Homofascist Tolerance In Action: CA Bars Judges From Belonging To The Boy Scouts


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You’re free to believe whatever you want, so long as you believe in the right things. So the homofascist tolerance warriors will punish the Boy Scouts in California, because “equality.” Or something.

California’s Supreme Court voted Friday to prohibit state judges from belonging to the Boy Scouts on grounds that the group discriminates against gays.

The court said its seven justices unanimously voted to heed a recommendation by its ethics advisory committee barring judges’ affiliation with the organization.

In 1996 the state Supreme Court banned judges from belonging to groups that discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, but made an exception for nonprofit youth organizations.

The Supreme Court’s Advisory Committee on the Code of Judicial Ethics in February recommended eliminating the exception to enhance public confidence in the judiciary.

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The group allows the participation of openly gay boys but continues to prohibit gay and lesbian adults from serving as leaders.

The proposed rule change was sent out for public comment last year, and the change was supported by the California Judges Association, the court said.

Tell a homosexual he can’t be a scout leader? Discrimination!
Tell a judge he can’t be a scout leader? Tolerance!

Hypocrisy? Yeah, they’ve got that down pat.

So California will deprive their young men of positive role models just to push the homofascist agenda. Because in LGBT land, the only positive role model for boys is Zorro The Gay Blade. Pillars of the law enforcement community aren’t good enough.




Kirsten Dunst Infuriates Feminists by Defending Traditional Marriage


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Once again, the forces of tolerance are skewering an individual for showing independent thought.  Kirsten Dunst stepped on a Cultural Marxist land mine when she stated that men and women had roles. 

Here’s what she said in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar in the UK:

“I feel like the feminine has been a little undervalued,” she says. “We all have to get our own jobs and make our own money, but staying at home, nurturing, being the mother, cooking – it’s a valuable thing my mum created. And sometimes, you need your knight in shining armour. I’m sorry. You need a man to be a man and a woman to be a woman. That’s why relationships work…”

Of course, feminists are freaking out that Dunst suggested that women have an important role in the home as homemakers.  In an age where women who freely choose to be homemakers are demeaned by feminists for not being “strong and independent,” it’s refreshing to see someone in liberal, pro-feminist Hollywood embrace traditional gender roles and reject political correctness.

If you recall, I discussed what the feminists are really thinking just a short time ago…

One way to crush the family is to prevent women from staying home and being mothers.  Feminists recognized that early on, and made it a battle cry. 

Today’s young women are empowered to choose career, family, and all sorts of combinations of both. But the words of Steinem and other liberal feminists revealed what they believed about American women…

Steinem: “[Housewives] are dependent creatures who are still children…parasites.”

Simone de Beauvoir: “No woman should be authorized to stay at home and raise her children. Women should not have that choice, precisely because if there is such a choice, too many women will make that one.”

Betty Friedan: “[Housewives] are mindless and thing-hungry…not people. [Housework] is peculiarly suited to the capacities of feeble-minded girls. [It] arrests their development at an infantile level, short of personal identity with an inevitably weak core of self…. [Housewives] are in as much danger as the millions who walked to their own death in the concentration camps. [The] conditions which destroyed the human identity of so many prisoners were not the torture and brutality, but conditions similar to those which destroy the identity of the American housewife.”

Steinem has never been a fan of women who didn’t think like her or buy in to her radical feminist political agenda. “Having someone who looks like us but thinks like them (meaning men) is worse than having no one at all.”

So much for tolerance—and the belief that women are individuals who should be free to think and make choices for themselves.(emphasis added)

Kirsten Dunst has to be attacked-she ran counter to the narrative.  You see, feminism isn’t about women actually having a choice, it’s about forcing women to make the choice that the feminists want.  And, like all of the “forces of tolerance,” they have no tolerance for anyone who departs one iota from the plantation.



Forces of Tolerance Physically Attack Traditional Marriage Supporter


If you support marriage.  If you support families, or children, you are subject to harassment, threats, loss of work, and so on-all in the name of tolerance.  And now, even physical violence from the forces of tolerance can be confirmed.  PCMD Gazette has more…

Anti traditional marriage villains attacked and seriously injured an innocent man who was volunteering to support the fact that male and female were designed for each other and that marriage should be between and a man and a woman.

The volunteer, Jose Nunez, was brutally assaulted while waiting to distribute yard signs to other supporters after church services at the St. Stanislaus Parish in Modesto.

The unstable assailant grabbed about 75 signs and yelled at Nunez accusingly, “What do you have against gays!” Although Nunez replied that he had nothing against gays, he was attacked anyway. The assailant punched Nunez in the left eye and ran off with the signs.

Nunez, his eye dripping with blood, walked into a building on church grounds where a fellow parishioner called 911. Police and paramedics responded to the scene.

Nunez, who suffered a bloody eye, serious wounds to his face, and a scratch to his knee, was rushed by ambulance to a local hospital where he received 16 stitches under his eye.

According to the Yes on 8 campaign, the attack shows that their opponents are not as tolerant and open-minded as they would like voters to believe.

Yes, as you can see, the forces of tolerance are only tolerant of those that agree with them.  If you don’t say and do exactly what they say, you’re going to pay.

Because, tolerance!


Faking an Atrocity: Eleven Fake Hate Crimes, And the Liberals That Stage Them


One of the predictable things about liberalism are all the lies-not just those needed to present their ‘ideas,” but all the other lies needed to perpetuate them.  After all, when you entire ideology is based on lies, you have to lie a lot to do keep the train wreck moving forward.  Here is a list of recent hate crimes perpetrated by liberals, against themselves…

Perhaps attempting some misguided publicity stunt or perhaps trying to make others see hate where there is none, these people have gone to great lengths to claim they’ve been targeted. Here’s a look back at some of the most recent and egregious hate-crime hoaxes:

1. At Hofstra University in 2009, a freshman girl claimed she was gang-raped by five men in a dormitory, only to recant her claims when a video of the sexual encounter surfaced showing she was not forced at all. Four men were arrested before she finally admitted she was lying.

2. Meghan Lanker-Simons of the University of Wyoming anonymously posted fake rape threats to herself on Facebook in 2013 in a case that got national media attention.When police investigated the incident, they found “substantial evidence” that Lanker-Simons posted the fake rape threat from her own personal computer while it was in her possession.

3. A little over a year ago at Oberlin College, two students conducted a massive series of racist stunts such as putting up a Nazi flag, passing out anti-Islamic fliers, and putting a “whites only” sign above a water fountain. After getting classes cancelled for a “Day of Solidarity,” one of the students said that the entire thing was a “joke” in order to get an “overreaction.”

4. In one of the most famous hate-crime hoaxes of late, Crystal Mangum falsely accused three Duke lacrosse players of raping her in 2006. Following the allegations, the Duke lacrosse team was suspended for two games; the coach, Mike Pressler, was forced to resign; and the three accused were arrested and vilified by the national media. The charges were eventually dropped and Mike Nifong, the corrupt Durham County district attorney, was removed, disbarred, and sued into bankruptcy. In November 2013 Mangum was convicted of murdering her boyfriend.

5. Last year, a lesbian waitress in Connecticut, Dayna Morales, claimed that a couple wrote on a receipt, “I’m sorry but I cannot tip because I don’t agree with your lifestyle & how you live your life.” After Morales gained national media attention and received thousands of dollars in donations that she promised she would give to Wounded Warriors, the accused couple revealed that they wrote no such note and actually left a rather generous 20-percent tip. Morales was exposed as having a history of lying, and Wounded Warriors said that they had never received a donation from Morales.

6. Oprah Winfrey whirled up a media frenzy last year after accusing a Swiss sales assistant of racism. Winfrey said the saleswoman told her that “you don’t want to see this bag” because Winfrey is black. ”It is too expensive. You cannot afford it.” The sales assistant felt powerless caught in the media “cyclone,” as she put it, and flatly denied having ever told Winfrey she could not afford the item. “I don’t know why she is making these accusations,” the saleslady said. “She is so powerful and I am just a shop girl.” 

7. Last fall Vassar College was struck by a string of hateful remarks spray-painted on student residences, including “Fuck N*ggers” and “Hey Tranny, Know Your Place.” A few days after the university’s Bias Incident Response Team reported that multiple offenses had occurred on campus, the university announced that the perpetrators were actually two members of the Bias Incident Response Team.

8. Two gay parents were throwing a birthday party for their child earlier this year when they received a note from a homophobic parent saying her child would not attend the party because she would “not subject my innocent son to your ‘lifestyle.’” The media were outraged until it was revealed that there were no gay parents, no allegedly homophobic parent, and no birthday party. In fact, the entire spectacle was a joke created by a New York radio show in order to “spur a healthy discourse on a highly passionate topic,” as they explained.

9. In 2011, two lesbians told authorities that someone had spray-painted “Kill the Gay” on their garage and left a noose at their door. They said it was probably the Homeowner’s Association retaliating against over a dispute about their dog. However, the FBI investigated and found out that the women had spray-painted their garage themselves and likewise had placed the noose on their own doorstep. They were charged with criminal mischief and false reporting.

10. Joseph Baken claimed that three men had beaten him after he came out as a homosexual at a bar. A picture of his bruised faced was widely circulated online, and Baken was held up as a victim of homophobia. Soon after his short rise to fame, a video surfaced showing Baken attempting a backflip on a paved street. He struck his face on the curb exactly where the injuries were in his viral picture. Soon after, he pled guilty to filing a false police report.

11. Alexandra Pennell, a student at Central Connecticut State University, reported that she had received an anti-gay message under her door. As an apparent target of hate, she spoke at an anti-hate rally for hundreds of students. But when the police tried, through a surveillance camera outside her room, tried to find out who it was, they found that the camera had been disabled. After setting up a hidden camera, they discovered Pennell was the one writing her own hate letters. She did not admit it until the police showed her the video.

When your lie is that you are hated and under attack, and there are no real attacks, you have to invent the attacks.   In the mean time, liberals terrorize anyone who disagrees with them.

You know; tolerance!


Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Crazy Feminist Wants to Castrate Christians


In our latest foray into the world of feminist insanity, we find Laura Levites, who is very open on expressing her tolerance for people that have the nerve to disagree with her.  The Other McCain has more…

The problem with trying to keep up with feminist insanity is, while you’re distracted by one deranged nutjob — say, Amanda Marcotte, or that fat chick with paranoid rape fears — another one is likely to go off her meds and completely melt down while you’re not looking.

Can’t you feel the tolerance for diversity, not to mention the civil discourse, just oozing from these completely tolerant and absolutely not hateful comments?  Feminists are only concerned with equality, until you see what they actually say.

Just remember kids, WE’RE the hateful ones!


Intolerance by the Tolerant


Lawrence Torcello, a professor of philosophy from Rochester Institute of Technology, has called for ‘deniers’ of anthropomorphic climate change to be imprisoned.  He said ‘science misinformation’ should be considered a crime.  Professor Torcello is spouting intolerant, opinionated declarations as if man-made climate change has been proven scientifically.  It hasn’t.  Man-made climate change (global warming) is a theory which has been politically propagandized to the point of putting undue pressure on the scientific community.  Torcello admits that his proposal would violate the first amendment. Well what a reasonable guy he is. Wait!! Wait!! Just when I thought there was a glimmer of sensibility the professor said “We must make the critical distinction between the protected voicing of one’s unpopular beliefs, and the funding of a strategically organised campaign to undermine the public’s ability to develop and voice informed opinions.”  He believes governments need to update their free speech laws.  No man has the authority to take away free speech!

It looks like a good many Americans disagree with the professor.

The atheist group Freedom From Religion Foundation is demanding that Gov. Scott Walker delete a tweet.  On Sunday Scott Walker tweeted “Philippians 4:13.”  In a letter the co-presidents wrote: “This braggadocio verse coming from a public official is rather disturbing,”wrote Gaylor and Barker to Walker.  You know what is disturbing?  Atheists with hutzpah who are clueless about free speech. Atheists who try to stifle free speech. These intolerant atheists need to take a course on the first amendment.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation strikes again.  The radical atheist Gestapo-like organization sent a letter demanding the removal of The Ten Commandments monument on public property in Idaho.  Around 500 people gathered in Sandpoint, Idaho to protest the monument’s pending removal, to support the Ten Commandments display staying right where it is. 

“I don’t like this at all,” said Gladys Larson to the Bonner County Daily Bee, “There’s no way someone can come into our town and dictate what goes on here.”

“The Ten Commandments monument was donated to Sandpoint in 1972 by a local chapter of the Fraternal Order of Eagles, and was placed in Farmin Park.”

I am sick of spineless city officials giving into the offended while not giving a damn about local citizens constitutional rights. I am highly offended by this atheist supremacy that is happening all across our country.

Original Post:  TeresAmerica


Gay Rights Supporter Wants to ‘Target,’ and “Get Rid of,” Those That Disagree With Gay Agenda



The forces of “tolerance” are at it again.  We’ve covered the hateful rhetoric and efforts to ruin those that oppose the gay rights agenda.  Of course, they don’t target Muslims, but I think we know why that is.  But, at any rate, Robert Stacy McCain has more on the latest, when gay rights supporter, Chloe Nelson, opined on a video of controversial pastor, Scott Lively…

…LGBT activist named Chloe Nelson posted this comment on Facebook:


It’s time that the LGBT community forms a new organization that targets homophobes, bigots, religious zealots, religious fanatics, and all other assholes who are against equality, and human and civil rights for all people.
By targeting these bigots, and publishing every little detail of their sex lives, or personal lives, taking pictures through their windows, and getting the pics out on the internet, showing every little thing that they do, including how they wipe their asses when in the bathroom, or for that matter if they’re wiping their asses in the kitchen — we’ve got to catch it on camera.
The time to just sit back and take it, are over with for the LGBT community. We need to get rid of bigots like these homophobic religious assholes, and if it means exposing every little thing about them, then that’s what we need to do.
We need to start making their lives a living hell by constant observation and publishing pics and articles every time they fart, or spit, or even look cross-eyed. It’s obvious these bigots only understand one thing, and that is persecution, discrimination and bigotry.
Here come the LGBT bigots, gonna prey on the religious zealots, fanatics, and bigots who think their shit don’t stink, and think they can control everyone else’s life.

Now, if a Conservative said that about gays, it would really be a controversy.  But, since this screed is directed at Christians and Conservatives, there is no problem.  Bullying isn’t bullies when they bullies wear rainbows.  Stalking Christians is legal, and correct.  I could go on, but this hypocrite’s words speak for itself.  Tolerance only applies to it, and anyone who disagrees needs to be destroyed.

But just remember, we’re the hateful ones!

Note that Jeanette Runyon found this peaceful and tolerant post.  If you recall, Jeanette bravely stood up to stalking by #FreeKate supporters.  In fact, one stalker still devotes large amounts of time to posting about Jeanette, unless, that is, they aren’t doxing nine year olds on twitter.


Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Forces of Tolerance Threatening Lives of Christian Rapper


Christian rapper Bizzle probably didn’t want to make the news because his life is being threatened, but it happened all the same.  The forces of “tolerance” from the gay rights crowd, are so tolerant, that they want him dead.  Here is some local coverage, via The Right Scoop…

Here is Bizzle’s video, and the lyrics…

But understand this, that in the last days
There will come times of difficulty
For people will be lovers of self
Lovers of money, proud, arrogant
Abusive, disobedient to their parents
Ungrateful, unholy, heartless, unappeasable
Slanderous, without self-control, brutal
Not loving good, treacherous, reckless
Swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God
Having the appearance of godliness
But denying its power

Woe to he who calls evil good and good evil…

[Verse: Bizzle]
It’s funny how the media portrays things
They really pushing hard for this gay thing
And it’s so wicked how they manipulate things
Can’t even disagree without them making it a hate thing
I say you wrong, and you holla “hate” instantly
But you say we the ones who don’t tolerate differences
There’s a whole lot of things I could say really
But, see your hypocrisy is something I could paint vividly
Saying, it’s the way you was born, and I’m sure that
You lust just like I do just in a different form
But I’m married so if I give into mine, I’m a cheater
If you give into yours, you just fight to make it legal
You rather fight God, then fight sin
The Bible is alright, until it calls what you like sin
And I feel so disrespected that you were so desperate
You would compare your sexual habits to my skin (What?!?)
Calling it the new black
Tell me where they do that
They hung us like tree ornaments, where were you at?
They burned us for entertainment, you go through that?
Mom’s raped in front of they kids, while they shoot dad
Ever been murdered just for trying to learn how to read bro? (Nope.)
A show of hands?
I didn’t think so
So, quit comparing the two. It ain’t the same fight
You can play straight. We can never play white
Using black people as pawns for yo’ agenda
And these sell out rappers will do whatever you tell em’
Skirts on stages, campaigning for that black vote
Afraid to be blackballed, so they play that role
You were never oppressed, the devil was a liar
The only thing oppressed was yo sexual desire
Keeping yo’ desires oppressed is so lame to you
But when you get married, that’s what you expect yo’ mate to do
It angers you, if I compare you to a pedophile
Cuz’ he sick, right?
And you’re better how?
(Man, I ain’t choose this.)
You think he chose that?
(But, I was born this.)
Well, prove he wasn’t born that
But, you were never a girl
He was once nine
So at one time in his life, it was just fine
What makes your loss right?
I’m not buying it
So, put him in that same trash can you threw that bible in
See how that cycle is?
Nobody wants to repent of they evil
So, we all try justifying it
And you say it’s about rights, but you lying tho
Domestic partnerships gave you rights a long time ago
God created marriage, when he did, he defined it tho’
So why is it you want we He created, but deny Him tho?
It’s not wicked enough, switching the definition?
You want it done by a Christian in a church he worships in?
And that rainbow you using as a gay pride symbol (you stole that)
It represents a covenant with God if you didn’t know
Check Genesis 9:13 for the info
Homie, the war is spiritual, you don’t know what you in fo’
I ain’t sayin’ yo’ sin is worse, but it is sin tho
The Lord took the punishment for it all on Him tho (Praise God)
We just gotta repent tho
The problem is if you don’t call it sin, then
You walk as if there’s nothing to repent for
Let’s recap:
We all wicked and desire sin
But imagine a world where no one kept there desires in
If something was called right cuz’ simply we desired it
When yo’ right goes against my right, who’s right would win
As for being born that way
I should never see ya’ll
Ever see use a word like “retard”
To describe someone who was born a little differently than we are
I guess down syndrome really isn’t a thing ya’ll
What do we call yo’ syndrome?
Oh, that term is offensive now when it hits home?
So, what gives you the right to call the way he was born a defect?
I call yours a defect, you feel it’s disrespect
You don’t believe in God?
Hey, the universe says if we all gay
We either die off or have to do it God’s way
And God loves you no matter what you struggle with
At least struggle tho, don’t just give up and quit
Forget how you were born
We were all born in sin
But Christ died for your sin
You can be born again (Praise God for forgiveness)
We were all born in sin
But Christ died so we can be born again

[Outro: Bizzle]
And I never want to act like
All gay people are the same because that’s ignorant
But at the same time
What I won’t allow you to do
Is paint this beautiful picture
Like we don’t have people from the LGBT community out here
Running up in churches, disrupting services
Kissing on the pulpit
Out here attacking old ladies
Throwing crosses down and stomping em’
Violently assaulting people
So don’t take my most aggressive lines that you know are to that group
And try to apply it to the friendliest
Lovingest gay person because that’s not the case
And to that struggling Christian right now
Struggling with homosexuality
Fight the good fight soldier
No matter what anybody says
We all have different desires
We all are drawn toward different sin
And my desire might not be your desire
But I have a desire that’s just as strong for another sin
And I have to fight it day in and day out
And sometimes I win and sometimes I lose
Sometimes I stand and sometimes I fall
But fight the good fight
God is worth it
God bless you
No hate about it
I love you

According to he gay rights crowd, since this does not conform 100% to their opinion, is hate. And for engaging in an opinion contrary to the gay-rights movement, Bizzle must die. Because as we all know, tolerance means complete capitulation to the gay-rights movement. Tolerance means that no other peelings are tolerated. Other opinions, especially Christian opinions, our hate and must be punished, even by death.

You know, tolerance!


Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Liberals Show ‘Tolerance’ for #TrestinsFast


#TrestinsFast is an effort to raise awareness regarding the overstepping of a Federal Judge.  When Trestin Meacham contacted me about this, I told him that once word got out, it would generate a hateful reaction from the forces of “tolerance and diversity.”  Because, as we all know, any opposition to the regressive doctrine is classified as “hate.”  And, it’s OK to harass, insult, ridicule, and censor anyone who is a “hater,” right?  Here are some examples…

Statement: Hey, ObamaCare is causing people to lose their plans, have their work hours cut, causing job losses, and people are suffering.

Response from “tolerant” regressive:  HATER!  OPPOSING OBAMACARE IS RAAAAACIST!!!!!

Statement:  Wow, it’s colder, and all of the global cooling global warming climate change the Big Lie predictions are failing to come true.   Oh, and that global warming ship got stuck in the ice that wasn’t there in 1912, and the icebreaker sent to rescue them is stuck too!


Statement:  I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, and while I would never harm gays, the Muslims all over the world persecute and kill them. 

Response from “tolerant” regressive: HATER!!!!!   (Muslims, what Muslims?  We won’t protest the ones who are killing gays.  We’ll attack the Christians;you know…HATE!)

You get the idea.  Any effort to discuss something, especially using facts, will be attacked.  After all, regressives rely on lies (If you like your plan…) to get things done.  Exposing people to facts mean that the presenter of the facts must be attacked.  Even opinions that oppose regressive doctrine must be destroyed.  You simply cannot disagree with them.

So, getting back to #TrestinsFast, we knew that there would be hate and nonsense spouted, because that is what regressives do.  So, I knew far more of the coverage would be about the reaction than the fast itself, sadly.  However, it provides the opportunity to show what the forces of “tolerance” are really all about.  Here are a bunch of screen captures for you.  Get ready to feel the ‘tolerance.”

From the Daily Mail…


Aren’t you just feeling the “tolerance” oozing from these comments?  But on a serious note, we know that this type of thing is going to be the norm…

Blessed are you when people hate you, when they exclude you and insult you and reject your name as evil, because of the Son of Man.

Luke 6:22 NIV

You will be hated by everyone because of me, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.

Matthew 10:22 NIV

In the end, we knew that #TrestinsFast is about raising awareness and making a statement.  We also knew that it would bring out the hate from the people that pretend to preach tolerance.  In that sense, #TrestinsFast  is also a “trap” to expose  their hate form Christianity, and challenge them on their “tolerance” of that religion that is sworn to their destruction, yet they will not challenge it at all.  And, yes, you can smell their hypocrisy.  Only their point of view is tolerated, and civil discourse means that only they are allowed to speak.

NOTE:  All comments are being sent straight to moderation for approval.  Remember that I’m not in the “douchebag rights” camp, so I don’t allow people to simple troll or spout hate on the blog.  Don’t cry about free speech.  It’s my blog, so it’s not a public space.



To Tolerance of Intolerance, and Why Pointing That Out is a ‘Crime’


Stacy McCain nails it tonight, when he writes about how the our “champions of tolerance” simply cannot bring themselves to tolerate any opinion that deviates from their own…

There is a phenomenon on the Left — especially among academics and other “intellectual” types, including feminists — where they become so used to living within cocoons of like-minded sympathizers that they don’t realize how weird their ideas seem to normal people. And so, when somebody outside the cocoon takes notice and quotes their deranged gibberish, these people claim victimhood: Those right-wing [sexists, homophobes, racists, Koch-funded Rethuglicans, whatever] are [harassing, libeling, slut-shaming, whatever] me!

You can ask Jeanette Runyon how she has actually been reported to the police for the alleged crime of quoting some of the “Free Kate” weirdos who want to legalize sex with 14-year-olds.

See, the Left has spent so long preaching the rhetoric of “rights” that some of them have begun to believe their own propaganda, so that merely disagreeing with them makes you a criminal.

I could go into a million directions here.  For example, we could go on for some time about my observation that leftist ideology is so narrow in it’s definitions that they often look completely idiotic while trying to stuff every single world event into their victim narrative.   I will go into the fact the “katers” defaming Jeanette Runyon have been thoroughly exposed as rather infamous liars, yet they continue to double down on their lies, even though they KNOW they are lying.  Here are some examples…

lies about jeanetteJeanette tells us that this is a lie, willingly and intentionally told. 

lies about Jeanette repeatedRepetition makes it true, right?

they don't care if its trueThey don’t care if it’s true or not.

mattingly glad someone made it upMr. Mattingly is glad that someone made up the false information about Jeanette?

And finally, what do you do when someone keeps on pointing out that you openly support legalizing adult-minor sex?

lie about spamYou lie about spam in the hopes that they get time in the Twitter Gulag.

So, as you can see, when lying about someone doesn’t get them to shut up, you try to get others to shut them up.

Of course, there is a lot more to that story as well.

This entire exchange about Jeanette’s “record,” and it’s use by the “katers,” reminds me of something that Matt Forney wrote referenced in his post, The Rabbits Go to War; or, How Your Haters Will Try to Destroy You

Scientific studies have repeatedly shown that leftists have underdeveloped amygdalae compared to conservatives, the reason why they are r-selected. The amygdala is the part of the brain responsible for keeping you alive by forcing you to react to stimuli that might be dangerous (such as an animal trying to eat you). Amygdala damage prevents liberals from properly assessing danger, causing them to react and overreact to the wrong stimuli (and fail to react to the proper ones):

In my experiences with Narcissists, their amygdala is so sensitive to anxiety, that just telling them any information which bothers them sets it off like a nuclear bomb, forcing them into an immediate state of denial of the offending stimuli, to try and short-circuit the “brain pain.” Tell a Narcissist something he doesn’t want to hear, and it is like spraying pepper spray from a fire extinguisher into his face. He won’t listen to the entire idea, consider it, and then reject it, like we would. Instead, the Narcissist will begin to get the faintest whiff of what you are saying, identify it as bad, and then he will close his eyes, hide his head, and wave his arms while screaming, until you are finished.

This is the heart of why feminists and leftists are so weak, so panicky, so incapable of handling dissent or debate. Because they can’t tell the difference between a deke-out and the real deal, they treat them both with the same amount of gravity. The reason why feminists get so angry over “rape culture,” for example, is not because they care for victims of rape, but because their malfunctioning amygdalae regards any stimulus that is perceived to be rape-related as equivalent to an actual rape.

If you take a look at Forney’s post, it is quite spot-on.  In essence, the haters are wimps that have to gang up on someone, because in their own, “special snowflake” reality, they are the “good guys.”    Their world view is so twisted, that they think any opposition, and especially quoting them, is a vicious and brutal attack.  However, that same world view limits them to defining themselves as victims  so we get treated to this lie-fest.   Then, you see the victim-hood kick in fully, especially if you quote them and mention their openly stated intentions (How dare you describe my attempts to intimidate you into silence!).

And when the lies fail, they have to find other ways to make the truth stop.  That’s when you see the false police reports, the “monitoring” of people that point out that their openly stated goal is to make it legal for adults to have sex with minors.  They have to make truth go away, no matter how many lies they have to tell. Reality is their enemy, and they have target anyone who expresses it.

Oh, and they fail at it too.

Because, you know, tolerance!

And, just a final thought:  Since I quoted public their statements, I will be accused of harassment, stalking, or something, because even when they are stalking and lying about others, they are still the victims, mmkay?

As a reminder, I don’t recommend contacting, harassing, threatening, doxing, or otherwise molesting these poor “special snowflakes.” They might cry.

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Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Actor Chris Noth Thinks Tea Party Members Should be ‘Horsewhipped’


Another liberal has shown their true colors, and has engaged in “civil discourse.”  See what Chris Noth had to say about the Tea Party…

Actor Chris Noth_ ‘Every Tea Party member should be horsewhipped’ _ Twitchy - 2013-10-17_23.01.07

Tolerant fellow, isn’t he?

Jim Treacher, of course, had the appropriate response.  Folks like Noth would likely urinate all over himself if he actually tried to do that to a real human being, especially one that has a healthy love of the Second Amendment.  Of course, dimwits like Noth are one of the reasons that we have a Second Amendment.

Note:  No, I’m not threatening to hunt Chris Noth down and do bad things to him.  What I am suggesting is that if he tried to make good on his asinine threat, he would be confronting a person that wouldn’t likely have an issue about defending themselves.  The lesson is this: when utilizing social media, one should take care to not have his or her keyboard “write checks” that ones “a** can’t cash.”


Toelrance and Diversity on Display: Gay Rights Crowd Attack Street Preacher



In an act of tolerance, participants in Gay Pride parade attacked a person identified as a street preacher.  Apparently, gay rights folks don’t like God.  The Dana Show has the video…

Thanks for watching, and remember, assaulting people that disagree with the regressive agenda is tolerant. Silencing and censoring anyone who disagrees with the regressive agenda is tolerant. And, since they can’t attack God, they’ll go after his followers, out of tolerance, of course!

And, just to keep in mind the proper context…

John 15:18 “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.

John 15:19 If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you.

John 15:21 They will treat you this way because of my name, for they do not know the one who sent me.

This will only get worse.  It is predicted.  But, the good news is that the good guys win in the end.

Oh, and waiting for the tolerant left to blame the victims in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

The original news story can be seen here.


#FreeKate Update: The “Tolerant Left” at Work



I’ve spent the last four years, among other things, pointing out the utter hypocrisy of the political and cultural left.  Chief among my targets is the “Tolerant Left.”  You see, according to our would be regressive overlords, they are the epitome of “tolerance.”  Just ask them, and they’ll tell you; tolerance just flows through their veins, and shoots out of their eyes like  death rays of love.  Until, that is, some one disagrees with them.  Or, worse yet, is a Christian.  Then, the “Tolerant Left” shows their true nature.  I have shown many examples of the tolerance of the “Tolerant Left.”

This is “Tolerance,” Student Harrassed for Being a Christian

Will the Military Court Martial Christians That Share Their Faith?

Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Gays Insult, Make Death Threats Against a 14 Year-old Sarah Crank

Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Liberals Threaten to Kill NRA Members

From the Culture Wars: Tufts University Bans Christian Student Group for Christianity

Stacey Dash on Receiving End of Tolerance, Racial Slurs Flung by Tolerant Leftists

Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Pro-Abortion Crown Harasses 11 year-old Girl

 Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Tolerant Left Shout Down Praying Priest

Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Liberals Threaten Six-Year-Old

Tolerant Left Vandalizes Church in the Name of Tolerance

Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Rosanne Barr Channels the Weather Underground, Calls for “Re-Education Camps” and Beheadings

From The Front Lines of the Culture Wars: Student Disciplined for Thinking Homosexuality is Wrong

Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Wisconsin Democrat Threatens to “Smack Around” Female (Would be) Constituent

“Tolerant” Lefties do not “Tolerate” Free Speech

University Alert: Tolerance and Diversity on Display

Classic Conservative Hideout: This is the Tolerance of the Left: Intimidation, Harassment, and Threats

OK, that’s enough.  It’s overkill, but there is even more.  The point it  this- the left is not tolerant at all.  They engage in simple insults, threats, intimidation, physical violence, vandalism, and any other thing you can think of in the name of “tolerance.”  In other words, they hate anyone who disagrees with them, and will attempt to silence them.

Because they’re soooooo tolerant.

This has occurred I the case of alleged sex offender, Katiyln Hunt, pictured here in her mug shot, as her family forbade that any other pictured be used.

Kaitlyn-Hunt-mug shot 2

The supporters of alleged sex offender, Kaitlyn Hunt, under the #FreeKate banner, have taken to harassing the parents of the alleged victim in this case.  The Other McCain discussed this at length yesterday.  Here is a screencap of the “tolerance.”

freeKate targets victims parents

it is reported that the Smith family had to have their phone disconnected, as they were receiving death threats from the people that are supporting the person that allegedly molested their daughter.

“f**king bible thumpers.”

Just remember, THEY are the tolerant ones.

R.S. McCain has a great post on all of this, so get over there and give it a read. 


This is “Tolerance,” Student Harrassed for Being a Christian


This story is a few years old, but shows liberal “tolerance” operates in actual practice. Apparently, Christians have no place in this brave, new world.  The Fire produced this video, after forcing the university to settle a lawsuit…

This is the future of “tolerance” and “social justice” that the regressives would have for all of us.  Not too tolerant a place, is it.  And most certainly, there is no actual justice.


A Tale of Two Stories: Pro-Gay Radio Host Abuses Christians, Gay Rights Crowd Ignores Muslims KILLING Gays


I personally find it curious that while the gay rights crowd loves going after  Christians, they leave others off the hook.    Here is a list of stories compiled here over the last few years…

Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Gays Insult, Make Death Threats Against a 14 Year-old Sarah Crank

Chick-fil-A Quick Hits: TV News Team Refuses to Cover Appreciation Day, Media Harasses During Protests, Protests are Fail, but Manage Vandalism

Chik-Fil-A Being Punished for Being Christian, Just as Predicted

Tolerant Left Vandalizes Church in the Name of Tolerance

Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Best not Believe in the Bible, Ya Hear?

“Tolerance and Diversity” on Display: Biblical Stance on Homosexuality Bullying?

Chick-Fil-A Supports Family Values: How Long Before They are Punished for it?

From The Front Lines of the Culture Wars: Student Disciplined for Thinking Homosexuality is Wrong

Fascist Friday (Wednesday Edition): Losing Your Religion, or Else UPDATED

Czar Wars: Kevin Jennings, Gay Bars and Fighting Back

Czar Wars: Kevin Jennings, This is What He Thinks Your Children Should be Reading

Fascist Friday A Day Late: “Tolerance and Diversity” Goes to Court?

Fascist Friday: The Saga Continues…

So, there is a good bit there.  I have more, but that would be overkill.  To summarize, the gay rights crowd uses “tolerance and diversity” to smear, attack, intimidate, vandalize, and attempt to silence any one who disagrees with them.  For a more current example, let’s see what a pro-gay radio host does…

Of course, what Signorile is saying is that one can’t reject what one sees as a sin without hating the sinner. But that isn’t what any western religion teachers. Christianity, even Mormonism teachers believers to reject the sin, but love the sinner. And when that “sinner” is flesh and blood, that tenet is all the more important.

But this isn’t good enough for the militant Signorile. Says the radio talker:

Those parents who do not move on the issue, who reject their children, either by literally throwing them out of their homes or by saying, “I love you, but I don’t accept your ‘lifestyle,’” are putting themselves above their children. For young people in that situation, living as second-class citizens in their own families and fooling themselves into thinking that their parents love them (because they so much want that love from their parents) while allowing their parents to quietly condemn them each and every day, even as they grow into adulthood, the rejection eats away at their self-esteem.

To Signorile, this all means that homosexual kids must reject their own parents if those parents don’t fully toe the line presented by the militant homosexual lobby.

And this…

Can’t you just feel the tolerance oozing from this?

OK, you get a sense of the problems. Christians are mean, and pick on the poor gays, so they have to be silenced, or even die. Of course, all the nastiness is in the name of “tolerance,” mind you. But, in the midst of all of this, there is a disconect-and it’s a big one.  You see, Christians don’t kill gays.  They simply try their best to be Godly.  However, there is another group that DOES kill gays, but I don’t see the Gays rights crown going after them.  They are the Muslims, and their stated goal is to convert the world at gun point.  And, there is only a few places for gays in their world.  Mr. Conservative has coverage of the ways in which gays are welcome in a Muslim world…


It’s seems that, in certain quarters of Western countries, Muslims are now using violence against gays to impose sharia law. The photo at the top of this post shows a French man who walked through a Muslim suburb outside of Paris, arm in arm with this boyfriend. Al Jazeera reported that

A man in Paris, France was reportedly beaten for walking with arm in arm with his boyfriend Olivier early Sunday morning. Wilfred de Bruijn, a French resident, says he was assaulted while walking in Paris’ 19th arrondissement. He says he sustained several injuries, including a missing tooth, broken bones, and fractured pieces of bone in his skull. He posted a photo of his wounds on his Facebook page with the caption “Sorry to show you this. It’s the face of homophobia.”

It’s important to note here that de Bruijn’s story has not yet been corroborated.  Equally importantly, the majority of Muslims either do not support this extremism or, if they do, nevertheless do not act upon it. Still, there are so many Muslims pouring into the West that, even if a percentage of them believe in raping and brutalizing women and gays, they put a great deal of pressure on the Western societies that they inhabit.

This is one way to welcome gays to Shari-ah law…

gay man beaten in Paris

Cause we know that Christians do this sort of thing all the time, right?  They come barging right out of church and attack the first gay they see, right?  OH wait!

And, not to leave anything else out, here is option number two for gays under Shari-ah law…

Or this…

Now, Gays will publish maps with the names and addresses of Christians, so they can be harassed and threatened. But I see no similar behaviors against Muslims, who REALLY KILL GAYS! No lists of the Muslins that call for the death of Gays, or those that call for Shari-ah law, which would mandate that Gays be executed. Nope, they’ll just pick on the Christians.

I wonder why that is?

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Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Kill All Republicans



Just because they’re so tolerant, they just have to kill all Republicans!

This picture is a testament to the successful completion of a long-term, systematic programming of mass consciousness by the media, education, and entertainment subsidiaries of the Party Central Committee – starting with the unconditional love of other people’s money and ending with the unconditional rage against enemies of the people.The demonization of the opposition is meant to be the final stage of revolutionary conditioning. It seems that it just may be completed on schedule, with four more years to solidify the revolutionary fundamental transformation of America.

Kiil_All_Repubs_Penn_Station.jpg Can’t you just feel the love?  Or is that gas?


From the Culture Wars: Tufts University Bans Christian Student Group for Christianity


Tolerance and diversity reared it’s ugly, hypocritical head at Tufts University  where is a Christian student group was given the boot for-are you ready for this?

Christian beliefs!

The Weekly Standard has more…

Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts has banned a Christian group from campus because the group requires student leaders to adhere to “basic biblical truths of Christianity.” The decision to ban the group, called the Tufts Christian Fellowship, was made by officials from the university’s student government, specifically the Tufts Community Union Judiciary.

“The group had been operating in a state of suspended recognition after the Judiciary found that the group’s constitution excluded students from applying to leadership positions based on their beliefs. The clauses in question require that any TCF member who wishes to apply for a leadership role must adhere to a series of tenets called a Basis of Faith, or eight ‘basic Biblical truths of Christianity.’

Welcome to the world of tolerance and diversity, Christians at Tufts.  You see, your beliefs are at odds with your regressive masters, so you have to go.  Of course, you will be singled out, because I doubt  a Muslim group would be subjected to an infidel running their group.  Or, a gay group wouldn’t be forced to have a evangelical Christian in a leadership role.  But, since you worship and follow Jesus Christ, you will be singled out.

After all, banning Christians is the “tolerant” and “diverse” thing to do, right?


Great Moments of Civil Discourse: Tolerant Obama Supporters Threaten to Vandalize Cars with Romney Stickers


It’s time for another exercise in civil discourse.  This one involves the lovely and all so tolerant leftists that are so tolerant, that they threaten to vandalize the cars of people that would dare oppose them.  Moonbattery has the details of the loving tolerance of the tolerant left.  

Twitchy reports:

As Twitchy has reported, unhinged supporters of President Barack Obama are stealing, defacing, and urinating on pro-Mitt Romney yard signs and bumper stickers.

A favorite tactic is to ruin the finish of cars with Romney stickers by scratching them with keys:


The idea of course is to intimidate people from showing support for Romney, so that other patriots won’t realize that they are not alone.

This is, or course, typical tolerant behavior for the tolerant left.  So well known for their tolerance, the tolerant left apparently isn’t so tolerant of people that do not agree with them 100%.  And, as an act of tolerance, the tolerant left will punish and intimidate those that disagree with them, out of tolerance, of course.