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Cigarette Taxes Create More Failure? NY and Chicago Suffer From Liberalism

It’s common sense, really.  If you tax something highly, human nature dictates that people will go out of their way to avoid the tax.  Liberals, however, seems to have missed that, because they continue to tax and tax.  Then, they are completely shocked and surprised when people do what they have always done.  Hot Air has the latest… First, my own home stomping grounds of New York, which has been seeking a way to stave off total fiscal collapse by jacking up one of the highest tobacco tax rates in the nation. How’s that working out for ya? ALBANY – […]

New Yorkers Fight Back Against Smoking Ban

Nanny State

We Americans are a rebellious lot, and we definitely do not like being told that we cannot do something.  This fine tradition rears it’s head whenever the nanny state passes a new and more odious edict.  New Yorkers are no different, and seem to be waging a war against the smoking ban in that city.  Reason TV, via Big Government highlights this in a recent video… As you can see, particularly in the case of the retired cop, New Yorkers are not taking kindly to this, and nanny staters like Bloomberg should be aware of that.  Of course, the mafia already, and I have […]

Graph: Results of Tax Cuts on Revenue to the Federal Government


Democrats, led by President Obama, frequently advance the argument that the deficits that the federal government has been running since 2001 (~$500 billion under Bush’s 8 years, ~$1500 billion during Obama’s 3 years) are the result of the Bush Tax Cuts (which Obama and the Democrats continued and extended), thus it is the Republicans and George W Bush’s fault for the current nation-destroying federal debt. Let’s look at the data: Drawing on data provided by the White House’s Government Printing Office, we can see here a history of the revenue or money collected by the national government since 1980. I […]