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Sweden Declares War…on Playtime

Did the Burgermeister Meisterburger, seen here in this undated file photo,take over Sweden?  It would appear so, considering the whacky Cultural Marxism taking place there.  For a bit more, take a look at this from the American Enterprise Institute… But subterfuge and propaganda appear to be the order of the day in Sweden. In their efforts to free children from the constraints of gender, the Swedish reformers are imposing their own set of inviolate rules, standards, and taboos. Here is how Slate author Nathalie Rothchild describes a gender-neutral classroom: One Swedish school got rid of its toy cars because boys “gender-coded” them and ascribed the cars […]

More Reasons to Avoid Socialized Medicine

Over the last two-plus years, I’ve been writing about socialized medicine, and why we should avoid it like the plague.  Here are some more reasons from Sweden… A man from Nyköping in eastern Sweden has been denied a power wheelchair despite having had both of his legs amputated as the local health authority remained “uncertain if the impairment was permanent”. Now, I’ve never been to Sweden, but to my knowledge, Swedes are just like the rest of us in that they do not regenerate limbs! The man had his legs amputated after a long struggle with diabetes, but despite being unable get […]