Greatest Hits: Who are the Parents, and who are the Children?


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Who are the Parents, and who are the Children? I asked this question in 2009, and I think the regressives continue to prove my conclusion every day.

I’m certain that I’m not the only person that has noticed that the liberals tend to act like petulant children when they “don’t get their way.”  One has to look no further than the recent happenings in the Wisconsin State Legislature to see how far we have fallen.

So what’s going on?  Why has does the left descend into tantrums when reality intervenes and ruins their plans?   Why do they deny others the right to speak by shouting them down?  Why do so many adults abandon reason and self-control when life throws a wrench into their works?  What happened to the work ethic?   Why do so many people think, or DEMAND, that the taxpayer provide for them?  Why do they resort to violence when their demands are not met?  These are all questions we have asked.  I would like to offer an explanation.

For those of you that have children, or work with children, have you ever tried to talk to a tantruming child?  Have you ever talked to a teen that thinks they know everything, and facts and reason simply don’t enter into their thinking?  Have you ever tried to debate a liberal?  Are you seeing the connection?  That’s where we are, in my opinion.  We are dealing with people that haven’t grown up yet, or never will.  How else might you explain that liberal protests often end in vandalism, rioting, and abuse of others?  I mean, I’ve never seen Conservatives so angry as there are now, but they have rallies and clean up after themselves, often leaving the area cleaner than how they found it.  They do not engage in violence, or vandalism.  I can’t imagine that happening at a rent-a-mob protest, say, at the G20 or OWS.  What’s the difference?

When a child is told “no” they have a number of options on how to react; they might pitch a fit, they might cooperate and get over it, or they may sulk and become passive aggressive, among others.  If the child pitches a fit, and it succeeds in achieving their goal, they will continue using this response until life intervenes and makes that behavior ineffective or unprofitable for them.  Doesn’t their reactions to losing a vote, or demanding a result, look like temper tantrums?  Also, if organizations, governments, or individuals “cave in” when the liberals whine, threaten, and protest; you might suspect that they’ll do it again.  After all, it worked all those other times!

You can apply this to economics as well.  Think of the teen that badgers their parents for an extra twenty bucks to go to a movie, or the kid that expects that mommy or daddy should pay for their 20,000 text messages.  They haven’t earned anything-they have no concept of the value of the labor that earned that sum.  Doesn’t that sound like a microcosm of liberal fiscal policy?  Daddy’s “magic wallet” becomes the “magic treasury,” where money appears as if from nowhere and is in limitless supply.  “Who cares where it comes from, as long as I get mine!” The more I looked at it, the comparison become clear.

Let’s take a look at the media.  How many times were the Tea Party crowds referred to in an insulting manner?  I don’t mean using simple humor or an occasional joke either.  It was brutal and persistent.  Now, remember back to Junior High.  How did kids treat each other there?  Any similarities?   It wasn’t about making a joke that everyone could appreciate, it was meant to destroy the target.   Then, for Tea Parties round two, the media went back to ignoring or “shunning” the thousands that showed up to protest around the country.  To me, that was kind of like the tween version of …”Let’s ignore that group over there because we don’t like them.”

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Social policy ends up being a similar scenario.  Liberals want to “normalize” all sorts of behaviors so they can do what they want.   They are ruled by their passions and wants, not by ideology.  Many times, I think they are little more than walking “Ids,” with no rudder or hindsight-even in the face of negative consequences and failure.  As long as they can do as they please, they are not deterred by negative consequences.  In fact, they demand that we fund or discover a means to negate those consequences.  Forget that the negative consequences could be avoided easily by not engaging in the behavior-that won’t do.  They want to have their cake, and gorge on it too, all at our expense.

And it doesn’t stop at being amoral.  When the liberals lose a vote, or discover that some people disagree with them, they don’t try to figure out what went wrong, or try to get their message out.  They threaten, intimidate, try to get people fired from their jobs, disrupt church services, and so on.  If a majority of the people disagrees with them, they ignore that fact and attack, just like the tantuming child.  In the end, and there are many more examples, much of the liberal social agenda is about removing restraints on behavior.  It isn’t because of freedom or rights, it’s about “this is what I want to do.”

I have a very hard time relating to liberals.  I now realize that there is a reason for that, and it’s not always ideological.  Conservatives are the parents that say “no,” and try to set reasonable limits.  Liberals are the children that throw tantrums when they don’t get what they want.  Having self-restraint is an alien concept to many of them, as a large number of them are ruled by their passions and emotions.  Reason and logic aren’t often apparent to them.  They also can’t delay their gratification, so they want the “fix” from the government.  Sometimes, it’s because they want “revenge” on the people that have self control, and as a consequence, are more successful they they are.  I’ve talked to many liberals that take a lot of pleasure from the fact that the Obama’s policies will “ruin” people.  Others have worked harder than they have, or have simply succeeded to a greater degree.  Instead of looking at this as an opportunity to learn, they seek to punish the more successful person to make themselves feel better.  At any rate, they want what they want, and they want it now, and we’re in the way.  Since so many of them are arrested in their own development, they act accordingly.

This is why we can’t understand them, and they can’t understand us.   To them, we are the other kids that “aren’t popular.”  So, they treat us as if we were other kids, using the same tactics that children use to get what they want.  They name call, bully, “spread rumors,” ostracize…any behavior that a middle school sees on a daily basis.  We attempt to approach them as adults, with facts and information.  This invariably fails.  We aren’t even on the same wavelength.  I would compare it to having conversation with a dozen feral cats…painful, and with no hope of a constructive solution.

In past decades, we could debate-we were peers.  They had other ideas, and they passionately and honestly presented them.  Now, they are not like us.  They lie, deceive, intimidate, threaten, and manipulate.  There can no longer be a debate about ideas, as the other side wants power, and their ideas shift to exploit the current crisis.  They’re for democracy, until they lose.  They’re for “civil discourse” until it is time to threaten or discredit an opponent.  They claim to represent the poor, but their policies keep the poor in poverty.  They claim to be for the little man, but they discard the little man when he gets in their way.  It is a complete lack of fundamental principals that separate us.  We have them; they do not.

I also believe that this is why liberals make such effective useful idiots.  They are promised all sorts of  benefits by their benefactors.  They are promised security, less work, the “freedom” (license) to do what their heart desires, less responsibility, all sorts of benefits, and other nonsense.  They then go out and act as the thugs and goons of the liberal movement.  Little do they know that they are pawns and will be caught up in the tyranny with the rest of us, but then again, most of them aren’t able to look that far into the future.

Perhaps this will help us understand liberals.  It won’t change their behavior, but it might help us deal with them.


Greatest Hits: Some Brief Thoughts on the Nature of Ideological Warfare


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Some Brief Thoughts on the Nature of Ideological Warfare:  I was proud that several people used this post as literature to hand out at Tea Party Rallies.

Remember this quote from Michelle Obama?

“Barack Obama will require you to work. He is going to demand that you shed your cynicism. That you put down your divisions. That you come out of your isolation, that you move out of your comfort zone . . . Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual – uninvolved, uninformed.”

She was far more prophetic than she will ever know.

Since Obama’s election, millions of Americans have become more informed, and more involved.  The Tea Party movement has galvanized millions in calling for smaller, more responsible government.  We are reading more and more, and in many cases, writing extensively and otherwise exchanging information.  We are in the process of returning the GOP to its roots.  We are engaging in nothing less than a peaceful ideological revolt against the left-and we’re meeting with some success.

These are all encouraging signs.  However, we must realize one thing:  enlisting in this “army” is a lifetime commitment.  This isn’t like WWI, or WWII.  There will be no definitive capitulation.  There will be no surrender ceremony, after which we get go home to the old status quo.  Our adversaries will never give up.  They may be defeated, or delayed, but they will go to ground; hiding within the bureaucracies, universities, and other institutions.  They will continue to indoctrinate youth.  They will continue to spin lies and propaganda.  They will continue to divide and exploit by race, economics, gender, or religion.  And, when they see the opportunity, they will strike out at freedom via regulation, legislation, and legal decisions.  Failing that, they will resort to thuggery and violence.

We are locked in nothing less than a fight with evil.  It is evil to kill the unborn.  It is evil to legislate evil into good, and good into evil.  It is evil to steal from one, and give to another in order to secure the “other’s” loyalty.  It is evil to flaunt our existing laws, and create new ones to make criminals out of good people.   It is evil to indoctrinate children into falsehoods, while failing to educate them to think independently.  It’ ia evil to intimidate others into silence.  And, it is  evil to justify and attempt to legalize pedophilia.  But, that is what we are seeing.  Not only are our enemies not going to stop, they’re going to sink lower and lower.

Evil will never stop, or surrender.  For them, peace will only come when we are either silenced or dead.  There is no compromise with evil.  There are no treaties with darkness.  If they cease firing, it’s only to regroup and repackage their lies and deceptions.   Then, they will be back; telling even greater lies, and causing even more deception.  There is no negotiation with evil-they’re committed to our destruction.  So, constant vigilance is needed to stem the tide.

We look to be victorious in November.  We might win again in 2016.  Even if we are more successful than our wildest dreams, we will still be needed.  The candidates that we support will need our help, and our guidance, should they stray.  We will need to take to the streets when needed.  We will need to counter the left’s propaganda, as well as discuss the news and ideas that the MSM refuses to cover.

The lies of the left wither in the daylight of the truth.  Let’s shine that light.

Have you enlisted?


Straw Poll: Sarah – 79%, Hillary – 7%


Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

Hat/Tip to Lance Thate at

Of course this is a very unscientific poll, but it makes you wonder what a head-to-head match up between the two of them would be like, huh?

Hillary Decimated by Palin in Today’s Poll

The media and party polls continue to play each other off with this candidate or that one being beaten by Hillary. When another candidate beats Hillary, there is the proverbial declaration of “within the margin of error too close to call”. This is a never ending theme to fill airtime. The Town Criers ask you to consider their random poll. The Town Criers are a Committee of the St. Augustine Tea Party and have been conducting polls and interacting with the national audience in historic St. Augustine for over four years. []

saint augustine floride tea party 2015
St. Augustine, Florida 2015


The poll taken April 18, 2015 is actually the second time the Criers pursued this question, “Who would you vote for Sarah Palin or Hillary Clinton?” On January 31, 2015, the Criers first asked the question. The purpose was to gauge the effectiveness of the media’s distortion and ridicule of Sarah Palin, and to test the effectiveness of the rejection of Sarah Palin by both political parties. The results of that poll were: 74% Palin, 6% Clinton and 20% neither.

Now that Hillary Clinton has announced her candidacy for president, the question was asked again. The reader should bear in mind that this is not an opinion poll strictly from St. Augustine residents. Very few people on St. George Street, on any one day are from the city. St. George Street is populated by people from every state in the union, and many countries of the world. The poll was random and face-to-face. Only American citizens of voting age were allowed to participate.

  1. Palin Wins Hands Down: The final results of today’s poll are:
    Palin 79%
  2. Neither 14%
  3. Clinton 7%





Comedian Louis CK Apologizes To Sarah Palin: Fear And The Far Left


 photo sarahpaliniowafreedomsummitjan242015_zpsdb59db79.jpg

In 2010 comedian Louis CK took it upon himself to publish some pretty nasty, and some would say vile tweets about Tea Party favorite, Sarah Palin. Five years later he meets her at the 40th Anniversary of Saturday Night Live and no one could have predicted the results.

Actually, she approached him. She didn’t do so to take him to task over his past verbal attacks, but to simply tell him that she thought he was funny and admired his work.

“I’ve never in a million years apologized for anything I’ve said,” C.K. told Howard Stern in a recent interview. But this time, he said, “Something came over me emotionally.” Palin was the one who approached C.K. to tell him she thought he was funny — and that’s when he decided to say sorry for the Twitter rant. – Source

And of course, every chance he gets Chris Matthews is on MSLSD running down Sarah Palin, over and over again. Will the left never learn? The more they run her down, the higher her popularity rises. He said she was an “empty vessel” with “nothing going on mentally.” This from the same person who said he forgot Obama was black after the SOTU speech and also during the campaign said that when he was around Obama, he got a thrill running up his leg.

What is fear, and why does it affect us so? The process of creating fear starts with a scary stimulus and ends with the fight-or-flight response. It can cause us to run, to fight, to freeze or create other mystifying responses. So exactly what is this powerful emotion that can consume us for brief periods of time?

To quote Brian Maxwell, from his ezine article, “What is Fear?” he says: “The medical definition of fear is a chain reaction in the brain that starts with stressful stimulus and ends with the release of chemicals that cause a racing heart, fast breathing and energized muscles, among other things, also known as the fight or flight response.” That stimulus could be anything; an evil looking bug, a spider, a gun pointed at you, or Sarah Palin resigning from her position as Governor of Alaska.

Of course Mr. Maxwell didn’t put that part about Sarah Palin in his article. I added it to illustrate how the left views Ms. Palin and what she represents to them. Why is it that she strikes fear into the left? What is it about the former Vice Presidential candidate that bothers the left so much? She represents something they do not like. That is evidenced in the 20 different ethics charges that were brought against her; each one beaten in the court of law at considerable tax payer expense. Let’s examine what she has accomplished and maybe that will give us the answer we are looking for.

In her role as Mayor of Wasilla, she made her political name first known. Now Wasilla, with around 10,000 residents as of 2007, is the fifth largest city in Alaska and is located in the south central part of the state. Upon winning the mayoral race in 1998, Sarah set to work. She reduced her own salary by 10%, consolidated some city departments and created the position of city administrator. An interesting note that shines a light on the type of leadership Sarah Palin provides is that she kept a jar on her desk with all the names of the residents of Wasilla in it and once a week, she would randomly choose a name, call that person and elicit their thoughts on how the town was doing. I think that we need more mayors like this in America with this kind of dedication, no matter their political party. That is real government accountability and transparency.

She cut property taxes by a whopping 75% by using a 2% sales tax increase that was enacted before she took office. She also eliminated business inventory and personal property taxes. She made improvements to city streets and sewers using municipal bonds and increased Police Department funding. When Sarah ran for re-election against the man she beat to win her first term, she got 75% of the vote. The Boston Globe ran a story that quoted a local business owner who credited Sarah with making the town “more of a community … It’s no longer a little strip town that you can blow through in a heartbeat.”

And all this was only as mayor of a small town and only her first term. One can begin to see why the left fears Sarah Palin. Her second term as Mayor of Wasilla was also successful, seeing her bring to fruition the Wasilla Multi-Use Sports Complex. An eminent domain issue had to be dealt with; however, it was built on time and under budget and for only a half percent sales tax increase. Due to term limits, she was limited to running for only two consecutive terms as Mayor of Wasilla. So she set her sights on the state capitol.

After an unsuccessful run for Lieutenant Governor in 2002, she chaired the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission as Ethics Supervisor. She resigned in 2004 citing unethical practices by her Republican colleagues. She filed charges against them and essentially cleaned house.

In 2006 Sarah ran and won the state Gubernatorial Seat. During her tenure she doubled state revenues. Yes, you read that right; she DOUBLED state revenues to $10 billion. And that is without a state sales tax or a state income tax. She ran on a platform of clean government and delivered, even selling a state owned business jet for $2.1 million dollars.

Yes, it is easy to see why the left fears Sarah Palin. She is the quintessential conservative candidate. And now that she has left office, there are many questions as to why she did so.

  • Money? The speaking circuit can be quite profitable, as everyone knows.
  • Power? Well, giving up the top position in a state is not quite doing that.
  • The ever-popular “run for President?” Who knows, and more importantly, who cares? It is ultimately up to Sarah to reveal that to the American public in her own good time.

But, regardless of what one thinks of her – neither she, nor anyone else could effectively build a campaign for President from the great state of Alaska. It is just too geographically removed from the mainland. Add to the fact, now that she is a civilian, the muckrakers who want to press made up ethics charges against her now have to pony up their own money, and one can see why she did what she did. It was a smart move for more than one reason.

She is intelligent, holds traditional conservative views, is pleasing to the eye and has a presence on the stage or behind the podium as the case may be that we have not seen in this nation since Ronald Reagan. That being said, I think the reason she came off less than stellar during the campaign is twofold.

  1. The mainstream media gave her a very rough time. Waiting like vultures to pick on each and every word she misspoke. For example, she told a grade schooler, I think the child was 8 years old, a very simplified version of what the Vice President does. The media took that and ran with it, saying she didn’t even know what her job would be if McCain won. On the other hand, Obama said he had been to “all 57 states.” The media was strangely silent on that. Imagine if you will that Palin had made that faux-pas. It has been said that she was picked from relative obscurity and thrust into the limelight. A difficult proposition no matter which side of the aisle you sit on. Due to McCain waiting so long, she basically had to hit the ground running.
  2. First hand accounts at the McCain rallies testified to the political star power that Palin wields. McCain’s rallies swelled in number and he was quoted as saying, “The response to her has been overwhelming, it’s been incredible. She’s ignited America.” I believe that McCain’s handlers actually became wary of that, and therefore they joined in the left’s efforts to malign her. To his detriment, McCain did not put a stop to it as he should have. It would have made him look like a leader and actually, I think, scored points with the GOP base.

The left is still maligning Sarah Palin and this only proves that she is a person that they fear. Saleem Rana said in his ezine article, “How Fear Inhibits Self-Expression and Personal Growth” that “Fear left unchecked can lead to all kinds of neurosis and inhibitions.” And that “the reaction to fear is so extreme that something is actually created to fear.”

The left is in danger of pushing their hatred of Sarah Palin too far. Because to go back to the fear article I cited at the beginning of this essay, the left needs to remember the Law of Attraction, which states that “Excessive focus on a feared event will attract to us exactly the event which we fear.” In other words: what we focus on we create. So keep it up, far left. You are helping to forge if not a great conservative Presidential candidate, then surely a great conservative voice.


Five Reactions To The Announcement That Ted Cruz Will Campaign For The Republican Presidential Nomination

Senator Ted Cruz R-TX
Senator Ted Cruz R-TX, has announced that he is seeking the GOP nomination for President of the United States

Hat/Tip to Doug Ross @ Journal.

Whether you’re a Ted Cruz fan or not, this is an excellent piece from over at Doug Ross Journal.

Honestly, I’m sick and tired of the establishment (both the Democrat-Media Complex and the old, bloated, sputtering GOP crony capitalists) telling us who our candidates should be. I support Ted Cruz for President.

Steve Deace:

Traditionally if you want to win the GOP nomination you have to be one of the three tickets punched out of Iowa, and there is no doubt Ted Cruz is a serious threat to be one of those three. He has the broadest appeal of all the conservative candidates, appealing to Iowa’s evangelicals, tea partiers, and liberty faction without changing anything about who he is. He’s arguably the best soldier the conservative cause has had in recent memory. If he can evolve from soldier to general, and cast the bold vision required of a president, he will be a very formidable candidate.

Tea Party Nation:

The consultant playbook says that a Presidential candidate must hint around for months. That candidate must at first deny that but be “persuaded.” There must be the obligatory leaks about the candidate’s family and friends trying to talk them into the run. This playbook also says avoid controversial issues, run a tofu campaign, devoid of content and don’t go after areas that are Democrat strongholds. Just spend millions on consultants and let them waste millions on advertising that doesn’t work and computer programs that fail. Oh and don’t complain when the consultants make millions off the campaign and the candidate loses.

Ted Cruz represents the only hope the Republican Party has.

Ted Cruz is right on almost all of the issues. But Cruz by coming right out and announcing he is running is setting the tone. He is willing to throw out the consultant playbook… Ted Cruz is a great candidate who will be a great President. I have endorsed Ted Cruz as has Tea Party Nation.

This is going to be a great election cycle. Conservatives are always looking for the next Ronald Reagan.

We’ve found him. His name is Ted Cruz.

Gov. Gerry (Moonbeam) Brown of Mexifornia:

Over 90% of the scientists that deal with climate are absolutely convinced that the human activity, the industrial activity, the generation of CO2, methane, oxides of nitrogen, all the rest of those greenhouse gases are building up in the atmosphere, they’re heat-trapping and they’re causing not just warmth [and] drought in California, but severe storms and cold in the East Coast. So it’s climate disruption of many different kinds. And that man [Cruz] betokens such a level of ignorance and a direct falsification of the existing scientific data. It’s shocking, and I think that man has rendered himself absolutely unfit to be running for office.

Ben Ray, spokesman for the Democratic opposition research organization:

Ted Cruz has been running the Republican Party for years, driving extreme policies that put Tea Party politics ahead of middle class families… [his] run for President will do exactly what he’s done in the Senate: bring out the Tea Partier in every last Republican candidate.


Cruz’s advisors say he will aim to raise between $40 million and $50 million for his campaign, and will rely on support from his conservative and libertarian tea party base that voted him in as senator in 2012.

Cruz, 44, has considerable appeal among the Republican Party’s base of conservative voters.

Following his election to the Senate in 2012, the former Texas solicitor general quickly established himself as an uncompromising conservative willing to take on Democrats and Republicans alike. Criticized by members of his own party at times, he won praise from tea party activists for leading the GOP’s push to shut the federal government during an unsuccessful bid to block money for President Barack Obama’s health care law.

One of the nation’s top college debaters while a student at Princeton University, Cruz continues to be a leading voice for the law’s repeal. He also promises to abolish the Internal Revenue Service, scrap the Education Department and curtail federal regulators, likening them to locusts.


Ted Cruz's Team 2016

Oh, and any of you Cruz Birthers out there can go pound sand.





Boehner: House Will Fund Homeland Security, Block Obama On Executive Amnesty

Speaker of the House, John Boehner, (R-OH)
Speaker of the House, John Boehner, (R-OH)

Hat/Tip to Newsmax.

While this is early and nothing more than a public statement (words, not actions), embattled Speaker of the House John Boehner is starting to sound like he may have taken the challenge from the right to his Speakership a bit more serious than previously thought.

The U.S. House of Representatives will vote to fully fund the Department of Homeland Security this week while blocking President Barack Obama’s actions on immigration, House Speaker John Boehner said on Tuesday.

The $39.7 billion spending bill was expected to pass by Wednesday, when House Republicans leave Washington for a two-day policy retreat in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Now whether the President will sign it, or if it will even survive the Senate is another question.

But its fate in the Senate was uncertain, and it may draw a White House veto.

Republican lawmakers leaving a closed-door strategy meeting on Tuesday said the House would seek to pass amendments to the core funding bill to deny money to implement Obama’s November executive order lifting the threat of deportation to millions of undocumented immigrants. Republicans claim the order is illegal.

Boehner, however, declined to say whether he would bring a “clean” DHS funding bill to the floor if the newly Republican-controlled Senate fails to pass the House measure or if Obama vetoes it over immigration-related provisions.

At least it looks as if the GOP led House is going to offer challenges to Obama’s agenda.

Republicans also plan an amendment aimed at reversing Obama’s 2012 initiative deferring action against immigrants brought into the United States illegally as children. If passed, it could put hundreds of thousands of people at risk of deportation.

But let’s wait until they prove themselves, I mean we’ve heard all the lip service before about how the lawmakers plan to fight Obama tooth and nail on something, only to hear Congress whine about how “it’s the law of the land, now.”

Read the full story here.





Boehner Begins to Move Against Re-election Opponents


 photo madboehner_zps480af78b.jpg

Hat/Tip to Elliot Jager at Newsmax.

Hell hath no fury like a Speaker scorned…

Newly re-elected House Speaker John Boehner is taking off the gloves. Some of the 25 Republican insurgents who opposed his re-election on the grounds that he is insufficiently conservative will find themselves locked out of desirable committee appointments or face other retribution, Politico reported.

Now that he is back for a third terms in the speaker’s chair, Boehner and his team say they can count on a 220-member majority out of the 435-member House to follow the leadership’s cue.

The reckoning came straight away for Florida Reps. Daniel Webster, who ran against Boehner, and Rich Nugent, who backed him. Both lost their slots on the powerful Rules Committee.

Webster was upbeat about the slap. “It’s not like it’s punishment being taken off the Rules Committee,” Roll Call quoted him as saying. “A lot of people would say it’s actually a relief.”

Boehner is steadily working to minimize the power that the Tea Party candidates wield.

The Boehner camp took the view that “these fringe guys” are no longer key to a Republican majority. A GOP source told Politico, “We can let them walk on certain bills, and it just won’t matter. That gives us breathing room.”

Boehner is expected to take a comparatively harder line against Republican rebels than he did in the 113th Congress. That could spell trouble for, among others, Marlin Stutzman of Indiana, Virginia’s Scott Rigell, and Mark Meadows of North Carolina. Payback against these and other lawmakers who tried to topple Boehner could yet come down the line, according to Politico.

Boehner supporters were taken aback by the number of votes against him, because they had initially expected only eight or nine no-votes, not 25. Opponents had sought to cobble together 28 votes for anybody-but-Boehner — a number they surmised would embarrass him into pulling out of the race.

Read the full story here.


Boehner Re-Elected Speaker Despite 25 Republicans Voting Against Him: Boehner Immediately Seeks Revenge

Speaker of the House, John Boehner, (R-OH)
Once Again – Speaker of the House, John Boehner, (R-OH)

Hat/Tip to CNSNews.comMark LevinPolitico and The Washington Post.

Despite the fact that over two dozen House Republicans voted present or for someone else, John Boehner retained his Speakership today.

The House has re-elected John Boehner to be speaker in the new Republican-led Congress, despite opposition by tea party lawmakers that underscored party divisions.

The Ohio Republican garnered the votes of 216 GOP lawmakers as Congress convened Tuesday. That was enough for him to win a third two-year term leading the House.

But in an embarrassing slap, 25 Republicans voted for other candidates or voted present. They consider Boehner to be too accommodating and not conservative enough.

Their repudiation of Boehner was an awkward display of GOP schisms at a time when party leaders want to show voters that they can govern effectively. They want to show they won’t be forced by tea party legislators into unwinnable, unpopular showdowns with President Barack Obama.

As soon as the votes were cast, and he retained his Speakership, Boehner and his cronies set about seeking revenge.

…25 true Conservatives dared to stand up and encourage their colleagues to deny John Boehner a first round positive vote for Speaker of the House. Dozens of other conservatives didn’t have the guts to stand up. Boehner is now more angry at those who voted against him than angry at President Obama for his unconstitutional acts. Hours after Boehner was elected his allies were already out for revenge, ousting some from their committee posts.


After he secured his third term as speaker Tuesday afternoon, losing 25 votes on the House floor to some relative-unknown members of the Republican Conference, Boehner moved swiftly to boot two of the insurgents from the influential Rules Committee. That could be just the start of payback for the speaker’s betrayers, who might see subcommittee chairmanships and other perks fall away in the coming months.

So this is what has come to Ladies and Gentlemen. Back room deals, slaps on the back between cronies and using the political process to damage your enemies – both real and perceived.

This is why America is fed up with both parties and tired of the same old Washington bullshit.

Here is the list of House members who voted against Boehner or voted Present:

  1. Rep. Justin Amash (Mich.) — Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio)
  2. Rep. Brian Babin (Tex.) — “present”
  3. Rep. Rod Blum (Iowa) — Rep. Dan Webster (R-Fla.)
  4. Rep. Dave Brat (Va.) — Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.)
  5. Rep. Jim Bridenstine (Okla.) — Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Tex.)
  6. Rep. Curt Clawson (Fla.) — Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.)
  7. Rep. Scott DesJarlais (Tenn.) — Jordan
  8. Duncan — Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.)
  9. Rep. Scott Garrett (N.J.) — Webster
  10. Rep. Chris Gibson (N.Y.) — House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.)
  11. Rep. Paul Gosar (Ariz.) — Webster
  12. Gohmert — Gohmert
  13. Rep. Tim Huelskamp (Kan.) — Webster
  14. Rep. Walter Jones (N.C.) — Webster
  15. Rep. Steve King — Webster
  16. Rep. Tom Massie (Ky.) — Rep. Ted Yoho (R-Fla.)
  17. Rep. Mark Meadows (N.C.) — Webster
  18. Rep. Rich Nugent (Fla.) — Webster
  19. Rep. Gary Palmer (Ala.) — Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.)
  20. Rep. Bill Posey (Fla.) — Webster
  21. Rep. Scott Rigell (Va.) — Webster
  22. Rep. Marlin Stutzman (Ind.) — Webster
  23. Rep. Randy Weber (Tex.) — Gohmert
  24. Webster — Webster
  25. Yoho — Yoho

Vote totals:

  1. Webster: 12
  2. Gohmert: 3
  3. Yoho: 2
  4. Jordan: 2
  5. Others/”present”: 6





More GOP House Members Rebelling Against Boehner As Speaker


 photo sadboehner_zpsc934b481.jpg

Hat/Tip to Matthew Boyle at Breitbart.

Does this mean Boehner’s days as Obama’s GOP errand boy are numbered?

We can only hope so.

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) issued a statement on Saturday detailing why he’s going to vote against House Speaker John Boehner’s re-election on Tuesday.

Massie, who’s entering his second term as a member from Kentucky, now becomes the second Republican House member announcing the coming rebellion against Boehner.

Massie joins Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-OK) in the fight for fresh leadership, and in his statement he detailed how Boehner and his leadership actually have misled members of the House GOP conference.

“For years I watched Washington from afar and suspected that something was broken. Why is it that so many people approve of their congressman, yet they consistently disapprove of Congress? During my first two years as a congressman I discovered a significant source of the dysfunction,” Massie said, before detailing several bad things that he “watched the House Leadership” do.

The list Massie reported focused mostly on Boehner’s work on the so-called “CRomnibus” $1.1 trillion spending bill.

john boehner generous with taxpayer moneyBoehner’s actions last month in passing everything Obama wanted have evidently been too much for House members to swallow.

Massie said that Boehner “schedule[d] a fiscal crisis in a lame duck session on the last legislative day before Christmas to get maximum leverage over rank and file members” and then worked to “mislead members into thinking that a vote on an unpopular bill was postponed, only to then conduct a rushed voice vote on the $10 billion unfunded spending measure with fewer than a dozen members present.”

Boehner also made sure to “give members less than 72 hours to read bills over 1,000 pages long, and,” Massie said, has proven he will “remove members from committees simply because they voted for the principles upon which they campaigned.”

“With a process this broken, is it any wonder that Washington no longer works for the people?” Massie said. “My constituents expect better, and America deserves better. On January 6th, 2015, I will vote for a new Speaker who will consistently articulate a constitutional vision for America and facilitate an inclusive and orderly legislative process that allows Congress to truly reflect the will of the people.”

Read the full story here.





Rubio Moving Close To Decision On Presidential Run

Senator Marco Rubio, R-FL mulls possible 2016 Presidential run

Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers.

Things could get interesting between Rubio and Jeb Bush in the coming months.

Rubio is going to run. Update to a previous story.

Via Miami Herald

Sen. Marco Rubio says he’s moving closer to a decision on whether to seek the Republican presidential nomination, but he’s not there yet.

Rubio tells National Public Radio “this is not a gut decision.”

He also says in an interview broadcast Thursday that he doesn’t have a “date in mind or a time frame in mind” for making his decision, “but certainly soon.”

Rubio, a Florida conservative, says he has “tremendous respect” for former Gov. Jeb Bush, who already has announced formation of an exploratory committee. He says that if Bush gets into the race, “he’ll be a very credible candidate.”

He says the two know a lot of the same people, but adds that “it’s not unprecedented” for two people from the same state to run for president.






McCain Wages ‘All-Out War’ to Rid Arizona GOP of Tea Party


Image: McCain Wages 'All-Out War' to Rid Arizona GOP of Tea Party

Hat/Tip to Melanie Batley at Newsmax.

You know, it’s too bad he didn’t show this kinda backbone when he ran against Obama in 2008. Someone should have told him Obie was a Tea Partier…

Arizona GOP Sen. John McCain’s team is on a campaign to rid the Arizona Republican Party of tea party officials, replacing them with allies to the senator in advance of an expected bid for a sixth term in 2016.

According to Politico. which spoke to nearly a dozen sources, McCain’s team has been working with strategists and fundraisers across the country to undermine the standing of conservatives in his state who could pose a challenge to his political future.

“There’s been a huge organizational effort that I’ve never seen before,” Gordon James, an Arizona public relations executive and McCain ally, told Politico. “A lot of the party folks who were hostile to John McCain have been marginalized, and that’s a good thing.”

But McCain didn’t get first blood in this fight.

In January, members of the state committee lead by tea party supporters formally censured the 2008 GOP presidential nominee for not being conservative enough, particularly on the issues of immigration and the Affordable Care Act.

Since then, McCain’s team managed to oust the man who authored the censure resolution, Timothy Schwartz, who had been serving as a GOP legislative district chairman.

“It’s very clear what’s going on,” Schwartz told Politico, blaming his ouster on McCain. “Look, John McCain has prominence and money and influence and because of that he thinks he can ramrod us.”

Another outspoken detractor, A.J. LaFaro, has recently announced he will not seek re-election to his county Republican chairmanship. He told Politico that McCain was guilty of engaging in the equivalent of “ethnic cleansing.”

“For John McCain to have been so vindictive in his actions … It’s just amazing,” he said. “It’s been all-out war.”

And it looks like that censure is what has pissed the old war veteran off.

McCain’s former deputy campaign manager acknowledged that the censure has prompted action from McCain’s team.

“He was very unhappy with the censure and wanted to make sure it never happened again,” Mike Hellon told Politico.

Immediately following the censure vote, a group of top aides formed a super PAC, Arizona Grassroots Action, dedicated to spending money to elect more McCain allies to committee roles. It raised nearly $300,000 from longtime donors across the U.S., according to Politico.

The organization also proactively recruited candidates to take up precinct committee positions and spent money during the 2014 midterm elections on mailers and automated phone calls advertising the candidates.

The effort helped push outspoken conservatives to the sidelines.

And much like his “friend” Barack Obama, McCain is managing to stay “above the fray” on this.

McCain’s aides say he is not personally involved in the effort but pleased with the outcome.

“Sen. McCain has been a supporter of efforts to expand the party and to get more people involved,” Brian Rogers, a McCain spokesman, told Politico.

The 78-year old has not said whether he will seek re-election, but his spokesman told Politico he is “strongly leaning toward running again” and he would make a decision sometime next year.

“If Senator McCain seeks re-election in 2016, the groundwork laid in 2014 will be extremely helpful,” said Jon Seaton, a McCain aide, according to Politico, adding that he would be “running with the strong support of thousands of grassroots Arizonans.”

Read the full story here.




Must See Video: Tea Party Nation Founder – GOP Collapse Imminent


tea party flag

Hat/Tip to Sean Piccoli at Newsmax. had this to say about the demise of the Whig Party which was brought about, in part by the birth of the Republican Party:

Ultimately, however, the Whigs are best understood as an American major party trying to be many things to many men, ready to abandon one deeply held ‘conviction’ for another in the drive for political power. The party died not because its unique aura no longer appealed to voters but because it could not cope effectively or persuasively with what after the Compromise of 1850 became the great issue of American politics, the expansion of slavery.

Let’s take a look at that simple, yet honest statement and break it down, like Mark Levin might do.

Ultimately, however, the Whigs are best understood as an American major party trying to be many things to many men, ready to abandon one deeply held ‘conviction’ for another in the drive for political power.

Sound familiar? This idea is still alive and well within the GOP today. It’s been espoused by so-called Conservatives, Progressives and of course what we today call the RINOs.

  • “Our party is a big tent,” Atwater told reporters that day. “We can house many views on many issues.” – Lee Atwater, 1989
  • “…the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march toward a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.” – David Rockefeller, 1991
  • Politicians have to “understand that you have to have tolerance for all philosophical views. It’s a big tent,” Olympia Snowe, R-ME 2012
  • “At the appropriate time we’ll talk about all of these issues, while remembering that our party is a big tent party. We lose when we try to become exclusive to one particular set of issues.” – Jon Hunstman, Jr, 2011
  • “I think we have a big tent, and we can use moderates, conservatives, libertarians — we need ‘em all,” Senator Rand Paul, 2014

And ultimately, this “big tent” idea led to the downfall of the Whigs.

The party died not because its unique aura no longer appealed to voters but because it could not cope effectively or persuasively with what after the Compromise of 1850 became the great issue of American politics, the expansion of slavery.

In other words, since they didn’t stand for any one thing, they fell.


Study up on your history there, GOP.

A leader of the conservative tea party movement, which has alternately energized and divided Republicans, told Newsmax TV on Tuesday that right now it’s the divisions that are becoming pronounced — and could result in a permanent rupture before the next presidential election.

Judson Phillips, founder of Tea Party Nation, told “MidPoint” host Ed Berliner that “instead of a huge Republican majority” beginning in the next Congress in January, “you’re going to see the GOP shattered in 2015, and we might see the GOP in 2016 go the way of the Whig Party in the 1850s.”

No, there isn’t a third party, viable and ready to take off, but if the GOP establishment keeps ignoring the base, then you’ll see it happen. Mr. Phillips agrees.

Phillips offered no proof that a mass exodus of conservatives toward a new third party is imminent, but said last week’s budget negotiations prove Republican leaders in Washington are already ignoring the conservatives who mobilized on Nov. 4 and helped the GOP to stunning victories.

The $1.1 trillion budget passed last week by the House and Senate, with Republican support, provides partial or full-year funding in 2015 for some of President Barack Obama’s top priorities, including the Affordable Care Act and an executive order allowing millions of illegal aliens to stay.

“What little the Republicans ran on this past year [in the midterm elections], one of the things was, ‘Oh, we’re going to stand up against Barack Obama and his [executive] amnesty [for illegals],'” said Phillips.

“Well what’s the first thing they did when they get back to Washington? They haul up [House Speaker] John Boehner’s freshly laundered white flag of surrender and give up,” he said.

And then the Karl Roves of the world try to say that it was a strategic move…

Yeaaahhhh, riiiight.

Phillips brushed aside the idea that Republicans strategically saved their powder for the next Congress, when they will control both chambers and enjoy more leverage over the White House.

“It is strategic, but not in the way you think,” Phillips said of the budget and its immigration provisions.

“This is the end game of the great Republican civil war that has been going on for years now, and this is the victory of the Chamber of Commerce wing of the Republican Party. So, in a lot of ways, this is very strategic.”

The only pushback to the budget and funding of amnesty came in the Senate, from Ted Cruz of Texas, Mike Lee of Utah and Jeff Sessions of Alabama, said Phillips, alluding to a floor challenge led by Cruz that delayed, but did not derail, Senate approval of the budget.

“These are the guys who are standing up for the principles that the Republicans at least allegedly believe — the key word there being ‘allegedly,'” said Phillips.





Tea Party Steps In To Help Riot-Racked Businesses Rebuild In #Ferguson: Media Silent



 photo stlouisteapartyhelpsfergusonbusinesseswhowereriotedandlooted_msmsilent_zpsfe5a8613.jpg
Photo courtesy of


Hat/Tip to Joe Saunders at BizPacReview.

Those racist Tea Partiers are at it again!! Just days after Ferguson, MO exploded into riots and looting, they had the audacity to march into that town and…

spend money in the stores that were managing to be open for business.

While liberals “leaders” were crowing for the cameras and pretending to pray, St. Louis conservatives were taking some positive steps toward actually helping the Ferguson community torn up by rioting. 

St. Louis Tea Party organized a “BUYcott” of businesses in Ferguson where some of the worst violence occurred.

It’s an idea that helps the people directly affected by the riots that followed the police shooting death of Michael Brown on Aug. 9, but it could also help change the media-generated image of the tea party nationally.

The national media, naturally, yawned, but the impact is real. And it’s still going on, with another event planned for this weekend.

Bill Hennessy, the St. Louis Tea Party leader described what went on.

A gentleman (my age) in the salon (husband?) asked who we were with. I told him “St. Louis Tea Party.”

“Tea party?” he said. “You bad boys,” and chuckled. Then he looked at me, very serious. He said, “The tea party came up here to do this?”

“Oh, yeah,” I said. “we don’t want to see Ferguson go south.”

He laughed. And he looked at me. Then he was quiet, lost in thought for a minute. When he came out of it, he was like our best friend. Laughing, giving us crap about stuff, telling stories. He admitted baseball can be like “watching grass grow.”

In that moment of reflection, I’m sure he was trying to reconcile “tea party” with what he was seeing–four white people, ages 18 to 50, laughing, spending money, empathizing.

That moment made the whole event worthwhile.

In other shops, we’d get hard stares when we walked in and shopped. Once we told them “we’re with the tea party, and we’re here to shop,” these people actually shouted. “Thank you, thank you, thank you so much.” …

This wasn’t a big win in breadth, but it was monumental in depth.

Since the MSM is silent on this, it is up to us to get the word out and help destroy the left’s false portrayal of the Tea Party.

Get more details on upcoming “BUYcotts”, here and here.





What Senator Elect Joni Ernst Was Caught Doing 2 Days After the Election Tells Us All About Her Character


joni-ernst_004Hat/Tip to IJR.

Joni Ernst was elected as Iowa’s first female US Senator last Tuesday as part of the massive GOP landslide which saw the Party retake the majority in the the Upper House of Congress.

She is an Iowan, born and raised, and has served in the armed forces for over 20 years. For 14 months between 2003 and 2004 she was deployed in Kuwait during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Presently she commands the largest battalion in the Iowa Army National Guard.

Now, as if all that isn’t amazing enough, it is what she was caught doing two days after that election that really points to her true character.

She put on her uniform and clocked in at her part-time job as mentioned above, as Lieutenant Colonel in the Iowa Army National Guard.

Lt. Col. Joni Ernst has been juggling her civilian and military lives since joining the National Guard in 1993. She is on duty every joni-ernst_003week, according to her husband Gail, who told National Review:

Not many folks know she is in uniform on Thursday and Friday. She does it without fanfare.

Ernst, a combat veteran in Operation Iraqi Freedom, has told the Guard she wants no special treatment, but had to re-schedule her drilling from last weekend to till after the election. Iowa Guard Spokesman, Greg Hapgood, told National Review:

We serve regardless of our situations and Colonel Ernst doesn’t want to be treated any differently.

She has been on duty throughout her amazing campaign and during her tenure as a State Senator. The hard working former pig farmer broke out of the primary pack with her hilarious ad about going to Washington and making them ‘squeal.’ She never looked back, beating Bruce Braley, the hand-selected heir to retiring Senator Tom Harkin.

joni-ernst_002She also likes to ride around on her Harley Davidson, even riding it to the gun range.


Come on, what’s not to like?




ObamaCare To Force Thousands Out of Health Care Plans With New Cancellations


ObamaCare Cancellations
If I had the time to do so, I could point you to countless posts, both on this blog and on others, warning Americans of the “unintended” consequences of the monstrosity known as ObamaCare. The biggest consequence came in direct contradiction of the lie repeated, ad nauseam, by President Obama that if you liked your health care plan or your doctor, you could keep your health care plan and doctor. That has already been proven to be false, but as I write this post, there are plans to make it even more so. Thirteen states and the District of Columbia will be announcing shortly that the health care plans they offer, that do not meet the “high standards” of ObamaCare, will be canceled.

You see, President Obama asked these states to grant reprieves from the high standards of ObamaCare. It was one of the many exemptions provided by President Obama and the staff he had put in place to administer ObamaCare. These states are no longer willing to go along with the farce, so they will be canceling those plans.

Fox News – In coming weeks, 13 states and the District of Columbia plan to cancel such policies, which generally fall out of compliance with the Affordable Care Act because they don’t offer the level of coverage the law requires.

Virginia will be hardest hit, with 250,000 policies expected to be canceled.

And because federal law requires a 60-day notice of any plan changes, voters will be notified no later than November 1, right before the Nov. 4 midterms.

Many of those forced out of their current plans and into ObamaCare may not be able to keep their doctors. They also could face higher deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses, making ObamaCare an election issue on the eve of voting.

Obama had originally unequivocally promised that underhis health care plan, everyone could keep their doctors and plans.

In 2009, he told the American Medical Association, “If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. Period.If you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. Period.No one will take it away. No matter what.”

Now, I am sure things will soon be better for the several hundred thousand people who will be facing cancellation of their current health care plans. No doubt, middle-aged couples who are past their childbearing years will be able to receive what they always wanted and needed. Maternity coverage is sure to be one of the staples of the new plan. After all, doesn’t ObamaCare require new health care plans to provide maternity coverage? And if that isn’t enough of a slap in the face, I am sure they will be able to receive free birth control coverage as well. I think that’s a new fundamental right for all Americans, men and women alike.

All sarcasm aside, the flaws and faults of ObamaCare are becoming more evident every day. We were already faced with cancellations and higher costs for health care. Now we have more cancellations and who knows what else coming down the pike. It’s such a flawed bill that I am honestly surprised that President Obama has tried to ram another bill down our throats to provide “fixes” for what is wrong. Instead, he just has his people make changes on the fly, without the consent of Congress and with no regard to the American people.

Would you like to know what happens when a government tries to force citizens into programs they neither want or need, all for the common good? Just take a look at ObamaCare. It is a prime example of exactly that. We are being told some of these things are unintended consequences, but I refuse to buy into that lie. ObamaCare was designed to fail and to push us towards the Holy Grail of all liberal goals; single payer health care. That’s what they have pursued for years and ObamaCare is a step in that direction.

I really hate to see these cancellations, as they will be hard to deal with for many families. My only hope is this. With the announcement having to come, by law, no later than November 1, I wonder if enough Americans will finally see and understand exactly how much of a failure ObamaCare really is. If they do, I am hopeful that they will remember who it was that passed the Affordable Health Care Act, by hook and by crook. I’ll give them a hint. It wasn’t the Republican Party or the Tea Party, but the Democrats who forced this travesty on the American people. I hope they punish with brute force in the midterm elections on November 4th.


IRS DOES Have Lois Lerner’s emails, Says Too “Onerous” to Search For Them


lerner obama lost emails


The IRS Does Have Copies of Lois Lerner’s emails, but It’s “Too Onerous” To Search Them?

Remember when the Obama Administration said they lost Lois Lerner’s emails?

Yeah, that was a lie.

Department of Justice attorneys for the Internal Revenue Service told Judicial Watch on Friday that Lois Lerner’s emails, indeed all government computer records, are backed up by the federal government in case of a government-wide catastrophe. The Obama administration attorneys said that this back-up system would be too onerous to search. The DOJ attorneys also acknowledged that the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) is investigating this back-up system.

“Too onerous to search” them?


The guys at Google could search those backup files with one arm tied behind their backs.

Of course, the guys at Google don’t want to search for Lerner’s “lost” emails. They’re in the tank for Obama, and judging by the emails that have already been released, the stuff on those backup tapes has gotta be truly incendiary.

Fortunately there are many other search providers. Surely one of them will recognize the marketing opportunity inherent in uncovering emails the, ahem, experts, have deemed impossible to find.

Now’s your chance fellas!


Trey Gowdy: What if a Judge Says ‘Let’s Go Give This Guilty Bastard a Trial?’ MUST See Video


 photo TreyGowdy_QuestioningWitness_zps49fd9f0f.jpg

Hat/Tip to the Tea Party News Network.

When one sees Trey Gowdy in action, one is immediately reminded of a pit bull – tenacious, dangerous and of a single purpose – the destruction of his opponent.

At Wednesday’s House hearing regarding the Obama IRS targeting scandal, Rep. Trey Gowdy put a Democrat Party-invited University of Baltimore law professor through the wringer in classic Gowdy form.

The South Carolina congressman’s line of questioning was geared toward making the case that the Obama-Holder Department of Justice has been compromised and cannot be trusted to investigate the Obama IRS scandal in which the tyrannical agency targeted Obama’s political opponents, specifically the pro-Constitution, pro-freedom Tea Party movement. 

Referring to Lois Lerner’s latest discovered emails in which she referred to conservative radio programs and their listeners as “terrorists” and “a**holes,” Gowdy asked Professor Charles Tiefer, “Professor Tiefer, would you seat a juror who referred to your client as an obscene body part?”

A shell-shocked and seemingly confused Tiefer waited a few seconds, then unable to properly answer, asked, “I’m sorry?”

“I really have trouble giving you an answer…” he mumbled before Gowdy jumped in to help. 

“Well then, you would starve to death as a lawyer if you can’t answer that question, professor,” Rep. Gowdy interjected. “I’ll give you some free litigation advice. You’ll want to use one of your strikes on that juror,” Gowdy advised.

You almost feel sorry for the professor in Gowdy’s crosshairs.

Almost, then you remember that the folks Gowdy questions are there to provide cover for the lawless Obama regime.

Gowdy continued down this road asking Tiefer if he was a prosecutor in a case where one of the potential jurors had called police “terrorists” who want to bring the country down, as Lois Lerner did against people who believe in the U.S. Constitution, if that juror would make the cut.

“Would you seat that juror in a criminal prosecution if you were the prosecutor?” Rep. Gowdy asked. 

“I wish I saw the connection here, but I, a…” Tiefer muttered in a nasally tone before Gowdy jumped in. 

“I’ll give you the connection!” Gowdy announced. “Lois Lerner just referred to conservatives as an obscene body part and she said we were ‘crazies’ and likened us to terrorists!” Gowdy exclaimed.

A Democrat on the committee tried to save the professor’s bacon, but to no avail.

As an unnamed Democrat Georgia congressman attempted to bail out the professor, Gowdy shouted, “You are not recognized! The gentleman from Georgia is not recognized.”

“Would the gentleman yield,” the Georgia congressman asked Gowdy.  

“No sir, I will not,” Gowdy replied.

Using Holder’s own public statements, Gowdy took this line of questioning to it’s conclusion.

Gowdy then quoted Eric Holder himself reading a line in which Holder had previously said that he would recuse himself “when there’s a potential appearance of a conflict.” 

As Rep. Gowdy began to refer to Obama saying on “The O’Reilly Factor” on FOX News that there wasn’t a “smidgen” of corruption at the IRS even before the investigation had taken hold, the professor attempted to interrupt Gowdy and was swiftly shut down. 

“When I ask a question it’ll be very clear, professor,” Gowdy declared. 

The professor told Gowdy he didn’t think it mattered what Obama, who ultimately is responsible for the Department of Justice as part of the executive branch of government, said on national TV prior to the investigation

He continued:

“What if a judge says, ‘Let’s go give this guilty bastard a trial?’” Gowdy asked. “Is that irrelevant? Would you want that judge? If he prejudged the outcome of a prosecution and said, ‘Let’s go give this guilty guy a fair trial.’”

“Given the independence of the public integrity section for the last 30 years, I don’t think it matters what the president said,” the University of Baltimore School of Law professor answered. 

“So you don’t think it matters that the chief law enforcement officer of this country, before there is an investigation, while there are emails missing, before he’s analyzed one scintilla of evidence, prejudges and says there’s not a scintilla of corruption. You don’t think that matters,” Gowdy wondered.

Gowdy’s methodical, logical approach has the Democrats baffled. He is an outlier in the Republican Party. A man who doesn’t accept the language of the left, he stands up for what is right, and his dogged determination combined with his strong prosecutorial skills make him a nightmare for the Democrats. I cannot wait to see him put Hillary Clinton on the stand. Of course, she’ll probably pull a Lerner and plead the 5th, but we can dream, can we not?



GOP Congressman Files Arrest Resolution for Lois Lerner


lerner in jail

Hat/Tip to Jason Howerton of The Blaze.

It’s about time.

steve stockman r texas
Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Texas

Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) announced on Thursday that he has filed a resolution directing the House sergeant-at-arms to “arrest Lois Lerner for contempt of Congress” over the IRS targeting scandal.

Stockman said in a statement that asking the U.S. Department of Justice to prosecute Lerner for “admittedly illegal activity” is a “joke.” Instead, the Republican said it is up to the U.S. House to “uphold the rule of law and hold accountable those who illegally targeted American citizens for simply having different ideas than the President.”

Under the proposed resolution, Lerner would be held in a Washington, D.C., jail and would be given access to an attorney and all her constitutional rights.

The NY Times had a field day with just this scenario back in 2007, during the Bush administration. To whit, they said:

This country has seen far too much of this sort of dismissal of Congress’s authority. There is a simple way to avoid a constitutional showdown: If Congress holds witnesses in contempt, the Justice Department should enforce the subpoenas. Mr. Mukasey would need to focus not on the White House’s interests, but rather on his duty to ensure that the laws are faithfully executed.

Isn’t it odd how the NY Times isn’t saying the same thing now?

Here is the full text of the resolution.

Providing for the arrest of Lois G. Lerner to answer the charge of contempt of Congress


Mr. STOCKMAN submitted the following resolution, which was referred to the Committee on ______________


Providing for the arrest of Lois G. Lerner to answer the charge of contempt of Congress

Whereas Lois G. Lerner, former Director, Exempt Organizations, Internal Revenue Service, has been found to be in contempt of Congress for willfully and intentionally refusing to comply with a congressional subpoena duly issued by the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, thereby obstructing the Congress in the lawful exercise of its constitutionally mandated legislative powers; and,

Whereas such behavior is an insult to the dignity of the House of Representatives, an attack upon the integrity of its proceedings, works violence upon the rights of the House collectively, and therefore implicates the long-recognized inherent power of the House to punish and commit for contempt, privileged under the Constitution; and,

Whereas recent history with similarly contumacious and insolent witnesses such as Eric Himpton Holder, Junior, strongly suggests that the present statutory judicial rubric set up to punish and reform such insubordinate and obstructionist witnesses would be ineffective in this case, as it is likely that the US Attorney for the District of Columbia would refuse to perform his lawful duty to bring the offending contemnor Lerner before a Grand Jury and prosecute the same for her misconduct pursuant to section 104 of the Revised Statutes of the United States (2 U.S.C. 194) and section 102 of the Revised Statutes of the United States (2 U.S.C. 192); and,

Whereas the executive and judicial branches’ prolonged and dawdling failure to prosecute Attorney General Holder’s insolent contempt of the 112th Congress strongly suggests that a like proceeding against contemnor Lerner would be similarly futile, and the threat of such prosecution has clearly been insufficient to encourage contemnor Lerner to be honest and candid with the Congress regarding the heinous actions of the Internal Revenue Service;

Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the Speaker issue his warrant, directed to the Sergeant-at-Arms, or his deputy, commanding him to arrest and take into custody forthwith, wherever to be found, the body of Lois G. Lerner, and bring her to the bar of the House without delay to answer to the charge of contempt of its authority, breach of its privileges, and gross and wanton insult to the integrity of its proceedings, and in the meantime keep the body of Lerner in his custody in the common jail of the District of Columbia, subject to the further order of the House. While in custody, Lerner shall enjoy no special privileges beyond those extended to her fellow inmates, shall not access any computer or telephone, and shall not be visited by anyone other than her counsel, clergy, physician, or family.