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What’s with the Left’s attraction to Pedophilia?

It is a rare day when I write about anything that doesn’t have to do with politics or economics. I leave social issues to others, which isn’t to mean that I’m not interested in social issues. I am. But, I don’t care how the Left twist and distorts the English language, sexual abuse of children is not a life style choice. It is the most vile and disgusting of criminal acts. And, it is even more vile and disgusting when it done by someone in whom we intrust our children for hours at a time; such as, a teacher. Maybe […]

This is How the Left Operates: Teacher’s Union Official Tries to ‘Dig up Dirt,” Smear Concerned Parent Who Questioned Curriculuum

One thing that I’ve been stressing over the last few years is how the left operates in terms of dealing with dissent.  We saw that during the ObamaCare debates.  When we predicted (2-3 years ago) all of the things that are happening right now, we were smeared.  Instead of using facts to debate us, lefties called us the usual set of names… 1.  RAAAAACIST! 2.  They’re getting paid by the insurance companies to LIE! 3.  They just want people to DIIIIIIIEEEEEE! 4. TEABAGGERZ!!!!!!! I could go on, but you get the point.  Instead of using facts, which they did not have, […]

What do Chicago Teachers do in Their Spare Time? Attend the Midwest Marxism Conference!

Over the years, we’ve shown the relationship, or the uniformity, between unions and the Communist Party.  Legal Insurrection has the story of how the Midwest Marxism Conference we chock full of teachers. Chicago Teachers Union Vice President Jesse Sharkey, who spoke at one of the breakout sessions, was just one of the hundreds of attendees, many of them teachers, there to strategize about the next phases of the partnership between Chicago Socialists and the Chicago Teachers Union. Of course, all recording was strictly verboten unless you had been preapproved by the Chicago Socialists. The event kicked off with Becca Barnes’s keynote speech. Barnes, […]

A Tale of two Stories: Teachers Unions Fights for Failed DC School System

Michelle Rhee, the Chancellor of the Washington DC school system has spent the last several years creating quite a storm.  Hired by Mayor Adrian Fenty, she’s cut costs, closed crumbling schools, and worse yet, she has acted to terminate failed teachers.  Considering that the DCPS spends more money per pupil than any system in the country, and yet has the worst results, you would think that any effort to improve it would be applauded? Not so much. The Mayor Fenty, was defeated in the Democratic primary by Vincent Gray, the Chairman of the DC Council.  Gray will run virtually unopposed […]

Chris Christie Fights Back Against the NJEA

THE rising star in the Republican Party, Christie takes no prisoners and attacks the New Jersey Teachers Union head on for their bullying tactics.