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Sandra Fluke

The Contraception Lady wants public office

Okay, that makes sense. I mean Sandra Fluke made national headlines asking taxpayers to pay for her birth control and now she wants California taxpayers to pay her salary. She’s evidently thrown her hat into the ring in a run for the California State Senate. Is this any surprise? I mean look how Progressive/Communist California has become, she will fit right in. Much like the GOP establishment wants to “control the decline” of the country, she wants to control the nosedive that is California. Here is her campaign ad, then scroll down for a rebuttal ad that you will WANT […]

GOP Adds Conscience Clause for ObamaCare to Continuing Resolution

In a move that can be categorized under “Epic Win,”  the House Republicans added a Conscience Clause clause to ObamaCare in their most recent continuing resolution. Right Scoop has the details… CNN – House Republicans have added a measure aimed at limiting contraceptive coverage to the spending bill coming up for a vote Saturday night, a spokesman for Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Kansas, told CNN. A senior House leadership aide confirmed that development. The so-called “conscience clause” would allow employers and insurers to opt out of preventative care for women which they find objectionable on moral or religious grounds. That prominently […]

Sandra Fluke Only Draws a dozen Attendees

If you listen to the liberals, Sandra Fluke is a hero of feminism.  Allegedly slandered by Rush Limbaugh, Fluke was made a hero by the leftists, and their lapdog media.  Unfortunatelky, the Democrats must be believing their own narrative, as Fluke went out to rally voters against Mitt Romney.  However, Fluke apparently equates with “flop,” as evidenced by the attendance at the event.  Sooper Mexican has more… Apparently Sandra Fluke was only able to get TEN PEOPLE to show up to one of her speaking engagements: Here are some Tweets from the scene. The first is from Reno… And the second is […]

We Have a Winner: Sandra Fluke Wins Useful Idiot of the Month!

And  it couldn’t have happened to a nicer feminazi!    The votes have been counted, and we have our monthly Useful Idiot.  After having some truth issues (her age),  some accuracy issues ($9 a month birth control at the local Target), and apparently cannot afford birth control (but could afford a European vacation the previous year),  she gained fame because Rush Limbaugh referred to her as a person that demanded that someone else pay for her sex life.  And, of course, that caused even more of a distraction, because as we all know, making the Catholic Church pay for birth […]

Useful Idiot of the Month Poll: March 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time to vote for Useful Idiot of the Month for March 2012.  Here are your candidates, as nominated by the readers… 1.  Obama’s “hot mike”  nominated by Harrison 2.  The MSM: Nominated by LD Jackson, and LibertyAtStake 3.  Spike Lee: Nominated by Infidel de Manahatta, and KingShamus 4.  The GOP, AKA, the Stupid Party: Nominated by Jim at Conservatives on Fire 5.  Justice Kennedy: Nominated by Harry 6.  Solicitor General Donald Verrilli: Nominated byBunkerviille 7.  Soledad O’Brien:  Nominated by Doug Hagin Your humble host has some more… 8.  Sandra Fluke, for obvious reasons. 9.  Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner, for not having a […]

Bristol Palin Points out Leftist Hypocrisy

In all of the uproar over Sandra Fluke’s “Catholic cash  for sex ” scandal, and the supposed, “war on women,” quite a few people were ignored, namely all the Conservative women that were  mistreated by the MSM.  So, Bristol Palin decided to send a message to President Obama.  Let’s take a look… Dear President Obama, You don’t know my telephone number, but I hope your staff is busy trying to find it. Ever since you called Sandra Fluke after Rush Limbaugh called her a slut, I figured I might be next.  You explained to reporters you called her because you were thinking […]

Um, Help me With the Math: How Can Sandra Fluke Afford to Travel About Europe, but Can’t Manage $9 Birth Control?

I must humbly ask my readers for help, as I am in quandary of sorts.  If you recall, concerned 23 year-old Law Student 30 year-old feminazi activist Sandra Fluke was struggling, along with her fellow students, to pay for $9 a month birth control pills.  It was a terrible thing, you know,  having to pay for one’s own birth control pills.  It was in that great moment that we learned Catholic institutions had to pay for her sex life. But, here’s my confusion; while I know that $9 a month might be really hard for a struggling feminazi to manage, is traveling Europe […]