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Israel and Hamas: In Cartoon Form

After all the conflict and spin between Israel and Hamas, the following cartoon sums up the palestinian situation perfectly if this doesn’t tie it all together nicely, I couldn’t tell you what will.    

The Fiscal Cliff, and Why We’ve Already Lost, and will Continue to Lose

OK, we’re facing the infamous “fiscal cliff.”  What doe that mean?  It means that a crisis has been manufactured in order for Obama to triumph, and the Republicans to be scapegoated.  Here’s how it will happen. 1.  If both Houses and the POTUS fail to reach an agreement (read, if he Republicans fail to capitulate) there will be a rather unpleasant set of tax increases and budget cuts. 2.It doesn’t matter how many proposals the Republicans make.  It won’t matter how many times the Democrats change the rules or break their word-it will ALWAYS be the Republican’s fault. 3.  Reality doesn’t matter, and the MSM will […]

Democratic Strategy for 2012 Revealed? MSM Concentrating on Social Issues, Avoiding Economy

I picked up on this in the CNN debate, and the saw a story from Catholibertarian that shows a possible campaign strategy for 2012.  In both examples, it seemed as if an inordinate amount of time was spent on the social issues; abortion and gay marriage, when compared with the most pressing issue of the day-the economy.  It would be my estimation that more people are concerned with the following: 1.  They don’t have a job. 2.  They fear losing the job they have. 4.  They can’t afford gas for their cars. 5.  Inflation is causing prices to rise across […]