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Cognitive Dissonance Part II: A Wrench in the Indoctrination Machine

In the post on Cognitive Dissonance, I talked about the methods used by the left to indoctrinate youth, and then keep them indoctrinated by controlling the flow of information.  Now is the time to target one part of that apparatus, and throw a wrench into its works.  Education might be a great place to start. I say this because to achieve their planned “utopia,” the left must indoctrinate everyone.  Socialism, Fascism, and “Progressivism,” while all somewhat different in scope and application, are closely related in that they are totalitarian in nature.  The State takes on the role as final arbiter […]

Segregation on Rise in Schools; Need Better Education; Policies Failing

According to the AP a report by the Civil Rights Project at UCLA findings showed that segregation in schools is on the rise 60 years after the Brown Supreme Court decision. Blacks, Latinos, and other minorities are making up 90 percent of the students in a number of schools in New York, Texas, California, Maryland, Illinois, and Michigan. The Civil Rights Project found that in central cities among the largest metropolitan areas contain more segregation than in suburban areas.  Do you think as citizens that we segregate ourselves of our own volition? Lower middle class individuals hang round others in […]

School Teacher, Lauren Harrington-Cooper, Arrested for Sexual Contact with Multiple Students, Charged with ‘Institutional Sexual Assault’

Once again, a public school teacher has been arrested for having sexual contact with a student.  WNEP has more… KINGSTON — There are still more accusations against a former teacher in Luzerne County charged with sexually assaulting two students. The new accusations involve two more students. That former Wyoming Valley West teacher, Lauren Harrington-Cooper was handcuffed again at home and arraigned for a third time in Kingston on charges of having inappropriate contact with students. Harrington-Cooper was led into this magistrate’s office Tuesday morning and arraigned on four new counts, including unlawful contact with minors,  sexual offenses, and corruption of […]

Obama’s Race-Based School Discipline Quotas?

Yes, you read that right.  Apparently, the Obama Administration decided that correct disparities in school disciplinary figures, that there must be quotas!  Bill Whittle and the Trifecta gang have more… Um, I’m about as speechless as the commentators.  This is asinine beyond explanation.

Classic Snarky: I’m a Democrat-You Owe Me

Note:  Here is a classic CH 2.0 post from the one and only Snarky Basterd. I’m a democrat. You owe me. I’m a democrat. I have my own pile of money, but I want yours, too, including the four pennies you have rattling around in the bottom of that peanut butter jar you frugal idiots like to use as a change holder. Give it up! You owe me. I’m a democrat. I just say I like the public school system. My kids go to private schools so that your kids can go to public schools and learn how to be […]

Are Anti-Bullying Programs Backfiring?

Bullying is considered to be one of the most significant problems in our schools.  I can see that, and I don’t really disagree.  I would say that the leftist indoctrination is far worse, but that is a post for another day. After months of covering #FreeKate, I now know more about bullying than I ever cared to.  From the death threats, the threats to “ruin people professionally,” the “digging up of “dirt,” on law enforcement personnel, as well as the victim’s mother, the simple insults and false claims about critics,  to the “doxing” of people that state the truth about […]

Moore, Oklahoma Devasted by Tornado: KFOR Live Feed

Earlier today, the town of Moore, Oklahoma was devastated by a mile wide tornado.  Here is the live feed from local NBC affiliate, KFOR… Stay tuned for more. And pray for these people. It is still unknown if there are children trapped in the two destroyed schools in Moore, Oklahoma.

Is it Your Fault that our Nation is increasingly raising Liberals?

  In a recent article on RealClearPolitics called The University Utopia, Robert Tracinski, former securities analyst for Morningstar and now the publisher of The Tracinski Letter, tackled a very important question- Why do the young vote for dependency—when the essence of youth is a quest for independence? …So take a look at the college experience, particularly for a liberal arts major, from this perspective. You study topics in which the answers are subjective, no one is too concerned about whether it has any practical application or economic value, and everyone is pretty much expected to repeat the conventional wisdom. You […]

Global Warming Now to be Part of US School Curriculum

And with belief in Global Warming the Big Lie,. at an all time low, now the government makes it part of the curriculum.  The Lonely Conservative has more… The climate alarmists are going to have a new captive audience – America’s school children. New national science standards that make the teaching of global warming part of the public school curriculum are slated to be released this month, potentially ending an era in which climate skepticism has been allowed to seep into the nation’s classrooms. The Next Generation Science Standards were developed by the National Research Council, the National Science Teachers Association, the […]

Public School Builds Muslim Prayer Into Curriculum: ACLU Silent

The ACLU will sue a school at the slightest sign of Christian anything.  Ten Commandments?  Tear it down!  Kids bring Bibles to school?  Throw them in the garbage in threaten to have them taken from their parents!  Mention Christmas at Christmas time?  Unthinkable!  After all, the schools are public, and there is that mythical “separation of Church and State.”  I mean, it doesn’t actually appear in the Constitution, but if it’s about Jesus, it simply cannot appear in public.  Yes sir!  That Jesus cannot be mentioned at all, after all, the public schools cannot promote religion, right? Well, if the […]

New Guidelines Take Effect for Vending Machines

It was once a staple of every child’s school experience:  a trip to the vending machine for some tasty snacks.  But all that is now to change.  Thanks to renewed benevolence from the Federal government I have to say that or the Feds will come to my place and use my bathroom after a heavy Mexican meal vending machines will now be stocked with healthy, green food. Instead of the usual Cheez-It’s, crackers, potato chips and danishes vending machines will now be forced to stock “85 percent healthy food, food by-products, healthy by-products of food by-products, by-products of healthy by-products of food […]

BFFs DOA in Some UK Schools

In some schools, the following is forbidden… Yes, best friends have been banned in some British schools.  For the details, kindly consider the following, from the SUN… TEACHERS are banning schoolkids from having best pals — so they don’t get upset by fall-outs. Instead, the primary pupils are being encouraged to play in large groups. Educational psychologist Gaynor Sbuttoni said the policy has been used at schools in Kingston, South West London, and Surrey. She added: “I have noticed that teachers tell children they shouldn’t have a best friend and that everyone should play together. “They are doing it because […]

Parents are Apparently Unqualified to Make Decisions About School Choice

Nanny State

We all know the nanny state.  It consists of people that are simply smarter than we are.  And since they are smarter, they are entitiled to instruct us as to how we will eat, sleep, breath, and, of course, what schools out children can go to.  Do you think I am in jest?  Fear not, as I a quite serious.  Just ask the educrat in the following video, she’ll tell you herself!  We might as well just give up.  These people are just so much smarter than we are, we should just submit to the will of the nanny state. […]

Despotism vs. Democracy


This video was originally the last regular post at the original CH.  I thought it might be a good idea to post it here… What do you think?