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US Military Tells Troops Not to Criticize Pedophilia, or Advocate for Women’s Rights? Tammies Are Silent

This is the tale of a story, and an non-story that is part of the story.  Recently, the US Military released proposed guides for troops suggesting that part of not being tolerant of Islam involves criticizing pedophilia, and supporting the rights of women.  That’s right, criticizing pedophilia and supporting the rights of women is apparently intolerant!  Cain TV has more… According to the proposed manual: “Many of the confrontations occur because of [coalition] ignorance of, or lack of empathy for, Muslim and/or Afghan cultural norms, resulting in a violent reaction from the [Afghan security force] member” This sort of “when in Rome” mindset might not be so […]

Taliban Execute Fozzie Bear!

Tragic news out of Afghanistan.  Fozzie Bear, well-known comic and best friend of show biz entrepreneur Kermit the Frog was executed by the Taliban while on a good-will tour of the country. Mr. Bear was captured while doing a stand-up performance in the Shinwari district of Parwan Province, in central Afghanistan, less than a two-hour drive from Kabul.  Sources report that he had just uttered his trademark “Wocka Wocka” line when several masked Taliban fighters climbed up on stage and grabbed him.  Bear was heard to say, “Are you guys with the USO?  Is this about my fee?”as he was rushed off […]

Pakistan's Main Spy Agency Still Supports Taliban

Forgive the rapid fire Afghanistan, Taliban, Pakistan blogs but things happen so fast in our world it is hard to keep up. My article on Karzai and this one on the ISI should help you to see that it is naive to think we can make any real difference in these countries. If the Pakistanis are training the Taliban and we are sending billions to Pakistan, aren’t we in fact paying people to strengthen our enemies? Read this excerpt from the London School of economics: “A panel commissioned by Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) is recommending nearly $1 trillion in cuts […]

Obama Duped! Karzai to join Taliban!

Behind Karzai is a long history of corruption and deceit. His brother is the Opium king of Afghanistan and Karzai’s honesty and allegiance have always been in question. Instead of the Obama administration recognizing their ally was the devil they instead put all their faith that this Satan would eliminate corruption. It would appear that foreign policy experience would be a good quality in a president; particularly when that president thinks he can win a war without bullets. Moreover, Karzai signaled that he was upset with the Obama Administration just months ago after Barry met with him personally and hurt […]

Obama's "Chief" Problem

One can only speculate why Obama chose West Point to as his podium for his Afghanistan speech. Perhaps he thought it would give him that “Commander in Chief” look. The cadets didn’t seem to see him all that chiefly. Then again why would they. The military have laid everything on the line; a line which seems to move with the whims of Washington. Barak has blamed, delayed, and all but talked the war issue to death. What he did not do in the past months nor again last evening was instill confidence that he can be “Chief”. A brief look […]