Of Barack, Putin, Michelle and the Wheel of Fortune


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Okay, I’m busy here at work this morning, well … sort of.  And there’s a lot of stuff going on … everything from the missing jet-liner, to the missing first lady and family. So, I think I’ll just highlight a few random topics and offer sage advice or just reveal my thoughts on each.

Here we go …

Ukrainian Troops To Leave Crimea: Official

KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — Russian forces seized military installations across the disputed Crimean Peninsula on Wednesday, prompting Ukraine’s security chief to announce that his country will hold joint military exercises with the United States and Britain.

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden was in Lithuania, trying to reassure nations along Russia’s borders who were terrified by the sight of an expansion-minded Moscow.

“We’re in this with you, together,” Biden said.

Let’s see … Vladimir Putin seized control of Crimea and the international community is outraged. But alas! Be not discouraged because all is not lost. Barack Obama has been working tirelessly making his bracket selections for the NCAA Basketball Tournament. And the result of Obama’s hard work points to Michigan State winning the championship!

Cartoon by: Nate Beeler

nate beeler


Okay, Michelle Obama took her kids and her mother to China. I don’t know how many other “senior staffers” are among the group, but I’m sure she didn’t want to be short-handed. Naturally, liberals justify the ridiculous burning of tax-payers money by the Obamas with comments such as this … I do not believe The Obamas are unique in their pursuit of global diplomacy. Now, I can appreciate that. The Obamas are unique in the way they think and act like they are royalty at the expense of the tax-payers. They are unique in the way they demand everyone “suck it up”, while they “suck up” the taxpayers money. Okay, that’s harsh.  January, Michelle’s extended birthday celebration in Hawaii. February, Michelle and daughters little jaunt to Aspen. March, Michelle, daughters and granny off to China. Nothing unique there. But we really won’t find out much about this trip in the “unique” category … the press is not allowed to go with them.  I have a problem with Michelle and company using American tax-payer’s money to trek across the globe … er … pursue “global diplomacy” and not disclose the what they’re blowing the money … er … spending the money on.


Yesterday I noticed that Democrats in Pennsylvania were caught on tape accepting cash bribes to oppose voter ID laws … but some of  them were black Democrats, so they can’t be prosecuted because of … oh yeah … racism.

Next up is a victory for integrity and a set back for liberals who can’t win an election without voter fraud …

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Via: The Washington Times

A U.S. District Court judge ruled  Wednesday that Arizona and Kansas can require anyone registering to vote to  prove their citizenship and the federal Election  Assistance Commission cannot block them.

The ruling is a boost for states’ rights and marks a setback for President  Obama and other liberals who fought stiffer voter ID checks with an argument  that they reduce voter turnout.

Liberals always drivel that poor folks and people of the black community are not smart enough to get a photo ID. In the mind of a liberal a photo ID is a drivers license … period. Now, ignorance is the criteria that has to be met if one is a true liberal. Without it, one cannot be or even aspire to be a liberal.

I read once where a liberal said if people are poor or old, they can’t get a drivers license, so they are barred from voting. Whew! That’s close! I tend to think that poor folks apply and receive food stamps, medicaid, welfare and social security. Poor and old folks also pick up prescriptions and buy cough medicine. All of which a photo ID is required. Hmmmmm … so, if they need to do all those things and do not have a drivers license …

… state issued photo ID cards are issued free of charge when obtaining one for voting in most states. Also HERE is a list of forms of identification of which most people will have at least one of.

Oh, one side note for the liberal. If you want to attend a Democrat Convention be sure to have your photo ID handy.


Oh, and while I’m on the subject of liberals caring so much for old people … a majority of seniors are fearful their health care plans will be cancelled because of the requirements of Obamacare. But strangely I haven’t heard or read one word about it from a liberal source. I have a feeling they aren’t as genuine in their claim of caring about old folks as they say.


On the lighter side, a conservative won $45,000 on the Wheel of Fortune game show. His correct guess of “New Baby Buggy” was made with only the “N” and “E” being displayed on Vanna’s board.

Okay, I don’t know for sure if the guy is a conservative … but for sure he’s brighter than Barack Obama who can’t spell r-s-p-e-c-t and thinks that “Made in the U.S.A” are three words.

Original Post:  Cry and Howl


Putin Strikeouts Obama-Will Barry Do Something Stupid?


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To no one’s surprise, the people of Crimea voted overwhelmingly yesterday to become part of Russia. In a few days or a few months, it will be a fait accompli and the Crimea will once again be part of Russia.

That is Strike 3, Barry!

Strike 1 _  Barry’s Russian Reset was a one-sided when for Putin. Barry agreed not to build the missile shield in Eastern Europe and Putin agreed to accept that idea.

Strike 2 _ Barry was all puffed up after tumbling the governments of Egypt and Libya he thought he could do the same thing in Syria. But, Putin threw him a curve ball and Barry whiffed.

Strike 3 _ Barry and his friends in the EU have had their eye on the Ukraine for a long time. The EU would like the Ukraine to come into their fold so that they are in a better position to negotiate gas price with the Russians. Barry and his NATO allies would like to pressure Russia by having NATO forces on the Russian border. You can see why Putin might see these intentions being against Russian interests. So, the recent ouster of Ukraine’s “democratically” elected president was seen by Putin as a coup that was funded secretly by Barry and  his EU buddies. (Ask yourself if the governments of France or Canada had been overthrown in the same manner  would the US and the EU have been so quick to recognize the new governments?) At any rate, Barry and his friends over played their hand and apparently didn’t expect Putin to react so decidedly and quickly.

Barry is complaining that Putin’s Crimean pitch was low and outside. He has warned Putin that Russia would pay a price for what they have done. Putin warned Barry that hurting the Russian economy would backfire on the US.

Will Barry do something stupid? Is Putin bluffing? I think the answer to the first question is yes and the answer to the second question is no.

Fox News is reporting that Barry and his EU friends have made their first move.

The White House has announced new sanctions against seven Russian officials in retaliation for Ukraine’s Crimea region voting to join Russia, as the European Union announced similar penalties.

If that is the sum total of what Barry and the EU are prepared to do, then no real harm and no foul. However, if they go much further, their sanctions on Russia are likely to backfire in Barry’s face and the same for Europe. Here is another quote from that Fox News article:

Before Monday’s meeting in Brussels, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said sanctions must leave “ways and possibilities open to prevent a further escalation that could lead to the division of Europe.”

Could lead to the division of Europe? He’s talking about Germany of course. This article may explain his concern:

Anton Börner, president of the German Association of Exporters (BGA), which represents 120,000 companies, the lifeblood of the economy, warned at a press conference in Berlin that further escalation of the crisis in the Ukraine could hit exporters very hard. He said that the BGA expected exports to rise 3% to €1.13 trillion and imports 2% to €914 billion for a trade surplus of €215.6 billion – the highest in history. But “if the crisis in the Crimea escalates further,” these wondrous forecasts of endlessly growing exports and surpluses “could turn very quickly into a mal-calculation.”


It isn’t just German exporters that are fretting, and lobbying with all their might. Russia, with an economy that is already stagnating, and dogged by vicious bouts of capital flight, has$732 billion in foreign debt. Relatively little of it is sovereign debt, but nearly $700 billion is owed by banks and corporations – most of them owned or controlled by the Kremlin. Oil major Rosneft and gas mastodon Gazprom owe $90 billion combined to foreign entities; the four state banks Sberbank, VTB, VEB, and Rosselkhozbank owe $60 billion. Some of this debt matures this year and next year.


Some European banks, including some German banks, might crater. Even the possibility of a major loss would further rattle the confidence in these banks with their over-leveraged and inscrutable balance sheets and their assets that are still exuding whiffs of putrefaction. And this sort of fiasco, as the financial crisis has made clear, has an unpleasant way of snowballing – and taking down the already shaky global economy with it.

Yes indeed! One should be careful about those unintended consequences. But, if Barry goes too far, Russia has promised to attack the US dollar. How could a small economy like Russia harm the mighty US dollar, you ask? This excellent article explains (H/T to my friend, 5etester):

From the economic point of view, everyone should get ready for tough actions from Moscow. Sergei Glazyev, the most hardline of Putin’s advisors, sketched the retaliation strategy: Drop the dollar, sell US Treasuries, encourage Russian companies to default on their dollar-denominated debts, and create an alternative currency system (reference currency) with the BRICS and hydrocarbon producers like Venezuela and Iran.


“Why should we have dollar contracts with China, India, Turkey?” he said. “Why do we need this? We must have contracts in national currencies. And this applies to energy and other spheres.” The focus would be on Russian oil and gas companies. “They must be braver in signing contracts in rubles and the currencies of partner-countries,” he said. “I think now there is an additional impetus to finally finish this job.”

And the “currency reserve policy” would need some adjustment with maximum focus on “local currencies”; it was the normal way, he said. In Mândr??escu’s analysis, Ulyukaev was outlining an attack on the petrodollar system and the enormous advantages it confers on the US, with the goal of creating parallel petro-currencies.

Russia would need the help of China to bring down the dollar and that could very well happen.

I want to believe that Barry has some smart people advising him on the dangers of pushing Putin too far. But will he listen to them?

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

Original Post:  Asylum Watch


Putin Calls America “Godless,” Historical Irony Ensues


Back in the days when Vladimir Putin’s bosses worked under the Soviet banner, that particular regime was called “Godless.”  It was called that because, well, it was Godless.  In fact, it persecuted Christians, Jews, and the like.  Now, it seems that the tables have turned…

In the irony of ironies, Russian President Valadimir Putin has criticized western nations for straying from their Christian roots. Putin’s statement, made during his state of the nation address this past December, contends that America has become a “Godless” nation.  What Putin actually said was: “Many Euro-Atlantic countries have moved away from their roots, including Christian values.  Policies are being pursued that place on the same level a multi-child family and a same-sex partnership, a faith in God and a belief in Satan.  This is the path to degradation.”  This is quite a statement coming from a former KGB officer who faithfully served a nation that executed more than 200,000 clergy in the years between 1917 and 1937.

Fear not folks; we know that Putin doesn’t wear a white hat.  It’s as I have been saying as of late; “Obama is so pathetic, that he makes Putin look good.”  But, does Putin have a point?  According to , Putin just might be onto something…

Putin is not alone in his belief that the West has strayed from its Christian roots.  Patriarch Kirill I of the Russian Orthodox Church has claimed that Western nations are guilty of “spiritual disarmament.”  Although it is a little easier to take such a statement when it comes from a religious patriarch than a former KGB officer, Kirill is simply saying the same thing as Putin.  Consequently, for those who want to ignore the message because it comes from an unworthy messenger—President Putin formerly of the “evil empire”—let me encourage you to respond to the following questions before making up your mind:

  • Have liberals conspired with leftwing academics to rewrite American history so that the Christian principals upon which the United States of America was founded have been expunged from the record and replaced by anti-Christian, anti-American tripe that focuses solely on our nation’s warts and blemishes?  Further, have liberal revisionists rewritten the textbooks so that American students spend 12 years learning why they should be embarrassed by and ashamed of our country?
  • Have liberals conspired to be tolerant of everything in America except Christianity?  Is it not true that in the public square Islam, Hinduism, moral relativism, and other religions get a pass while Christianity is to be neither mentioned nor tolerated?
  • Have liberals conspired to transform public education in America into 12 years of leftwing indoctrination that belittles and scorns Christians as Puritanical bigots while praising secular humanism?
  • Have liberals conspired to attack, undermine, and trash Christians who oppose same-sex marriage on Biblical grounds?  Do wedding businesses that do not wish to perform same-sex marriages on Biblical grounds immediately become targets of government coercion and threats from the homosexual community?
  • Have liberals conspired to ensure that the Lord’s Prayer and Bible readings are no longer a part of the public school experience as they once were in all 50 states?  Further, have liberals worked with the ACLU to deny Christians their Constitutional right to pray at high school athletic events and graduations?

Please read the rest of the post, as it is quite good.  Of course, Putin isn’t saying or doing anything for our benefit.  He is simply taking advantage of a weak POTUS with a sense of national loyalty that would make Quisling blush.  And, in the process, Vladimir Putin is forging a name for himself, and attempting to displace us as the world’s predominate super-power.


Obama’s Destroy America Campaign Is Succeeding


When Obama isn’t “gaying” our military he’s purging high-ranking commanders who don’t agree with his destroy America campaign. This phony “president” produced a $3.9 TRILLION “budget” for next year, raising taxes, allotting billions for shovel-ready jobs while instituting massive spending cuts to the military. His drivel, “The  budget is not just about numbers, it’s about our values and it’s about  our future,” is as meaningful as his promises … all empty. First, his “values” aren’t America’s values and the future he’s blathering about is very bleak for this nation. His “values” are perversion,  keeping poor people poor, racism and anti-Semitism. He’s a phony and can’t even act like a strong “president” because it’s not in him. He has surrounded himself with a multitude of America-hating traitors exactly like him.

My good friend, The Mad Jewess mentioned an article at the American Thinker which points out a few of those …   Muslims in the Obama White Houseincluding Arif Alikhan (Deputy Executive Director for Policy in DHS), Mohamed Elibiary (Homeland Security Advisory Council), Rashad Hussain (Special Envoy to the deeply anti-Semitic Organization of the Islamic Conference), Imam Mohamed Magid  (Obama’s Sharia Law advisor, on loan from the Islamic Society of North America, with its Brotherhood ties) and Eboo Patel (on the Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships). A Muslim who takes his religion seriously must put loyalty to Dar al-Islam above allegiance to an infidel state.  (read more)

Let’s see … what else … Okay, back to the cuts in our military. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, which is an oxymoron in itself, has proposed to scale back our military capability to pre-WWII levels. (thus the “oxymoron” … or perhaps just “moron”) Hagel says in essence,  the cuts will reflect what he’s doing to the Department of Defense. I think Mr. Hagel should be in charge of Obama’s wardrobe or something that would be harmless to the United States; but then again that wouldn’t fit into Obama’s agenda.

Gen. Ray Odierno, Army chief of staff, said,  that an army of 420,000 would be too small for a world that has such an uncertain national security landscape. The minimum size, he said, would be about 450,000.  He said shrinking to 420,000 would make a big difference in the capabilities of the force. 

“I’m on the record saying, as a minimum, I think our end strength needs to be around 450,000; 330,000 in the active, 335,000 in the Guard, and about 195,000 in the U.S. Army Reserve. And then we would be able to do it – at higher risk, but we should be able to do it.”  (emphasis mine)  (HERE)

And that’s just mentioning the cuts to the U.S. Army … not cuts to the other armed services, though I think the Marines will lose around 8,000 personnel.  Obama’s idea of America’s military might is having our women fight on the front lines with homosexual men backing them up.

While Obama guts our military, Russia, China and every other America hating nation is beefing theirs up.  Obama makes empty threats to Mr. Putin and Putin knows Obama is weak because his actions prove it. Obama is a liar. His lies are out for every one to see, except the ones the media manages to cover up.

Anyway, I’m sick of writing this piece. I suppose it’s just a rant. Allen West has a piece worth reading … if you feel like crying.

Obama vs. Putin:


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Original Post:  Cry and Howl


Putin Is Playing Chess While Obama Is Playing Tiddlywinks


It’s hard to imagine that American’s could have elected a more inept person to represent it on the world stage than Barack Obama. All Americans should feel embarrassed. I know I do. America’s prestige, its place as the leader of the free world, won with so much blood and treasure has, under Obama and his pathetic choices for Secretaries of State, been severely damaged. Although the American electorate could not see Barack Obama for the fool that he is, Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, saw through him from day one. Obama’s “Russian Reset” was a one-sided win for Putin. Then Putin made Obama eat his “Red Line” in Syria. Now, the world is once more witness to Putin making a fool out of Obama (America) in the Ukraine. Putin plays chess. Obama plays Tiddlywinks.

Norma Brown, one of the Guest Saturday contributors here at Asylum Watch, wrote a unique piece yesterday on Mr. Putin’s press conference. Norma, as you may recall, was a career Foreign Service Officer, she is fluent in Russian, lived for some time in Moscow, and is married to a former US ambassador. She has a satellite tv and was able to watch and listen to what Putin had to say about the recent events in the Ukraine. Rather than wait until Saturday to share Norma’s unique insights, I give it to you today. The link at the end of her essay is excellent and very much worth your time to read.


Putin Takes the Stage: Great Performance

By Norma Brown


I’m watching Vladimir Putin now on Rossiya 24 (satellite tv) in a brilliant press conference of the sort Obama can only dream of giving. The Russian leader is speaking spontaneously (the way Marco Rubio can) from the heart and he is speaking directly to the heart of every Russian in the world. This is that long-awaited NATO-Russia moment and Putin is quietly furious. There is no other word for it. He is quite proper with the press. He appears to be calm and at ease and friendly. His arguments are multi-faceted and factual but emotional, too. The putsch in Kiev he calls a “coup” and then explains why it is legally an armed and anti-constitutional overthrow of a legal government. He says every single post-Soviet Ukrainian government has left the poor and disenfranchised Ukrainians as bad off as ever, and he names the culprits, the ex- and current presidents of Ukraine. He admits that Russia has vital interests in Ukraine for many, many reasons. I look at the faces of the press, pounding away on computers, their faces stern and unhappy. Some may disapprove of what Putin has done; I’d bet most agree and are glad that he went to the aid of the Russians under threat in Ukraine. I bet many are mortally offended by the in-your-face Russophobes now in charge in some of Ukraine’s most powerful ministries. And despite twenty years of post-Soviet history, I’d also bet many are absolutely convinced that NATO means ill for Russia and this was provoked by certain sectors of the West.

reasonable manPutin is a man in charge of every pertinent fact, familiar with the history, and sure that he is expressing Russia’s heart and soul and still adhering to the letter of the law. Putin pointed out that the origin of the current problems was Yanukovych’s decision (a legal decision fully within the Ukrainian President’s powers, says Putin) to put off — not even deep-six — the association agreement with the EU (as opposed to one with Russia) because, as Yanukovych told Putin, there was stuff in that EU agreement that was worrisome for Ukraine. They wanted to control Ukraine’s bilateral agreements with Russia. Ukraine is highly dependent on Russian trade. In the end the EU threatened Yanukovych to sign or lose, and he decided to go with Russia. At that point, persons primed to stir up public disorder began to take actions for an armed takeover of the legal Ukrainian government. Putin agreed that the people of Ukraine wanted a change from the Yanukovych government, but pointed out that the Constitution of Ukraine has only three methods for the departure of the president: voluntary resignation, death, or impeachment. None of those were pertinent. An agreement with the opposition had been reached with the signature of Yanukovych, who gave in almost one hundred percent to the demands of the mobs and to the demands of the EU and Washington. He ordered the removal of all troops from Kiev. At which point the mob took over, ousted the elected government and declared themselves the legitimate government of all Ukraine. It was all planned.

Here’s another good moment: one of the reporters asked if he personally had tried to contact the current authorities in Kiev. Putin just smiled and said there was no one at his level to talk to in Kiev as the legitimate president of Ukraine was in Russia; so the contacts were at the governmental level and aimed at the ensurance of normal economic and other relations with Russia in this period. Quite right, too. We reject the legitimacy of the thugs in Kiev, but we have to protect the interests of both countries, too.

This is another good moment. It seems a pro-Ukrainian reporter was acting unbecomingly and too aggressively. Putin answered his question but then suddenly we went to another screen and the anchor of Rossiya 24 . I love it. I think now they are hustling him out of the audience as a potential assassin, much as we would do in our own presidential press conferences when someone gets out of line. (We try not to let the trouble-makers in the first place.) As someone who was once hustled out of a genuine human rights trial in Leningrad in 1984 (yes!), I can say it gives you something to talk about for years. The anchor is followed quickly by a man who is obviously known to Russians who is almost crying with anger over the insults hurled at Russia by the fascist western Ukrainians and their (understood) fascist sponsors.

This is my view: Putin is claiming legal and historical and material and substantive reasons for going into Crimea. No matter the political calculations, no matter the words of disapproval, he knows the law is actually on his side. Furthermore, he has now made it quite clear that Russia is ready to rumble, as our hopeless Secretary of State once boasted of himself. He is loathe to the use of force, but if that is what it takes to defend Russian vital interests, so be it. As for those economic sanctions, he warned that the end will not be good for those pushing this action. I’m sure he has energy in mind. Europe is vulnerable and Ukraine was a vital oil conduit. From their perspective, if they only owned Ukraine!! If they undertake sanctions, who is likely to give first: the freezing western Europeans in 1914 or the overly-warm Russians taking one for the Gipper (Holy Mother Russia). Remember that the Germans surrounded and starved Russians in WW2 Leningrad and Russia still won the war. We living the high life in the West don’t realize that most Russians still living remember what life used to be like. They can tighten the belt again if NATO wants to rattle its currently small-looking saber. It looked a hell of a lot bigger in Libya.

chessboardThe current state of play on the chessboard is this: Russia has obviously responded to some back-scenes offer, perhaps brokered by Merkel, to allow a return to the Ukrainian internal agreement that was jettisoned and restore the previous government until the agreed date of early elections. It is clear he will not obstruct any investigation or prosecution of Yanukovych in accordance with the pre-coup law. As a token of good faith, has ordered all those troops on maneuver to go back to the barracks. He has played his move. Up to West. Will the Russian troops stay in their barracks or be deployed in eastern Ukraine, as well? (Hint: Russia isn’t ever going to give up Crimea.)

Next move: West becomes pissy. Tries being provocative as a proof of NATO manhood. Maybe (shudder) they will draw a line in the sand.

Next move: Eastern Ukraine.

And by the way, here is a great link to an interview with Dmitri Simes, a Russian Jew and a brilliant analyst of his homeland.


Original Post: Asylum Watch


Some Brief Thoughts on Putin, the Ukraine, and the Weakness of Barak Hussein Obama


If you recall, in 2009 on the heels of his infamous World Apology Tour, Barak Obama paid a visit to Russia, where he was famously snubbed in a receiving line.  The Nice Deb covered that at the time…

After bowing to foreign kings, and after a career of community organizing, dithering, and overall liberalism, foreign powers came to the same conclusion as informed voters here in the US:

Barak Obama is a weakling who is interested in failed liberal policies, not governing, or even defending the country he swore an oath to protect

Vladimir Putin, on the other hand, is a cold, calculating strongman.  Whether you like him or not, he’s a leader, as evidenced by the fact that he’s held onto power for this long.

Being a former KGB guy, Putin knows a thing or two about judging and manipulating people and situations.  If you’ve read my many posts about Bezmenov, you’ll know that the KGB created our left with some exquisite propaganda and brainwashing techniques.  They knew their targets, and predicted their reactions to their efforts, just like Putin can now.   So, when Putin saw the chance to take the Crimea, he took it.  Want to know why he did it?

He could.

That’s it-that’s all of it.  He could do it because he knows, being a cold, calculating former KGB guy (or perhaps just having a grasp of the obvious) that Obama is a weakling, and mentally crippled by liberalism to do a thing to stop him.  And, even if Obama did try something, it would be a weak, half measure, that would fail or be withdrawn at the moment that meaningful resistance emerged.  They knew it in 2009, when they snubbed him in 2009.  They had no respect for him then, and they have even less now, which is why they are moving.  And, the Chinese are backing them, because they can.  The NORKS are shooting off missiles, because they can.  And the Iranians are sending ships off our shore, or are at least saying it-because they can.  Barak Obama isn’t even a paper tiger.  Instead, he’s a transparent weakling, and everyone in the world can see it, except our low-information voters, and the MSM that misinforms them.


Pravda Knows Where We Are Going, Why Don’t We?


I find it a cruel , yet hilarious irony that Pravda, the former propaganda media outlet in the also former Soviet Union, finds it tragic that we are going down the road traveled by the Bolsheviks.  Steve, from Motor City Times, has more…

Via Pravda (yes, that Pravda):

Reading Putin’s speech without knowing the author, one would think it was written by Reagan or another conservative in America. The speech promotes smaller government and less taxes. It comes as no surprise to those who know Putin as a conservative. Vladimir Putin went on to say:

“…we are reducing taxes on production, investing money in the economy. We are optimizing state expenses.

The second possible mistake would be excessive interference into the economic life of the country and the absolute faith into the all-mightiness of the state.

There are no grounds to suggest that by putting the responsibility over to the state, one can achieve better results.

Unreasonable expansion of the budget deficit, accumulation of the national debt – are as destructive as an adventurous stock market game.

During the time of the Soviet Union the role of the state in economy was made absolute, which eventually lead to the total non-competitiveness of the economy. That lesson cost us very dearly. I am sure no one would want history to repeat itself.”

And, here’s a little more…

The Pravda author adds a little food for thought.

Russia lost its’ civil war with the Reds and millions suffered torture and death for almost 75 years under the tyranny of the United Soviet Socialist Republic. Russians survived with a new and stronger faith in God and ever growing Christian Church. The question is how long will the once “Land of the Free” remain the United Socialist States of America?  Their suffering has only begun.

I think he might be on to something.

On to something indeed.  I do agree with Steve (in his post) in that Putin is hardly a good guy, and that he is likely using appealing words to hide statist policies, kinda like the establishment GOP.  However, the irony is just as tragic.  The former Soviet Union is moving towards at least  a RINO nanny state, and we are headed for the cradle to grave oppression of the socialist state.

Elections have consequences.


Lena Dunham “Your First Time” Campaign ad Ripped from Putin?


In the event you haven’t seen the “Your First Time” ad, here it is-in all of it’s creepy and pervy  glory.

So, dowdy, chunky women with short hair equate their “first time” with voting for Obama?  Apparently, they have suffered great disappointment as a result.  Perhaps they should have chosen a man that wasn’t full of empty promises?

At any rate, it appears that the Obama camp wasn’t exactly creative in the process of making this ad.  It seems that team Putin did this first…

And, you can make the obvious comparisons regarding the “stars” of these videos.

I wonder why Lena didn’t mention that Obama mentioned having “greater flexibility” after the election?

Also, Sister Toldja, a blogger that is proudly featured in out blogroll, posted the following on her Facebook page, with hilarious results…

H/T:  The Lonely Conservatives