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All Your Children Are Belong to us: The Sequel

Last April, I covered Melissa Harris-Perry’s comment that “All your children are belong to us,” and by “us,” I meant the state.  That stupidity, like all liberal stupidity, was repeated recently.  The Trifecta gang covered the state’s claim on our children… Here is the reaction, and quotes I used in the post on Harris-Perry’s claim on children. Now, this whole concept of children belonging to the “community,” read, the state, is not new at all. Here are some historical references… When an opponent declares, “I will not come over to your side,” I calmly say, “Your child belongs to us […]


Valka: “Don’t you know what “Stalin” means, funny man? Means man-of-steel. He takes from rich, and gives to poor.” Zoran: “Yes, of course he does. Then he takes both of them, and puts them in Gulag for 25 years.” – The Way Back/2010 *** Barack Obama is America’s own Man of Steal, and he’ll prove it again when he pontificates on the State of the Union on Tuesday.  The Over/Under for the number of times he utters the first person pronoun is 100.  Savvy bettors are, of course, playing the Over. This years SOTU speech will  be historic in other […]

May 1945, Hollywood Speaks: We are Adolph Hitler!

Heroic socialist Adolph Hitler in happier times With the American and Russian war machine closing in on Berlin and heroic socialist Adolph Hitler in hiding, Hollywood is making known where its sympathies lie.  A five minute film entitled “We are Adolph Hitler” is being released to theaters this week. “It’s important that this film be made” said MGM head Louis B. Mayer. This is my adopted homeland and I love it but I am ashamed of the war crimes our military is committing.  I support our troops but this war is immoral. The short film opens with many of Hollywood’s […]

MSNBC Talking Head Melissa Harris-Perry: All Your Children are Belong to Us

I think it’s getting even more amazing for the regressives in that they are slipping more and more.  And, in that slippage, they’re letting out more and more of their ideas, and they don’t even get that it’s the most totalitarian drivel.  I guess if you live in the unreality bubble, it’s a matter of time before you slip and think that tyranny is the normal state of man. In the latest example of regressive truth slippage, we have Melissa Harris-Perry, who happens to think that all of your children are belong to us.  MRC has the video… Now, this […]

It’s Baaaaack! Useful Idiot of the Month Nomination Thread March 2013

It’s been a while, but I thought that bringing back the CH 2.0’s one claim to fame (or infamy) might be in order.  So, the Useful Idiot of the Month Poll has returned.  First off, we need to define the term, useful idiot.  It was a term, coined by the former Soviet Union (either Lenin or Stalin), to describe leftists in Western countries that supported, knowingly or not, communism.  Then, if the communists really did come to power, most of the useful idiots would be imprisoned, killed, exiled, and the like. So, this is the nomination thread for the Useful […]

The 7 Pieces of Advice by Trotsky for Obama, found in the 1934 Chicago Tribune Cartoon ‘Planned Economy or Planned Destruction’

This image is taken from the 1934 Chicago Tribune cartoon ‘Planned Economy or Planned Destruction?’. It focuses on the character of Leon Trotsky, who is laying out a series of policy goals for the United States. The Chicago Tribute suggested in its latest reprint of this cartoon that we take a look at this cartoon and see if it rings true in today’s political and economic climate. Whereas others have focused on simply analyzing the larger cartoon to identify all the characters in it (for the best analysis see this post), today I am going to attempt to see if this cartoon […]

Liberals Lies: Stalin Committed No Crimes

We’ve been covering the fact that liberals always blame something or someone else for their failures.  It also appears that they are busily attempting to cover up the atrocities committed in the name of “social justice.”  The following is a video showing a professor proudly claiming that not only did people not die under communism, but that old Joe Stalin was a really neat guy… It’s easy to ignore history when you deny it.  But it still means that you get to relive it’s mistakes.  These people are no better than holocaust deniers…and they are “educators.”

Former Soviet Citizen Confronts Occupods: Epic Win Ensues

If you recall, we covered the story of a former Soviet citizen that goes to Occupy events and confronts the occupods.  Here are his latest efforts… The second video, in particular, reminds me of what Bezmenov said, that facts mean nothing to a leftist.

Facts About Communism Some Teachers Ignore: Stalin Murdered 40 Million and Mao Murdered 80 Million

Still in Lansing working on education issues this week, and I found myself getting into it with several other teachers on May Day (May 1) over the issue of ‘how bad was communism really’. In education, there are a lot of facets to this discussion, as many teachers believe that workers are supreme, that everybody should be unionized, that the workers should control the government, that there never were any communists in America, that businesses are wrong, that capitalism has failed, and that communist nations like China are the wave of the future. In reply, I point out that communist […]

Blog Focus: How Feminism Works

The Other McCain has an incredible post, dissecting feminism, and exposing how the left that uses it for their own rather nasty purposes. “The quintessential example of this is of course Ted Kennedy, whose career stands for the proposition that you can allegedly assault women and even leave a woman to die and be reelected for eternity so long as you vote the right way. “That is to say, for all of the left’s bleeding-heart smugness about ‘good intentions,’ they’re remarkably bottom-line on this: So long as you support abortion and the rest of their packet on social issues, your actual intent when calling […]

Occupy Update: Occupy Phoenix Advocates Forced Labor

I’ve been saying all along that the occupy movement is a microcosm of it’s desired socialist/communist state.  And sometimes, they are very honest about their intent.  OWS Exposed has a video… It has all the hallmarks of the old Soviet state; show trials, forced confessions, and then, forced labor (read-Gulags).  Of course, the verdicts will be decided before any trials begin.  Then, people will be beaten, tortured, or otherwise coerced into signing “confessions.” Then, they will sent off to do their forced labor.  When they never return (having been murdered) they will never be mentioned again. These occupods will deny […]

Communism Documentary: Lies, Brutality, and Death

We all know that Communism was perhaps the most perfect man-made killer in history.  Well, most of us know-others are pushing a whitewashed version of history where 100,000,000 people went out to get a pack of smokes, and never came back.  But, I digress.  Maggie, over at Maggie’s Notebook, published a post linking to a series of videos on Communism.  Surprisingly, it was made by PBS, and shows most of the atrocities committed by the Communists.  At any rate, here is part one. Communism – 1 of 6 – The Red Flag by VladimirLeninEach video in the series is over 50 minutes […]

For Those of you that Think Communism is Great…


Take a look at this… Of course, modern day Comminists will state that this either did not happen, or it was greatly exaggerated. But, history remembers. Perhaps that’s why regressives spend so much time trying to rewrite it? HT: The Daley Gator

100 Years of Trying- Communism Wins in the End Though

President Barack Obama’s remarked, earlier this week, after the passage through the House of his new health control law that “after nearly 100 years of talk and frustration, after decades of trying, and a year of sustained effort and debate, the United States Congress finally declared that America’s workers…” have health care reform. Obama is right- the battle between communism and liberty has been raging for over a hundred years, and last week, communism won a great battle. The headlines are shouting how after years and years of fighting, finally health care reform is here. The way they say it […]