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Catholics for Obama Hold Rally: 45 Show up

Once again, going with the Democrat’s dearth of enthusiasm, Catholics for Obama held a rally, and only 45 showed up.  It seems that the Obama camp can’t even attract apostates!   The Gateway Pundit has the details… Catholic News Agency reported, via FOX Nation: “Their original intent was to have more of a rally element to it,” said Paul Alexander, director of Regis University’s Institute for the Common Good, which hosted the event. “We just felt we couldn’t do a rally, but we felt a healthy dialogue among Catholics was important.” About 45 people attended the Oct. 25 dialogue and small group discussion with Catholics for […]

Sandra Fluke Only Draws a dozen Attendees

If you listen to the liberals, Sandra Fluke is a hero of feminism.  Allegedly slandered by Rush Limbaugh, Fluke was made a hero by the leftists, and their lapdog media.  Unfortunatelky, the Democrats must be believing their own narrative, as Fluke went out to rally voters against Mitt Romney.  However, Fluke apparently equates with “flop,” as evidenced by the attendance at the event.  Sooper Mexican has more… Apparently Sandra Fluke was only able to get TEN PEOPLE to show up to one of her speaking engagements: Here are some Tweets from the scene. The first is from Reno… And the second is […]