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Liberal Hypocrisy Alert: MIchael Moore’s Body Guard Arrested on Gun Violation

Imagine that you are the rotund and overwhelmingly self important leftist, like Michael Moore Jabba the Lib.  Naturally, you are going to be against the Second Amendment, because no one should be able to use guns to protect themselves against the state, or criminals, or even union goons (or do I repeat myself?).  They should die for the narrative, like good little drones, and forget about all the statistics and examples of how guns reduce crime and save lives. But, there is a separate set of rules for self important liberals.  You see, those blabbering masses of flesh that would […]

Even the New Yorker Takes a Shot at Obama

What happens when one of the most liberal of publications, the New Yorker  takes a shot at the sitting Democratic President?  Hilarity, to be sure.  The Blaze has the details… The latest cover of the New Yorker draws inspiration from President Barack Obama’s disappointing debate performance against Republican rival Mitt Romney with Romney facing off at the podium against an empty chair. Image source: New Yorker Titled “One on One,” artist Barry Blitt said, “This image seemed like a proper response to the first presidential debate.” Of course, this does not mean that the New Yorker has finally see the light, and is finally […]