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Thomas Jefferson

Obama Says “Islam Woven Into Fabric Of Our Nation”: Yes, They Gave Us The Marines And Our First Wars

  Hat/Tip to Doug Ross @ Journal and Keith Farrel at the Federalist Papers Project. “Here in America, Islam has been woven into the fabric of our country since its founding.” Barack Obama, 2015 Really, Mr. President? How so? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Obama Claims Islam Part Of Founding; Here’s The Truth In The Founders Own Words President Obama has continually asserted that Islam was “woven into the fabric” of the United States since its founding. Obama claims that Muslims have made significant contributions to building of this nation. The claim is laughable to anyone who has studied US history. Historian David Barton spoke […]

Obama Says Islam “Woven Into Fabric Of America,” Agreed: First Foreign War USA Fought Was Against Islamic Jihad

Hat/Tip to Cardigan at Once again our President proves how ignorant he is of the facts of history. *sigh* Obama Says That “Islam Has Been Woven Into The Fabric Of Our Country Since Its Founding”. Yes, Its Called The Barbary Pirate Wars, The First War America Ever Fought Against Jihad. Obama Says That “Islam Has Been Woven Into The Fabric Of Our Country Since Its Founding”. Yes, Its Called The Barbary Pirate Wars, The First War America Ever Fought Against Jihad. It Is Because Of Islamic Jihad That America Founded The US Marines.  Shoebat—Islam, is in fact, a part […]

What Thomas Jefferson Knew That Paul Krugman Never Learned

  And I sincerely believe, with you, that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies; and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale. Letter from Thomas Jefferson to John Taylor, May 28, 1816. H/T to Robert Gore of the Straight Line Logic blog Of course, Thomas Jefferson wasn’t an economist with a Nobel prize; so what did he know? He knew the risks ofdeficit financing, that’s what! Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts? . .

The Life & Times of Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson came into this world on April 13, 1743 in Shadwell, Virginia. He was born into a very prestigious family, with near royal lineage on his mother’s side. His father gave him his work ethic, and it seems he passed his intelligence down to Thomas. Jefferson was born into one of the most prominent families of Virginia’s planter elite. His mother, Jane Randolph Jefferson, was a member of the proud Randolph clan, a family claiming descent from English and Scottish royalty. His father, Peter Jefferson, was a successful farmer as well as a skilled surveyor and cartographer who produced […]

The Story of our Declaration of Independence

Jefferson never claimed originality of the idea of governance, “of the people, by the people and for the people,” instead he remarked that he was only distilling “common sense” on the subject

The Story of our Declaration of Independence

On this, the most quintessential of American Holidays, I wish to delve a bit into the subject that is the Declaration of Independence. It was penned by the great Thomas Jefferson when he was but thirty three-years old. He was one of a committee of five that were formed to bring forth the reasons for our separation from Great Britain. The committee members were (in no particular order): Thomas Jefferson John Adams Benjamin Franklin Robert R. Livingston Roger Sherman A vote was taken by the committee as to who would draft the statement and Jefferson came in first followed by […]

Founding Fathers’ Quotes on the People’s Right to Bear Arms

Just three days after the horrible shooting in Newtown Connecticut, progressive forces are in full “never let a crisis go to waste” mode to advance their anti-gun agenda.  They have allowed no time for mourning and are striking while the iron is hot.  It’s a selfish and shameful act that is driving the national debate towards gun control and the away from the root cause of our problem; the devaluing of human life.  I decided that the best people to help make the case for those of us who cherish America and our second amendment rights are our founding fathers.  […]

Are we Capable of Self-governance Anymore?

Thomas Jefferson once said, “Man is capable of living in society, governing itself by laws self-imposed, and securing to its members the enjoyment of life, liberty, property, and peace.” Lately I’ve been doing a great deal of thinking on the topic of self-governance and I’m beginning to wonder if we’re capable of self-governance anymore. It you ask the five different people what self-governance means to them you will get five different answers.  The most common answer I hear is that self-governance means the people set up our own form of government to be governed by.  This response is not only incomplete but totally […]

Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Retroactive Redux

If you thought that political discourse is bad now, let’s take a look back at the nineteenth century.  Reason TV took the words of two candidates for POTUS, and put them in campaign commercial form… At any rate, there was never an age of genteel discussion, where gentlemen sipped tea and calmly discussed the divisive issues of the day.  American politics have always been cut-throat, and probably always will be. Also, you might want to consider that there has not been a beating on the floor of the Senate for some time, unlike this infamous incident. So, while our left decries “incivility,” […]

Patrick Henry’s Finest Hour: Give me Liberty or give me death

There comes a time in all of our lives when we must take a stand; when riding the fence just doesn’t get it done.   It was 236 years ago this past Wednesday when a passionate Virginia lawyer stood before 120 delegates at St John’s Church in Virginia and took a stand against tyranny.  This lawyer was Patrick Henry and if he was alive today the left and even some on the right would label him as an extremist.  He was indeed radical when it came to his love for liberty and freedom.  I for one believe this kind of passion should be […]

August 24, 1814: British Occupy, Burn Washington D.C.; Climate of Hate Blamed

In a spectacular and daring move, British troops marched on Washington D.C. today and proceeded to burn the Executive Mansion, the Capitol and other buildings. While a state of war does currently exist between the United States and Great Britain no motive was given for the burning.  Many are blaming the charged political rhetoric in the nation’s Capitol. President Madison who is currently in hiding has taken much heat for the unpopular war from many in his own party.  Said Madison’s press secretary: I blame ye olde talk print newspapers.  They are irresponsible and the things they say about the […]

Hamilton's Gamble, Jefferson's Fear, Our Challenge

Alexander Hamilton is one of America’s first improbable success stories.  He was born out of wedlock in the West Indies which was still under British control.  Because the Church of England didn’t recognize the relationship between his mother and father, they wouldn’t allow him to attend the church’s school and forced him into tutoring.  His situation only got worse when his father abandoned the family and his mother’s ex-husband seized her estate.  He and his brother were eventually adopted by a cousin, Peter Lyon, who later committed suicide.  He was once again adopted, time separate from his brother, by a […]

The Jefferson Solution

Last week we were all introduced to the “Slaughter Solution;” a procedural method that could be used to get around the requirements of the Constitution to pass a bill without actually voting on it.  I have read a number or articles both defending and condemning the move. For me any attack on the Constitution needs to met with a swift and overwhelming response.  Most of us picked up the phone and called our representatives, and expressed our deep concerns to some nameless staffer who took down our information and promised to relay our frustrations to our congressman or congresswoman.  I […]