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More Examples of Teachers Abusing Students: Why no National Outrage?

Robert Stacy McCain has been covering the seemingly unprecedented rise in public school teachers being arrested for having sexual relationships with students.  Here is an excerpt from his latest collection of stories… Megan Garland molested two teenage boys. MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN: A former teacher at Messmer High School was sentenced [Jan. 3] to four years in prison for having sexual contact with two students. Megan Garland, 29, of Waukesha pleaded no contest in October to charges of child enticement and sexual assault by school staff, both felonies. She had been set for trial on two counts of second-degree sexual assault, involving […]

Manhattan Infidel Presents the Democratic Party’s Declaration on Education (Part I)

We must indoctrinate our youth to the glory of the state Being an insatiable alcoholic reader I often find myself sleeping until 2 pm and then vomiting browsing the web looking for documents relevant to this blog.  Accordingly it gives me great pleasure to present to my readers a document I found on the Democratic National Committee’s website entitled “Declaration on Democratic Education.” Preface The Sacred Democratic Party has given careful consideration to the paramount importance of education.  In fact the education of youth and the continuing education of adults is rendered more necessary by the existence of Fox News […]

Teachers, Communists, and Refusing to Talk to Media

What happens when the unions and communists march as one?  Well, it appears that to prevent them from saying anything stupid on camera, they don’t talk to anyone on camera.  The Right Scoop has the video… Mind you, these people are teaching children lies about a system that featured… 1.  Failed economics that resulted in medocrity at best, and often mass starvation. 2.  Gulags, informants, and people being “disappeared.” 3.  Over 100,000,000 dead in the last century. 4.  A system that had to build wall-to keep their own people in. Of course, the children are being taught that these things either didn’t happen, or […]

What do Chicago Teachers do in Their Spare Time? Attend the Midwest Marxism Conference!

Over the years, we’ve shown the relationship, or the uniformity, between unions and the Communist Party.  Legal Insurrection has the story of how the Midwest Marxism Conference we chock full of teachers. Chicago Teachers Union Vice President Jesse Sharkey, who spoke at one of the breakout sessions, was just one of the hundreds of attendees, many of them teachers, there to strategize about the next phases of the partnership between Chicago Socialists and the Chicago Teachers Union. Of course, all recording was strictly verboten unless you had been preapproved by the Chicago Socialists. The event kicked off with Becca Barnes’s keynote speech. Barnes, […]

If Teachers Were Paid Minimum Wage to Babysit Students They Would Make $189K/year?

Some people claim that teachers’ are overpaid- they argue that teachers’ only work 9 or 10 months a year and basically most teachers simply babysit kids today. And for that they should be paid a minimum wage. That’s right- people claim that we should pay teachers $7.50 (roughly the minimum wage in most states) an hour and only pay them for the hours they worked (not any of that silly planning time or any time they spend before or after school). That would be $48.75 a day (7:45 to 3:00 PM with 45 min. off for lunch and plan– that […]

School Voice Mail Greeting Bashes Entitled Parents

If you’re a regular reader here, you know that I bash the public school indoctrination system.  And, it is rotten-right to the core.  However, there is another angle to consider; that there are many entitled parents and students, that think the rules, and reality, do not apply to them.  I would imagine that we all know entitled people, and if we work with them, we also know that it can be a nightmare. The following video is purported to be from an actual school in Australia, which is allegedly being sued by parents for poor grades given to children.  I found it […]

Communists and Unions Living Together…

If you’re seeing this blog for the first time, let me say that we’ve repeatedly discussed the fact that there is a strong affiliation between organized labor and Communism.  We’re often ridiculed for making that claim, but once again, there is evidence to support our claims.  So, if you are a new reader, take a look at the following information, provided by Ringo’s Pictures, via Zombie Note the complete lack of Communists… Note that both Lenin and Che were mass murderers. Purple SEIU shirt, Red Flag.  They go together, apparently. The star and fist are Communist symbols, and they stand […]

Who Indoctrinates the Indoctrinators? Teachers Required to Think Socialist to Get Degrees

In light of the renewed focus on public education, courtesy of the current public union mess, I thought it might be a good idea to take another look at how teachers are trained.  Here is a post from December of 2009. The People’s Republic of China generally makes no distinction between education and propaganda or indoctrination. All three share the common task of changing man. The agencies of education, indoctrination, and propaganda are legion—newspapers, posters, and propaganda leaflets, neighbourhood gatherings for the study of current events, as well as political rallies, parades, and many forms of “mass campaigns” under careful direction. It […]

Support Local Teachers Unions, Question State Teachers Unions, Oppose National Teachers Unions

All around the state of Michigan, when teachers aren’t talking about their NCAA brackets, the conversation is the coming teacher’s strike. These conversations are getting tougher and tougher on me, because I have a unique position among government employees- whereas most teachers support ‘their union’, I make a distinction- I defend and support my local union and its actions, but disagree with the actions of my state union, and attack the actions of my national union. You see, there are important differences between local, state, and national teachers unions- differences in who is in them, what they do, and what they […]

Some Thoughts on the Wisconsin Standoff

I took some time over the weekend to think a bit more about the union extortion in Wisconsin.  I just wanted to take a systematic look at the situation, so no one, regardless of party, philosophy, or whatnot, could see this for what it is. First up, the teachers from Wisconsin, Illinois, or from wherever else they are being shipped. I took some time to look at some statistics regarding the teachers.  In Wisconsin, the average household income is $51,763.  The per-capita income in Wisconsin is $38,763. Then, Michelle Malkin posted the information on Wisconsin teachers salaries. Wisconsin teacher salary […]

Fascist Friday: Some Thoughts on the Wisconsin Union Protests

I’ve been watching the Wisconsin story with great interest.  Essentially, the Wisconsin Legislature is working on a bill that will limit union power.  The goal: Have public union workers pay some of their pensions (but still less than the average private sector worker).  But, for the unions, any potential limits on their power demands a rent-a-mob response.  So, shirts were printed, buses were obtained, hotels reserved, teachers called off “sick,” and off they went…just like any other “real” grassroots movement. The rent-a-mob occupied the Capitol Building.  Others stalked the homes of legislators.  The Democrat delegation fled the state, preventing a […]

Should I Be Fired for Being a Conservative Teacher?

Often I hear from fellow teachers that I should be fired since I have conservative beliefs. I get emails from these liberals and they talk about me on their blog, making claims that since I am a conservative, I should not be allowed to be around children, I am clearly intolerant of others, and that everyone should be welcome to be a teacher in this country as long as they are all liberals. These liberals are afraid that my conservative ideology might find its way into my teaching and that my beliefs in a limited and defined role for the government (since it likely […]

I Knew I Was Different From Liberal Teachers When…

I knew I was different than other teachers when during my student teaching, I substituted for a 9th Grade ‘US History’ and 10th Grade ‘Political and Economic Systems’ teacher at nearby High School in a local public school. This event really struck home to me how different I was as a teacher from the majority (50%+) of teachers in public schools, in particular social studies teachers- they were mostly liberal and some were very liberal teachers, and I was a very conservative teacher. The teacher that I subbed for had so many inappropriate left leaning liberal communist Democrat pieces of propaganda and teaching […]

Who Indoctrinates the Indoctrinators? Teachers Required to Think Socialist to Get Degrees

The People’s Republic of China generally makes no distinction between education and propaganda or indoctrination. All three share the common task of changing man. The agencies of education, indoctrination, and propaganda are legion—newspapers, posters, and propaganda leaflets, neighbourhood gatherings for the study of current events, as well as political rallies, parades, and many forms of “mass campaigns” under careful direction. It is evident that the schools constitute only a small part of the educational program. When the Communists came to power in 1949, they took up three educational tasks of major importance: (1) teaching many illiterate people to read and […]