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When Has The Left EVER Been Right?

014 by Bob Mack “America’s national security cannot be entrusted to left-wing Democrats.” –– Richard Winchester “Weakness is policy, and the world’s dictatorships have taken note. The only question now is how much more damage can be done before this disastrous presidency finally comes to an end.” – The Commentator “Russian troops are invading Ukraine and we have no response. I suppose the Pentagon has more important things to worry about – like hair and makeup for our gay military.” – Allen West Pick a topic, any topic. Barack Obama and his “progressive” cohorts have been wrong about it.  Global […]

From Leftfield The Future Looks Fantastic!

We small-brain folks on the Right  just don’t get. You know who I’m talking about; folks like me. We believe in free market capitalism and silly things like the economic law of supply and demand. We believe that government interfering in the market place with their fiscal and monetary polices just screw things up by their non-stop efforts to pick the winners and losers. We look at the declining workforce participation rates, the declining velocity of money, the rising fraction of the workforce working only part-time or in low   income jobs, and we look at the trends in computerization […]

How the World Continues

Too often it is the case that we focus on what is wrong with the world rather than what is right.  That truth spans through various positions of criticism be it politics, economics, or faith.  On the latter, I have often heard scoffers of faith (specifically Christianity) speak of the ill that Christianity has brought the world as a way of demeaning the religion.  I must reject this notion.  I cannot deny that evil men have taken the banner of Christianity and have done terrible things with its power, but Christianity has harmed no one.  It cannot. The purpose of […]

Make the Right Choice This Tuesday: My Closing Arguments

In this election you have a choice- to vote to loot your fellow man in the hopes that some of that wealth may find its way to you, or to vote to elect moderate and responsible individuals who will limit the power of government so that you may live your life as the free and prosperous individual that God intended you to be. You see, God created you all free and equal, and then we all agreed to create a government that would protect our basic rights to life and liberty and  protect our property rights. Moderate and responsible men […]

Keeping the Ignorant Feeling Informed

“There’s nothing I like less than bad arguments for a view that I hold dear” – Daniel Dennett A good friend of mine, one whom I never enjoy being on the opposite end of an argument with, explained to me that in order to properly argue for a belief that you hold true, you should not only want to present good arguments, but deny bad arguments.  It seems simple enough, but in practice we consistently fail – especially in politics. Politics has become a cesspool for talking points and half truth rhetoric.  Few actually know the principles or intricacies behind the topic they are […]

The USA and the USSA : Maybe it is Time to Go Our Seperate Ways

Maybe it is time to split the blanket. The politically Left and the politically Right peacefully co-existed, more or less, for around 200 years. But, since the sixties, the two groups have become more and more polarized. Today it seems the differences are irreconcilable. The left doesn’t like our constitution. For them it has long out-lived its usefulness. We on the Right love the Constitution. We believe it defines the very best form of government that man has ever devised. The Left believes in the collective while the Right believes in the individual. The Left believes in an all-powerful centralized federal […]

Conservatism as the New Idealism

For too long, it has been common knowledge in our society that leftist political philosophies contain within them the ingredients for an ideal state of affairs in the world. The perceived “humanism” and liberalism (in the classic sense) of the leftists emerged from the stark contrast between their ideas and that of the “establishment.” History is riddled with examples of how the “establishment” has wronged mankind, held back the spirit of progress, and led to countless atrocities. From religious wars to despotic rule to exploitative capitalism during the Industrial Revolution, the Old Order seemed to keep us all in a […]