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Obama Administration Avoids Transparency by Using Secret Email Accounts?

Apparently, the most transparent administration ever is using secret email accounts to avoid transparency.  Just like a mobbed up business would keep two sets of books-one official one, and one real one, the government seems to be using secret email addresses.  After all if someone did a Freedom of Information Act request, or Congress sent subpena, the recipient would only receive a sanitized version of what was really going on.  Conservative Daily News has the information… Yesterday, the House of Representatives Science, Space and Technology Committee released a statement in which they announced their investigation into EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson’s use of an […]

OWS Doesn’t Like Cameras: Even Formerly Revered Cameraman Attacked


I thought that Occupy Wall Street was supposed to be open and transparent?  Well, not so much would be the answer there.  We’ve covered before that Occupods in multiple locations have blocked cameras, or even attacked those recording their activities.   Here is one of those videos that we covered last year… Then, we saw how Occupy Oakland threatened a news crew… So, it’s pretty clear that the occupods don’t want cameras recording their activities-and that has not changed with the new year. The latest attack on a person bearing a camera came at Occupy Wall Street, the “mothership” of […]

Dodd Quits, Ping-pong, Transparent Lies, and Kamikaze Democrats

When I look at Washington these days, I see desperation all around.  The Republicans are desperately trying to find ways to stop ObamaCare, and attempting to avoid the RINO tag.  The Democrats are desperately rushing ahead full blast to force their agenda though, and lying all the way.  Is it because they know their days are numbered? Obviously, there are several different factors that lead me to make these assertions: Senator Dodd, and some other Dems are “retiring.”  My take is that the party, or the White House, are pressuring these people to get out of the way.  Dodd’s poll […]

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

I am from the “Show Me” state Missouri. We are known for needing to see the proof and as such we often say show me. A few years ago we elected a dead man to the Senate and I thought I had seen it all. Sure he was well love but when Mel Carnahan died in a plane crash Missourians voted emotionally to re-elect him. His wife was appointed in his stead and I thought I had seen it all. What I have seen on the American political scene in this past year makes electing Mel look sane. If it […]