VA Budget Under Obama: 68% Increase, Veterans Still Waiting Up To Four Months To Get Help Amid Corruption And Sloth


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Veterans_Affairs_OIG_1-791x1024Since Barack Obama entered the Oval Office, the Veteran’s Affairs budget has increased nearly 68 percent. No doubt the need is great, and I wouldn’t think of objecting to funds spent for healing our military, but the question looms: are the shiny new buildings competently staffed, and are appointments timely–far more timely than what we’ve seen in the past? Caring for our veterans is our most important monetary obligation, right after keeping the nation safe and secure. The $3.3 BILLION spent in the fiscal years 2010-2015, will either give our vets beautiful new structures, and more efficient and timely care, or just beautiful new structures, more bureaucracy and continued sloth and corruption.

November 2014: 600,000 vets wait a month or longer for care (1 in 10 veterans). Twenty three thousand of the “most severely affected veterans” were waiting more than four months for an appointment, as of October 2014. This map shows a majority of veterans wait 30-60 days for an appointment, and when you’re ill, 30 days is bad enough. Sixty days is atrocious.


Former Senator (Dr.) Tom Coburn, June 2014:

Other parts of Coburn’s report highlight failures to hold individual employees accountable for criminal conduct, billing personal expenses to the government, chronically failing to show up for work or retaliating against whistleblowers.

More money is not the solution, Coburn said, noting that VA is expected to end the 2014 fiscal year with $5.9 billion in unspent funds…

Four VA construction projects have combined cost overruns of $1.5 billion, and construction delays run between 14 and 74 months. The VA medical facilities are, on average, 35 months behind schedule and $360 million over budget.

VA spent almost $500 million in less than five years on “office makeovers,” including $6.8 million to build one conference room in Illinois, $1.8 million for office furniture in Puerto Rico and $10.7 million for curtains and draperies nationwide.

In July 2011, VA established two employment call centers to recruit veteran employees. An IG investigation found that while the center cost $2.2 million to operate in 2012, call center employees each handled an average of only 2.4 calls per day…

Doctors at the VA have it easy compared to their private-sector counterparts, according to Coburn.

The 10 highest-paid federal employees work at the VA, with more than 1,000 physicians making more than $300,000 per year.

In Phoenix, for example, 13 VA employees made more than $300,000 annually, including one orthopedic surgeon drawing more than $357,000. That is almost double the average income for doctors in Arizona, according to Coburn’s report.

VA employs almost 19,000 full-time physicians nationwide.

Yet VA doctors see far fewer patients than their counterparts in the private sector, Coburn said. An average primary care physician in private practice has a caseload of about 2,300 patients. For VA doctors, it’s about 1,200.


The Veteran Administration maintains a culture of corruption that allows managers to grievously violate rules and laws with little or no punishment. Source: Daily Caller, September 29, 2014

Susan Taylor, Former Veterans Affairs Procurement Officer

When there is fraud in procurement, you can bet it’s costing veterans, dearly. VA whistleblowers are assaulted with “extensive retaliation.” And how about “fraud” in the “Procurement and Logistics Office?” Consider the case of Susan Taylor:

The 82-page [Inspector General] report shows that Taylor used her office for private gain in awarding a contract to FedBid, a reverse auction service, whose executives also interfered in the process by preventing the VA from operating in an honest and impartial manner.

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Here’s how they went after a whistleblower:

According to a shocking revelation from the inspector general, FedBid, in its own words, planned to “‘storm the castle,’ use a ‘heavy-handed- puncher,’ to ‘rally the troops up on the Hill,’ have ‘enough top cover to overwhelm,’ to ‘unleash the hounds,’ to ‘assassinate [Mr. Frye’s] character and discredit him,’ and to keep ‘close hold’ of nonpublic information.’”

This came after Jan Frye, VA deputy assistant secretary in the Office of Acquisition and Logistics, pushed back against the use of reverse auctions twice.

She also lied under oath, and she lied to the Inspector General’s office.

The VA referred the case to the DOJ. The DOJ refused to prosecute. In October 2014, I find news articles reporting that the process of firing Taylor had begun (not an easy process, by-the-way), but in the end, she retired, or was “allowed” to retire, which likely means she can be rehired by the government.


Sharon Helman, Phoenix VA, Over the holidays, revelations came forward that the Sharon Helman scandal had a lot to do with classic VA corruption and secret gifts like fully paid vacations to Disneyland. For example, Helman was given a week’s vacation to Disneyland, tickets to a Beyonce concert, and a tour around Sedona wine country. Click the photo for more.

Is there any chance taxpayers ARE NOT getting gouged for construction, and in turn, veterans gouged, both as taxpayers, and patients needing care and comfort, NOW?

And how many high-priced paper-pushers, like Robin Paul, are employed at the VA? Robin Paul was a “social worker,” or “manager.”It took public outrage for Paul to lose her job after she allegedly sent a photo of a Christmas “elf” begging for Xanax, and another committing suicide by hanging–with a string of Christmas light. Robin Paul managed theSeamless Transition Integration Care Clinic for veterans at Roudebush Medical Center in Indianapolis. Would you want Paul in charge of your loved one’s “transition” and “integration” into treatment? Wait and watch. We have no vaccines to keep these parasites out of the system–they find ways to get back behind a desk. We need accountability, and I’m guessing we need far few administrators, managers, and lackeys.

Photo Courtesy of America’s Freedom Fighters. Click the photo to visit

In 2011, large bonuses were still going to VA facilities that routinely lied about scheduling

Two-thirds of employees at the Department of Veteran Affairs, which has been the subject of widespread criticism for its excessive delays in providing veterans their benefits, received bonuses at the end of 2011 for “excellent” or “outstanding” performance. Additionally, employees at some of the department’s most ineffective offices were more likely to receive bonuses than workers at some of its most productive offices. The VA’s regional office in Oakland, Calif., gave about 90 percent of its employees bonuses despite having to temporarily shut down operations to retrain its underperforming workers and, in a Baltimore office, about 40 percent of workers receive a bonus despite the office’s having the longest wait time nationally, according to a News21 investigation. Yet, at the Sioux Falls, S.D., office, which processes claims up to four times more efficiently than Oakland, less than a tenth of its employees saw a bonus, the same investigation found. Source: National Review

Blame it on the sequester budgetary cuts? No. Remember that Republicans objected to “across the board” cuts, and wanted to prioritize where funding dollars were spent. Sensible, wouldn’t you think? But Democrats wouldn’t have it.

I remember the horror stories coming out of Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC)? Dirt, rats, toxic mold on the walls of patient’s rooms at our nation’s then-premier military installation. How could the budget be so inadequate that a hospital once famous, now infamous, drops to the low point of mouse droppings and toxic mold, in what should be a sterile environment? It defies explanation, other than sloth and corruption.








Veterans: Robin Paul Receives Salary Of $80K + Bonus, But Mocks Vet Suicide


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Indianapolis VA employee, Robin Paul – suspended for mocking Veteran’s Suicides

Every employee of the Veteran’s Affairs Department should be a former member of the military. Look at what this female Roudebush Medical Center “manager,” in Indianapolis put into an email. Robin Paul still has her, almost, $80K a year job.

robin paul mocked vets suicide 002The email obtained by The Indianapolis Star contains photographs of a toy Christmas elf posing as a patient in what appears to be the hospital’s transitional clinic for returning veterans. In one photograph, the elf pleads for Xanax. In another, he hangs himself with an electrical cord.

The woman who sent the email is Robin Paul, a licensed social worker who manages the hospital’s Seamless Transition Integrated Care Clinic. The clinic provides returning veterans with transition assistance, including mental health and readjustment services…

The email obtained by The Indianapolis Star contains photographs of a toy Christmas elf posing as a patient in what appears to be the hospital’s transitional clinic for returning veterans. In one photograph, the elf pleads for Xanax. In another, he hangs himself with an electrical cord.

The woman who sent the email is Robin Paul, a licensed social worker who manages the hospital’s Seamless Transition Integrated Care Clinic. The clinic provides returning veterans with transition assistance, including mental health and readjustment services. Source: Stars & Stripes

She apologized. Don’t they all?





Powerful Video About One Man’s Commitment and One Man’s Salvation


 photo homelessvets_zps5d492318.jpg

Hat/Tip to I Like Giving and The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans.

Our brave men and women who don their country’s uniform and make huge sacrifices to go and defend our freedoms and way of life, deserve our utmost gratitude. There are 23 millions Veterans in the United States, and the statistics associated with them are jaw-dropping:

  • 300,000 Homeless Veterans
  • 1.4 million At Risk of Becoming Homeless
  • 460,000 Suffer from PTSD
  • Average for Homeless Vets is 6 years on the Streets
  • 5,000 Veterans a Year Commit Suicide

You ask yourself, “What can I do?” Well, here are a few suggestions:

  • Determine the need in your community. Visit with homeless veteran service providers. Contact your mayor’s office for a list of providers, or search the NCHV database.
  • Involve others. If you are not already part of an organization, align yourself with a few other people who are interested in attacking this issue.
  • Participate in local homeless coalitions. Chances are, there is one in your community. If not, this could be the time to bring people together around this critical need.
  • Make a donation to your local homeless veteran service provider.
  • Contact your elected officials. Discuss what is being done in your community for homeless veterans.

Now please take the time to watch this short, but very moving, very powerful video about one man’s journey of discovery and finding joy in helping a fellow man.







They Fought For Our Freedom, Now We Fight For Their Peace – Must See Video


 photo b2c2e710-8b73-49cc-93f7-970e885d00b1_zpsb67ee309.png

Hat/Tip to TruthUnCensored.

In the wake of the Obama Administration’s VA Scandal, where the term ‘death panel’ became all too real for some of our Vets and their families, it is a pleasure to spotlight a group that is doing what they can to stand up for our brave men and women of the military.

The band, Five Finger Death Punch, or 5FDP has a song and a video that focuses on the problem of our homeless Vets.

Now the type of music may or may not be your cup of tea, but the video is moving and the campaign the band has created is a great thing.

The band states about the video, “We wanted to do something impactful to help our veterans in need.? With this video and the accompanying campaign we hope to shed more light on the seriousness of their issues. The statistics are shocking, and if any change is to take place it will start with general public awareness. We have been playing numerous military shows but wanted to do more; educate, reach out and donate to the organizations that are making a difference to better the lives of our veterans.”

The video is well done, depicting what some Vets face upon return to civilian life, interspersed with some eyebrow raising statistics.

The powerful clip, directed by Nick Peterson, focuses on a specific group of soldiers and how they adapt once returning home. As the soldiers sing along to the lyrics and follow different paths, some staggering statistics scrawl over the screen. There are 300,000 homeless vets, with 1.4 million at risk of becoming homeless, an estimated 460,000 veterans are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, the average for homeless veterans is six years on the streets and each year 5000 vets die by their own hands.





The group has also launched the website www.5fdp4Vets.comwhere more contact info for veterans with PTSD can find support.






Yes, Matt Walsh, Robin Williams lost the ability to see the joy in his life


I haven’t posted in a quite some time for a variety of reasons.  But this I couldn’t sit out.  As everyone who doesn’t live under a rock has heard by now, Robin Williams committed suicide earlier this week.  He wasn’t fooling around either, he slit his wrists and wrapped a belt around his neck. He wasn’t interested in failing at this.  The darkness was going to come to a conclusion.

The normal (yes, sadly this is normal) he was a horrible man who committed a very selfish act comments started almost immediately.  I must remember to stay off social media after these type of events happen as it only upsets me. His daughter Zelda has been chased off social media due to the cruelty of others.   

All of my regular readers know that I have been very open and honest about the fact that I suffer from long-term clinical depression, known as Major Depressive Disorder.  I have had this since I was in high school and possibly earlier.  I am not ashamed of it, it is part of who I am.  I don’t like it and I wish it were different, but it isn’t.  This is one of the crosses that I have to bear in my life.  We all have them, whatever they may be.  

I want to scream when I see what is said about mental illness after an event puts it in the news once again.  A famous person committing suicide, a mass shooting, or whatever else happens to make this issue get national attention.  Sadly, it has become predictable to point of comedy.  You can almost predict to the minute before you see the whole “selfish” thing start after news of  a suicide.  

Yes, when a person leaves the world by taking their own life they leave behind questions.  They leave loved ones who feel guilt, who wonder why they couldn’t help them.  It is hard to be that loved one.  Now, that is something that I don’t really have a great deal of experience with, as the small amount of people who I know that have done this weren’t all that close to me.  I knew them and some cases really liked them, but it has never been someone very close to me, with one possible exception.  A guy that grew up two houses down from me died by grabbing onto live wires at a train crossing.  We went to school together, we had the same first high school job together.  We shared many interests and were close for a long period of time.  He eventually moved to another state and we lost touch with one another.  He died in Florida.  We were in our early 20’s at the time, if I recall correctly.  He recently had been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and was said to be coping rather well.  But at some point he stopped taking his meds, a very bad break up with his long-term girlfriend, and the lack of close friends after a recent move led him into his darkness that he saw no recovery from.  He took his own life.  He left behind a mother, a step father, a younger brother, and many close friends in our home state of CT hurt and angry.  

Oddly, I wasn’t angry at him.  I was envious in very strange way.  His pain was over while mine just continued.  On and on it went.  I had yet to be given a proper diagnosis of my problems.  I had already made one attempt at ending my life at that point, and would make another just a few short years later.  Mine was triggered by events.  My BFF from my entire childhood was killed in a car accident. She was in a car going someplace that I was supposed to go and was unable to attend due to family that came in from out-of-town.  Talk about guilt.  It was horrible and it took me many, many years to get over her death and the guilt that I felt.  I still think about her everyday.  The second downward spiral in my life came after a relationship with a man I had planned on marrying came to an end.  That also took me a very long time to come to grips with.  Quite honestly I am far better off that I didn’t marry him. He had many issues, not the least among them a substance abuse problem.  But I was devastated just the same.  

Blogger Matt Walsh talked about the joy of life and how that should be enough to sustain you through your dark moments.  From what I can glean from the post, Mr. Walsh seems to have an understanding of depression, he says he has struggled for many years with it.  I wonder.  

One of the worst things about my depression is how it robs me of the joy in the world.  That is what it does.  I can see many good things in my life.  I see the people who love me, who I love back.  The things that I have been able to accomplish in spite of the fact that I have suffered from clinical depression for the majority of my life are quite good.  I have a degree from a highly regarded university from which I graduated with high honors.  I have a family life today that at one point I never dreamed I would have.  I love them dearly.  They love me back.  That is part of the joy in my world.  

But, I don’t always treat them the way I should.  It isn’t on purpose.  I become withdrawn.  I seek shelter in the safety of my bed.  I sleep a great deal.  I don’t want to do much of anything.  I am lucky that the man in my life notices it and does his best to be supportive and I love him all the more for it.  He reminds me of doctor appointments, he will ask about my meds.  He will take me out for Fro Yo, which I just love.  He will clean up the house and do other things around the house when he senses that I am feeling overwhelmed.  He is a keeper.  But as I said, there are days that I just don’t feel all the good that should come from having him in my life.  I see it, but I don’t feel it.  I don’t think I deserve it.  I wonder why he gives up so much and gets so little in return.  

Does Mr. Walsh think that women who suffer from postpartum depression don’t understand that there is joy in the world?  They have a newborn baby to care for.  A child that brings much joy to them and their family, yet they still feel the darkness, the pain, the confusion, the guilt that comes part and parcel with clinical depression. Their hormones are going nuts.  Their bodies aren’t allowing them to feel the joy that little bundle of wonderment has brought them, they see it, they just don’t feel it.  They aren’t being selfish.  They are coping the best that they can in a horrible situation.  

It is amazing that people can easily accept that other parts of our body are ill but not our brains.  That can’t possibly be the reason.  I mean many cases of osteoporosis are caused by chemical in-balances in our bodies.  We have these things called osteopaths and osteoblasts in our bodies.  One helps build bone density, one thins the bones.  When we have a proper balance between the two our bone density will be fine.  When we have an in-balance, our bones become weaker and more prone to breakage.  Our hearts and livers have many different types of enzymes, we have insulin levels in our bodies that help us digest sugar.  We need the proper balances for our bodies to run correctly.  Why is that people think that our brain is so different?  It isn’t.  Our brain is an organ just like the others.  It needs certain things to function “normally”.  

Our brains give off chemicals when we exercise, when we have sex, when we are experience the “joy” in our lives.  The make us feel good.  Clinical depression causes our bodies not to produce those chemicals in the same manner.  Sometimes I wonder if I have any at all.  These chemicals are also a cause of why some are more at risk of becoming substance abusers. I have a childhood friend who became a heroin addict in her teens and early twenties.  One of the things that she, and others that I know that have had the same experience, tells me is that the first time you use it the euphoria you get is something that they never experienced before or since.  It never feels as good as it did the first time.  That is how they become addicted, they are chasing that high.  They are looking for something that make them feel that feeling once again.    

We know very little about the amazing thing that is the human brain.  There are so many things that we don’t fully understand.  Why will some fully recover from traumatic head injury while others will not?  Why some don’t produce the proper levels of neurotransmitters that give them a healthy sense of the world around them and others do?  But we know that it happens.  Or least some of us do.  Others live in denial of that fact.  

I don’t know if it is fear that keeps people from seeing the truth, but they do.  One of the most ridiculous things I heard since the death of Mr. Williams was a comparison of his death to that of a suicide bomber.  Yes, someone actually said that.  Insert primal scream here.  

The lack of compassion shown to people who are in trouble and are dealing with a darkness that is so severe it is almost impossible to explain, is nothing short of breathtaking.  You hear about how if you just let Jesus into your life that you will be healed.  Does Jesus heal cases of bone problems?  Does Jesus heal cases of juvenile diabetes, which isn’t caused by behavioral issues, but strictly a genetic problem of not producing the needed amounts of insulin?  I am sure some will recall a story of someone they know who was healed, but many faithful people have medical problems that are directly related to their bodies over/under producing chemicals in their bodies, and therefore need medical care to deal with those problems.  

Mr. Williams was very open and honest about his problems with clinical depression.  He talked about it publicly many times.  That isn’t an assertion, that is fact.  He was also very open about his drug and drinking problems that he suffered and found ways to overcome for decades.  Depression and substance abuse tend to go hand in hand.  People turn to substances to just feel a little relief, even if it is only briefly.  People with depression try to find all kinds of ways just to feel a little relief.  

I can’t speak for what was going on in Mr. Williams’ head on Monday.  I can only talk about what my experiences have been.  What I can tell you is that when I was seriously considering taking my own life, the one person I didn’t think about was myself.  I thought about everyone but me.  I was not acting in a selfish way.  I was looking to not only stop the pain, but to no longer be the burden that I perceived myself as being.  I felt broken beyond repair.  That there was no hope that things would ever change for me.  That I was always going to be living in a very dark place that hurt.  I was in a closet that got smaller and smaller every day.  I felt like I could barely breathe most of the time.  I was only dragging the people who loved me down.  They would be better off without me.  They would actually thank me one day.  I was doing them, and the world, a favor.  

With what we know as public record of Mr. Williams and his problems, I would guess he didn’t feel all that much different.  You see, it doesn’t matter what you have, how famous you may be, how much you do or do not love Jesus, how many people you have that care about you, it matters what you feel on the inside.  In the places that most people can’t see.  The deep recesses of your heart that most people are too afraid to talk about.  Those are things that matter.  Those are things that clinical depression rob you of.  Those are things that are warped in your pain and your turmoil.  You aren’t being selfish, you are trying to find a solution to a problem that from your point of view has no end.  A problem that you are bringing into the lives of everyone else around you.  You are the cause for their discomfort.  You are the reason that they too can’t enjoy life.  You become the reason that joy is being taken from them, and since you know exactly what that feels like, you just want it to end.  For everyone involved.  You too feel guilt and remorse.

Think about this the next time you tell a person who is suffering from depression to “get over it”, or “it will get better”, or one of my personal favorites, “others have it much worse than you do”.  Yeah, I know that logically.  But logic and depression don’t exist on the same plane.  Stop looking for logic in mental illness, it doesn’t exist.  Reach out to the person.  Be there to listen to them talk about why they feel so bad without judgement.  Try and get them medical attention.  They may resist, but try anyway.  You may just save them from the fate that Mr. Williams was not able to pull himself away from.  Show true compassion to those feel that they don’t deserve it.  Who feel that they aren’t worthy of it.  

R.I.P Mr. Williams.  Thanks for laughs and the tears you brought into our lives with your career.  Thanks for the money you raised for children with cancer.  Thanks for entertaining our troops who were a long way from home and willing to die to protect our freedoms.  Find peace.  One can hope that your death will help educate at least one person on the dangers of mental illness and accept the fact that it is indeed an illness, not a choice.

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Nanu, Nanu


Robin WilliamsRIP

Actor Robin Williams, who died Monday at age 63 of an apparent suicide, had visited both Afghanistan and Iraq in 2010 as part of a USO tour to bring entertainment to the troops during the holidays. But it was his visit to Kuwait in 2007, and how his military audience reacted during the retreat ceremony, that might have been the most memorable.

Williams was in the middle of entertaining service members on the evening of Dec. 6, 2007 at Camp Arifjan in Kuwait when the base’s retreat ceremony began. (Robin Williams A Beloved Figure On USO Tours)


Original Post:  Be Sure You’re Right, Then Go Ahead


Robin Williams: dead at Age 63 of an Apparent Suicide


Robin Williams, famed comedian, actor, and Academy Award winner has apparently taken his own life.  He was 63 years old.  The Hollywood Reporter has more…

The full statement is below.

On August 11, 2014, at approximately 11:55 a.m, Marin County Communications received a 9-1-1 telephone call reporting a male adult had been located unconscious and not breathing inside his residence in unincorporated Tiburon, CA. The Sheriff’s Office, as well as the Tiburon Fire Department and Southern Marin Fire Protection District were dispatched to the incident with emergency personnel arriving on scene at 12:00 pm. The male subject, pronounced deceased at 12:02 pm has been identified as Robin McLaurin Williams, a 63-year-old resident of unincorporated Tiburon, CA.

An investigation into the cause, manner, and circumstances of the death is currently underway by the Investigations and Coroner Division s of the Sheriff’s Office. Preliminary information developed during the investigation indicates Mr. Williams was last seen alive at his residence, where he resides with his wife, at approximately 10:00 pm on August 10, 2014. Mr. Williams was located this morning shortly before the 9-1-1 call was placed to Marin County Communications. At this time, the Sheriff’s Office Coroner Division suspects the death to be a suicide due to asphyxia, but a comprehensive investigation must be completed before a final determination is made. A forensic examination is currently scheduled for August 12, 2014 with subsequent toxicology testing to be conducted.

Police added that a press conference will be held at 11 a.m. Tuesday in San Rafael, Calif.

Williams’ publicist Mara Buxbaum told The Hollywood Reporter: “Robin Williams passed away this morning. He has been battling severe depression of late. This is a tragic and sudden loss. The family respectfully asks for their privacy as they grieve during this very difficult time.”

Of course, our prayers go out to his family.

H/T:  Weasel Zippers


Three Charged with Child Porn, Dead in Triple Murder Suicide Pact


Three individuals, having been charged with possession of child pornography in Tennessee, are dead in what is described as a “triple murder-suicide pact.”  CNN has more, via The Other McCain…

So, these folks are discovered to have child porn on their computers. They were charged with the crime. They had no yet gone to trial when they wrote letters declaring their innocence, and ended their lives. Frankly, that doesn’t sound like the acts of innocent people.  As the law enforcement official at the end of the video pointed out, “criminality was their bond.”  That phrase brings to mind some folks from Florida that want to make it legal for adults to have sex with minors, doesn’t it?


USA R.I.P. Was it Suicide, Murder or Stupidity?


Well, the United States of America isn’t dead yet, but she seems to be getting weaker by the day. If she does die, it will not be due to natural causes. Nations don’t die from natural causes. They either commit suicide or they are murdered. America is gravely injured. Are they self-inflicted wounds or is someone trying to kill her? Suicide is a conscious act, where as murder can be either intentional or unintentional. So, which is the case for our beloved America? Some days I am convinced she is committing suicide by way of death of a thousand self-inflicted cuts. In other words, those inflicting the cuts know they are doing harm to our nation. Other times I am equally convinced that the problem is that the majority of our politicians, the majority of our electorate, and the majority of our special interest groups are just too damn stupid to see that their “good intentions” are causing more harm than good.

We could follow this line of thought on any issue affecting America: the Federal Reserve and its monetary policies, too-big-to-fail banks and crony corporatist, insane foreign policy in the Middle East, or we could talk about the Fiscal Cliff negotiations, in which one side wants only to raise taxes and the other side wants only to reduce spending and no one says a word about growing the economy. On any of these issues, one could ask is it suicide or is it murder and, if it is murder, is it intentional or unintentional? These are very complex issues and each is worthy of a post or more. I could have included in the short list above America’s Energy Policy or the lack there of. That too is a complex issue so let’s pick one small piece of it that has been in and out of the news for the last few years.

The Keystone Pipeline

As a quick review, the Keystone Pipeline is a multibillion dollar project to construct an oil transportation pipeline from Alberta, Canada to the Gulf coast of Texas. The pipeline would carry 830,000 barrels of oil per day to refineries in Texas. The EPA has thoroughly reviewed the project and determined there would be no significant impact on the environment from the pipeline. The State Department, because the pipeline crosses international borders, reviewed the project and gave its blessing. But, for political reasons, President Obama decided last year to delay approval until after the elections because environmental groups were worried about the possible contamination of a sensitive aquifer in Nebraska. Since then, TransCanada, the company behind the project, has rerouted the pipeline away from the aquifer in question.

So, Obama won reelection and in theory can now be his own man. The Keystone project would be a real boost to our nearly stagnant economy, it would create a lot of high paying jobs, and it would reduce our dependence on imported oil from what is becoming, due to our own foreign policies, a potentially unstable part of the world, Obama’s approval now would seem to be a no brainer, right? Maybe not.

The author of this Financial Post article thinks Obama will delay the project again. The article suggest that environmentalist are still objecting but doesn’t give us much details except to say that they will demand the project be reviewed for its impact on “Climate Change”. The Heritage Foundation blog, The Foundry, thinks the environmentalist have another plan. They think the environmentalist are planning to use another of their powerful tools, The Endangered Species Act. Apparently there is a carrion beetle known as the American Burying Beetle that resides only in the Oklahoma path for the Keystone Pipeline.

Let’s talk about motivations.

President Obama _ No one is suggesting that he will kill the project but they do think he will delay it. Why would he do that? He has won his second term so there is no need to placate any given special interest group. There is nothing in his background to suggest he was ever an environmental activist. It would seem that president Obama has every reason to want to see the Keystone Pipeline move forward as soon as possible. The economic boost is obvious, but there are also overwhelming national security reasons. The Arab Spring has advanced to Syria. Unlike Libya and Egypt, when Assad falls, there will be no transitional government to step in and return calm to the nation. The civil war in Syria will continue and quite possibly get even worse after Assad is gone. Because of the bitter hatred between the Muslim factions with one group supported by Iran and the other by Saudi Arabia plus the Kurdish situation, this Syrian civil war will likely spill into Iraq. If it spills into Iraq, that could hamper the critical flow of oil from Iraq and drive up oil prices. Then there is the thing that no one wants to talk about. What if the Arab Spring advances to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the Arab Emirates? My point is that for national security reasons our President should want to see the Keystone Pipeline project finished as soon as possible. If he doesn’t, what can we assume about his motivations? Some might say that constitutes a conspiracy to commit murder on the United States of America.

Environmentalist _ What is their motivation? I divide environmentalist into three groups.

  1. The Ignorant _ They really believe that man can learn to live in harmony with the environment without causing any harm to Mother Earth. In other words, they are too stupid to see that their good intentions will do more harm than good.
  2. The True Believers _ They know that mankind can not live in harmony with the environment and they opt for Mother Earth over mankind. In other words, they are willing to help America commit suicide
  3. The Users _ They don’t give a damn about the environment. Environmentalism is a tool they use to benefit their own ends. In other words, they are willing to commit murder on the United States of America.

Okay. We have looked at only one isolated issue. But, you see where I am going, don’t you? We could do this analysis with every issue confronting America. The results would be the same. When America dies, it will be because some were willing to murder her, others were willing to help her commit suicide, and others were too damn stupid to know what they were doing.

Well, now you know what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

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Bluebird of Happiness Commits Suicide


The bluebird of happiness hides the agony of his soulThe Bluebird of happiness is dead, the victim of an apparent suicide.

Known throughout the world as a symbol of cheerfulness, happiness, hearth and home, good health, new birth and the renewal of spring time, the Bluebird of happiness hid a dark side.

“The bird had issues” said his grief-stricken agent.  “OCD, substance abuse, failed marriages, unfulfilling relationships with his children. You name it.  The kid had it.”

Sources close to the bird say he had a fragile emotional makeup that shattered under the pressure of expectations.  His behavior as of late had become erratic and his blog entries had grown nonsensical.  One entry dated March 24th is a window into his troubled psyche.

Bluebird of happiness?  Really?  How’d you like it if everyone’s happiness depended on you?  I’m tired of people asking me for health or an easy pregnancy.  I’m sick and tired of everyone looking to me as a symbol of hope. You want a baby?  Then make love to your wife and leave me alone.  Sometimes I just want to crap all over everybody.

The final straw apparently came when he was laid off as the official “Happiness Emblem” of the Today show and replaced by Keith Richards. Keith Richards, the new bluebird of happiness

Checking into a seedy motel he apparently spent the last week of his life self-medicating and crapping on school children.  Police were called to his room on several occasions, the last one at 3 in the morning when a drunk Bluebird kept screaming, “I’m the f#$#$ing Bluebird of happiness bitches. Deal with it” while firing his shotgun out the window.

His last blog entry read:

This bird cannot sing.  And I’ve never seen seven wonders.  Yeah, I’m talking to you John Lennon!

After his ex-wife reported him for being behind on alimony payments police made one last trip to his hotel room and discovered the Bluebird of happiness’s lifeless body.  He had hanged himself.

“It was quite disturbing” said the policeman who found the body.

My first thought was, “My god no!  Not the bluebird of happiness!”  And my second thought was “How the hell did he put the noose around his neck without opposable thumbs?  Hell, without even any arms?”  Then when I went home and my kids asked me what I did today and I said, “I cut down the Bluebird of happiness’s stiff dead body” they started crying.  It didn’t help when I mentioned that he was probably being cut up on a cold slab in the autopsy room as we speak.

In accordance with the Bluebird of happiness’s will his body will be eaten by a cat to be later coughed up.

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Occupy Burlington Fatal Shooting


I’ve been having a great deal of fun at the expense of the Occupods, but the following story is not at all amusing.  What we do know is that 35 year-old male died of a gunshot wound.  Here is more from FOX News…

BURLINGTON, Vt. –  A 35-year-old man died Thursday from a gunshot wound sustained at the “Occupy Burlington” encampment, but the circumstances surrounding the shooting were unclear, the Burlington Free Press reported.

Several protesters and a camp organizer said they believe the man shot himself, according to the Free Press and WPTZ-TV.

It’s sad that there have been at least two deaths at occupy sites.  I only ask how many more will occur?  It strikes me that these encampments number in the hundreds at many sites, and already, there have been deaths.  I wonder how that compares to the rest of the population?

I’m going to follow this story, as I think that there will be additional questions.


Klingon Fired from Suicide Prevention Hotline


Gor Khan, a 37 year old Klingon working at a local suicide prevention hotline has been fired after it was discovered that his “call disposition” actually led to suicides.

“I blame myself for hiring him” said supervisor Greg Hughes.  “He seemed like he really wanted to help.  But the poor guy just didn’t have the right bedside manner, so to speak.”

After being hired, Khan underwent the mandatory one-day training where he  learned how to deal with potential suicides and then was given a cubicle to begin work.

“The trouble began with his first call” said Hughes.  A transcript of that call has been provided to this reporter:

Khan:  Suicide prevention hotline.  How may I assist you?

Caller:  Hello.  I’m really confused and frightened.  I lost my job and my wife left me.  I have nothing to live for.

Khan:  Today is a good day to die!

Caller:  What?

Khan: You Regulan bloodworm.  You have no honor.

“I cut him some slack.  I figured it was his first call and maybe he just needed to some more practice.  So I took him out to lunch and gave him a pep talk.”

However Khan’s second call revealed that the pep talk did not work.

Khan:  Suicide prevention hotline.  How may I assist you?

Caller:  I’m going to end it all man.  Don’t try to talk me out of it. I have a gun and I’m going to do it!

Khan:  You miserable petaQ!   Your mother has a smooth forehead.

Caller:  I…what?  Seriously don’t try to stop me I’m going to end it all.

Khan:  Go ahead.  If you cannot do it yourself you miserable spineless human I’ll get my bat’leth and finish the job. [Sound of gunshot is heard on tape]

After the second call Khan was escorted out of the building by security.

“It’s a shame” said Hughes. “I really thought he’d work out.  He seemed empathetic and he was a wizard at using Excel spreadsheets.”

As for Khan, he landed on his feet and immediately acquired a job working the Help Desk at a local television station.

Anchor:  Hey, I’m going on the air in five minutes but I’ve forgotten my password.  Can you reset it for me?

Khan:  You incompetent To-pah!

Anchor:  What?  Hey, is that a bat’leth?  Oh my god no!

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