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Trans Siberian Orchestra

Sunday Links: Christmas Music Edition

Happy Sunday everyone!  I hope that everyone has had a great week, and is not going crazy with the holiday season. Rather than give a brief review of the week, which would likely be discouraging, I thought I would dive right into the links, and for this week, some Christmas music. I hope you enjoy. 90 Miles for Tyranny Hitler Vs. Obama   Adrienne’s Corner The Paleo Rodeo is up…   Always on Watch Nincompoopery — And Worse   America Victorious Why?   America’s Watchtower Paul Ryan “mislead” House Republicans in order to pass his budget compromise   American and […]

Sunday Links: Christmas Music Edition

Who doesn’t like Christmas music?  Well, I’m sure there’s a few that don’t, it’s something that reminds us of family, Christmas  and hopefully, good times.  So, here are the Sunday Links, as well as a selection of Christmas music.   A Conservative Teacher The 7 Pieces of Advice by Trotsky for Obama, found in the 1934 Chicago Tribune Cartoon ‘Planned Economy or Planned Destruction’   A PATRIOTIC ROTTWEILER GET US OUT! Of the United Nations! – Anti-American, Anti-Freedom   Ace of Spades HQ Army Navy Game   Adrienne’s Corner USDA to allow more meat, grains in school lunches   All American […]

Sunday Links: Trans Siberian Orchestra Edition

It’s a week before Christmas, and all through this blog, a lot of things are stirring, including the link post. Yeah, I know, that was corny, but it’s that time of year that brings the kid out in me.  It’s been another long week in the political world, and there’s been a lot to discuss.   So, here are the weekly links.  It is as fine as a collection as ever, so kindly take some time to read through some. Always on Watch Cameo And The Christmas Tree   Atlas Shrugs Video: Muslims Try to Lynch Jew in Shomron   Ace […]

Sunday Links: Trans Siberian Edition UPDATED

Well, it’s the Christmas season.  It’s a time of prayer, family, shopping,  remembering others (do something for the less fortunate!), and frantic preparation. It is also traffic suckage season, complicated by blogger mood disorder.  So, let’s try to recognize the season, as well as correct some of the suckage.  Enjoy the links, and have some Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Mind Numbed Robot got a gift from the fat man, and the Nightmare Act falling. Russ is back in action, and is covering the failure of the Nightmare Act. The CL discusses Inflation, and Wikileaks. Motor City Times has a “green” bicycle. The Daley […]