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Rick Berg

Liberty Needs More Doers and Fewer Watchers

My father always told me there are two types of people in this world; doers and watchers.  Even the revolutionary war had its share of doers and watchers.  The doers were the Patriots and Tories.  These people encompassed colonists who kicked in by fighting either for independence or for the King.  Some of the most brutal and bloodiest battles of the war were fought between Patriots and Tories.  They made up roughly 2/3 of the colonial population.  The final 1/3 was made up people who either didn’t care which side won or who desired independence but really didn’t want to […]

While we were distracted did we lose free speech? (H.R. 347)

While we were being distracted by the Sandra Fluke-Rush Limbaugh debacle last week somehow we lost some more of our liberties; liberties that are protected by OUR constitution. This time the target is free speech. Yes you heard right we may have lost our ability to express ourselves through the act of protesting the government and it sneaked in right under our radar.  Yesterday morning while I was getting ready for work I caught Judge Napolitano on Fox and Friends talking about how last week President Obama had signed into law H.R. 347. Below is the Fox and Friends clip of this interview. How I missed this, […]

Ten Buck Fridays Poll: August 8-12

As you read this, the new Ten Bucks Friday Poll is up on the sidebar. Here are some details from Right Klik. The TBF poll in a nutshell: This is a poll designed to promote rising conservative stars. At the end of the week, the winner will be promoted by a network of over 70conservative blogs and will receive a flurry of contributions from patriots across the country. Learn about the candidates… Rick Berg (ND-AL) Pomeroy Losing To Berg Rick Berg – North Dakota results for our Nation Berg on the issues Berg on Facebook Berg on YouTube Charlotte Bergmann (TN-09) […]