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Soviet Union

Venezuela: Communist Dictator Blames Others for Failure of Communism

As I have noted many time, leftists, whether they  call themselves communists or not, share the blame game with their fellow travelers.  When the Soviet Union’s beautiful collective farms failed to produce; causing the Soviet Union to go from being a food exporter to starving millions, someone had to be blamed.  Rather than admit that their bastions of equality and social justice were a steaming pile of rancid failure, they created scapegoats.  “Conspirators” with the “imperialist capitalists,” usually some poor slobs that the political commissars didn’t like, were rounded up, or “disappeared.”  It didn’t really solve the problem, but at […]

Welcome to Amerika, 2014!

Note: As I’ve been paying attention the rhetoric of the left, particularly the content in Common Core, I am again reminded of the old ABC miniseries, Amerika. Here is a modified version of a post I wrote about it in March of 2010… Every now and again, I refer to Obama’s version of our nation as “Amerika.” Given that the ObamaCare abomination has survived it’s first few hurdles, it might be a good time to revisit why I say that. In 1987, ABC ran a 12 hour miniseries called, “AMERIKA,” chronicling life in an America that was taken over by […]

Welcome to Amerika!

Note:  This a post that was originally published in 2010.  It still fits, if you ask me.  Every now and again, I refer to Obama’s version of our nation as “Amerika.” Given that the ObamaCare abomination has survived it’s first few hurdles, it might be a good time to revisit why I say that. In 1987, ABC ran a 12 hour miniseries called, “AMERIKA,” chronicling life in an America that was taken over by the Soviet Union. Here is the trailer. I started looking for clips from it. There aren’t all that many, but this one rings true for modern […]

Resource Post: How the Soviet Union Collapsed

Some of my Conservative friends might be put off by this, but take a look at this video on how the Soviet Union collapsed.  The Classic Liberal posted it, and it is an hour long.  However, it is worth the time to view, or at least listen.  Now, one of the premises here is that Reagan confrontation of the Soviet Union, both rhetorical and military, was not a significant contributory factor in the fall of the Soviet State.  Now, think about this.  On the surface, leftists might celebrate this, saying that Reagan really wasn’t the hero that so many make […]

Get Told to Bum Rush a Gunman, Be Punished For Bum Rushing a Gunman

Last month, law enforcement officials released some asinine advise.  They apparently suggested, with a straight face, that school teachers, and even children, bum rush an active shooter.  Gateway Pundit had the coverage last month… KSDK reported: Law enforcement authorities are increasingly advising school officials – and even young students – to physically confront suspects in future campus attacks as a final line of defense. The advisories, now included in training videos and documents prepared by police, represent a major shift in tactics for law enforcement officials who have traditionally counseled potential victims to flee and hide while waiting for authorities […]

The 7 Pieces of Advice by Trotsky for Obama, found in the 1934 Chicago Tribune Cartoon ‘Planned Economy or Planned Destruction’

This image is taken from the 1934 Chicago Tribune cartoon ‘Planned Economy or Planned Destruction?’. It focuses on the character of Leon Trotsky, who is laying out a series of policy goals for the United States. The Chicago Tribute suggested in its latest reprint of this cartoon that we take a look at this cartoon and see if it rings true in today’s political and economic climate. Whereas others have focused on simply analyzing the larger cartoon to identify all the characters in it (for the best analysis see this post), today I am going to attempt to see if this cartoon […]

Pravda Knows Where We Are Going, Why Don’t We?

I find it a cruel , yet hilarious irony that Pravda, the former propaganda media outlet in the also former Soviet Union, finds it tragic that we are going down the road traveled by the Bolsheviks.  Steve, from Motor City Times, has more… Via Pravda (yes, that Pravda): Reading Putin’s speech without knowing the author, one would think it was written by Reagan or another conservative in America. The speech promotes smaller government and less taxes. It comes as no surprise to those who know Putin as a conservative. Vladimir Putin went on to say: “…we are reducing taxes on […]

Leftist Meme for Layoff Bomb, Anything but Obama’s Policies!

As the layoff bomb continues, it might be a good idea to take a look at the probable reaction from the left.  For this one, I think it will rather simple.  It’s all going to be variations on the leftist classic… It’s ALWAYS something or someone else’s fault.   Remember that no matter what happened in Obama’s first term, it was Bush’s fault?  Or maybe even a tsunami?  Or perhaps ATM machines?  It doesn’t matter how bad the liberals fail, the fault always lies elsewhere. This is not  new.  The communists made an art form out of it.  Remember this from […]

Warnings About Communism From People That Lived Under it

Perhaps I should say, “emphasis on the ‘under it.”  As we all know, Communism in actual application is perhaps the most tyrannical killing machine ever devised by man.  Unfortunately, as we saw with OWS, many of those would-be Marxists deny that the deaths, starvation, or shortages occurred at all.  Fortunately for us, there are millions of people that lived under communism that can speak out on what really happened.  Glenn Beck interviewed several recently… Your browser does not support iframes. I wish there was a bit more, but I think the point is conveyed. But, as our friend Bezmmenov has told us, the truth means nothing to […]

AGW Alarmist Compares Reality to Racism, Wants it Categorized as a Mental Illness: Where Have we Heard That Before?

History always repeats itself.  And when statists are bent on acquiring power, or then keeping it, they can’t allow something like facts get in the way.  So, they have to be creative when attacking truth.   Since reality blows the narrative out of the water, they can do nothing with it, so, they attack those that advocate or present the truth.  The idea is simple, if someone presents facts that run counter to the narrative, smear them, so no one will pay attention to the facts.  Here is the latest example comes from Professor Kari Norgaard, via The GateWay Pundit… Professor […]

Former East German Citizen Warns of Communism

We all know that OWS, and many union bosses are advocates of a Communist revolution here in the US.  We also know history, and where that leads.  Additionally, we also know, from footage, that Marxists in OWS deny history.  However, will another witness help them see the truth?  The Blaze recently posted a video, featuring a woman who escaped East Germany in the 80’s.  Of course, the truth will not matter to the useful idiots.  As our late friend Bezmenov points out, they are programmed to deny reality, and I would argue that they are also programmed to attack anyone who does […]

Occupy Update: Occupy Phoenix Advocates Forced Labor

I’ve been saying all along that the occupy movement is a microcosm of it’s desired socialist/communist state.  And sometimes, they are very honest about their intent.  OWS Exposed has a video… It has all the hallmarks of the old Soviet state; show trials, forced confessions, and then, forced labor (read-Gulags).  Of course, the verdicts will be decided before any trials begin.  Then, people will be beaten, tortured, or otherwise coerced into signing “confessions.” Then, they will sent off to do their forced labor.  When they never return (having been murdered) they will never be mentioned again. These occupods will deny […]

Occupy Whistle-blower Gets Banned From Spokes Council: Is OWS a Microcosm of a Marxist Regime?

I’ve been noting for some time now, that OWS is a microcosm of the Marxist regime that they would prefer rule this nation.  Last month, I discussed the experiences if a feminist in at one of the European Occupy sites, and how she was threatened and silenced for pointing out inconvenient truths.  Now, we are seeing this being recreated at the mothership of the Occupy movement, Occupy Wall Street. It seems that a female occupier, Nan Terrie, has been raising some uncomfortable issues for OWS, such as rape, robbery, and the suspicion that OWS funds are being misused.  The response […]

Occupy Wall Street: This is what they support-even though they don't realize it


Recent posts have shown that many in the Occupy Wall Street Movement not only support Communism, but deny the death and destruction wrought by the Soviet Union, and other Communist nations.  Just in the interest of “keeping the record straight,” here are some videos on the Holodomor, the intentional starvation of millions of Ukrainians… The occupiers will deny it, but this is the result of Communism.

Occupy Wall Street: Former Soviet Citizen Confronts Occupiers, They do not Believe Him


Regular readers here at the CH 2.0 know Yuri Bezmenov.  He was among the highest level KGB officials to have ever defected.  He explained the process of psychological warfare against the US, using a system referred to as “Active Measures.”  I’ve been showing video interviews featuring Bezmenov for a couple of years now, and they continue to show themselves as relevant today as they were in the 1980’s.  Essentially, our hard political left is the product of Soviet programming and propaganda.  It was guided, instructed, funded, and built with the help of the KGB.  It was designed to be self perpetuating, so […]

CH 2.0 Labor Day Video: This is What Democracy Looks Like?


Through out the Wisconsin union protests, and at others all over the country, we were bombarded with the chant, “this is what democracy looks like!”  As I have repeatedly pointed out here at the CH 2.0, the regressive grasp on “democracy” is rather tenuous at best.  To capture that, I made a video.  Here it is… Yes, I recycled some footage from an earlier video, but it fits. Enjoy, and have a great extended weekend!

Why Hope can Kill the Progressive Agenda

culture war

President Obama used “Hope” as a slogan during his 2008 election campaign.  While we would argue that “hope” has nothing to do with Obama’s policies, there is a different context for it. The progressive agenda has nothing to do with hope; it is a proposal for a control mechanism, nothing more. Health care for all?  Not necessarily.  CONTROL of healthcare?  Absolutely! Financial reform?   Not so much. CONTROL of the financial sector?  Yes! Cap and Trade saving the planet?  Not even close.   Massive redistribution program?  YES! I could go on and on, but I think the point is made.  If there is […]

For Those of you that Think Communism is Great…


Take a look at this… Of course, modern day Comminists will state that this either did not happen, or it was greatly exaggerated. But, history remembers. Perhaps that’s why regressives spend so much time trying to rewrite it? HT: The Daley Gator