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ObamaCare Damage: Are People Being Given Lowball Quotes?

If this claim is correct, not only does the ObamaCare website fail to enroll you, gives false information to insurance companies, and is a open air market for identity theft, it also gives you lowball numbers as to what your premiums will be.  The Conservative Intelligence Briefing has more… h/t Ed Morrissey at Hot Air. As a former customer of, I can tell you that that website never gave me a “teaser” rate that was half what I ended up paying. In fact, I got a plan (for about $80 per month, with a $2,800 deductible) that went down […]

ObamaCare Rate Hikes Coming: The Young will Suffer Accordingly

We told you that ObamaCare would increase insurance rates.  But no one wanted to listen.  However, soon the low information crowd won’t have a choice.   The Washington Examiner’s Philip Klein notes that Rhode Island has given its first hints about new Obamacare insurance premiums. Everyone’s rates will go up significantly compared to inflation. But as expected, the heaviest burdens fall on everyone except large, self-insuring employers, which have long been required to cover pre-existing conditions after a waiting period. Phil writes: For small employers and individuals, rates will now be over $300 per month. But read the fine print, and […]

Big Fish Eat Little Fish: What Happens When There Are No More Little Fish?

Then the big fish turn on each other until there are no fish. That would seem to be the logical end, don’t you think? Not exactly favorable to one’s self-preservation, is it? It seems to this humble observer that this is what big governments do. They keep eating more and more of the food supply (the economy) until there is not enough left to support them. Are big corporations playing the same stupid game? Maybe that is what Kim Strassel is suggesting in this Wall Street Journal article. …a growing collection of CEOs and big-business lobbies have fallen in line […]

Maybe They Should Have Read it: ObamaCare Causes Massive Increase in Health Insurance Premiums

We’ve covered it before, and it’s still happening.  Health insurance premiums have taken off with the impending implementation of ObamaCare, and don’t appear to be slowing anytime soon.  We covered the beginning of this just recently. ObamaCare Damage: Health Insurance Premiums Rise Under Obama Elections Have Consequences: “Startling Rate Increases” Due to ObamaCare However, our friend Wyblog has the latest.   Obamacare: You get less than half the value at more than twice the price! I think Democrats call that “fairness”. Meanwhile in California, rates are going up twenty percent next year. Blue Shield of California is calling for a 20% rate hike on […]

College Students Hammered by ObamaCare-Just in Time for the Election

Yesterday, I asked the question, which is worse, being Obama’s enemy, or his friend?  That line resonates a bit more today, given that college students, who overwhelmingly supported Obama in 2008, are being repaid for that support-in higher insurance rates thanks to ObamaCare.  The Lonely Conservative has more… College students who purchase their health insurance policies through their colleges may be in for a shock when they get the bill. Colleges all over the country are raising premiums drastically to cover the costs associated with Obamacare. In North Carolina, where Democrats are hoping young voters will help them win the […]

More Pre-election Quick Hits: Just in Case you are Still Undecided

In the event you have been living under a rock, or were in a Turkish prison for the last year and a half, and you are still undecided, here are some more items to help you out… Matt is NOT happy: I got my yearly enrollment for my health coverage.  Needless to say, I’ll be paying several hundred dollars more (per year) for my coverage. Now, Now…I know, the POTUS told us that our costs would go down.  Apparently, he had his down and up confused at the time, so we got screwed. So, Mr. President, allow me join millions […]