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Boomer And Xers: Most Of You Missed The Boat. What The Hell Were You Thinking?

  The Burning Platform is one of the more outstanding blogs on the internet, in my opinion. The latest post there has left me shaking my head in wonderment about the younger baby boomers  and the so-called generation X. It’s a long post, so I’ll try to give you the short version. The author came across some data that demonstrates clearly that a large percentage of those generations are utterly, totally unprepared for their quickly approaching retirement years. They have next to no savings and they have no one to blame but themselves. The author starts with this quip: I […]

Obama’s “myRA” will sieze your retirement accounts

I hope folks remember Barack Obama’s State of the Union drivel this past January. Part of the lies and distortions spewed by the fraud-in-chief is his “myRA” plan. The one he touted to help people give up their retirement accounts to the government … er … save for retirement. When the government gets access to money, especially American taxpayer’s money, the need to spend that money is uncontrollable. There is somewhere around $19 TRILLION in private retirement account in America. Is there anyone, liberal or conservative who believes those in the government isn’t trying to think of ways to get at […]

ObamaCare Medical Devise Tax to Cost 33,000 Jobs?

If the numbers hold true, ObamaCare has cost 33,000 jobs, just in the medical devise industry.  One “feature” of ObamaCare is a tax on medical devises, like pacemakers, and artificial joints.  Just like everything else in ObamaCare, it’s causing people to lose their jobs, or cause other jobs to be “aborted.”  Here is more… This spinning of the loss of jobs due to Obamacare was described by Sebelius as not simply  ‘not true’, but as a myth. This, however, does not mesh with the reality that is happening around the country. Today, the New York Post reports on 33,000 jobs […]

The Boomer Retirement Tsunami Will Be Devastating To Younger Americans

Last week I wrote a post in which I offered my condolences to Americans under sixty years of age. I was referring to the mess my generation (The Elders) and the Baby Boomer generation (Soon To Be Elders) have left to the younger generations. Actually the cut off is closer to 53 than 60; but 60 was a nice round number. Now I have some more detailed information to share with you younger folks so you will know just how thoroughly screwed you are. I found this wonderfully informative guest post at Zero Hedge that lists twenty facts about the […]

They Said if I Voted for Romney, They’d Come After my 401(k), and They Were Right!

That’s right kids, they government is eyeing your 401(k), IRA, or 403(b) with great envy.  And, as for the title, since Stacey is talking blog shtick, I thought I’d borrow from his well, which is deep with all sorts of goodness.   But, back to the seriousness.  There has been rumblings about the government taking over all private retirement accounts for some time.  Apparently, the democrats just can’t let a big pool of money sit there in private hands-it must be controlled, and redistributed, bythe kind hands of government.  Bob Belvedere at  TCOTS has more… The Editors at Investor’s Business Daily published an excellent […]

What does a 10% Pay Cut Look Like? Pretty Rough

Oh, I know a lot of you have already gone through pay cuts and job losses, but on the other hand, the deal that you make as a teacher is that you will never make lots of money and in return will have a steady pay, job security, benefits, and pension. Okay, it’s a good deal, perhaps too good, but if the deal is too good it should be changed over time to fit with the revenue coming in to the state, with the changes cushioned by rainy day funds- that’s the responsible and expected thing to do. But after […]