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90% of N.Y. gun owners refuse to register guns

Despite the best efforts, or at least the latest efforts of the anti-gun folks, even New Yorkers are defying the gun-grabbing freaks. Via: Conservative Tribune BREAKING: 90% of NY Gun Owners Refuse to Register Guns Not unlike what’s happening in Connecticut right now, New York gun owners are refusing registration, blatantly defying the state’s unconstitutional new gun control law, called the NY SAFE Act. We recently reported how gun owners in New York burned at least a thousand registration forms in defiance of the law.  We also noted that police are refusing to enforce it, as sheriffs in other states […]

New York Gun Owners Burn Their Registration Forms

In a second state, gun owners are refusing to comply with newly passed gun laws.  Add New York to the list with Connecticut, as gun owners there are burning their gun registration forms… With an April 15 deadline to register their weapons looming, New York’s Second Amendment advocates aren’t going down without a fight. And they’re already looking ahead to elections in November. Hundreds of gun owners and their supporters turned out Sunday in the upstate New York town of Wilton for a protest aimed undermining the Democrat-championed Secure Ammunitions and Firearms Enforcement (SAFE) Act to the point it “collapses […]

From Ye Olde New Yorke Times: Demand a Plan to End Musket Violence in the Colonies

  Dateline April 19, 1775.  Ye Olde New Yorke Times We here at Ye Old New Yorke Times have just received word of a gun-inspired massacre of innocents in the colony of Massachusetts Bay. How long must we be held hostage to Musket violence?  We here at Ye Olde New Yorke Times used to content ourselves with the position that it was time to register all Muskets.  That it was time to tax bullets. But now we must change our position.  The brave Regulars, the brave King’s Troops were needlessly cut down by a gang of wild musket owners. And […]

For Those of You That Thought ACORN was Done with Voter Fraud, Think Again

We are all aware of what ACORN was.  It was the regressive juggernaut that mastered the flooding of the voting registration system-jamming so many false registrations into the system that it would be overwhelmed, and not be able to track them, all.  They did it all, from flooding voter registrations, to harassing and intimidating people, or just jamming things up with failure, ACORN was the place where the rent-a-mob gathered. Then, after being repeatedly exposed as the criminal enterprise that they were, ACORN dissolved itself.  The media declared them dead.  The left said that the investigations and exposes were all […]