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President Obama and Mob Rule

In the latter days of the Roman Empire it was mob rule that guided Rome to its eventual demise.  Emperors remained in power for as long as the mob was entertained and distracted.  Emperors recognized the power of the mob and used it to increase their popularity and gain support for radical reforms and much like the Roman Emperors of old who used the mobs to advance their agenda today very little has changed. America stands on the edge of a fiscal cliff.  There is gridlock in Washington and both sides appear to be unwilling to compromise.  Where is President […]

Three Possible Futures for America

Conservatives, tea-partiers, libertarians, patriots, and those who still follow traditional American social or political values are currently facing three different possible scenario’s: America is still on the way up and the damage that President Obama and his Democratic allies (and some Republicans too) have done to the nation are the kind of blows that America has routinely suffered through and emerged from stronger. President Obama may be Buchanan or Hoover, but America was eventually able to (after horrible times) follow those years with some good times. If Obama wins again in 2012, this will be bad, but a future Republican […]

Lessons from Rome: Entertain the People with Games

Like many Americans I’m a huge sports fan.  I like a number of different sporting events from NASCAR to football.  Most team sports are a combination of individual effort and teamwork with a goal of winning.  Whether you participate or you’re a spectator, we all tend to get caught up in the games.  For a moment in time our troubles seem to lessen as we cheer on our favorite team or player.  We experience their successes and failures as if they were our own.  Yes that’s right for a moment in time we are distracted from everyday events and all things feel right with sports; we are entertained and happy […]