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Kenyan Terrorist Attacks Against “Infidels” Comitted by Americans!

It appears that several of the attackers in the deadly Kenyan mall assault were Americans.  The Other McCain has more… Meanwhile, as Bridget Johnson reports at PJ Tatler, the al-Qaeda-allied Somali terrorist group al-Shabaab claims that Americans are among the gunmen who committed the attack in Kenya. And a notorious British woman may have played a key role in this atrocity: In messages sent via Twitter, the Islamic militant group al-Shabaab named five young Americans, a Canadian and a British man among the terrorists who perpetrated the Westgate massacre. Two of the men — Ahmed Mohamed Isse, 22, and Abdifatah […]

6 Ways to Help Prevent School Shootings

Perhaps it is the policy advisor in me, or the fact that I get really upset thinking that my five children may not be properly protected while in school, or I all the calls to ‘do something’, have gotten to me- so here are six ways to help prevent school shootings, as suggested by a conservative teacher with a degree in public policy from a top east-coast school: Allow more guns in schools. Lost in the school shooting tragedy has been the news from the other tragedy, the shooting at the mall. There only two people were tragically murdered by an evil […]

Verizon Strike Update 8-18-11: More Vandalism, and "That's a Nice School Board Meeting You Have Here-be a Shame if Something Were to Happen to it"

union thug

As the strike against Verizon drags on, we’re getting a great lesson on union tactics.  Unlike the past, the unions cannot count on the press to cover for them, and still not be exposed.  With the alternative media, there are always ways to get the word out. And for todays updates, we have  more vandalism, and a school board meeting to disrupt. Vandalism Disrupts Service for Verizon customers in Virginia  In one case, the acts disrupted Verizon’s local FIOS service to about 100 customers. According to local media reports, two cables were cut on Coalfield Road in the town of Midlothian, […]