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Obama’s Secret Service Has Plan to turn White House into Forbidden City

Obama’s Secret Service unveils a plan to turn the White House into The Forbidden City If the Secret Service gets their way, us peasants won’t be able to even look at the White House anymore. All because some guy jumped the fence on Friday, and caught them with their pants down. Remember when the White House was The People’s House? Now it’ll be more like The Forbidden City. The Secret Service is considering a number of proposals designed to prevent intruders from breaching the security perimeter around the White House, according to published reports. The Associated Press reported that agency […]

Obama’s Border Policies Put Us in a Pre-9/11 Stance

Hat/Tip to Town Hall. Former Border Patrol Deputy Chief: Thanks to Obama Administration, We’re Back to a Pre-9/11 Security Situation   All the positive changes, the strides we’ve made since 9/11 have been erased by Obama and his open borders policy. Hundreds of unaccompanied minors are crossing into the U.S. daily, and one of the major security concerns with the influx of illegal immigration is that we have no idea who is coming here. Because of this, Ronald Colburn, former national deputy chief of the U.S. Border Patrol, says all the progress that was made after 9/11 is now gone. […]

Warnings from George Washington

I noticed the other day while scouring liberal web sites that one liberal in typical liberal fashion asked, “What happened to the ‘small arms treaty’ conservatives have been so paranoid about? You know, BIG government wants to take your guns! It appears it’s just like all the other paranoia right-wings are attracted to … nothing to it!” Now, that’s paraphrasing, but here is the actual post: Via: American Liberal Times Whatever Happened To The So-Called “U.N. Small Arms Treaty?” Not so long ago . . . in a land far far away . . . (The land where some “Righties” […]

Karl Pierson, Liberal School Shooter, Was Stopped by ARMED School Security Guard

In another turn that will undoubtedly make liberals hold their ears, stomp their feet, and cry, it has been revealed that an ARMED School Security guard ended the mass shooting spree of Karl Pierson. You mean, a man with a gun stopped another man with a gun? Why yes, yes he did. Here is the coverage.  Pierson, an indoctrinated 18 year-old, was a committed socialist who hated Republicans. According to the latest reports, an armed school guard saved students at the school from the deranged leftist. — The shooting was over in 80 seconds. The CSMonitor reported, via Breitbart: As […]

Not Only is the ObamaCare Website is Identity Thief’s Dream, The Government Doesn’t Have to Tell You When You’re Information is Stolen

What is a government’s response to utter failure?  It can vary.  They can  go the path of blaming someone else, and that is the most typical excuse used by the Obama administration.  However, you can also go the path of simply not acknowledging the existence of the problem.  I would estimate, for most totalitarian states, that this would be the primary defense.  After all, if the media is controlled, and doesn’t report it, it isn’t happening, right?  NBC is practicing this with ObamaCare, by simply under reporting the issues.  However, the democrats still have not shut down talk radio, FOX […]

Obama to Close Vatican Embassy, Latest in Long List of Shots at Catholics

While it can be argued that Barak Obama doesn’t like Christians, he seems to harbor particualr hatred towards Catholics.  For the background, here is some content from Town Hall… There was his slam on Catholic education. His embrace of pro-abortion extremism. His willingness to have priests arrested if they performed mass on military bases (even voluntarily) during the sequester. And, of course, the hideous ObamaCare HHS mandate falls with particular violence on the First Amendment rights of Catholics. Now, for the most recent slight, the Obama administration is closing the freestanding Embassy to the Vatican.  The Washington Times has more… […]

Mayor Bloomberg’s twisted “interpretation” of America

Mayor Michael Bloomberg believes our interpretation of the constitution needs to change to allow for greater security to stave off future attacks like the Boston Marathon bombings.  And my guess is sadly many people agree with him.  During a press conference Mr. Bloomberg said, “The people who are worried about privacy have a legitimate worry, but we live in a complex world where you’re going to have to have a level of security greater than you did back in the olden days, if you will. And our laws and our interpretation of the Constitution, I think, have to change.” Does […]

The Benghazi Fiasco. Why? Why? WHY?!!!

Nearly eight weeks after the Benghazi fiasco on September 11, 2912 and we have no answers. All we have are questions. WHY? The answer obviously is this administration, this President, this Commander-in-Chief refuses to tell us what happened and why. And, apart from Fox News, the rest of the media has treated the Benghazi attack the killed an US ambassador for the first time in thirty years and three other Americans as a non-event. WHY? We are left to surmise that President Obama wanted to keep a lid on things until after the election when supposedly he could be more flexible. And, of […]

WordPress Security Tips – Keeping Your WordPress Website Safe

NOTE:  This is a guest post by LD Jackson, of Political Realities.  It is re-posted in it’s entirety, with Mr. Jackson’s permission.   Given my last post on Bloggers being targeted, so to speak, I remembered this post from Larry.   Kindly give it a look… I realize this post will not be of much interest to my readers, unless you are using a self-hosted installation of WordPress to write a blog or build a website. If you are one who does, I hope this selection of WordPress security tips will point you in the right direction to help keep your […]

September 11, 2011: Tenth Anniversary Post


Throughout our history, our nation has faced many evils.  Sadly, man has the unerring tendency to engage in the most despicable of behaviors, all in the name of serving a “greater” power or cause.  It would seem that the United States has often been caught in the cross-hairs of these evils.   The very birth of our nation was predicated on the defeat of tyranny, namely, the “Divine Right of Kings.”  The nation was split, literally and figuratively, on the question of whether or not one man could hold a fellow man as property.   We, as a people, were horrified by […]

Freedom vs. Security: Where Do You Stand?


Since the terrorist attacks of 9/11, we have witnessed a frightening trend in which we Americans have been willing to exchange our constitutionally protected freedoms for supposed improvements to our security. The Patriot Act and its ramifications, since enacted by President Bush, is a case in point. For much of my nearly 19 years in Venezuela, my only source of news about the United States was the little bit of superficial coverage provided by CNN Español. I usually didn’t pay much attention to it. But after the attacks of September 11, 2011,  I was glued to CNN Español for weeks. I remember when […]