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Right to work

Union Thug Update: Better Not Talk About Right to Work

As the saying here at the CH 2.0 goes, Unions: so great, that people have to be forced to join.  And, if you want the freedom to choose if you belong to a union or not, goons show up to threaten you!  Freedom Works has more… One eyewitness sent me an account of what happened, along with video. This eyewitness has requested anonymity, fearing reprisals from the unions. Freedom “Ruins Everything,” Unions Protest Three words strike fear into the hearts of union leaders: “Right to Work.” At the mere mention of the phrase, unions in lockstep intimidate, harass, and bully […]

Michael Moore Goes Full Metal Moonbat Over Right to Work

Every now and again, a great example of moonbattery is seen.  Michael Moore had a reaction to the Michigan Right to Work Vote that raised the bar to “Full Metal Moonbattery.”  Let’s take a look at some of his tweets, via Red Alert Politics… Right to work laws essentially prohibit unions from forcing employees who do not want to be union members to pay union dues in order to keep their jobs. It also stops businesses from requiring employees be part of a union as part of their employment agreement. “This is all about taking care of the hard-working workers […]

Unions Attempt to Embrace Democracy, by Preventing Vote

If you recall, the unions love the chant, “this is what democracy looks like.”  But they seem to not understand what democracy is, as they seem to try very hard to stop actual votes from being taken.  We saw that in Wisconsin, and now, in Michigan.  The Blaze has more… Police used pepper spray Thursday to subdue protesters trying to rush the Michigan state Senate after Gov. Rick Snyder and other Republican leaders announced they would press for quick approval of right-to-work legislation limiting union powers. “When several of the individuals rushed the troopers, they used chemical munitions to disperse […]

Unions Boycotting Democratic Convention?

Barak Obama, as POTUS, has a history of telling supporters, either in words or actions, to STFU.  The latest example is that of the unions.  Stacey McCain has more… Ken Binversie at explains: North Carolina has a Democratic governor, Bev Perdue, and sent its electoral votes to Barack Obama in 2008, but it’s still a right-to-work state. That means employees in the Tar Heel State are free to choose to join a union — or not. Because of this, North Carolina has the lowest percentage of union membership in the nation, just 2.9 percent as of 2011. . . […]

Forced Union Membership Means Free Speech

OK kids, it’s time to put on your suspension of disbelief, and hold on to your chairs, because this is going to be one crazy ride.  It seems that a union is suing to overturn Indiana’s Right to Work Law.  Their reasoning is typical liberal, and therefore defies all logic.  Here is more from CNBC… INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana’s new right-to-work law should be struck down because it infringes upon unions’ free speech rights by depriving them of the dues that fund their political speech, attorneys for a union challenging the law contend, citing the U.S. Supreme Court’s so-called Citizens United […]

If the NEA was so Great, why are People Leaving it?

If they are permitted, that is.  As several states have passed laws making  union membership voluntary, the NEA has suffered a drop in membership, and consequently precious cashflow.  For more, kindly take a look at this excerpt from Big Government… Over the past year, several states – including Wisconsin, Tennessee and Idaho – have passed legislation freeing teachers from the shackles of compulsory union membership. Now that membership has become voluntary, a growing number of teachers are choosing to quit the union, which is causing hard times for the nation’s largest teachers union. A new report finds the National Education Association has revised its membership numbers downward […]

What can Conservatives Learn From Erwin Rommel?

Yes, he was a German Field Marshall during WW II.  And, he was a Nazi.  That makes him a certifiable bad guy.  However, at the same time, Erwin Rommel was one of the best military minds of the 20th century, if not of all time.  His ingenuity in mobile warfare has shaped the military doctrine of countless nations, including out own.  So, how does that help us, now, and in the political arena?  Take a look at this quote. “What difference does it make if you have two tanks to my one, when you spread them out and let me smash them […]

CH 2.0 Post Debate Wrap-up

Tonight’s debate was rather interesting.  Here are some thoughts… Gingrich: For much of the first half of the debate, old Newt came off as rather petulant.  However, he came into his own as second half went on.  As always, you have to keep the following in mind as he speaks; “this man is part of the establishment.”  When he spoke out about establishment politicians, I had my only “LOL moment”of the debate. Santorum: Competent, and I thought he covered Conservative issues well.  He also mention the IPAB Death Panel, and stated the case against ObamaCare well. At the same time, […]

Where the Battle is Won

John and I have, for some time, promoted the idea of focusing more on the politics within the local and state governments than the corrupt and inept national government.  We truly believe that the answer to our current problems doesn’t start at a national reformation, but at a local one.  Simply put, if we bring the power back to the states the national government will fall in line.  Allow me to provide some evidence to support what we’ve promoted to be effective and hopeful. First, it is abundantly clear that national political victories are, at best, a small source of […]

Conservative Hideout Freedom Plan: Organized Labor

Here’s where I get myself on the list to receive busted kneecaps, but it has to be said… It is arguable that labor unions were absolutely necessary in decades past.  Worker safety, benefits, increased wages, and other worker protections were a result of union intervention.  That is another debate in and of itself, but those factors are the result of the existence of unions. However, it can also be argued that the unions have outlived their initial usefulness.  With stories of “job banks” in corporations that were deeply in debt,  threats to workers, and violence against others, today’s labor unions […]