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Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow to Restart NFL Career by Murdering People

How can a football player be respected if he’s never committed a felony?   Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow has a new plan to resuscitate his failing career: Murder!   “Tim Tebow is a controversial figure” said New York Daily News sports columnist Mike Lupica. He believes in God.  He has never murdered anyone. Hell, he doesn’t even have a criminal record.  How can a man like this expect to play in the NFL?  He’s a controversial, divisive figure and unless he changes he will never play again.    Tebow has been in talks with retired NFL legend Ray Lewis […]

Bob Costas Blames Controversial Tim Tebow Non-Shooting on Religion; Calls for “Jesus Control”

In the wake of another weekend gone by without a shooting by Tim Tebow, NBC sports personality Bob Costas used halftime to speak on the subject and advocate for “Jesus Control.” We here at the worldwide headquarters of Manhattan Infidel are not in the business of advocating for any position.  But in my capacity as a bitter, lonely alcoholic who has never known the touch of a woman member of the mainstream media I have decided to give the full transcript of Costas’ remarks. In the aftermath of the nonfatal nonshooting nontragedy involving notorious Christian Tim Tebow that most mindless of sports […]

Some Thoughts on Tim Tebow

Yes, his throwing motion makes people cringe. Yes, he stats are great…for the 1940’s. Yes, he’s winning ugly, being ineffective for all but the last few minutes of any game. Yes, he’s running an offense that was outmoded decades ago. Yes, he’s benefiting from a great defense, that keeps his team in games. But, he is winning. In fact, he is the personification of “winning ugly.” Of course, he’s a new, inexperienced starting QB, and, in most circumstances, that would be a marginal story.  New starters, especially at QB, struggle, and the notable thing would be that he’s winning.  However, the reason that […]

Tebow Derangement Syndrome Revisited: NOW Wins in Hypocrisy and Fail Category

I think by now, we all have seen the Focus on the Family sponsored Super Bowl ad.  The ad received quite a bit of hype, even before it was  seen.  As a review, here is the ad. As you can see, this is clearly the most insidious and evil advertisement the world has ever seen.  At least, that’s what the National Organization of Women would have us believe. Steve Ertelt at LifeNew is reporting that the National Organization for Women’s [NOW] President Terry O’Neil told the Los Angeles Times that the Mr. Tebow’s tackling his mother promotes Domestic Violence.: In […]

Tebow Derangement Syndrome?

Imagine if you will…A woman braves medical risk to have a child.  The child grows up to be an Evangelical Christian, and an All-American quarterback that leads his team to two BSC Championships.  It’s kind of a heartwarming story…right? Well, not so, according to “several women’s groups.”  You see, Focus on the Family plans on running a Super Bowl commercial featuring Tim Tebow’s story.  But, the “several women’s groups,” in true “progressive” fashion, has taken it upon themselves to urge CBS not to run the ad.  Of course, I’m forgetting that these groups are far smarter than myself, and they […]