You Might Be A Terrorist If…


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TSA agent thwarting yet another terror attack…

Hat/Tip to

Yawning, whistling, or clearing your throat… who knew?

A confidential Transportation Security Administration (TSA) document gives officers suspicious things to look out for in travelers, according to a new report.

The document lists “signs you might be a terrorist,” which include exaggerated yawning, excessive complaints about the screening process, excessive throat clearing, widely open staring eyes, wearing improper attire for location, whistling as the individual approaches the screening process, gazing down, exaggerated or repetitive grooming gestures, face pale from recent shaving of beard and rubbing or wringing of hands.

“So, if it’s a 6 a.m. flight and you’re excessively yawning, the TSA may look at you unfavorably and consider you a terrorist,” Clayton Morris said on “Fox and Friends Weekend.”

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Obama In Full CYA Mode On His Illegal Actions Against Netanyahu’s Reelection


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obama shush


Hat/Tip to the Conservative Tribune.

“I will stand with them (Muslims) should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” – Barack Obama, The Audacity Of Hope, p. 261

Well it looks like he’s doing just that because his SuperPAC and his State Department has been funneling money and personnel to Benjamin Netanyahu’s opponents in an effort to oust him in the upcoming Israeli elections, in favor of more left wing candidates. And this would of course benefit Hezbollah and the Palestinians.

President Barack Obama despises Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with such immense passion that he has been covertly scheming to prevent the PM from being reelected in this upcoming Tuesday’s legislative election.

He has been doing so by secretly funding those non-profit organizations in Israel that are actively attempting to dissuade the Israeli people from voting for Netanyahu.

This unauthorized funding casts an extraordinarily pernicious light on Obama, especially given that we as a nation ought not to interfere with an ally nation’s election.

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This is why the president has ordered the non-profits to scrub anything from their websites that leads a trail back to him. They, not surprisingly, have followed his orders like sheep being led to slaughter.

Take for instance the website of OneVoice, a non-profit that is sponsoring “a get-out-the-vote-organizing drive aimed at replacing Netanyahu’s government with a center-left coalition.”

The non-profit’s website used to contain a logo of the U.S. Department of State on its “partner” page, but the logo has since gone missing.

It also happens that OneVoice’s staff contains a slew of “former top staffers for President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign.” 

Read the full story here.





Despite Al-Qaeda Operating In Yemen, Obama To Release 47 Yemeni Nationals From GITMO


guantanamo bay 001


Hat/Tip to Susan Jones at

Al-Qaeda is strong and operating in Yemen?

Well then! Let’s just let a bunch of Yemenis free that are in GITMO!!

The Obama administration says it is “in a war against al Qaeda.” But at the same time, it is trying to release 54 more Gitmo detainees, 47 of them from Yemen, which is one of the “dark corners” where al Qaeda operates.

Oh, the Obama administration talks a good game…

“We say we’re in a war against al Qaeda,” White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough told CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday. “We have just never said we have been in a war against terrorism, which is a tactic…We are, however, at war against al Qaeda, its manifestations in Yemen, its manifestations in South Asia, its manifestations in East Africa, North Africa.”

But don’t worry, Obama’s not trying to close GITMO, right?


Until his resignation last month, Cliff Sloan was the Obama administration’s special envoy in charge of closing Gitmo.

On Sunday, Sloan told ABC’s “This Week” that 54 Gitmo detainees are currently approved for transfer.

“Of the 54 who are approved for transfer, 47 of them are from Yemen,” Sloan said. “They need to be resettled to other countries; we’ve been doing that — recently resettled 12 Yemenis in other countries.”

The ultimate goal is to get rid of all the hard core terrorists in GITMO and then talk Congress is transferring the rest to supermax prisons in the states.

Sloan said “no,” the “resettled” prisoners are “not going back to Yemen. They’re going to go to other countries. And there’s been very strong support from a wide range of groups and individuals, including the pope in the last week came out with a very strong statement, calling on countries to accept these individuals for resettlement as a humanitarian gesture.”

The goal, Sloan said, is to reduce the Gitmo population “to a very small core,” then “work with Congress to remove this irrational bent” against moving the remaining Gitmo prisoners to “super secure facilities in the United States.”

Sloan explained that Gitmo prisoners must be unanimously approved by six federal departments and agencies before they can be transferred to other countries.

“And that process has stood the test of time,” he insisted. “It’s been a very accurate process. So a very high priority is moving those 54 who are now approved for transfer.”

Read the full story here.





Iran To Send Ships To Atlantic, Off US Coast: Nuclear EMP Threat Develops

Area of effect of a Nuclear EMP if launched off the Eastern Coast of the United States.

Hat/Tip to

Iran recently announced their decision to run ‘exercises’ of their naval operations. Small in scope and size, it doesn’t mean they aren’t a direct threat to the United States.

Last month, the Iranian Fars News Agency announced that the fleet would undertake a three-month mission and would consist of a destroyer and a helicopter-carrying vessel.

While the Iranian deployment may consist of two vessels, the commander of Iran’s Northern Navy Fleet, Adm.l Afshin Rezayee Haddad, said that Iran would send a “fleet” to the Atlantic Ocean.

These ships undoubtedly would be under constant U.S. Navy observation while trolling along the U.S. East Coast and possibly in the Gulf of Mexico.

The ships could use Venezuela as station to refuel and resupply, or could return to Iran.

All one of those ships would need to do is launch a crude nuclear device to detonate in the atmosphere above the United States to cause an EMP effect.

National security experts have expressed alarm over the announcement by Iran that it will position its warships off the coast of the United States, from where they could launch a nuclear warhead to explode at high altitude to create an electromagnetic pulse.

That could knock the American electrical grid out of commission, disrupting supplies of energy, food, communications, fuel and more for a long period.

And to make matters worse, the device could be launched by a commercial vessel.

These experts agree that there would be no warning and that the U.S. missile defense system would not be able to respond in time to prevent the high altitude nuclear explosion.

They also believe that if such a missile were launched, it would not be from an Iranian warship but from a commercial vessel sailing along the East Coast or in the Gulf of Mexico.

“It shows they could put a weapon on a boat or freighter, and if Iran has ballistic missiles it could put it anywhere on the U.S. coast,” said John Bolton, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and currently a senior fellow at the Washington-based American Enterprise Institute.

Hmm, wasn’t Iran one of those countries Obama spoke of?

“Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, these countries are tiny compared to the Soviet Union. They don’t pose a serious threat to us the way the Soviet Union posed a threat to us.”  – Barack Obama, May 2008.

So because his sympathies lie with the Muslims, he has continued to ignore the threat posed by a nuclear Iran since he took office 6 years ago. Even someone who is an Iranian supporter still should see the threat they pose and how they will act when armed with a nuclear weapon.


I’m not saying our President lacks insight when it comes to foreign policy, and can’t decipher the facts as presented to him in his daily briefings, or even that he’s dumb.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that Barack Obama would have trouble tracking a badly wounded elephant in four feet of fresh snow.





Breaking News: Obama Yells at Netanyahu, Tries to Bully Him, Issues Orders to Israel to Stand Down


 photo obamaangry_zps743720b4.jpg
Obama Angry with Israel, Shouts at Netanyahu
Hat/Tip to the Tea Party News Network & The Right Scoop.

In this transcript of the phone call, we have to call it an alleged transcript for now, does Barack Obama cross the line? Is he really siding with the Terrorists, did he really tell Israel to stop defending herself??

Barack Obama: I demand that Israel agrees to an immediate, unilateral ceasefire and halt all offensive activities, in particular airstrikes.

Benjamin Netanyahu: And what will Israel receive in exchange for a ceasefire?

BO: I believe that Hamas will cease its rocket fire — silence will be met with silence.

BN: Hamas broke all five previous ceasefires. It’s a terrorist organization dedicated to the destruction of Israel.

BO: I repeat and expect Israel to stop all its military activities unilaterally. The pictures of destruction in Gaza distance the world from Israel’s position.

BN: Kerry’s proposal was completely unrealistic and gives Hamas military and diplomatic advantages.

BO: Within a week of the end of Israel’s military activities, Qatar and Turkey will begin negotiations with Hamas based on the 2012 understandings, including Israel’s commitment to removing the siege and restrictions on Gaza.

BN: Qatar and Turkey are the biggest supporters of Hamas. It’s impossible to rely on them to be fair mediators.

BO: I trust Qatar and Turkey. Israel is not in the position that it can choose its mediators.

BN: I protest because Hamas can continue to launch rockets and use tunnels for terror attacks –

BO: (interrupting Netanyahu) The ball’s in Israel’s court, and it must end all its military activities.

Additionally, a member of the Knesset, Danny Danon told Newsmax that President Obama shouted at Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, taking a hard line and actually siding with Hamas.

Danny Danon, member of Knesset in Israel, told Newsmax today that when Obama called Netanyahu, he yelled at him, telling him what to do and what not to do.

Danon said that Obama wasn’t speaking to the leader of the Taliban, that he was speaking to the leader of the state of Israel and this is no way to treat the leader of an ally.

Here is the interview of Former Deputy Minister of Defense and member of the Knesset (Likud Party), Danny Danon with Steve Malzberg of Newsmax TV. At around the 3 minute, 10 second mark, he talks of the phone call between Netanyahu and Obama, in which Obama shouted at the Prime Minister.

So there it is. The same President Obama that licked Putin’s boots, promised him “more flexibility,” and backs down all day long from the man, finally decides to grow a pair when it comes to our staunchest ally in the Middle East???

Come on, Obama. Show at least a shred of class, and just resign.


Israeli Defense Forces Launch Ground Offensive in Gaza Strip

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu attends a news conference in Jerusalem
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu

Hat/Tip to The Jerusalem Post.

Netanyahu’s office says purpose of mission is to destroy terror tunnels and seriously harm the infrastructure of Hamas and other terrorist organizations in Gaza.

Gaza Strip 001

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu ordered Israeli Defense Forces to begin a ground assault in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, center

After days of waiting and deliberation, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Thursday night directed the IDF to send ground troops into Gaza to strike the terror tunnels into Israel.

Signaling that the initial phase of the ground attack would be limited, a statement put out by the Prime Minister’s Office said Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon directed the IDF to prepare to expand the ground operation.

This ground assault was precipitated by Hamas violating the Egyptian cease-fire.

The statement said the security cabinet approved the operation after Israel agreed to the Egyptian cease-fire proposal on Tuesday, which Hamas rejected. In addition, the statement said, Hamas even fired rockets during Thursday’s five-hour humanitarian cease-fire.idf preparing for ground assault on gaza strip 003

The dramatic decision followed, by less than 24-hours, an attempted massive attack by 13 terrorists who burrowed into Israel through a tunnel near Kibbutz Sufa, but were discovered and repelled.

For context, imagine Mexico or Canada firing thousands of missiles into our country. We’d be using our military to stop the attacks and defend ourselves. Hamas and the Palestinians are doing just that. And they also hide their missiles in churches, schools, and even private homes. They have so little value for human life, they are even telling their citizens not to go to their bomb shelters so when Israel responds there are more civilian casualties.

“In light of Hamas’s continuous criminal aggression, and the dangerous infiltration into Israeli territory, Israel is obligated to act in defense of its citizens,” the statement said.

The statement said Operation Protective Edge, now in its 11th day, will continue until its goals are reached: restoring quiet for an extended period of time, and delivering a significant blow to Hamas and the other terrorist organizations in Gaza.

The IDF initiated the ground offensive at 10:38 p.m. by sending large numbers of forces to destroy terrorist tunnels.

Infantry, Armored Corps, Engineering Corps, artillery and intelligence units are taking over various areas in Gaza, and are all working with one another and the air force. They are operating in central, and southern Gaza, where Hamas has dug an extensive terrorist tunnel network. The IDF’s Southern Command is overseeing the ground offensive.


The units involved have undergone intensive training recently ahead of their missions, Brig.-Gen. Moti Almoz, IDF spokesman, said on Thursday night.

“The operation has reached its ground phase,” Almoz said. “Large numbers of forces began a focused effort to destroy tunnels in Gaza. We are in a new stage.”

At the same time, the air force is continuing with air strikes against Hamas and Islamic Jihad around Gaza.

Ground forces are currently engaging terrorist infrastructure, and the operation “will be expanded as needed,” Almoz said. “They’re moving now in various areas of Gaza. We will continue to attack in every location we think needs to be struck.”


Obama Sending Al-Qaeda More Reinforcements from GITMO



Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers.


BREAKING: Obama Admin Sending Al-Qaeda Reinforcements, To Announce Release of 6 Gitmo Detainees…


Going by the high recidivism rate among freed detainees returning to the battlefield, at least two of them will rejoin the jihad.

WASHINGTON — Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has secretly notified Congress that the military intends to transfer six low-level Guantánamo Bay detainees to Uruguay as early as next month, according to people with knowledge of the communication. All six have been approved for transfer for more than four years.

Mr. Hagel’s formal determination that the transfer would be in the national security interest of the United States breaks a bureaucratic paralysis over a deal that has been waiting for his approval since March, but stalled amid the political uproar over a prisoner exchange deal that secured the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl from the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The six detainees bound for Uruguay include a Syrian man who has brought a high-profile court challenge to the Pentagon’s procedures for forcibly feeding detainees who are on a hunger strike. His transfer would most likely render that lawsuit moot, although there are several similar challenges.

“The United States is grateful to our partner, Uruguay, for this significant humanitarian gesture, and appreciates the Uruguayan government’s generous assistance as the United States continues its efforts to close the detention facility at Guantánamo,” said Ian Moss, a State Department spokesman. “We remain very appreciative of the assistance of our friends and allies who have stepped up not just to receive their own nationals but also those countries who have accepted detainees for resettlement.”

Keep reading…


Americans Being Evacuated From Iraqi Airbase As Militants Advance


americans evacuated from iraq

Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers.

One can only wonder if our President is “leading from behind” on this issue, as well…

That Saigon roof is sounding more and more real.

saigon roof

Via Fox News:

Americans were being evacuated Thursday from a major Iraqi air base as Al Qaeda-aligned militants toppled cities in the country’s north and threatened to advance toward Baghdad.

A senior U.S. official confirmed to Fox News that Americans were being evacuated from a base in Balad, which had been one of the largest training missions in Iraq.

The three planeloads of Americans are mostly contractors and civilians. The State Department said Thursday that the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad is operating as usual.

But the evacuation means that the vital training mission at Balad, about an hour northwest of Baghdad, has been suspended indefinitely — despite repeated administration statements that it would continue to support Iraq’s military.

Read the full story here.



Obama to Close GITMO with his “Pen” and his “Phone”


Growing Concern That Obama Intends To Empty Gitmo By Releasing Prisoners On His Own

guantanamo3Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers.

The folks over at Weasel Zippers are right. When it Congress gonna grow a set and rein this out of control President in? How many more terrorists does he need to release before he achieves his goal of closing GITMO?

He didn’t tell Congress about the Bergdahl trade beforehand, because he knew some members opposed making a deal which had been on the table for years. As we noted, the regime had previously assured everyone that no deal would go through without Congress being informed beforehand. So that was obviously another lie. At what point does Congress take back their their Constitutional obligation, which Obama is eviscerating, right and left?

Part of the deal on the table had also been giving the Taliban a million dollars. Did Obama give them the money too?

Via Daily Beast:

President Obama released five Taliban leaders from the Guantanamo Bay detention facility on Saturday without consulting Congress and without strict assurances that the militants won’t somehow return to the fight. Republicans on Capitol Hill worry that the swap of these Taliban leaders for American hostage Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is a prelude to a bigger move—the emptying out of Guantanamo entirely.

In his 2014 State of the Union address, Obama promised to shutter the prison built on Cuban soil by the end of the year. Obama now has seven months to fulfill his latest promise to shut down Guantanamo—or come as close to it as he can. During that time, Congress will be unable to prevent the release of the 149 prisoners still there.

“This whole deal may have been a test to see how far the administration can actually push it, and if Congress doesn’t fight back they will feel more empowered to move forward with additional transfers,” said one senior GOP senate aide close to the issue. “They’ve lined up all the dominoes to be able to move a lot more detainees out of Guantanamo and this could be just the beginning.”

Read the full story here

Chuck Hagel has also said that he is “under pressure” from within the Obama regime to “act on transfers”. The Secretary of Defense is answerable to the President. So there’s your answer as to “who” he is under pressure from.


GITMO Terrorists Treated Better Than Our Vets


gitmoHat/Tip to WeaselZippers.

Thanks to Obama who went out of his way to make life easier for the terrorists locked in Gitmo after his plans to close the facility were thwarted by Congress.

Via Fox News:

By now most American have heard about the VA’s infamous patient “secret wait lists” which reportedly contributed to the deaths of up to 40 veterans in the Phoenix area alone. Those patriots were American heroes who served our country proudly. Yet they were left to die waiting to see a doctor.

Here’s another secret the White House doesn’t want you to know about the VA. Al Qaeda detainees get better medical treatment than our veterans.

Say what?

Yes, it’s true. I know because I served as a Pentagon spokesman from 2005-2009 and visited Guantanamo Bay Naval Base over 30 times during those years.

Despite the fact that Al Qaeda terrorists carried out the Sept. 11 terror attacks, killing 3,000 people in America, the admitted co-conspirators and their roughly 150 fellow jihadists at Gitmo have approximately 100 doctors, nurses and health care personnel assigned to them.

Doctors and medical personnel are at their beck and call. Got a cold, a fever, a toothache, a tumor, chest or back pain, mental health issues, PTSD? No problem, come right on in. Military doctors are waiting to see you.

The VA and Gitmo eligible patient-to-health care provider ratios speak volumes.

While the Gitmo ratio is 1.5 to 1, for America’s 9 million veterans receiving VA health care and 267,930 VA employees, the ratio is 35 to 1.

But beyond the Gitmo numbers, the situation at the VA is also a bright, shining example of misguided priorities and terrible mismanagement.

In late 2008, when Obama was president-elect, he and his staff were warned not to trust the wait times reported by VA health care facilities. But instead of fixing the problem, their focus was closing Guantanamo and improving the comfort of detainees. Even though they already lived under some of the best prison conditions ever seen.

While some who see “2008” may reflexively say, “blame Bush, not Obama” the fact is that the VA’s health system has been fatally flawed for years, regardless of who has been the president.


Obama makes it easier for terrorists to enter the U.S.



xtxsrsA few days ago I read a question posed by a person of extreme liberal persuasion. Now this person has the tendency to believe that conservatives are outraged at every word and deed done by His Lowness Barack Obama. The question is this:   ”Is there anything at all that President Obama could say or do that would NOT enrage the radical right wing in this country or that would not cause many of them to feign faux rage?”

I actually posted a comment in answer which was:  How about if he said “I resign”. I wouldn’t be enraged. I’d leap for joy.

Anyway, I’ve noticed quite the opposite. Liberals agree and defend every act, regardless of how lawless, every word, regardless of the fact that everything he says is a lie. They like the major media go through great pains in order to “debunk” the unsavory truth of Obama pointed out by concerned citizens. Actually I find the greater part of their ramblings of how wonderful Obama is to be quite embarrassing. Of course your average liberal doesn’t know embarrassment or shame when defending their king.

Obama’s executive orders are not just unconstitutional but almost all are very dangerous to America. Liberals justify his “orders” with the same tired crap … “Bush did it too”. Yawn. Certainly I suppose every president issued executive orders, but I believe the point is, it’s not the quantity of them, but the quality of them. When Senator Mike Lee grilled Eric Holder as to what steps are taken to make sure of the legality of Obama’s orders Holder, in his typical bumbling “I don’t know” style couldn’t provide an intelligent answer. The bottom line is Obama is supposed to be acting with the backing of the Congress when issuing executive orders in most cases. He’s supposed to consult with the Justice Department which is supposed to analyze the order to insure it’s lawful. (now that’s close, having Holder confirm the validity of Obama’s actions)

Folks, I could overlook some of the stuff Obama does. You know if he and Reggie Love go on a date or if he wants to smoke a little pot or crack I guess I could understand it if I felt he had genuine concern for the safety of the American people. By Obama’s actions for the last five years I’ve drawn the conclusion that he coddles terrorists and supports Muslims engaged in terror activities. We’ve heard him time and again praising the abominable deeds of Islamic terrorists. Again I say,  he has made his support for them obvious by his actions.

Getting back to his executive orders and rule changing. One of his latest is to ease the rules for folks who have engaged in terror activities or who have given support of such groups to enter the United States. Basically, if a person has partaken of just a “little” bit of terror activity, it’s cool. Let’s see, how did he put it … if a person has given “limited” support to terrorists or terror groups, then it’s cool, “come on down!”

According to this story, the Homeland Security Department said in a statement that the rule change, which was announced last week was not made in concert with Congress.

Now it seems the immigration law which barred such unsavory and dangerous people from entering the U.S. has been working fairly well thus far. I have to wonder if it’s been working too well and that’s why Obama is making it easier for those associated with terror groups to get into America. Why would Obama put the American people at risk? Maybe some liberal can provide an intelligent answer.

Original Post:  Cry and Howl


Is the Obama Administration Selecting Generals Based on Whether or not They Would Order Soldiers to Fire on US Civilians


You might want to sit down for about 20 minutes and watch this video.

This strikes me as being part of a larger play.

We’ve been informed that we are potential terrorists.  And, if you want the military to fire on US civilians civilians, it’s a lot easier to shoot at terrorists.  It’s easy to vilify and dehumanize potential terrorists.  Of course, the MSM has helped tremendously, as it’s easy to kill KKK, racists, Nazis, and teabaggers.

I hope this is wrong, but based on what we know of Obama, it is completely plausible.

H/T: Moonbattery


Des Moines Register Editorial Suggests Death to Gun Owners


It kinda reminds you of why we have the Second Amendment.  It isn’t to hunt, or to target shoot.  It’s to protect us from tyrants, and moonbat editorial writers from the Des Moines Register, who suggest death to gun owners.  Moonbattery has more…

Sandy Hook served as a pretext for the following homicidal bile:

“I would tie Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, our esteemed Republican leaders, to the back of a Chevy pickup truck and drag them around a parking lot until they saw the light on gun control,” he wrote. Is that a threatening James Byrd reference? “And if that didn’t work, I’d adopt radical measures,” he continued.

Kaul’s solution to gun violence is the equivalent of curing a headache with a guillotine:

“Repeal the Second Amendment, the part about guns anyway. [… Gibberish confirming that he doesn’t know what the word militia means in the context of the Constitution. …] Owning a gun should be a privilege, not a right.

“Declare the NRA a terrorist organization and make membership illegal. … Make ownership of unlicensed assault rifles a felony. If some people refused to give up their guns, that ‘prying the guns from their cold, dead hands’ thing works for me.”

In other words, kill gun owners, because they are violent. That maniacs like Kaul have a tendency to acquire political power is all the reason you need to stock up on guns and ammo.

They’re loud.

They’re pushy.

They’re batsh*t insane.

And they want the power to do what they want, which is to kill a ton of people.

It’s people like Mr. Kaul that we need protection from.  And, according to the Founders, we can do that all by ourselves.

NOTE:  I’m not suggesting that we do to Mr. Kaul what he he would do to us.  We actually believe in freedom.  However, we do need to be vigialnt, and protect our freedoms, instead of using threats and insanity, like Mr. Kaul.


Obama Crafts “For All” Meme, With Some Notable Exceptions


In an apparent response to Romney’s 47% speech, team Obama has created a rather creepy meme-“For All.”  He seems to be suggesting that his campaign is “for all” Americans.  The Hill has more…

In contrast, the Obama campaign said Obama is “for all” Americans.
“’For All’ illustrates the shared values of the president and young Americans across the country: that if we work together, we can continue to move this country forward,” reads a release from the Obama campaign. “Working together, we can continue to restore the strongest middle class the world has ever known — the promise that hard work will pay off, responsibility will be rewarded, and that everyone gets a fair shot, does their fair share and plays by the same rules.”
The campaign is asking supporters to snap a picture of their pose on Instagram and tweet to submit using one of the suggested hashtags: #forall, #obama2012, #campaigntrail, #opendoors2012, #dnc2012, or just tweet the president’s account @BarackObama.

Um, this seems for one, slightly creepy, and for two, completely creepy.  But, I must point out that “for all” is not without exclusions. You are not included in the “all” if you are…

1.  A “bitter clinger.”

2.  You have a job.

3.  You own a business (because you didn’t build that!).

4.  You create wealth.

5.  You believe in freedom, personal responsibility, liberty, and the Constitution (DHS has already labeled you a terrorist).

6.  You are a Jew.

7.  You USED to be a GM or Chrysler Dealer.

8.  You USED to be a GM or Chrysler stockholder.

9.  Your Chevy Volt burst into flames.

10.  You worked for Solyndra, or any other “green energy” company that had an Obama donor or bundler as an investor.

11.  You lost your job.

12.  You lost your job so long ago that you gave up trying to find another.

13.  You lost your job because of ObamaCare.

14.  You lost your plan because of ObamaCare.

15.  You lost your Doctor because of ObamaCare.

16.  You thought you were going to get a stimulus job, but the money got sent to China, or another country.

17.  You thought you were going to get a job with Boeing in South Carolina.

18.  You were a non union Delphi worker, and the administration killed your pension plan.  

19.  You are Benjamin Netanyahu (see #6).  OK, he’s not American, but he is a Jew, so he get’s on the list.

20.  You do not belong to the Muslim Brotherhood.

21.  You are not a Black Panther that wields clubs at polling places.  

22.  You are not an illegal alien.

23.  You are a Christian that believes in the Bible.

24.  You are a college student, and your insurance rates just skyrocketed because of ObamaCare.

Feel free to suggest more exclusions in the comment section.  And remember, you are ONLY part of the “all” if you agree with them.  Otherwise, you are a hateful terrorist that should be locked away.

 H/T:  Michelle Malkin


Glenn Beck vs. MSM: Beck Victorious yet Again


If you watch Glenn Beck, you already know that he’s been showing people the connections between leftists and terror groups.  He has used public statements, screencaps from left leaning websites to show these connections.  Of course, he has been ridiculed for this.   The left has been united in condemning him for airing this information.  However, it appears that the FBI agrees with Beck.  Take a look at this…

While I do think it’s odd that since this administration does nothing that isn’t political, that these warrants were even sought.  Time will tell.  I would predict that if this story gets any legs at all, the DOJ will make a wash of it.  Just a guess, but these folks are “BFF” with unions, and the unions are loyal to Obama.  Or is it that Obama is loyal to the unions?

H/T: The Blaze (Note the Glenn Beck is affiliated with The Blaze)


Just in Case you Wondered About the Left…


With all the talk of the Ground Zero mosque (Definitely NOT an AP approved term) and Barak Obama’s religious status, there is a reminder of what it is that we are confronting.     We always talk about Marxism, and the left’s complete lack of tolerance, but there is an increasing transparency on the part of the left.  I don’t know if they are bolder due to Obama’s election, or they just don’t care anymore.  Perhaps it is just that we are paying more attention and are therefore noticing more of the openness.  No matter the cause, there are groups and individuals on the left that are simply operating in the open as Marxists.

For our current example, we look at Code Pink.  Most everyone here is aware of them, but some of their more recent activities are all the more repugnant.  Case in point, how Code Pink has acted towards our military, and to the families of fallen service people.  Take a look at this from Big Peace.

Numerous times over the past four years I have confronted the antics of Jodie Evans and her anti-war Code Pink cronies. We’ve all seen the nightly news with them being arrested time and time again throwing their leftist temper tantrums with their pink boa feathers wrapped around their necks as they kick and scream like a two-year-old throwing a tantrum to get attention. They have sent over $600,000.00 to the terrorists in Fallujah, or as they called them, “freedom fighting” heroes. You would think treasonous acts like this would have them locked in jail. Over and over they have attacked our military recruiting offices causing thousands of dollars of damage to the offices and threatening the recruiters.

In 2008 they barricaded the recruiting office in Berkeley with the blessing of the Berkeley City Council. We at Move America Forward had all we could stomach when we heard them tell the Marines they were unwelcome, unwanted intruders, not in Iraq or Afghanistan but on American soil in Berkeley, California. Americans from across the nation joined us in Berkeley to counter-protest these anti-war hippies. Numerous times they told me they support the troops but not the war, yet over and over when I asked if they had sent care packages, phone cards, written letters, or helped the families left behind in anyway, they conveniently couldn’t remember anything they had done. Yet they had a successful fundraiser to send $600,000.00 to our enemies in Iraq?  Yet Jodie Evans and her Code Pink degenerates taunted me and made light of my son’s sacrifice telling me, “Your son deserved to die in Iraq if he was stupid enough to go over there.” It took every ounce of reserve in my body to not level these idiots to the ground. These same people who call terrorists “freedom fighters” says that my son, who gave up his life for their freedoms, deserved death. (emphasis added)

I get that people disagree with the war.  Many people do.  Dissent a right…one that the left exercises; yet one they would eagerly deny to us.  However, this behavior goes beyond simple free speech.  They apparently raised money for people that were trying to kill our troops.  Then, they attack family members of fallen servicemen.  While at least this is free speech, it shows their overall lack of tolerance, as well as their lack of humanity.

But there is more.  Jodie Evans held a fundraiser for Jerry Brown, at her own home. The Powerline Blog has coverage of this, along with this pic…

Yes, that is Jodie Evans with Venezuelan dictator, Hugo Chavez.  This is the same Hugo Chavez that has taken over any dissenting media, jailed political opponents, and even jailed people for being critical of his economic polices on Twitter.  And Jerry Brown is going to take money from her?  What does this say about Code Pink?  I think we already know the answer to that.  But what does it also say about “governor moonbeam?”  Should we be surprised that a mainstream Democratic candidate is accepting money from a group that has essentially committed treason, and openly supports a communist dictator?  I suppose not, but should there be some outrage out there.  Maybe there’ll be some coverage from the MSM?


This, among other examples, is why I do not think there is any sense in engaging the left.  Frankly, arguing with a leftist is like trying to have a rational conversation with a five-year-old.  They post an asinine comment, I respond with facts, they eventually resort to name-calling and it falls apart from there.  As a result, we are polarized as a nation.  To be honest, I think we should be.  While some will say that we’re the radicals, I submit that it is our left that is on the fringe.  It is our left that is embracing dictators, like Chavez and Castro.  At this blog, we’ve chronicled the left’s assaults on property rights, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the Tenth Amendment; the list could go on and on.  Groups like Code Pink and others invoke our freedom when it suits their purposes, and then acts to restrict those same freedoms for the rest of us. These are not simple disagreements based on detail or scope; this is the left attempting to enslave the rest of us.  I believe that it will either be us, or them.   They will either enslave us, or we will remain free, and recover the full use of our freedoms.  There is not longer a center position.  Frankly, we might as well be from different planets.

As I have stated in other posts, this is not a fight that will have a definitive ending point.  There will not be a VE or VJ day, after which we can relax.  Our leftists will never go away.  Since their beliefs are not based in reality, they cannot/will not recognize that their policies have failed everywhere they have been tried, and simply persist.  If the people reject them, they will say that the people are wrong, stupid, or mislead by freedom.  If defeated, they will go to ground, stay in their hijacked institutions, and indoctrinate another generation of leftists, and the game will go on and on.

Code Pink might be a fringe group but the certainly do attract a lot of mainstream attention, but not mainstream condemnation.  Add to that the fact that there are 70 Congress Critters that are openly socialist, and you see what I’m talking about.  It’s them or us.  There well be no quarter, no mercy, no summits, no bipartisanship.  It boils down to freedom, or slavery.


Holder and Obama appoint lawyers of our enemies to the DOJ


Eric Holder is our Attorney General of the United States. In my humble opinion, not as a Conservative activist blogger but as a citizen of this country, Eric Holder may be guilty of treason. Now I know that is a strong statement, but let me ‘splain myself before you label me a whacko.

Holder was a senior partner at Covington and Burling, LLP; a prestigious law firm that prides itself on its pro-bono work. Now that in itself is not a bad thing, but I got this little boast from the C&B website under the heading of “Accolades”:

Center for Constitutional Rights – Pro Bono Law Firm of the Year – Presented to Michael Winger and the firm for work related to illegal detention of Muslim immigrants after 9/11 (5/1/2008).

In the interest of being fair and balanced on this issue, C&B does seem to do a lot of great pro-bono work in the area of children’s rights. Especially in the area of immigrant children coming to America to escape torture and death at the hands of drug gangs in their home countries. For that, I applaud C&B. However in the matter of their representation of terror detainees in order to deny the Bush administration’s attempts to try them in military tribunals I abhor their actions.

The whole KSM debacle where Holder wants to try him virtually at ground zero in

NYC would have been avoided, had firms like C&B not blocked on nearly every front efforts to setup and utilize those military commissions. To say that Holder’s former law firm, Covington and Burling is on the left end of the spectrum is an understatement. They also have on their website under that same “Accolades” heading:

Minority Media and Telecommunications Council – Distinguished Pro Bono Achievement Award – Presented to Jonathan Blake for “extraordinary assistance to the cause of diversity and inclusion in our nation’s most important industries” (7/21/2008).

Now both the Center for Constitutional Rights and Minority Media & Telecommunications Council are far left entities. CCR in particular is an extreme far left whacko group.

  • They advocate in favor of ACORN
  • They have available a deck of “Torture Team” sports memorabilia-like cards on their website featuring members of the Bush administration
  • They call for “Impeachment and Criminal Investigation of “Torture Lawyers”
  • They are suing Caterpillar, INC for an incident in Palestine in which someone was tragically run over and killed by a bulldozer. CCR claims that because Caterpillar sold heavy equipment to the Israeli Defense Force they are liable for actions taken by the IDF.  ??  Caterpillar is supposed to know how their equipment will or won’t be used? I suppose that if it had been a car, the lawsuit might read, “CCR vs. General Motors”

I could go on all day with this group, but it is plain to see that Holder’s former law firm keeps company with an interesting array of left wing groups. Does this mean that Holder’s former firm is far left? Well this is brought to you via the C&B website:

The firm represents 17 Yemeni nationals and one Pakistani citizen held at Guantánamo Bay. The Supreme Court will soon review the D.C. Circuit’s ruling that ordered the dismissal of a number of habeas petitions filed by Guantánamo detainees; some of our clients are petitioners in the Supreme Court case. We expect to play a substantial role in the briefing.

Along with:

“…we filed amicus briefs and coordinated the amicus effort in Hamdan v. Rumsfeld in which the Supreme Court in the summer of 2006 invalidated President Bush’s military commissions and in which we have obtained favorable rulings that our clients have rights under the Fifth Amendment and the Geneva Conventions.

And let’s not forget the FALN debacle that Holder took part in under the Clinton administration. However, at the beginning of this article, I stated rather boldly that Holder may be guilty of treason. Let’s refresh our understanding of the definition of treason, shall we?

Treason – trea*son  pronounced [tree-zuh n]


  • the offense of acting to overthrow one’s government or to harm or kill its sovereign.
  • a violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or to one’s state.
  • the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery.

And sovereign is defined as:

Sovereign – sov*er*eign  pronounced [sov-rin, sov-er-in, suhv-rin]


  • a group or body of persons or a state having sovereign authority.

So treason is defined as acting to harm one’s government or kill its sovereign and as a violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or one’s state and finally as a betrayal of trust; treachery. I therefore allege that Holder and Obama for that matter, by appointing lawyers that have represented terror detainees in the higher reaches of the DOJ where they now are in all probability working on the other side of the same cases might well constitute treason.

Consider this short video:

What is it that Holder is hiding? Why is he refusing to give Congress the names of the DOJ appointees that previously represented terrorists?

I can only speculate, but instead of that, read what was reported in the Washington Times by Quin Hilyer:

Ironically, say DOJ sources, while Holder and his staff continue to work hard to protect the identities of those attorneys who provided legal advice to suspected or convicted terrorists, several of the attorneys in question are believed to have been instrumental in the efforts of Human Rights Watch and CREW to leak to the media and Democrat supporters on Capitol Hill, the names of CIA interrogators of enemy combatants and suspected terrorists, as well as the locations of foreign-based U.S. secure holding facilities and various interrogation techniques used on terror suspects and enemy combatants.

Michelle Malkin commented on the above passage in this manner, I would have to say that I agree with her:

Wow. And wow again. If these people are leaking the CIA names, they are clearly engaged in illegal activity, bordering on treasonous in the non-legal sense of the word. For that matter, where have all the lefties been who screamed bloody murder when Robert Novak and Richard Armitage innocently leaked the name of utterly desk-bound, high-profile, arguably not even covert Valerie Plame? Inadvertently leaking Plame’s name is far less of an offense than deliberately leaking the info about the CIA interrogators. Where are the calls for prosecutions? Where is the almighty Patrick Fitzgerald to put some more skins on the wall?

All that Holder WILL tell Congress is that in a paragraph in a letter to Republican Senator Charles Grassley, Holder makes it very clear that all the lawyers who did advocate for terror detainees are free to work on general detainee issues.

Talk about arrogance… So, in light of all this the mid-term elections in November become all that much more imperative to the conservative cause. For only if the GOP can retake at least ONE house of Congress, will we begin to see some subpoenas that might compel Holder, et al to come clean on this cover up.


Some Thoughts on 9-11


On 9-11-2001, we were shocked…

We were saddened…

We were outraged…

On 9-12, most of us were united.

We must remember 9-11 for what it was.

We must not forget the evil that occurred on that day.

We must not allow others to reframe or co-opt the meaning and focus of that day.

We must not forget the nature of evil, and that this can happen again, if we show weakness in the face of tyranny.

On 9-12-09, we must reunite again, to remind ourselves and our fellow citizens that freedom is not free, and that we are always one step away from tyranny.