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Second Amendment

Liberal Logic: When Businesses and The Constitution Collide

It seems that there is another Constitution related double standard for the liberals out there.   Does the First Amendment apply to businesses, or does the Second? Or, does the Constitution only apply when it can be misinterpreted in order to deprive Americans of their rights?

Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens Wants To Take Your Guns

Supreme Court Justice Ret. John Paul Stevens has a book out and in it he proposes several major changes to the United States Constitution. Chief among them is his desire to take guns away from every individual United States citizen in the country. Why? Well, one look at his voting record and you can see his true liberal colors bleed through. The 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights reads as follows: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. Stevens […]

Video Shows Endgame of the Bundy Stand-Off

It seems that a show of force by citizens influenced the BLM to retreat during the Bundy stand-off.  Government goons that were stealing a man’s property were confronted by hundreds of citizens, many of them armed.  Here is the video… I know, the source of the video is rather, shall we say, sketchy.  However, this could not have been faked to any degree, so I chose to use it.  Of course, the fact that Harry Reid has been exposed as having some influence in this case may have something to do with the rapid retreat as well. Oh, and this […]

Re-writing the Constitution to our demise … part II

A few days ago I wrote Re-writing the Constitution to our demise to address the latest attack on the 2nd Amendment rights of American citizens. Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens who is 93, and I’m not sure if all his oars are hitting the water now that he’s retired, suggests the 2nd Amendment be re-written or amended to read … A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms when serving in the militia shall not be infringed. Now anyone can understand what, if that were to happen, […]

Home Invaders Mess With The Wrong Mom!

This home invasion was stopped by a woman dialing 911 … er … talking nicely … er … screaming … er … OMG!!! She had a gun! That dastardly, despicable 2nd amendment MUST be re-written! Weapons of destruction have no place in the hands of civilians. There’s way too much slaughter of criminals. Thanks to The Western Center For Journalism Original Post:  Cry and Howl

Meet the 1718 Puckle Gun!

The next time a gun grabber tells you that the Second Amendment only applies to muskets, introduce her to the Puckle Gun… Whereas our Sovereign Lord King George by his Letters pattents bearing date the Fifteenth day of May in the Fourth Year of his Majesties Reign was generously pleased to Give & Grant unto me James Puckle of London Gent my Exors Admors & Assignes the sole priviledge & Authority to Make Exercise Work and use a Portable Gun or Machine (by me lately invented) call’d a Defence in that part of his Majesties Kingdom of Great Britain called […]

Bill Maher Believes the Second Amendment is “Bullsh*t”

Bill Maher and his brain trust discuss the second amendment and gun rights in the below clip. These people are absolutely clueless about the second amendment and why the right of the people to bear arms is so important.  They believe in the notion that an all powerful benevolent government would never impose its will on the people.  The one thing I noticed was as the conversation progressed Bob Costas began to reveal just who he was. According him those who support our right to bear arms are all paranoid.  He states we’re paranoid because we’re afraid the government might […]

HiViz Shooting Systems Latest to Leave Colorado Due to Gun Grabbers

Another company has announced that they are “going Galt,” and abandoning Colorado due to it’s animosity towards the Second Amendment.  HiViz Shooting Systems recently announce the intention to move their corporate headquarters to a yet-to-be named neighboring state.  Weasel Zippers has more… Nice job, Hickenlooper. April 1, 2013, Fort Collins, CO –HiViz Shooting Systems (a division of North Pass Ltd.), announces plans to relocate operations out of the state of Colorado due to recent changes in Colorado state gun control legislation. HiViz President and CEO, Phillip Howe, states that talks are currently under way with officials of a neighboring stater egarding the […]

Assault Weapon’s Bans “Just the Beginning,” According to Democrat Jan Schakowsky

Jan Schakowsky  has been rather useful to us, in giving away Democrat long term plans.  In 2009, she let us know that one of the purposes of ObamaCare was to end the private insurance industry.  And now, in 2013, she has given us the Democrat plans for Gun Control.  She apparently didn’t know that she was talking to a Conservative when she spoke to Jason Mattera.  Breitbart has the video… Of course, people will say that it was selectively edited, but Schakowsky laid it out nicely.  We’ve known that the Democrat plan for guns has always been total disarmament of […]

Obama Nominates Rabidly Anti-Gun Judge, Caitlin Halligan

If you want to look at how Obama see’s things, take a look at his judicial nominees.  We know he has no use for the Constitution, and particularly the Second Amendment.  We also know that the separation of powers means nothing to her, and the checks and balances are seen as an archaic obstacles to the power of the state.  Given those facts, the nomination of Caitlin Halligan does not come as a surprise… But his most recent nomination is beyond the pale. Obama Pushing “Most Anti-Second Amendment Nominee” in Recent History Senators on Capitol Hill [tell us that] Harry […]

Ex-Secret Service Agent, Don Bongino, Gives Stirring Pro-Second Amendment Speech

Don Bongino, an ex-Secret Service agent, gave an inspired speech at a Second Amendment rally in January.  Here is that speech… I found it to be heartfelt and inspiring.  Hopefully, Don Bongino goes far into translating his words into action. H/T: Independent Journal

Survivor of Tianamen Square: His View of the Second Amendment

Doug Ross has the link to the following video.  It was reportedly taken at a Second Amendment rally at the Massachusetts State Capitol.  The Speaker claims to be a survivor of Tienanmen Square. If you don’t understand the situation after that, there is no helping you. And, as the other Mr. Ross points out, he is probably a racist teabagger, right?

Liberal Hypocrisy Alert: MIchael Moore’s Body Guard Arrested on Gun Violation

Imagine that you are the rotund and overwhelmingly self important leftist, like Michael Moore Jabba the Lib.  Naturally, you are going to be against the Second Amendment, because no one should be able to use guns to protect themselves against the state, or criminals, or even union goons (or do I repeat myself?).  They should die for the narrative, like good little drones, and forget about all the statistics and examples of how guns reduce crime and save lives. But, there is a separate set of rules for self important liberals.  You see, those blabbering masses of flesh that would […]

The Reason for the Second Amendment

What is the reason for the Second Amendment?  Why did the founders place in in the Bill of Rights, and why so high up on the list?  This video explains it. H/T to commenter Steve, of Cry and Howl for reminding me of this video.  We had run it here before, but given present circumstances, it’s a good idea to run it again.

Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Liberals Threaten to Kill NRA Members

They’re liberal, tolerant, diverse, and loving… And they’ll kill you if they disagree with them.  At least that’s what many of the liberals on Twitter were saying as of late. Freedom Outpost has the details, via Free Republic…   Um, do these people even know that they are proving the point? If someone did go after a NRA event, or a NRA office, what are the odds that they will be killed by an armed citizen?  Go after a bunch of NRA members at an event, and they may go down in a hail of gunfire!  But that’s the point, […]

Another Reason to NOT Vote for Obama: Gun Grabbers on the Supreme Court

In the next four years, one or two nominations will be made to the Supreme Court.  To emphasize the importance of this to gun owners, here are some comments by retired Justice John Paul Stevens… Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens says your right to self-defense in your own home should be limited to a cellphone “at your bedside.” Stevens, 92, served on the Supreme Court for 35 years before retiring in 2010. A liberal jurist, Stevens wrote the dissenting opinions on both the 2008 Heller ruling and the 2010 McDonald decision, both of which were 5-4 affirmations that […]

The Second Amendment: What Does It Mean? – An Open Thread

The anti-gun crowd wasted no time in making their feelings known after the terrible tragedy in Aurora, Colorado. No surprise there So, I thought it might be worthwhile for we conservatives and supporters of the Second Amendment right to bear arms to discuss in an open thread what, if any, limits we believe there should be on the right to bear arms. [I don’t know it an open thread will work the way i would like on a small traffic blog like this, but we shall see. Also, If anyone can explain to me how to use a “sticky” to […]

A Tale of Three Stories: The Occupods Terrorize, Expose Themselves, and What Santa Brought

When the occupods decide to subject you to Alinsky’s Rule #8, it’s apparently clothing optional.  For those of you new to this, Alinsky’s Rule 8 is as follows… 8. “Keep the pressure on, with different tactics and actions, and utilize all events of the period for your purpose.” In other words, when leftists target someone, they’ll show up at his or her home, their place of work, their children’s schools, their favorite stores, their churches, and so forth.  The whole idea is to use terror and intimidation to silence opponents.  Also, it serves as a warning to others.  After all, who […]

Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Gawky Emo Anarchist Threatens Tea Party


In a completely shocking and unexpected turn (much like the monthly economic indicators) a scrawny emo kid threatened the Tea Party Movement.  The Blaze has the video. OK, I know what you are thinking, why post this at all?  It was only one punk kid at what appears to be a small protest.   But, I think that there are two things to consider: 1.  If this happened at a Tea Party event, and say, union goons were threatened, the MSM would be all over it. 2.  The Tea Party folks have had several years to prepare for what this punk is proposing-and many […]

Major Win for the Second Amendment: A Lesson From History

First off, I’m pleased…damn pleased, to be honest, that the SCOTUS ruled in favor of the Second Amendment.  This reaffirms that the Second is an individual right, spoiling the chief attack against it, and us.  Many blogs have covered this, and  what I gather is that most everyone on our side is happy with the win, but worried about the margin.  The thought that four members of the SCOTUS apparently goes against history, as well as the founders, is very alarming.  This is a reminder of how very important SCOTUS nominations are. Beyond that, I got curious, and decided to […]