a crowded classroom where no real instruction is taking place I can say history does repeat itself.”

Her teacher was so offended by the essay that she circulated copies of it to the rest of the faculty and to the principal. Miss Williams, an A student, suddenly began to receive Ds. According to accounts, her mother received harassing telephone calls from teachers who suggested that she was in some way disturbed rather than merely observant. She was forced eventually to withdraw from the school and enroll in an even worse one. (The Blaze has more.)

So, a student woke up, and realized that she was being enslaved by a failing system, was punished for noticing the truth?  Well, let’s just say that it gets more interesting…

Teachers refused to show Miss Williams’s mother the schoolwork she had allegedly performed poorly on, and they refused to answer many of her questions about her daughter’s performance and alleged behavioral problems.

The teachers also failed to enter Miss Williams’s essay in the contest for which it was written — intentionally sabotaging her chances at an academic honor.

It is our contention that most of the regressive/Marxist/Democrat Party social programs are intended to no only create dependency, but to perpetuate it forever.  The chains of this new slavery were forged by the Democrats, are expanded, and are strengthened by the Democrats.  And, when of their victims notices who it is that is enslaving them, there is quick and sure retribution.  Because, you see, ideas are dangerous things, especially ones about escaping the government plantation.

H/T:  The Camp of the Saints


Milton & Rose Friedman’s Legacy of School Reform


Besides President Reagan and Andrew Breitbart, one of the people that I look to for philosophical and intellectual support and inspiration is Milton Friedman.

Here is a video that explains how his work is still having an impact on our country’s education system. His legacy lives on.


Winning school chants, “USA, USA!!!” Prinicipal says, “We want to make sure that doesn’t happen again.”


Our loyal readers know full well that Statism and all it’s inherent subversive agendas can be, and are dangerous to our culture; eroding away our values, mores and beliefs.

This story is a prime example of just such erosion.

A local school district is apologizing after an apparent incident of racism at a boys high school basketball game this past weekend.

When the final whistle blew Saturday, Alamo Heights celebrated a convincing victory over San Antonio Edison.

Alamo Heights Head Coach Andrew Brewer said he was proud of his team.

“Tremendously proud,” Brewer said. “Tremendously. It’s the best group of kids.”

But it was just after the trophy presentation when the coach was not proud of the chant coming from Alamo Heights fans.

“USA, USA, USA,” they chanted.

San Antonio Independent School District officials took the chant as a racial insult to a school with all minority players from a school with mostly white ones. – Source

When you watch the video, pay attention around the 1:12 mark. The Superintendent of the school in question not only is clearly oblivious to how silly he sounds, he goes so far as to say that the entire school body was lectured on how inappropriate their “USA” chants were. So it would seem that not only is chanting, “USA, USA!!” racist, the students were also indoctrinated against ever doing it again.

This is the question I have for the administrators of the school whose students led this chant – “Are the students in the opposing school not legal Americans?” Even if that is so, how is this racist?

I am actually sickened by this Principal and by the stance the school system has taken. Evidently we must apologize for being American.


World Net Daily also covered this story and they interviewed the reporter from the local news station in the video above.