Hillary Lays The Smack Down On The Press: Gives Them Rules On How To Cover Her Campaign


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Hat/Tip to the Conservative Tribune.

The audacity of the Left.

But in reality, that IS the Left. They seek to control EVERYTHING except themselves.

With Hillary’s announcement of her presidential candidacy expected on Sunday, conservative pundits are already locking and loading for what promises to be a long drawn out battle.

Among those is Rush Limbaugh, the conservative talk show host famous for his sometimes edgy statements and reputation for telling it like it is.

Yesterday, he posted a picture of Hillary on Facebook along with a quite disturbing caption, which, if true, should make us all shudder. Here it is:

Hillz Tells Reporters What They Can Report

“The ground rules for how they will cover her campaign.”

What. The. Heck.

Ground Rules? Who does she think she is? WHERE does she think she is?

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It’s bad enough that the liberal media is already bending over backwards to worship her, but now she’s actually telling them what they can and cannot do. Does the term “freedom of the press” mean nothing to this woman?

Does this statement mean that the press shouldn’t keep reporting on all the scandals she was involved in that are busy causing her polling numbers to drop? Or should they try to take pictures of her that actually make her look half human? (Not sure which would be harder.)

This is a truly disgusting and despicable demand of Hillary. She has absolutely no right to tell the media what they can do. In this country, we give the media free rein (we sometimes hate it, but it is necessary), because that is the hallmark of a free society.

A potential president should never be telling the media what they should and should not do — moreover, the media should never stand for such a thing.

If she’s acting like this now, what would she be like if the worst should happen and she were actually elected?

On Inauguration Day, will the Bible be replaced by a golden crown? Will she dub herself Queen Hillary for life? She’s acting like an authoritarian thug already, and it can only get worse.

You don’t see any potential Republican candidates having private lunches with the media demanding their allegiance and obedience. They accept that the media will do their job, and they deal with it.






Obama Spokesman Blames Illegal Children on President Bush


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Hat/Tip to The Rush Limbaugh Show.

Once in a while the MSM actually grows a set and asks this administration a tough question. Recently Jonathan Karl of ABC asked Obama’s White House Spokesperson, Josh Earnest about the situation on the border with all the illegal pouring across our southern border. Earnest did a tap dance that would make Jay Carney proud.

So at first, Earnest tries to defend his boss by saying they’re deporting illegal minors in record numbers, but Karl is tenacious and doesn’t let it go.

Then Earnest comes back with that old Democrat standby, blame Bush.

There’s only one problem with that, the law preceded the Bush administration.

Rush explains it:

I’ve got to get into this. I’ve gotta stipulate something here. I was wrong about something last week. I, too, fell for this. What Josh Earnest is talking about here, blaming Bush, is this supposed loophole in the law from 2002 that allows children who arrive here unaccompanied from nations not contiguous with the US to stay indefinitely. And it just so happens that that’s [not] where these kids are coming from. They’re not coming from Mexico. They’re coming through Mexico, but they’re coming from nations further south, which are not contiguous, meaning, for those in Rio Linda, don’t share a border. And there is a 2002 law that says — and so Earnest says (imitating Earnest), “It’s not our fault, it’s not our fault. Bush did this. It’s Bush’s fault. That’s where the loophole is.” Which, of course, is a cop-out because it doesn’t matter. We still have a crisis.

We have a crisis on the border. We’ve got an influx that we can’t handle. It’s roiling the country. You ever wonder why the president doesn’t even dare go to one of his own refugee camps? Anyway, it turns out that what is being used in this case to not deport these children is not the 2002 law. It is a previous law that was signed by Bill Clinton. The law being used here by the Regime saying there nothing we can do. We have to keep these kids here. It actually predates that loophole of 2002 that was found in a Bush administration law, and I’ve got it in the Stack somewhere, I’ll find it after the break. Anyway, that’s what Earnest is talking about when he blames Bush. “Our hands are tied. We’ve got this loophole in the law.”

So as usual, the Obama administration is still getting the MSM to do their bidding, however I will say that a few on the left in the media are beginning to tire of being lied to all the time.

Read the full story here.



Liberal Talk Failing and Self Destructing in Major Liberal Markets


What does it say when liberal talk stations in major liberal markets are converting to other formats?  Besides the obvious schadenfreude, it means that liberal ideas are perhaps not as popular as advertised?  Truth Revolt has the details…

2014 will mark the beginning of a massive change for liberal talk radio across the country. In New York, WWRL 1600 AM will flip to Spanish-language music and talk, throwing Ed Schultz, Thom Hartmann, Randi Rhodes, and Alan Colmes off the air. In Los Angeles, KTLK 1150 will be dumping Stephanie Miller, Rhodes, Bill Press and David Cruz off the air in favor of Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. In San Francisco, KNEW 960 will leave Miller, Hartmann, and Mike Malloy without a radio home in the market.

All the stations mentioned in the article, had almost unmeasurable low ratings, but these freaks are the “voice of the people?”  I guess that’s a pitfall to pandering to low information voters-not only are they low information, they don’t bother to tune in to their liberal handlers.  I mean, seriously, one liberal talker is converting to a Spanish music and news station?  That is sad.



Super Gonorrhea? Putting a Damper on Your Slut Walk Since Five Minutes Ago


We know feminazis, they love sluts, and protect them from being called, well, “sluts.”  However, sluts seem to have developed a new, natural enemy, and one far more powerful than Rush Limbaugh, or even the Pope.  Patriarchy, stand aside for the next menace to the slut…


This Super Gonorrhea was first spotted in Japan in 2011 and now, like a slow, but dangerous zombie infection, it’s spread to cases in Hawaii an California (and, for some inexplicable reason, Norway). I guess my decision to not pick up a one night stand in Cali when I was there on vacation was a smart one.

This particular strain is less like a typical STD and more like the Bubonic Plague to be honest.

“That’s what’s kind of scary about this. We are at lows in terms of infections, but this strain is a very tricky bug and we don’t have anything medically to fight it right now.”

The new strain of gonorrhoea resists existing drugs and the NCSD has asked the US government for an extra $53m (£34m) in funding to prepare.

It claims it is a case of “if, not when” a drug-resistant form of the disease arrives in the US, and that if action is not taken now it could potentially cost around $780m (£501m) to treat.

“This might be a lot worse than Aids in the short run because the bacteria is more aggressive and will affect more people quickly,” Alan Christianson, a doctor of naturopathic medicine, told CNBC.

“Getting gonorrhoea from this strain might put someone into septic shock and death in a matter of days,” he claimed.

Sky News

Feminists, like Moe from Jezebel.com, who think that condomless sex is so freaking awesome that they are fine with risking infection in order to make like bunnies without a rubber, may be in for a nasty surprise with this beginning it’s spread through North America.

On the serious side, a disease that potentially kills in days isn’t going to get very wide spread, because it will kill it’s carriers before they can give it to a bunch of other people.   But, if it does manage to kill a bunch of people, the liberals will blame someone else.  Because only the imaginary patriarchy could rain on their parade.


Media Matters Boycotts Rush Limbaugh, and His Ratings Increase as Much as 60%!


It seems that the left has a problem-their boycotts help the targets!  Remember the boycott against Chick-fil-A, and the restaurant chain had records sales, with some stores running out of product to sell?  Then, came the boycott against Rush Limbaugh, who called a woman, who demanded that the government fund her sex-life, a slut.  Some  advertisers left, and wanted to come back, when their business suffered.  And, now, we see the final results of that boycott…his ratings are up!  Fire Andrea Mitchell has the video…

well, maybe we should have lefties boycott the CH 2.0? I could use the extra traffic!

You can support the Conservative Hideout with your Amazon purchases, at no additional cost!


Sandra Fluke Only Draws a dozen Attendees


If you listen to the liberals, Sandra Fluke is a hero of feminism.  Allegedly slandered by Rush Limbaugh, Fluke was made a hero by the leftists, and their lapdog media.  Unfortunatelky, the Democrats must be believing their own narrative, as Fluke went out to rally voters against Mitt Romney.  However, Fluke apparently equates with “flop,” as evidenced by the attendance at the event.  Sooper Mexican has more…

Apparently Sandra Fluke was only able to get TEN PEOPLE to show up to one of her speaking engagements:

Here are some Tweets from the scene.

The first is from Reno…

And the second is from Carson City…

This reminds me of the monster NOW protest against Limbaugh.  If you recall, the Tammies predicted tens of thousands of angry women, but in reality, there were about seven! 

Rush will probably refer to them as the NAGnificent Seven:

Seven women participated in the National Organization for Women’s day of protest against Rush Limbaugh in front of Limbaugh’s D.C. affiliate WMAL, Friday.

NOW’s national protest day had been in the works since April 19, when the women’s advocacy group launched their “Enough Rush” campaign.

Pairing with media watchdog Media Matters for America NOW is targeting local affiliates and local advertisers, Friday’s demonstration was touted as the group’s big demonstration of opposition to Limbaugh with affiliates across the country participating in protests.

The Daily Caller put the number of protesters at seven, but a less biased spokesperson for NOW estimated the crowd size at around 50,000.

Is it possible that the alleged 50,000 were somehow somewhere else, very tiny, or invisible?  It is possible.  For “balance,” I went to the tammy website, and found their photos.  None of the photos show more than 4-5 tammies.

Um, I think this all means that the entire Limbaugh Fluke flap was complete hype on the part of the left and their media servile media.  If real people actually wanted the government to pay for $9 birth control, there would have been a crowd.  But, as usual, reality smashed the liberal narrative.

Note:  The Tweets shown here are screen-captures from Sooper Mexican.


Attention Limbaugh Advertisers: NOW National Protest Draws Seven Protesters


Remember the 2009-2010 Tea Party rallies, when thousands would show up, and the MSM would say there was “dozens?”  Well, we are seeing the inverse of that.  NOW planned at national protest against Rush Limbaugh.  The planning started a month ago, and, allegedly, they had a healthy turnout, with seven “tammies” showing up to decry Limbaugh’s rhetoric.  Michelle Malkin has more on the failure…


Rush will probably refer to them as the NAGnificent Seven:

Seven women participated in the National Organization for Women’s day of protest against Rush Limbaugh in front of Limbaugh’s D.C. affiliate WMAL, Friday.

NOW’s national protest day had been in the works since April 19, when the women’s advocacy group launched their “Enough Rush” campaign.

Pairing with media watchdog Media Matters for America NOW is targeting local affiliates and local advertisers, Friday’s demonstration was touted as the group’s big demonstration of opposition to Limbaugh with affiliates across the country participating in protests.

The Daily Caller put the number of protesters at seven, but a less biased spokesperson for NOW estimated the crowd size at around 50,000.

Is it possible that the alleged 50,000 were somehow somewhere else, very tiny, or invisible?  It is possible.  For “balance,” I went to the tammy website, and found their photos.  None of the photos show more than 4-5 tammies.

Something tells me that this will not convince advertisers.

So tammies, are you content with your efforts?  Or, are you upset that there is now a mechanism to expose your failure, and resulting irrelevancy?  Maybe you should join the Rush Babes?  There are a lot of people there!


Limbaugh Advertiser to Liberals: Bring it!


I’ve said, quite a few times, that while the leftists have an impressive punch, their play book is paper thin.  They do the typical astroturf email and phone harassment campaigns, send in thugs by the busload, and do the typical harassment of children, employers, and business associates.  However, in reality, they are very small, yet highly organized.  They count on being far more noisy than their actual influence would indicate.  In other words, they make a ton of noise, but it’s just that-noise.  Then, if one buys into the “fact” that the protesters actually represent anything more than the Democratic party, they give in, and the thugs are then encouraged to seek out more prey.

But, if people resist, and stand up to the bullies, the situation takes on an entirely flavor.  We saw in Wisconsin, when the goons threatened businesses that did not put up posters or sign petitions condemning Governor Walker.  Instead of caving, the businesses went public.  Then, the pressure went onto the unions, who were, in fact, committing extortion via a protection scheme.  We also saw it again during last summer’s Verizon strike, when bloggers and other citizen journalists recorded the union’s activities and posted them for all to see.

And, now, we’re still watching the aftereffects of left’s efforts to silence Conservative talk radio, and that genre’s primary figure, Rush Limbaugh.  The plan has been to subject the sponsors of the program to a campaign of astroturf in order to put the show off the air.  However, one of those advertisers, Mark Stevens,  came forward and discussed what he was experiencing…

“They’ve called my people and my company, they’ve called the women at my company, and told them they’re women haters, the most horrible terms,” Stevens said. “They’ve told me — these are tens of thousands of emails, by the way, most of them are positive but the small group — they’ve told us that we’re under surveillance. The email subject line says ‘citizen of the internet,’ ‘police of the Internet,’ ‘Mark, you’re in danger,’ ‘your house is going to be surrounded by buses,’ ‘your business is going to be destroyed,’ ‘your people are in trouble.’ This is terrorism. Why don’t we start calling it what it is?”

Indeed, it is terrorism.  But more practically, the leftists are resorting to mafia tactics…

“That’s a nice (home, business, family) that you have there, would be a shame if something were to happen to it…”

Again, this is more than likely mass emails and calls, coming from the same place, or even a makeshift call center.  It’s an manufactured  astroturf scheme that is nothing more than an attempt to make the protesters look far more impressive and numerous than they really are.

But Stevens wasn’t done…

“Let them come,” Stevens said. “Something is going on here that has to be addressed because the country’s at risk. If I can’t advertise where I want to advertise, my business, because of a small group of people who – you can tell, because the vast majority of the emails are in support of us, Rush, the constitution, the American way – a small portion of people, that I call the hissyfitters, who are like children. When my kids were little, they used to go on a screaming fit, and they lay down on the floor and slapped their hands on the floor. My wife and I had a choice, whether to give them an ice cream cone or make them go to their room. Too much of what‘s going on in America right now is we’re giving these hissyfitters an ice cream cone. We have to stop it, and I’m not afraid, and bring on the buses.”

Stevens nailed it.

In the end, more people need to come forward, and make a stand.  Tell the thugs that their nonsensical tantrums will change nothing.  And, if they show up with buses, record their stupidity, and post it on line for all to see.  It strikes me that the Alinksy Method works very well in a media vacuum.  That no longer exists, thanks to the internet.  With an exponentially greater access to real information, the people can see what the advocates of the Alinsky Method really are-spoiled children who behave foolishly.

Once people realize that the leftists, and their shrill whining, is nothing more than the attack of a clumsy child, the sooner the Alinskyites will lose their power and influence.


The Death of Trayvon Martin: Tragedy Turned into a Political Football


The case of Trayvon Martin is one that makes me cringe.  It does for several reasons, but before I get into that, I want to look at a timeline.

On Febuary 26, 2012, an apparently self appointed neighborhood watch volunteer, George Zimmer, shot and killed 17 year-old Trayvon Martin.  Zimmerman claimed self defense under a “stand your ground”  law in Florida.

What everyone, at that point, should have done was to follow the wise advise of Robert Stacey McCain…

When I had lunch Wednesday with Ali Akbar, he was talking about the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, and I had to confess that I didn’t know enough about the case to have an opinion. My main suggestions were (a) we shouldn’t “try the case in the media” by offering opinions based on incomplete knowledge provided by news accounts that might be misleading; and (b) we should urge people to calm down and let the justice system work.

Obviously, it’s a very bad thing for a kid to get shot while walking home from the store with Skittles, and it’s very difficult to understand why the cops didn’t arrest George Zimmerman, but I remember the way left-wing bloggers rushed to judgment in the 2009 Kentucky census worker case, and wouldn’t want to be a part of that kind of ”trial by blog” reaction.

Given the nature of the story, and the fact that were no apparent witnesses at the time, I chose to follow the story, but not write about it until more evidence was in.  These stories tend to “morph” as more evidence comes to light, and it is far too easy to jump to a completely false conclusion, based on incomplete information.

Of course, at that point, politcal opportunists jumped at the chance to use this young man’s death to smear oppenents and to support their own pet causes.

MSNBC, for example, took the opportunity to blame the Koch brothers, the NRA, and others for the tradgedy…

Then, the same commentator decided that Rush Limbaugh, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Mitt Romney were to blame…

So, the same commentator blamed half the planet for the tradgedy. Which leads me to ask, which is it? The Koch’s, Limbaugh, Gingrich, Santorum? Or, for the hell of it, why not blame Sarah Palin?

Of course, the New Black Panthers have put out a $10,000 bounty on Zimmerman, dead or alive.  Spike Lee decided to tweet Zimmerman’s address-twice, so as to jeopardize his safety.   Louise Farrakahn also made some threats…

So, you have anti-gun folks, anti-freedom folks, and racists-all making their cases.  But, taking a look at what we actually know might be a bit more helpful.

First off, there is a possible racial slur in Zimmerman’s police call…

It’s hard to hear, and ambiguous enough that people that want to hear will say it is, others will deny it. But, it does cast doubt on Zimmerman’s motivations.

Also, it is know that during Zimmerman’s police call, he was told NOT to follow Martin, and let the police handle it.  It is confirmed that Zimmerman did follow, and confronted Martin.    What happened after that is cloudy at best.

Also, an anonymous witness came forward to stated that he witnessed Martin attacking Zimmerman…

Witness: Martin attacked Zimmerman: MyFoxTAMPABAY.com

Then, Zimmerman’s lawyer came forward…

So, we have a still-cluttered description of the events. What I am most confused about is the crime scene, and the extent of the investigation. Zimmerman’s nose was reportedly bloodied and broken, and he did end up being treated in an ER. Did the police check to see if Zimmerman’s blood was on Martin’s fists or clothes? Did either Martin or Zimmerman have drugs or alcohol in his system?  Why did Zimmerman follow Martin when the dispatcher told him NOT to do so?  The answers to these questions will go a long way towards ending the controversy. But for some, political and racial considerations go far beyond the need for reality.

This is still unfolding, so there will likely be more to add.


Total Political War: Fascists and Progressives Expand Attacks to the Second Tier


Over the last several years, I have been fighting my own brand of war against those people who are the enemies of freedom and liberty. My style of fighting is to write about freedom and liberty; to discuss and expand on the ideas found in our founding documents; and attempt to apply to modern day policies the principles of protection of life, support of liberty, and protection of property. And those who oppose me have also been fighting me.

But unlike my style of warfare, the thugs who oppose me rely on intimidation, threats, attempts to damage my property, and efforts to silence me. And I am just the sort of target that these thugs like- although elected officials and big-time bloggers are good targets too, they are able to fight back and could become martyrs to the cause, but me and those who support the elected officials and bigger bloggers and private citizens who are attacked are one removed from the dispute and smaller so make much better targets for the thugs and cowards out there who disagree with our views and policy positions.

Although there is no way to compare what I have faced to the attacks on Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin, and others, being a secondary target does not mean that I haven’t been attacked too.

In recent years, the worst attacks that I have suffered have come after I have supported and defended those who were attacked by liberal thugs. My defense of the Koch brothers from the President Barack Obama’s orchestrated attacks on themcaused left-wing fascists to respond by attempting to shut down my blog. The vile creeps even went so far to write a letter to the employer of one of my loyal readers- they thought they were targeting me- as they attempted to respond to differences in views by causing the loss of employment and income. They didn’t like the fact that I defended private citizens from slanderous attacks by the President of our nation, and responded to it by engaging in slanderous and personal attacks on me.

Another round of attacks came on me after I defended the tea party on several blogs and forums, responding with reasoning and calls for a more adult discussion to those who called those who supported tea party views and ideas various names. Those who disagreed with my views- those on the left who call themselves progressives or liberals but in reality are simply fascists- responded by filling up the comment sections of all of my posts with their various rants and foul language, and because I didn’t want my blog to be a forum for their hate I was forced to disable the comment section on my blog.

One of the most clever attacks on me came after I defended in blogs and in forums and on social media Rocky Raczkowski, who was tea-party favorite and GOP nominee in 2010 for Michigan’s 9th District. Someone emailed me pretending to agree with my comments and asked questions about the advertisers on my blog, and the next day my advertisers dropped me and confiscated my money due to what they said was fraud. I’m not going to say exactly what happened (I don’t want to give the thugs ammunition), but the result was a loss of income for me and the loss of a good sum of money (Google never responded to my inquiries or pleas for reconsideration).

These attacks on me are not isolated to just me. Over at Legal Insurrection, Will has a story up that rings very close to my own experiences, called Welcome to total political war:

…I’m not talking about the attempt to get advertisers to stop advertising on Rush Limbaugh’s show, or Fox News, although that would be bad enough. I’m talking about the second-tier of the warfare, the attempt to intimidate those removed by one or more degrees of separation from the dispute, and to use them as tools against the target.

We have seen it a number of times in the past couple of years.

When King & Spalding agreed to represent the U.S. House of Representative after Obama changed positions and announced that theJustice Department no longer would defend DOMA in court, there were not only protests against King & Spalding, but threats to picket and protest clients of the firm who had nothing to do with the dispute. The threat that clients of the firm who were completely unconnected to the dispute would be harrasseed was enough to cause the firm to withdraw the representation.

Similarly, when the new Rhode Island Attorney General announced that he would cooperate with the federal goverment in the enforcement of federal immigration laws, protesters not only invaded the lobby of his offices, they picketed his house and confronted neighbors about the issue. Dragging his neighbors into a dispute which had nothing to do with them did not cause the RI AG to back down, although not for lack of trying.

Which brings me to the present dispute with Rush Limbaugh, and radio show host Kim Komando, who has a very well-known computer talk show. What did or does Komando have to do with the dispute? Nothing, except that one or more of the advertisers targeted by the anti-Limbaugh groups also advertises on Komando’s show. Komando received a flood of e-mails demanding that she drop the advertisers….

…What is happening goes beyond Obama’s call for people to argue with their neighbors and get in their faces. It goes far beyond Bill Clinton’spolitics of personal destruction directed at accusers, and beyond name-calling by right wing pundits.

This total war, in which no one is allowed to be non-political and neighbors and clients become mere pressure points, is a dangerous development.

This is indeed total war, and that realization has only slowly dawned on me over the years that I have been writing on this blog. It is scary, but not surprising- most of humanity today lives in a state of fear and oppression from tyrants, and for most of human history humanity has lived in fear and oppression from tyrants.

It is in the worst nature of people to attempt to oppress others and use them as slaves- use their labor and intelligence and skills and drive to provide them with things they did not earn- food, clothing, shelter, medicine, drugs, influence, power, money, loans, etc. The worst nature of people is to react to arguments and reasoning with intimidation, threats, and personal attacks. And the worst nature of people is to take that which they did not earn, suppress and lessen the freedom and liberty of others, and if possible choke the very life out of those who oppose them.

It’s a total war and it’s getting worse as our opponents grow more bold and get closer to winning the war. I can only hope that in 2012, you and your friends and family recognize that we’re at war and take the proper steps, because the last time the American people pretended that they weren’t at war, we saw the error of that thinking on September 11.

Original Post:  A Conservative Teacher


Ed Schultz Asks for More Bias: References “Fairness Doctrine”


Ed Schultz asked for bias in media.  Look at this, via Moonbattery.

Yes, I am aware that the clip is from last year.  I also know that the leftists were after gun control, but didn’t push until they had dead children to exploit.  In other words, the left will tell you what they want, but they might use a soft tone until they see their chance to strike.  Remember, all totalitarian regimes always move to control the free flow of information.  And they use all sorts of ways to justify it. In this case, they are neglecting that more people listen to talk radio because they want to. The left has tried to create a alternative to Limbaugh, but Air American failed miserably-because people didn’t listen! So, rather than look at the fact that their ideas basically suck, and no one wants to hear them, the socialists will force people into what they want.  For example, unions are apparently so great that people should be forced to join them.  Following that logic, the leftists, like Schultz, have no problem taking programs off the air that people like, and replace them with droning socialists.  Of course, when no one listens, it will be someone else’s fault.


Limbaugh Destroys Obama’s Attempt to Channel Teddy Rooselvelt


What happens when a modern regressive tries to channel our first regressive?  Rush Limbaugh explains it (via the Lonely Conservative)…

Look, let me just give you a sample summary of Obama’s speech yesterday. The president of the United States, not Fidel Castro, not Kim Jong-il, not Mao Tse-tung, not Lenin, not Stalin, not Gorbachev, not Saddam Hussein, not Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, not Hugo Chavez, but the president of the United States said that while a limited government that preserves free markets speaks to our rugged individualism as Americans, such a system doesn’t work and has never worked. The president of the United States said that the United States of America, as founded, “has never worked.” Stop and think of that. Ponder that for a moment. The president. Not the head of the SEIU. Not the chairman of some congressional committee. Not a Democrat presidential hopeful. The elected president of the United States said in Osawatomie, Kansas, trying to be Teddy Roosevelt, that the United States of America has never worked. That is a quote, “has never worked.”

Really? What was the first Thanksgiving all about? What was George Washington’s first Thanksgiving proclamation all about? What was 250 years of the greatest prosperity and standard of living known to exist in all of humanity?

The president of the United States said yesterday that it has never worked. But he didn’t stop there. He said that Americans must look to a more activist government that taxes more, spends more, and regulates more if the middle class is to be preserved. I can’t get my mind around this. This is antithetical to me. This is foreign. This is what we have faced from our enemies since our founding, this characterization of our country. If you just substitute the word “proletariat” for every time he said “worker” or “middle class” in his speech, if you subject “bourgeois” or “capitalists” for the rich, this same speech could have been given by Lenin a hundred years ago.

In fact, it is, my friend, and don’t doubt me, the same speech that Stalin always gave, that Mao Tse-tung always gave, that Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez and Kim Jong-il still give. Communist leaders around the world give this speech constantly. We’ve heard it all before, because class warfare is the fundamental principle of Marxism. Class warfare is how Marx explained economics and explained history. In fact, class warfare is how Marx explained everything. Now, oddly enough it’s how Obama explains everything now. He blames all of the current problems on the rich. And to think some people still say Obama’s not a Marxist. They won’t even call him a socialist. It’s willful blindness on the part of people who, I don’t know what kind of state of denial you have to be in to have heard this speech yesterday or to have read this speech and to have not heard a call to arms.

You can find the rest of it here.

One thing that I find amazing, and scary, is that there are so many Americans that do night find this disturbing.  Even more scary is the fact that far too many people are applauding it.  These people, President Obama included, are openly embracing a system of belief, that when put into practice, is horrendously oppressive.  It crushes freedom, imprisons dissenters, and even kills on an industrial scale.  Luckily, if he keeps exposing himself, he may actually hurt his own cause.  The more Americans that hear this, and actually understand it’s implications, the more that it will hurt Obama in 2012.


I Stand with True Conservatism, not a Watered Down Version of it


The more I listen to conservative talk radio, the more I’m beginning to see and understand the major differences between true conservatism and the watered down version of it being pushed by the establishment.  My favorite conservative talk radio hosts are Mike Church, Andrew Wilkow, Rush Limbaugh, and Mark Levin.  These great conservative minds are providing the conservative community with the information they need to advance true conservative ideals.  Others like Sean Hannity tend to follow the party line and promote a more watered down version of conservatism.  Yes Mr.Hannity has had many strong conservatives on his show, and he has talked about some important topics; but in my opinion he’s missing the mark and not providing to necessary tools to the conservative community.  We need strong conservative ideas grounded in strong conservative principles and we’re not getting it from the Karl Roves, George Wills, and Charles Krauthammers of the political world.  This watered down version of conservatism they’re peddling is a poison to our movement that targets true conservatives like Joe Miller and Sarah Palin.  You can see just how toxic this watered down version is by examining what happened during the Joe Miller and Lisa Murkowski senatorial race and by the way they are treating Sarah Palin today.

During the 2010 Republican primaries in Alaska, Joe Miller an unknown politician backed by the Tea Party movement and endorsed by Sarah Palin defeated the establishment supported Lisa Murkowski. Joe Miller is a West Point graduate and was awarded the bronze star for his service during the Persian Gulf War.  He’s pro-life, a constitutionalists, and a staunch supporter of the 2nd amendment.   After Mr. Miller defeated Murkowski in the primaries in 2010 she conceded and the establishment reluctantly backed him.  However when Murkowski decided that she could not let go of her power without a fight and became a write-in candidate; the establishment was silent on the move.  They realized that Murkowski had a significant amount of support and could very well defeat Miller in the national election and did not want to alienate the other Republican even though she only voted with the party 80 percent of the time.  Their silence on the matter sent the message that they were ok with Murkowski winning and bringing back her watered down version of conservatism to Washington.  Meanwhile the true conservative in the race was left hanging with what appeared to be lukewarm support from the GOP.  Lisa Murkowski represented all that was wrong with Washington and the Republican Party and the establishment supported it.  They were ok with a pro-choice, big government, big spending, politician whose voting record on key conservative issues was less than reliable.  In fact she was only one of five Republicans to vote against Paul Ryan’s budget.  With exception of Rand Paul who voted nay because he didn’t feel the cuts were deep enough, she stood with three RINOs in killing Ryan’s plan.  They were one vote shy of advancing the plan to the floor for debate and Murkowski couldn’t be counted on.

This is kind of politician you get when you compromise your principles and settle for a water down version of conservatism.  This could have been prevented in 2010 if the GOP would have made the move to strip Murkowski of all her key committee positions and any seniority she had in the Senate.  This would have sent a powerful message to Alaskan voters that they stood by Joe Miller and that even if Murkowski won she would not longer carry the influence she once had.  This is what parties grounded in principle do.

Instead they permitted Murkowski to make the following statements:

“In January, I will return with the most seniority on the Natural Resources Committee,” she said. “I will not lose a minute of seniority and I will continue to build on that.”

That’s a pretty big reason to throw your support behind her and the GOP left it in her tool box to use.

Second let’s take a look at Sarah Palin and how the establishment treats her.  They have questioned her intellect, her experience, and her position on issues.  They have allowed the MSM to attack her over and over again with minimal protest.  They have not defended her against the unsubstantiated claims about her the left and MSM have pushed on an uninformed electorate.  They question the wisdom of her bus tour while at the same time promote more establishment friendly candidates like Mitt Romney.  They fear her unconventional method because it does not follow the rules they have set.  Why would any true conservative allow such attack go without a response.  The answer is true conservatives wouldn’t.

You see these so call establishment Republicans aren’t really conservatives.  They’re equivalent to what the Democrats were 40 years ago.  In fact some of them have actually crossed over from the Democratic Party.  They are big government solution conservatives who wrap themselves up in the military and claim the moral high ground.  However don’t be fooled, they believe in the power of government and create unconstitutional legislation that continuously expands the size and scope of it.  They have little use for true conservatives who want to limit the size of government and preserve the institutions that built this great nation.  We cannot allow these frauds, these fake conservatives to set the tone of the conservative movement anymore. They must be exposed like the progressives for who they are and what they stand for.  It’s time to drive the conversation again in the conservative movement and it starts by not listening to the establishment.  It’s time to stand with true conservatism and reject the watered down version they offering.  I stand with the Sarah Palins and Joe Millers of the party and reject Lisa Murkowski and those of her ilk.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!

Original Post: The Sentry Journal


Resource Links: Tucson Shooting Propaganda vs. the Truth


Earlier this week, I suggested that the MSM had jumped the shark. They have been pushing the narrative that Conservatives, particularly the “Axis of Right,” consisting of Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh, had caused the shooting in Arizona. We know they are lying, and that they have not convinced anyone, other than the “progressive” base, that their claims are even remotely true. Through all of this, I have been convinced that the propaganda at work here would eventually backfire on the left. To that end, I proposed that we help that process along by creating a massive set of links to spread the word about this nonsense. The list has been compiled, and starts below.

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Michelle Malkin (Who takes the honor of crafting the post showing the greatest concentration of leftist hate ever compiled)

The progressive “climate of hate:” An illustrated primer, 2000-2010

I would encourage any blogger to republish this list as they see fit. This is about allowing people to see all of the evidence and commentary that the right bloggers have to offer. We have the truth on our side, so let’s get as many people to see it as possible.

I know that there are many more blogs than can be linked here. These posts were mostly user submitted in the prior post,  taken from sites that I read regularly, or I think are of merit. A special thanks goes out to The Classic Liberal for compiling a great list of links that became the backbone of this one.  If you have others to add, drop a comment, and let me know.  Note that if you submit more than two links, your comment will go to moderation, I’ll approve it when I am able.


RINO Alert: GOP Supports RINO, Works Against Christine O'Donnell


During my daily rounds through the blogosphere, I found this at The Camp of the Saints…

UPDATE at 1133…

Another thing both RINOs and the GOP Establishment do is to stomp on any people not of their kind who dare to run for office.  The latest case comes from Delaware.

Stacy McCain has filed a report from which we learn that the Delaware Republican Party has filed a FEC Complaint against Christine O’Donnell and The Tea Party Express.  Also, he reports on the RNC making robo-calls on behalf of RINO Mike Castle, Miss O’Donnell’s opponent.

I don’t know about you but there are two phrases that come immediately to mind…



So following the links, I went to The Other McCain…

What kind of campaign does the GOP establishment wage against challengers? Scorched earth:

The Republican Party of Delaware has filed a formal complaint with the Federal Election Commission, accusing one of its own Senate candidates of illegally collaborating with the Tea Party Express.
Attorneys for the state party asked the FEC to launch an immediate and thorough investigation into conservative GOP candidate Christine O’Donnell “to remedy the alleged violations and to ensure that these violations immediately cease and do not reoccur,” according to the complaint filed Thursday. . . .
The complaint alleges that the O’Donnell campaign is “knowingly accepting illegal campaign contributions from the Tea Party Express PAC.” . . .
Delaware State GOP Chairman Tom Ross offered this statement:
“Christine O’Donnell needs to immediately call upon her third party supporters to cease and desist this illegal behavior,” he said. “This type of behavior has no place in our political process, and O’Donnell should denounce these illegal ads. Donors deserve to know whether they made an illegal donation so they can demand a refund and get their money back.”

So, a Conservative candidate threatens to knock off the establishment RINO, and the establishment responds…by attacking the campaign of the Conservative.  So much for letting the people speak.

Now, just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, the Other McCain is also reporting that the RNC might be making Robo Calls for the RINO.

UPDATE 11:10 a.m.: Angel Clark of the Examiner reports:

The RNC has allegedly been making “robo-calls” to voters in Delaware informing people of Castle’s fiscal conservatism. Many already frustrated Delawareans are now becoming angry. They are attempting to call the RNC office today and let them know that Delaware is tired of their establishment candidate (202-863-8500).

The establishment knows best…vote for our RINO.

I don’t think so.

This level of elitism and vitriol is reminiscent of the “progressives.”  We expect that from them, we should not from our OWN FREAKING PARTY!

According to the Other McCain, Christine O’Donnell has been endorsed by the Tea Party Express, Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and Rush Limbaugh.  I’ll add the Conservative Hideout to that mix.  I’m sure our small, but very vocal readership will agree.  As for the GOP establishment…

Sorry, not the normal fare that most of you would expect here at the CH 2.0, but you have to admit, it fits.

So, here is Christine O’Donnell’s campaign website.  Help out in any way that you can.  The RNC, and the state party apparently need to be reminded that the base is the base, and they are to respect the voters, not themselves.

This is yet another example of what we are facing from the RNC.  The establishment has supported RINOS in the past, and they will continue to do so until we stop them.  The party leadership is apparently filled with RINOS that play ball with the left, and had lead the party to be “socialism-lite.”  “Big government Conservatism,”  is an abomination, and is antithetical to our Conservative roots.  That is an intolerable state, and fully explains why the GOP lost in 2006 and 2008.  They ran Conservative, and turned RINO when they got back to DC.  When the party choices appear to be “Demicans and Republicrats,” why show up?  That must end, and if we have to fight the RNC at every turn, so be it.

To that end, I would urge you to take a look at Not One Red Cent. While I doubt that any of the regulars here have donated to the RNC for some time, I think it’s worth reminding that we should not until they get their house in order.


Free Speech for we, but not for Thee


6. Centralization of the means of communication and transport in the
hands of the state. (emphasis mine)

Karl Marx- Communist Manifesto

With so many of the President’s advisers being either avowed communists, or at least functional communists, it was only a matter of time before I ended up quoting Marx.  Up for discussion today, is the “Diversity officer” of the FCC, Mark Lloyd.  He seems to have some interesting ideas about media.  To illustrate this, here are some quotes from CNS News:

Frequently referencing one of his heroes, left-wing activist Saul Alinsky, Lloyd claims in his book that the history of American communications policy has been one of continued corporate control of every form of communication from the telegraph to the Internet.

“Citizen access to popular information has been undermined by bad political decisions,” Lloyd wrote. “These decisions date back to the Jacksonian Democrats’ refusal to allow the Post Office to continue to operate the telegraph service.”

“Citizen access to popular information?”  Like the fact that millions of people choose to listen to Conservative talk shows?  Somehow, I don’t think so.  The phrase “popular information”  likely means something very different.

Here’s some more…

“Corporate liberty has overwhelmed citizen equality,” he wrote.
Government, Lloyd said in his book, is the “only” institution that can manage the communications of the public, arguing that Washington must “ensure” that everyone has an equal ability to communicate.

“The American republic requires the active deliberation of a diverse citizenry, and this, I argue, can be ensured only by our government,” he says. “Put another way, providing for the equal capability of citizens to participate effectively in democratic deliberation is our collective responsibility.”

Sounds all “touchy-feely” and somewhat harmless, doesn’t it?  This is loaded with liberal catchphrases that have a whole other meaning.  For example, when he mentions “equality,” it has nothing to do with equal opportunity.  He’ talking about equal outcomes, which is an entirely different concept.  He’s talking about there being an equality of results and outcome, which is Marxist in nature.  The idea is to bypass the citizen’s ability to choose what media they consume, as well as attempt to force feed leftist media to the people.

Think I’m exaggerating?  Take a look at some more…

“We looked to successful political campaigns and organizers as a guide, especially the civil rights movement, Saul Alinsky, and the campaign to prevent the Supreme Court nomination of the ultra-conservative jurist Robert Bork,” wrote Lloyd. “From those sources we drew inspiration and guidance.”

Lloyd proposes six initial goals for wresting control of communications from the corporate interests he claims control it. As his book details:

1. “End the federal subsidy of commercial media, particularly cable and broadcast television. Broadcasters should pay for the great privileges of a federally protected license to operate a business by using the publicly owned [radio or television] spectrum.”

2. “The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) must be reformed along democratic lines and funded at a substantial level. The CPB board should be elected, [with] eight members representing eight regions of the country (New England, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Midwest, Plains States, Southwest, Mountain States, and the Pacific Coast) and a chairman appointed by the president, with the advice and consent of the Senate.”

“Federal and regional broadcast operations and local stations should be funded at levels commensurate with or above those spending levels at which commercial operations are funded,” said Lloyd.

“This funding should come from license fees charged to commercial broadcasters. … Local public broadcasters and regional and national communications operations should be required to encourage and broadcast diverse views and programs. …  Spectrum allocations should be established that create clear preferences for public broadcasters ensuring that regional, local, and neighborhood communities are well served,” he added.

3. “The FCC should be fully funded with regulatory fees from broadcast, cable, satellite, and telecommunications companies. The FCC should be staffed at regional offices, matching those CPB regions, at levels sufficient to monitor and enforce communication regulation.

“Clear federal regulations over commercial broadcast and cable programs regarding political advertising and commentary, educational programming for children, the number of commercials, ratings information about programs before they are broadcast, and the accessibility of services to the disabled should be established and widely promoted.”

4. “Universal service support provided by all commercial telecommunications providers (whether they are classified as information services or not) to fund access to advanced telecommunications services should be expanded to all nonprofit organizations, including higher-level academic and vocational schools, community centers, and 501(c) (3) organizations unaffiliated with either business or government.”

5. “Postal subsidies should be fully restored to small independent nonprofits presses. Postal subsidies should be reduced for commercial and business operations. The postal service should be returned to congressional control with the central mission of ensuring that all Americans have access to the post.”

6. “Public secondary schools should be required to include civics and media literacy as part of their core curriculum. Testing on civic, media, and computer literacy should be required and national standards set.”

For those who think any or all of these recommendations might infringe on the free speech rights of broadcasters, Lloyd says his concern is not the “exaggerated” concerns over the First Amendment.

“It should be clear by now that my focus here is not freedom of speech or the press,” he said. “This freedom is all too often an exaggeration. At the very least, blind references to freedom of speech or the press serve as a distraction from the critical examination of other communications policies.”

“[T]he purpose of free speech is warped to protect global corporations and block rules that would promote democratic governance,” said Lloyd. “[T]he problem is not only the warp to our public philosophy of free speech, but that the government has abandoned its role of advancing the communications capabilities of real people.”

I think this man’s plans speaks for itself.

So, when he talks about “equal ability to communicate,” he is talking about changing the concept of media.  It will go from hosts and personalities being able to say what they think, and the listener being able to watch what he or she wishes, to everyone doing what the government tells them to do.  Additionally, he discusses “democratic deliberation,” which, in his way of thinking, completely undemocratic.  Here’s why-in the free market, the people vote with their remote controls, radio dials, computer keyboards, ipod playlists, by which newspaper or magazines they buy (if they do it at all), and so on.  The people get to choose what media they consume.   That’s about as democratic as you can get…right?  Not so, according to the diversity czar!  According to him, the fact that people CHOOSE to watch FoxNews, CHOOSE to listen to Rush Limbaugh and the others, and are TURNING OFF the MSM in massive numbers is UNFAIR!  He believes that Conservative media should be silenced, and that Public Broadcasting should be fully funded at the expense of the private sector. That’s real democratic, isn’t it?  Would this put most, if not all,  private broadcasters out of business?  That would seem to be the goal.  And what does that leave us with,  a “public option” for media?  What kind of programming would be carried by this newly expanded Public Broadcasting?  I think we all know the answer to that.

Now, this czar likes to blame major corporations for the his perceived problems with major media. This is little more than a smokescreen.  For example, if the major news/entertainment corporations were all powerful, and manipulating the masses, every movie they make would be a blockbuster… Every TV show would be a runaway hit…  Every CD would go platinum…right? No, the fact  that people choose to consume right  media, and are doing so in ever increasing numbers,  is the issue for the left.  The corporations are irrelevant, because if the left had huge audiences, the corporations would go where the advertising revenues are! Now, if the this situation were reversed, and the MSM owned both the broadcast and cable/satellite arena, I doubt there would be much of a complaint from the left.  You see, that would be fair! Just like it would be fair to the left once they ban any dissent.

This also neglects that the left has had a highly funded radio network, Air America.  The DNC and the Unions funded it, and the result?  No one listened!  People demonstrated, with the radio dials, that they weren’t interested, and advertisers followed suit.   Now that they have failed in the marketplace of ideas, they will attempt to force their ways into our homes, cars, computers and offices.  He specifically says that he doesn’t care for freedom of speech, and attempts to discredit it.  This is a classic Marxist attack.  Their claim usually runs along the lines that the rich hide behind freedom of speech to exploit the little folks.  They then use that as a justification to ban any ideas other than their own.

Now, if the left controlled all means of communication, would there have been Tea Parties?   Maybe, but they would have been small, and the only thing we would have heard from the state owned media would be how terrible they were and how great it was when the government took them away.  Would we already have single payer?  YES!  How else would the people have known what is in HR3200?  How would we know that “public option” is meant to lead to single payer?  How would we know what the President and so many others have said about single payer?  Will rationing be covered, or just spun to suit the government?  The right wing  media is the only  one covering the true agenda of this administration.  Without it, we would be stuck with leftist cheerleaders that can be seen daily on MSNBC.

For the left, there is a functional aspect to controlling the means of communication.  For the state to become all powerful, and for the socialist system to function “smoothly,” dissent must be banned.  Since socialism creates such misery, such waste, such corruption, so much death, and “screws down everyone equally,” people discussing alternatives might be very appealing to the populace.  Additionally, the left attempts to indoctrinate all citizens with public education from the earliest age possible.  They have no desire to see all of that indoctrination be undone by someone talking about observable facts, pointing out corruption, and talking about a way of life that is not completely managed by the government.  This causes the glue that holds the socialist state together, force, to melt away.  Once the people loose faith, and in particular, their fear of the state, it collapses like the house of cards that it is.


The Libs Give Kindly Advise


The libtards have been soooo kind lately!  How, you might ask?  They’ve been giving the Republicans advise on how to be more successful!  That is clearly an act of kindness in these polarized times.  Not only that, the Legion of Doom has been repeating all these tidbits of wisdom- informing the sheeple of just how REALLY NEAT they all are.  Here are some of the sagely statements made to the Republicans

1.  To be successful, you have to appeal to moderates.

2.  You have to “disown” Rush Limbaugh.

3.  You have to ignore that “radical” Conservative  wing of the party.

4.  Ya better not challenge the SCOTUS  nominee or pay attention to her record and  public statements.

Aren’t the libtards just great!  I mean, they’re being so magnanimous in their victory that they can offer advise to the lowly Republicans!  Kinda makes ya want to shed a tear, amirite?

Well friends, this got me thinking.  What if the Legion of Doom covered EVERYTHING like this, and what if everyone talked like the libtards?  Let’s take a look, shall we?

The following is a presentation of the messiah Sports Commune

Bringing You Bread and Circuses Since 2009.


Generic Commentator: “Hello everyone, we’re here to interview Coach Mike Tomlin of the Pittsburgh Steelers.  We’re interested in knowing about the upcoming Super Bowl against the Arizona Cardinals.  Welcome Coach Tomlin.”

Mike Tomlin: “Thanks, glad to be here.”

Generic Commentator: “You’re welcome Coach Tomlin.  What advise would you have for the Cardinals as they face your Steelers next Sunday?”

Mike Tomlin: “Well, I would recommend that they completely ignore James Harrison.”

Generic Commentator: “Really?  Isn’t he a force at linebacker?”

Mike Tomlin: “Well, we have polling data that indicates blocking or interfering with James Harrison would be considered “divisive.”  In these difficult times, we can’t afford to be separated by petty arguments about whether or not the quarterback is crushed. ”

Generic Commentator: “I see, what else would you tell the Cardinals coaching staff?”

Mike Tomlin: “Well, we have seen that throwing the ball to Larry Fitzgerald seems to make things unfair.  I’ve appealed to the commissioner to see if that can be banned.  With Fitzgerald catching so many passes, the other receivers don’t get a chance.  It’s a question of “fairness.”  This ought to be a “doctrine,” in my opinion. ”

Generic Commentator: “Amazing!  Any parting words of wisdom?”

Mike Tomlin: “Yes!  Don’t cover Santonio Holmes!  I guess I would also add that they should always throw the ball to Troy Polamalu!”

Generic Commentator: “Thanks Coach Tomlin.  It should be a great game!”

Mike Tomlin: “Why yes, it will!”

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Well, well, well, a pattern emerges.

Disclaimer: I am a life-long Steelers fan.  GO STEELERS!!!