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IRS “Loses” the Emails of 5 Other Employees Connected With the Targeting of Conservative Groups

If you’ve been following the IRS scandal, you’ll remember that when subpenaed, the IRS conveniently “lost” Lois Lerner’s emails, and destroyed her computer’s hard drive.   It is also said that they destroyed her Blackberry as well.  It seems that every bit of communication technology she ever touched had to be destroyed; right after Congress decided to look at it.  It now appears that the emails of another FIVE IRS staffers mysteriously went ‘POOF” right after Congress started looking at the problem.  Steve, at America’s Watchtower, has more… And now the list has grown once again according to this story because […]

Rubio Goes After Obama on VA

Hat/Tip Newsmax. Republican Florida Senator Marco Rubio is taking the Obama administration to task for their “systemic” incompetence. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio said the Obama administration was incompetent and unable to separate politics from actual crises that affect Americans. “This is a campaign that was very good at messaging, but they have no competence in terms of governing,” Rubio said during an appearance on “The O’Reilly Factor” on Fox News. The Obama White House has a “systemic problem of governing” and a visceral reaction to “circle the wagons to protect their people” as opposed to holding them accountable for poor […]

Emails Show That IRS Released True The Vote’s Confidential Tax Information to the Office of Elijah Cummings

As we have seen, Elijah Cummings is one of the Congressmen who are keenly interested in killing the investigation into the IRS’s targeting of Conservative groups.  Now, we see why Elijah Cummings was so keenly interested in stopping the investigation, calling it a “witch hunt.” According to recently disclosed emails, it appears that the office of democrat Elijah Cummings actually participated in the targeting.  Town Hall has more… Chairman of the House Oversight Committee Darrell Issa, along with five Subcommittee Chairmen are demanding Cummings provide an explanation for the staff inquiries to the IRS about True the Vote and for his denial […]

Will Fox Again be Targeted by the Obama Administration?

If you recall, right after Obama was elected, the new administration declared the Fox News was not a news network, and sought to exclude them from anything in the new administration.  Of course, Fox covers stories that the rest of the networks refuse to cover.   That, and they refuse to lie for team Obama.  Given that history, and other, more recent events, and you’ll agree with Wyblog’s assessment of the situation… Will the FCC shut down Fox News now that Obama has blamed them for all his problems? It’s not without precedent. Obama has gone out of his way to […]

IRS Scandal Update: 292 Conservative Groups Targeted, No Identified Liberal Groups

When the President, or the MSM, mentions the IRS scandal (if it’s mentioned at all), it’s fake, a non-issue, and a farce invented by conservatives to stop the democrats from courageously enforcing their beautiful social justice.  But, for a non-issue, how were almost 300 Conservative organizations targeted, and no identified liberal organizations?  Here is some video from FOX… and some more… Yes, nothing to see here.  The IRS is your friend! Just move along! H/T: Independent Sentinel

Corpus Christie

“I had no knowledge or involvement in this issue, in its planning or its execution … I found this out at 8:50 yesterday morning.” – Chris Christie “You can’t fool the fat man” – Randy Newman It’s amazing, isn’t it, how many innocent politicians become embroiled in scandal through absolutely no fault of their own.  At least, that’s the way they tell it.  By the way, I’ve got a bridge in New Jersey I’d like to sell you … Related Stories CNN Host Grills Wasserman-Schultz: Why Do You Believe Obama’s Denial of Scandal Knowledge But Not Christie’s? (The Blaze) Chris […]

Your Obama Scandal Template™

Nothing to see here. Move along. With the many scandals now surrounding the Obama administration many have asked yours truly to stop texting them photos of my penis when I will apply my world famous templates to this.  Always willing to listen to my public except when they get restraining orders I now present for your edification the Obama Scandal Template™. The IRS is accused of inappropriately targeting your political opponents Humbly ask the American people for forgiveness.  After all, you are the President.  The buck stops with you Deny any and all knowledge of anything the IRS may or […]

My Exclusive Interview with Former Acting IRS Commissioner Steven T. Miller

Being a blogger means one thing:  Not making a profit Being at the forefront of breaking news stories.  And when the scandal of the IRS targeting groups opposed to the Obama administration broke I spared no expense to get to the bottom of the story.  Using my contacts in the government hookers I was able to get access absolutely no access to the movers and shakers in Washington.  And so, without further adieu I now present my exclusive interview with former acting IRS commissioner Steven T. Miller (pictured here) I want your blood. And any records that prove you oppose […]

IRS Harassment of Conservative Groups Extended to Other IRS Offices, Including DC

The IRS scandal took another turn late yesterday, when it was discovered that not only did the Cincinnati office take part, but others, including the DC office, were engaged as well.  Also, it is noted that the head of the IRS knew as well, and said nothing for quite some time. Legal Insurrection has more… The Washington Post reports tonight, IRS officials in Washington were involved in targeting of conservative groups: Internal Revenue Service officials in Washington and at least two other offices were involved in the targeting of conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status, making clear the effort reached well […]

Election 2012: America Votes for Free Stuff

President Obama has been reelected. Yes.  You heard correctly.  President Obama has been reelected. Four years of recession. Four years of scandal. Allies insulted. Enemies bowed to. Ambassadors killed and dragged through the streets. Debt increased by five billion. Obamacare set to take effect. All this. And America still reelected a small, petty, vicious man who makes Jimmy Carter look like George Washington. I for one welcome my new overlords in the mainstream media. I for one welcome my new overlords in the Death Panels. I for one welcome my new overlords in the Muslim world.  First amendment?  It insults Allah! […]

Amid Scandal, Major Nelson Resigns from NASA

Amid mounting criticism Major Tony Nelson of NASA has announced his resignation.  The growing scandal, dubbed “JeannieGate” by the press has threatened future funding for the organization at a time when the United States space program is already at an all time low. “We have no space program now.  We have to depend of other nations to get our astronauts into space” said Mitch McConnell, (R-KY).  “And now we find out that one of our astronauts has a concubine with magical powers.  Is this why President Obama has reduced funding to NASA?  How much did Obama know about the genie […]