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An obscure SCOTUS ruling last week sets the stage for Obama to seize your 401(k)

An obscure SCOTUS ruling last week sets the stage for Obama to seize your 401(k) Tapping the estimated $19.4 trillion dollars in private pension plans is every progressive socialist’s wet dream. I warned you Obama had his eye on your 401(k), and now a little noticed Supreme Court ruling just gave him the green light to seize your money. The US Supreme Court ruled last week in the unanimous, 8-page decision in Tibble v. Edison holding that employers have a duty to protect workers in their 401(k) plans from mutual funds that are too expensive or perform poorly. That is […]

SCOTUS Smacks Obama Down On The (Un)Affordable Care Act

  Hat/Tip to the Conservative Tribune. So we DO still have some rights in this country, huh? Who’d a thunk it? Almost 6 1/2 years into his presidency, President Barack Obama still hasn’t read that part about freedom of religion in the First Amendment. At least, I’m assuming he hasn’t. If he has, then the former constitutional law professor should have no excuse why his administration keeps on losing so many cases involving Obamacare’s contraception mandate in front of the Supreme Court. The latest case involved Roman Catholic organizations in the state of Pennsylvania. In a ruling late Wednesday night, Justice Samuel […]

Supreme Court Will Never Decide Obamacare’s Fate

Hat/Tip to Scott Rasmussen at Right Wing News. An excellent Op-Ed by pollster Scott Rasmussen, presented here, in its entirety. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There has been a lot of discussion lately about whether the Supreme Court will save or destroy the president’s health care law, known to many as ObamaCare. At least one writer went so far as to suggest the court might be preparing to undo the nation’s safety net. To suggest that such talk is absurd is a gross understatement. Remember, we have no idea what the Court will decide. Some people following the oral arguments closely concluded that supporters […]


  Imagine a world where 57,762,169 unborn children weren’t sacrificed on the altar of feminism. Imagine a world where the charnal houses of Planned Parenthood stood as silent as the ovens of Auschwitz, grim reminders of depravity, defanged. Imagine a world where the life of an unborn child is as precious as the life of a pig or a bird. Imagine a world where our representatives had the guts to protect the unborn. House Republican leadership tonight abruptly dropped a bill that would ban elective abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy. According to news reports, female GOP lawmakers raised […]

Supreme Court: Mark Levin Submits Amicus Brief In ObamaCare Subsidy Battle

  Hat/Tip to Katie Pavlich at The Godfather of the Modern Conservative Movement is once again defending liberty and attacking the never-ending statism from the left. Conservative radio host and Landmark Legal Foundation President Mark Levin has submitted an amicus brief in support of the petitioners in King v. Burwell, the ObamaCare legal case that will be heard by the Supreme Court on March 5, 2015. The case addresses whether “the Internal Revenue Service may permissibly promulgate regulations to extend tax-credit subsidies to coverage purchased through exchanges established by the federal government under Section 1321 of the Patient Protection […]

Obamacare Tops Hot-Button Issues Soon Before Supreme Court

Hat/Tip to Sandy Fitzgerald at Newsmax. Well, let’s don’t get our hopes up, I mean John Roberts is STILL on the bench, and he loved ObamaCare so much that he re-wrote the statute to twist it into being quasi-Constitutional… The Supreme Court will tackle a laundry list of high-profile cases during the first six months of the new year, including decisions on ObamaCare and other hot-button topics that could pose big challenges for both liberal and conservative interests. The looming decision on ObamaCare tops the list of controversial agenda items, reports the National Journal, but justices are also considering decisions […]

Kaboom! SCOTUS To Decide Whether Enrollees Are Eligible For Subsidies

Just when you thought this week’s good news couldn’t get any better… The Supreme Court has snatched the Halbig case out from the clutches of Obama’s lefty-packed D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. How big a deal is this? HUGE. As in, earth-shattering kaboom huge. The Supreme Court, moving back into the abiding controversy over the Affordable Care Act, agreed early Friday afternoon to decide how far the federal government can extend its program of subsidies to buyers of health insurance. At issue is whether the program of tax credits applies only in the consumer marketplaces set up by sixteen states, […]

SCOTUS Affirms Homosexual War on Christianity, Declines To Hear Same-Sex “Marriage” Cases

By choosing to Do Nothing today, the Supreme Court has escalated the homosexual war on religious freedom. The same-sex “marriage” juggernaut is now cleared to run roughshod over Christians nationwide. Many if not most observers expected the Supreme Court to take at least one of the cases for which review was sought in which the issue of whether same-sex marriage bans were constitutional was squarely presented. None of the Supreme Court’s decisions in DOMA or the Prop. 8 litigation decided that issue. But the Supreme Court did not take any of the cases, leaving in place Court of Appeals decisions […]

SCOTUS slaps down SEIU over illegal union dues

Schadenfreude! SCOTUS ruling will force SEIU to repay millions in illegal union dues The Purple People Beaters got beat. And soon, they’ll feel the heat. One of the nation’s most powerful labor unions could face a costly onslaught of lawsuits seeking tens of millions of dollars in dues, after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the money was collected improperly, legal experts said. In a ruling Monday, the high court held that Service Employees International Union cannot force people who care for loved ones to be union members and deduct dues from the government checks of those they care for. The […]

News That Leaves Me Shaking My Head In Disbelief

Scouring the internet for news items I want to write about leaves this humble observer of the asylum we all have to live in thinking that universal suffrage was a very bad idea. I find myself fantasizing about what our country would be like if we had a minimum IQ require to vote and to hold public office. We wouldn’t want to put the bar too high. I’m thinking a minimum IQ of 80 or 85 would do. My guess is that , if we had such a requirement, the number of qualified voters in the country would go down […]

#TrestinsFast Update: SCOTUS Orders Gay Marriage to Stop Until Appeals Complete, FAST IS OVER!

“God did this.” Trestin Meacham January 6, 2014 #TrestinsFast for traditional marriage, a fast in order to raise awareness regarding a federal judge over-ruling Utah’s Constitution, will end today.  The Supreme Court has placed gay marriages on hold until a federal appeals court rules.  The Washington Times has more… The Supreme Court on Monday put same-sex marriages on hold in Utah, pending a ruling from an federal appeals court regarding a judge’s decision to gut the state’s ban on such unions. The Washington Times reported last month that a federal judge in Utah struck down a voter-passed ban on gay […]

Is Prop 8 Still The Law?

We all thought that Prop 8 went down in flames earlier this week.  however, some are questioning if the media has the story right.  Doug, of the Daily Gator, has this, via Breitbart… Proposition 8 is the amendment to the California Constitution that defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman. A federal trial judge – Vaughn Walker – held that Prop 8 violates the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. On Wednesday, the Supreme Court held that only the losing defendants in that case – the governor and attorney general of California–had standing to appeal that […]

Some Thoughts on the SCOTUS, DOMA and Prop 8

There are a lot of strong feelings out there today, as the SCOTUS has issued rulings on DOMA and California’s Prop 8.  Both deal with gay marriage, and there are a ton of upset SoCons out there.  The Cultural Marxists won another victory.  I don’t blame the SoCons, and I’m dismayed as well.  However, as a Christian, I know that this type of thing is going to happen.    The world is becoming more and more corrupt.  The Book predicts this, so while it is disappointing, it we’ve know about it for nearly 2000 years.  I trust God, and take him […]

The Dream Is Over: SCOTUS Says You’re No Longer Free

THESE 9 PEOPLE JUST TOLD YOU TO TAKE YOUR MEDICINE This is no longer America. You no longer have the opportunity for the American Dream. You, we, me — we’re all slaves now. The Supreme Court of the United States of America has just made it official. Congress has abandoned you. The executive branch has abandoned you.  SCOTUS has abandoned you. The lapdog media has abandoned you. I had hopes, coming into today, that SCOTUS would uphold the rule of law, that the President of the United States and his Congresscriminal henchmen (and women) would not be allowed to rule you like […]

Forced Union Membership Means Free Speech

OK kids, it’s time to put on your suspension of disbelief, and hold on to your chairs, because this is going to be one crazy ride.  It seems that a union is suing to overturn Indiana’s Right to Work Law.  Their reasoning is typical liberal, and therefore defies all logic.  Here is more from CNBC… INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana’s new right-to-work law should be struck down because it infringes upon unions’ free speech rights by depriving them of the dues that fund their political speech, attorneys for a union challenging the law contend, citing the U.S. Supreme Court’s so-called Citizens United […]

President Obama Darkly Threatens Supreme Court; Does His Behavior Fit Definition of Bullying?

President Obama is a bully. Bullying is a form of aggressive behavior manifested by the use of force or coercion to affect others, and this is exactly what President Obama is attempting to do with his latest speech in which he darkly threatened the Supreme Court regarding their impending decision regarding Obamacare, saying I’m confident that the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress. His behavior, as I have demonstrated on this blog repeatedly, is bullying, especially because it is habitual in nature (done many […]

SCOTUS Candidate Tells the Truth

The Libtards have had a problem lately.  They continue to be caught telling the truth!  Now, it’s not the “truth” that they want you to see and hear, but they won’t let a little thing  like reality interfere with CALLING IT SOMETHING ELSE! Next lucky contestant?  It’s none other than Sonia Sotomayor, the SCOTUS nominee from the messiah SPENDULUS MAXIMUS! The gentlemen at Verum Serum have again broke a big one! They posted this to Youtube on May 2nd! Yeah, I know.  There has been over 9000 bloggers that have run with this in the last two days.  It’s just […]

Constitution is Anything We SAY IT IS!

An alleged “finalist” for nomination to the SCOTUS is one Diane Wood, a judge on the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago (what  a coinkydink!).  As discussed here, she has some unusual, and consequently liberal, views on the Constitution. In a 2005 article she wrote for the New York University Law Review, Wood argued that the U.S. Constitution “survives” the test of time through the “evolving” interpretation of its text. “Over the long run, even though it can sometimes be frustrating to wait for the long run, it has been better to allow constitutional understandings to grow with the […]