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Obama Website Busing Rent-A-Mob to Protest the Second Amendment

How completely odd is it for the Obama Campaign to bus grassroots activists rent-a-mob to a protest against the Constitution.  I mean, is that something that a sitting President should be doing.  Well, if he is a community organizer, which means mobilizing a small amount of people, and making them seem to be a much more representative of the public as a whole.  At any rate, Gateway Pundit has the information, as well as a screencap… The never-ending campaign… The Obama campaign is going to bus people in for a protest in Albany. The campaign put a post up on […]

Union Thug Alert: Refuse to Talk to Media, Walmart Black Friday Protest Failure

In the latest example of attempted union thuggery and fail, union organizers attempted to stage protests in front of Walmarts in the busiest shopping day of the year.  For starters, it appears that protests were rather sparse.  Twitchy has the following… The Twitchy post has a great deal more information, so feel free to go check it out. For the second part, here is a video featuring the outcome at the Landover, Maryland WalMart.  Apparently, the union bosses shipped in about five buses worth of rent-a-mob to the scene.  Here are some quick points… 1.  The bosses had to ship […]

SEIU Pays People to Protest Romney

I wonder if $11 an hour is a “living wage,” because that is what the SEIU was allegedly paying people to protest Mitt Romney.  The Blaze has the video… So then, how enthusiastic are the Democrats when they have to pay people to show up?   Then again, it appears to be standard procedure to pay people to be “rent-a-mob.”

Rent-a-Mob, Uncivil Discourse, and Astroturf, Oh My

Since we last discussed the “progressive” propaganda extravaganza, more information has come to light.   It seems that our “progressives” go back to their paper thin playbook, and have no problem ignoring the “rules” that they would set for everyone else. First up, the Amusing Bunni has some more on the protesters. It seems that Andrew Breitbart went to the show, on roller blades, no less. I would take a look at Bunni’s post, she has some more information as the connections involved here. Then, I did some digging last evening.  I was able to find a slide show of […]