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Woman Assaults Teen With SUV: Who Needs an Assault SUV?

I think he time has come to have a national debate on assault SUV’s.  Take a look at the video… I have to ask, who needs a vehicle that big? Also, since this argument was over a parking space, shouldn’t there be a waiting period for parking space. After all, we have an obligation to protect people from things that they are too stupid to handle or themselves, right? H/T: Motor City Times

Longshoremen Thugs Edit Video to Hide Their Own Thug Activites

union thug

According to the Left-Wing Institute for Civil Discourse, the ILWU (Longshoremen Union), had posted a video showing a SUV hitting a poor, defenseless, union member. Here is that video… Obviously, the driver of the SUV was some deranged Tea Party member, under the control of Sarah Palin’s bulls eye electoral map, right? Well, probably not.  You see, the union thugs edited the video heavily, and removed the audio.  Why? you might ask?  The answer is found right in the unedited footage… As you can see, the union goons jumped in front of the SUV, and others were hitting the vehicle with their signs.  Also note […]