7 Reasons Net Neutrality Is a Threat to Your Freedom


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Photo courtesy of Bob Mack via Be Sure You’re RIGHT, Then Go Ahead



Hat/Tip to Nick Sanchez at Newsmax.

Obama is bound and determined to heap the damage onto America as fast as he can before he is forced out of office on Jan 20, 2017. This time, he’s using the Democrat-controlled FCC to do his bidding.

The FCC’s Democrat majority voted on Thursday to fix something that ain’t broken by approving new regulations for the Internet. Republicans are dissenting, darkly suggesting that the new rules in government hands are a threat.

The commission’s chairman, Tom Wheeler, said the new rules will ensure net neutrality by barring Internet service providers like Comcast from charging companies like Netflix for priority data transmission. Considering that ISPs don’t do this, and currently treat all data transmission equally, Rep. Darrell Issa, R-California, accused the FCC of trying to “fix something that is far from broken.” 

Here are seven reasons why Net Neutrality is bad for America and bad for you and are a direct threat to your freedom.

1. The FCC’s new rules are a heavy-handed government takeover of the Internet.

Under the new rules, broadband Internet is classified as a public utility for the first time ever. This gives the government wide control of private companies like Comcast, Verizon, and Time Warner Cable, reducing their incentives to invest in their respective networks. Without this investment, broadband technology will develop more slowly, and prices will be higher for consumers.

2. Net neutrality subsidizes large companies like Netflix and Facebook who don’t need it.

In November, it was widely reported that Netflix alone accounts for over 35 percent of all Internet traffic in the US. If broadband providers were able to charge Netflix a small fee for the high volume of data they send, they could pass that money onto consumers in the form of lower monthly bills.

3. The new rules subvert democracy and the will of the people.

CBS News reported that two in three Americans are opposed to the idea of government regulating the Internet. Other polls show that opposition to net neutrality is even higher.

4. The new regulations will stifle free speech.

obama turns interenet off

Lee E. Goodman, former chairman and a current commissioner of the Federal Election Commission, told Newsmax TV that a government takeover of the Internet will chill political speech.


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“The government will regulate the content — and specifically the political content — that the American people can both post online to express their own political opinions, and the political content and information that people can access from the Internet,” said Goodman, who was appointed to the FEC in 2013 by President Obama.

5. The rule-making process was corrupted by the White House.

President Obama and White House staffers used backchannel meetings to pressure chairman Wheeler into creating the strongest possible net neutrality rules over the more moderate approach he originally intended. In this way, the White House operated “like a parallel version of the FCC itself,” The Wall Street Journal reported.

6. The commission’s vote wasn’t transparent.

The new set of rules ushered in by Thursday’s 3-2 vote were not provided to the public for comment. Ahead of the vote, one of the agency’s five commissioners, Ajit Pai, tweeted a picture of the 317-page plan that he was barred from showing the public. Even after the vote, the rules will not be published publicly for many days.


7. The new rules will hurt the right to privacy, and further empower the federal government to spy on its citizens.

After Edward Snowden leaked the NSA’s secret PRISM surveillance program in 2013, it became clear that the federal government is interested in snooping around in the private affairs of its citizens. Now that the federal government controls the web, its ability to spy will only increase.





Obama: Legend Of The Least


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“There is a word for men who surround themselves with czars, who expand their staffs, who fly their dogs out on separate planes, who amuse themselves at the expense of the people at lavish parties, concerts and vacations.  And it isn’t public servant.” – Daniel Greenfield

NegotiateThis is not what the Founding Fathers had in mind. This isn’t a government; it’s a toxic amalgamation of Marxists, socialists, Islamists, race hustlers, libertines, totalitarians, and bureaucratic opportunists — and that’s not counting Republicans. The current Establishment bears as much resemblance to a constitutional republic as a feral hog does to a Russian ballerina. The only wonder is that We The People hadn’t tossed this bloated, overbearing monstrosity into a fenced sty a long time ago.  But, as John Adams estimated in 1776, 1/3 of the American population were Patriots, 1/3 were loyal to King George, and 1/3 were uncommitted, leading “to the rather sobering conclusion that perhaps two-thirds of Americans thought the war for independence was either unnecessary or wrong” (H.W. Crocker).  The percentages, it seems, haven’t changed much over the past 237 years.

In this modern Theater of the Absurd, otherwise known as Washington, D.C., a shutdown of the federal government is not really a shutdown at all:

Instead of a real suspension of government activities, a huge number of which violate the Constitution, we have barricades at national parks and shuttered websites like http://www.usda.gov…;

Despite all of the breathless reporting and faux panic, it appears so far the most significant impact of the shutdown fell on campers in national parks. That should tell you something…

One final thought: the same incompetents who brought you the federal government shutdown also came up with Obamacare. Something to think about. (In a Constitutional System, the Shutdown Wouldn’t Matter/Tenth Amendment Center)

Jay Leno points out even more catastrophic effects:

It’s so bad …”President Obama is now down to just one teleprompter!”

It’s so bad …”Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry are now being forced to use the same needle”

It’s so bad … “Harry Reid has been forced to change his own embalming fluid!” (BizPac Review)

Meanwhile, the Non-Negotiator-In-Chief uses his aptly named ‘bully pulpit’ in a ham-handed attempt to rattle the markets:

“This time I think Wall Street should be concerned. When you have a situation in which a faction is willing to default on U.S. obligations, then we are in trouble.”

The House of Representatives, a faction? Only in the perverted view of Barack Obama and the Democrats — a faction themselves, and one which has regularly defaulted on the Constitution they took a sacred oath to uphold.  But Obama is from Chicago, after all.  So was Al Capone:

Nice little market you have there. Be a shame if something happened to it. (Is Obama trying to panic Wall Street?/The American Thinker)

The legendary reign of the worst president in the history of America continues …


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Is Obama “Constrained…by a System Our Founders Put in Place?”


Obama made a rather interesting and well crafted statement regarding gun control and the Constitution.  Althouse has the comments and some interpretation…


“You hear some of these quotes: ‘I need a gun to protect myself from the government.’ ‘We can’t do background checks because the government is going to come take my guns away,’ Obama said. “Well, the government is us. These officials are elected by you. They are elected by you. I am elected by you. I am constrained, as they are constrained, by a system that our Founders put in place. It’s a government of and by and for the people.”

As a lawprof, I read that to mean that he is not constrained. He’s juggling a few ideas, but what he’s getting at is: The Founders put into place a system that would be populated by elected officials, who are to act for the sake of the people and as the people want. If what the people want our government to do is control guns, then it is within the power of government to do it.

I have to agree.  That, and she’s a lawprof.  It would be hard to argue with her.  Obama does see the Constitution as a constraining force, and one that he must overcome to accomplish the change he desires.  At the same time, he will use the model of viewing the document that indicated that it can be perpetually reinterpreted to the point that it becomes meaningless.  That, and  he’ll ignore it and count on liberal judges to ignore it.  Obama doesn’t respect, or even like the Constitution.  It is an existential threat to everything he wants and stands for.

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AFL-CIO Threatens Voters? “Your Voting Record is a Matter of Public Record”


In a rather interesting mailer sent to Oregon Residents, the ALF-CIO seems to indicate that they know how people voted in previous elections.  Union Label has more…

A mailer sent to Oregon voters by the AFL-CIO warns that their voting history is a matter of public record, Breitbart.com reported Wednesday.

“Your voting history is a matter of public record,” the mailer declares, implying that the union can determine how people vote.

“The reverse cover of the pamphlet features an historic photograph of a union strike, in which the worker in front is carrying a poster that reads: ‘DO NOT CROSS OUR PICKET LINE,’” Breitbart News said.

The blogger who sent the mailer to Breitbart wrote that the union calls “all the time” asking “all sorts of questions about who we would vote for.” The blogger wrote that “if we say ‘we will NOT vote for Obama,’ they hang up.”

We know how you vote and we know where you live.

The Examiner has a scan of the mailer…

Indeed.  While the voting records do show that a person voted, it does not show HOW they voted.  But, I would guess that the AFL-CIO is relying on voters to not know that, and be afraid that thugs might pay them a visit.

I wonder how many people will be afraid, and how many more will be angered.  A lot of people don’t take kindly to thinly veiled threats.  This little exercise might just backfire.


Stupid is as Stupid Does:Three Stories


With all that is going on in America and in the world that has impact our lives and the futures of our children, it is not surprising that a lot of news passes under the radar, sort of speak. Sometimes I have to wonder if there is a conspiracy within the MSM to keep some news under the radar because they don’t want the world to know just how outrageously stupid Americans can be at times.

We have come to expect people in government to do stupid things. In fact that is the norm and it is not just an American phenomena. Two of today’s stories have to do with government. But, we generally tend to think that the people in charge of major corporations would likely be very smart people. The first story today will prove that this theory doesn’t always hold up.

China Dupes General Motors Again

From a recent American Thinker article we learn

It’s  déjà vu all over again!  GM again caves to Chinese pressure.  In  September it was the electric car.  In April it was the  Cadillac.

Allow me to explain what is going on. To do business in China, like many socialist countries, a foreign company like General Motors must have a cinese partner. In this case, the Chinese partner is a company that goes by the accrmym of SAIC. But, not only does GM have to take on a Chinese partner, they are required by the Chinese government to share all of their technology with the partner. And, what does SAIC do with that shared technology? Well, they go off and build a wholly owned factory of their own and produce a clone to compete directly with General Motors.

Can somebody explain to me how this is good business for General Motors? I ask that question because here is what is going to happen. In exchange for some short-term profits (maybe), GM is going to give up its technology and eventually they are going to lose their market share to SAIC’s other company and SAIC will probably end up the proud 100% owner of the factory that GM built with its capital. I have to wonder if GM’s US partner, the US Government, has had a hand in these decisions. Whatever, it looks pretty stupid to me.

Abuse of Government Freebies

Here is a government freeby program that I had no idea it existed. Bid you know that the FCC  (I tried without success to find out when this program started) has a program called Lifeline for low-income folks to have phone service? Bruce McQuain at Questions and Observation has this story. The FCC Lifeline program was originally to provide low-income people with landline phone service in case there were emergencies that needed to be reported. Later on the program was extended to provide free cell phones and even free smart phones. Here is a quote from Arkansas’ Republican Congressman Tim Griffin

“People are not only getting [one free cell phone], they’re getting multiples. There are reports of people getting 10, 20, 30 — just routinely getting more than one, selling them, storing them up, whatever,” Griffin said

This freeby program is costing taxpayer about $1 billion per year.  You see, although government people are stupid , poor people are not so stupid. These phones come with 100 minutes or more of free use. So, what happens? A poor person goes to a participating store and they get their free smart phone. Then they go to another and another participating store and get more phones. They use up their free minutes and sell the phones and start the process al over again. So, Mr. McQuain has a question for you

…Ever wonder what that line on your bill that says “universal service fund” was all about?  Well, this is what it’s about.  Your government giving away cell phones with no apparent accountability and you paying for them.

Yup! We always pay for government stupidity, don’t we?

A Nanny Never Sleeps

I swear these people stay up nights divining problems that government must solve by creating another law. This low flying news also comes to us thanks to Bruce McQuain at Questions and Observations.  The Nanny in question is a  Kathy Webb, a state Representative from Arkansas. She thinks frying hamburgers is dangerous to the environment.

Webb has submitted Interim Study Proposal 2011-201, an act “to declare an emergency” over the alleged crisis. Frying hamburgers is now The People’s Business of the Highest Order.

Webb’s bill claims food grease presents an emergency risk of sewer overflows that threatens the environment. “It is in the public interest to establish a Fat, Oil, and Grease Advisory Committee to study the recommended measures to better ensure that the collection, transportation, disposal, and recycling of fat, oil, and grease are done in a manner that is protective of the environment,” reads the bill.

And, there is more

According to the bill, the state will appoint a 14 (!) member committee “with adequate staff and facilities” to study the frying-pan-grease emergency and recommend legislation, enforcement, and other emergency government action to fight food grease. Even after such action, the committee and its “adequate staff and facilities” will perpetually exist, convene, and soak up taxpayer resources.

Bruce has a response that is much better than anything I could come up with

Because that’s what government does.  It appoints “Grease Czars”, enthrones them in perpetuity “with adequate staff and facilities” and then wastes taxpayer money trying to enforce unenforceable laws passed by morons.

Yeah, stupid is as stupid does. Stupid is a commodity that we never seem to run short of.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

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