Some Thoughts on #FreeStacy, Twitter, SJW’s, Censorship. and All Around Evil


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too much to think

I wanted to briefly interrupt my blogging retirement to discuss #FreeStacy, Twitter, and censorship.

Imagine that you go to a restaurant, and the following happens…

  • The chef intentionally under-cooks your food
  • The waiter intentionally doesn’t turn in your order
  • The server announces to all the other patrons that you are a racist
  • The pastry chef posts your address, pictures of your children, and your employers home address on the front door of the establishment
  • The dishwasher creates a fake social media account in your name and posts racist content to it
  • The busboy calls the police and states that you harassed him, even though you’ve never seen him before
  • The owner kicks you our before you get your meal for “abuse,” even though you’ve done nothing but speak about the news of the day.

Now, imagine that you not only pay your bill at this restaurant, but you also return every day for the next round!

Well, if you have a Twitter account, and are a Conservative and/or Christian, you might be experiencing this on an increasing basis. And for some inexplicable reason, you continue to go back.

When I was on Twitter, I followed Stacy McCain.   At no point in time did he target or harass others. However, while Stacy had the absolute nerve to call out people for lying, or stalking others. Or, he was a regular critic of feminism, quoting feminists and giving his take on their ideas. At the same time, SJW’s on Twitter were posting people’s addresses, encouraging others to harass them, and even posting pictures their target’s children. We’ve seen the use of scripts to encourage bans, attempts to target sexual abuse victims and their families, the filing of false claims of harassment, and swamping accounts with fake followers. None of the aforementioned SJW’s were banned for their actions, however, Stacy McCain was.

Now, rather than “boo-hoo” and state that it’s “so unfair,” I’ll say we should expect this. Given the SJW’s totalitarian impulse, and their attraction to evil, we should not be surprised when evil people do evil things. The fact is simple; liars lie, cheaters cheat, stalkers stalk, and then laugh at the misfortune of their victims. They are the “crybullies,” who stalk, harass, and otherwise try to destroy the lives of others. However, when they are confronted with their own words and actions, they quickly claim to be the victim and call down the powers that be upon their target. It is a fairly predictable and easily observed pattern. And, when the playing field is Twitter, should we be surprised when this happens? Of course not, all the parties are acting within their own nature.

The real question is; why do Conservative play their game-on their playground?

The recent changes at Twitter have made a bad situation even worse. It was bad when I was on the platform, and even worse since. Since the formation of their “Ministry of Truth,” Conservatives have been banned, had their blue checkmarks removed, and “shadowbanned.” Their sin? Not being SJWs. Or, even worse, telling the truth about SJW’s.

So then, what is the freedom loving, truth telling segment of the population to do?

Before I answer that, let’s take a look at Twitter’s business model. Twitter sells targeted ads that appear in user’s feed…

Twitter (TWTR) earns 85% or more of its revenue from advertising. In the second quarter of 2014, Twitter posted an advertising base of $277 million, which was more than double the amount of revenue the social media site brought in during the same time in 2013. Twitter uses promoted tweets, promoted accounts and promoted trends. Twitter sells promoted tweets to marketers, and these then appear in users’ Twitter feeds. The company creates tailored advertising opportunities by using an algorithm to make sure promoted tweets make it into the right users’ timelines. 

Twitter makes additional money through data licensing. From the first six months of 2012 to the first six months of 2013, Twitter’s data licensing revenue increased by 53% to $32.2 million. Twitter has named four companies “official data resellers,” and these companies have direct access to all tweets. Each company has developed algorithms for data mining that measure consumer response to everything from brands to movies.

Twitter also made a profit in the last quarter, albeit a small one…

Twitter executives and investors would probably like to forget 2015 on the whole, but things aren’t looking much better for the social media company heading into the new year.

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Gone are the heady days of 2013, when the San Francisco-based company was signing up new users at a brisk pace and was, literally, the talk of the town. Twitter’s share price soared following its initial public offering to more than US$60 on the New York Stock Exchange on expectations that it would become the next Facebook – an online advertising juggernaut with upwards of a billion users.

Two years later, the company has instead stalled at about 300 million users, with anaemic growth punctuating 2015. Twitter added only four million users in its most recent quarter, which helps explain its share price spiral to about $22 to close out the year, well below its IPO debut of $44.90.

The company fired the chief executive, Dick Costolo, in June and replaced him with Jack Dorsey, its founding chief executive who had himself been axed from the job in 2008. Upon his return, in October, Mr Dorsey had the pleasure of overseeing more than 300 layoffs.

Yet Twitter hasn’t been in free fall. The company finally became profitable last year, posting net income of $7 million in its most recent quarter. Revenue garnered from advertisers has also been climbing steadily, to $569m in the third quarter, up 58 per cent compared with a year earlier.

But, it’s growth has stagnated.

When you look at the business model, Twitter’s primary income comes from ads. Looking at this a bit realistically, you see that being able to publish 140 characters for the privilege of being stalked by SJW’s (and later being banned for it) is not actually Twitter’s product. The users themselves are the product! Twitter sells access to its 300 million users to advertisers, who get to present their ads. Also, they allow data mining for all users and Tweets.  Your abuse is just a bonus-you are the product!

In other words, if you are “Tweeting while Conservative,” not only are you being potentially abused in an environment that clearly does not like or want your company, you are actually feeding it.

Twitter is a private company. As such, they can do as they please. However, this also means that no one is obligated to use Twitter. And, in fact, why would you want to contribute to a business that seeks to harm you?   Twitter is making it clear that truth is not wanted there. They don’t want to hear us. They don’t want us there. They already allow regressive users to target and stalk Conservatives, so why go there at all?

My suggestion is clear. Conservatives are not welcome on Twitter. If Twitter wants to be the SJW hugbox of hate, leave them to it. Stacy McCain cannot go back. Adam Baldwin has already left. Milo has been unverified for being too fabulous. Many others have been banned or are leaving. If you want to call their advertisers and state your dissatisfaction, go for it. But leaving Twitter, and then abandoning to the cold hands of the free market is the best move. If they fail, they fail. If they manage to continue, they can be the regressive zoo of the internet. Just like Stacy McCain critiques Tumblr Feminazis, the regressives of Twitter could be a display of child-like, censorious, totalitarian evil, much like a forensic psychiatric ward of the internet.

Or, consider the old Klingon proverb; “Only a fool fights in a burning house.”

By the way, I don’t have a Twitter account. So the only way this gets on Twitter is for someone else to put it there. And, I’m not keeping the comments open on this, as I don’t have time to moderate. I’ll be getting back to my retirement, and studies, so God bless, and stay away from Twitter.

And for some informative reading, here are some links…

The #FreeStacy Story: Why Was My @rsmccain Account Suspended?

#FreeStacy: ‘A Girl’s Name’

#FreeStacy: @rsmccain ‘Will Not Be Restored’; @SexTroubleBook Suspended

The Hateful Lies of Feminism





Putting the Twit in Twitter (and interrupting an otherwise uneventful blogging retirement) UPDATED


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Hey all.

Sorry to self intrude on my own blogging retirement, but someone has decided to resurrect my Twitter account “MrEvilMatt.”   I had closed it, along with my Facebook account, when I started studying for ministry.   My impostor took the time to copy the profile almost exactly, right down to he “hypnotoad” icon.  They are re-tweeting some racist content.  While that cannot hurt me in any way, since to be hurt by social media, you might actually have to be on social media, I thought I might as well set the record straight, so no one is fooled.

Whether they are Social Justice Warriors, deranged lunatics, or statutory rape apologists (but I repeat myself), it really doesn’t matter.  Either Twitter will remove it, or they won’t.  Just understand that it isn’t me.

Thanks, and God Bless!

Matt Ross

UPDATE:  Twitter did do me the service of removing the offending account.  I don’t plan on returning to Twitter anytime soon, but if I do, I will be announcing it here, so everyone can be sure that it’s me.


Twitter Is Joining The Evil Autoplay Video Ad Cult


twitter autoplay


Twitter is already inserting unsolicited, er “promoted” content into our timelines. Now they’re gonna eat even more of our monthly mobile bandwidth with autoplay video ads.

Because what we all want is spurts of useless cruft annoying us at inopportune times, right?

It seems like everyone wants to shove autoplaying videos in your face and now Twitter wants to join the ranks of Facebook and Instagram in the fight for your eyeballs.

According to Advertising Age, Twitter is now testing video advertisements that automatically play in your feed. The test applies to promoted video ads and hopes to see if users are more likely to watch videos if they play without a tap.

Autoplay Video Must Die.


I don’t understand the point of companies who set out to annoy their potential customers. And that’s what autoplay is, annoying. It breaks my train of thought, sending me scrambling to find the mute or stop button, while cursing your company’s miserable existance the entire time.

So listen up Madison Avenue. Write this down, because it’s important.

An autoplay video ad for your product makes me hate you with the white-hot passion of 1,000 suns. And it makes me hate your product, too.

I guarantee I will be 100% dead-set against purchasing any product that annoys me with an autoplay video ad.

And I assure you, I’m not alone.

BTW, I also shun websites (Hi ABCnews, I’m looking at you) who autoplay content.

Because Autoplay Is Evil. Always. And forever.

Just Stop it. Now.




#BringBackOurSnacks: Junk Food Fight – Students Tee Off on Michelle Obama


 photo michelle-eating-junk-food-collage_zps34fae43e.jpg

Hat/Tip to Vocativ.

The First Rule of Progressivism, Do What I Say, Not What I Do

It’s that time of year again, back to school, back to homework and trying out for band and chorus and the baseball team and the cheerleading squad – AND school lunches.

This year though, it’s a little different. Our kids aren’t happy with the dogma that’s being forced down their throats from the First Lady, Michelle Obama. Especially given the fact that she shoves all manner of unhealthy food down her own throat…

Note to the first lady: The kids want their Funyuns back.

Some nutritionists and parents are huge backers of Michelle Obama for her three-year crusade against childhood obesity. She has pushed hard to get kids to cut back on sugars and trans fats and exercise more. But some of the kids who have had their Salisbury steaks replaced with asparagus have some less kind things to say about her.

President Obama and Mrs. Obama eat hamburgers and fries


Another thing that is different, is that our kids these days have the ability to fight back and make known their opinions. Kids all across the country have been turning to Twitter to voice their displeasure using the #BringBackOurSnacks.







‘Dude, this was like two years ago’: Tommy Vietor talks Benghazi with Bret Baier


Yes, he really did say that.

I guess that he is just better able to move on from the fact that four Americans were killed. No biggie, just get over it, already.

Sorry, and I don’t usually make attacks on people when I post or write articles here at CH2.0, but I have to call a spade a spade and this guy is an idiot. He is a small minded, careless, unfeeling punk who wouldn’t know what valor or honor or bravery was if it bit him on his smarmy ass.

First he tweets about it before he goes on TV with Brett Baier:

tommy vietor twitter avatarTommy Vietor @TVietor08

Guessing @BretBaier invited me to come on @SpecialReport to talk #Benghazi as a #TBT thing since it happened in 2012 but tune in!

5:15 PM – 1 May 2014

The TBT thing refers to ThrowBack Thursday, which is a Twitter thing and this joker just thinks we ought to leave it alone.


See for yourselves:


Well it is certainly obvious that President Obama has picked the best and the brightest to serve in his administration.

okay – sarcasm /off


#FreeKate Supporters Continue to Lie in Order to Ban Those That Expose Them, Display Anti-Christian Hatred



If you want to see the extent to which people will lie to censor those that have exposed their own public comments, you have to look no farther than a small group of #FreeKate supporters.  You see, they are targeting Jeanette Runyon because she has tirelessly exposed their desire to legalize adult minor sex, as well as the fact that they were admittedly lying about Jeanette being convicted of “human trafficking,”  Both myself and Stacy McCain have covered this…

#FreeKate Update: Supporters Lie to Censor Those That Quote Them-Shutuppery in Action!

Relentless Perversity: #FreeKate Freaks Attempt to Silence Courageous Critics

To Tolerance of Intolerance, and Why Pointing That Out is a ‘Crime’

How Dare You Quote Me, Haters?!’

Well, like most people that lack morals or ethics, they haven’t thought to realize that untold numbers of people across the US and around the world are now aware of their activities, including Twitter Support.  And, they obviously haven’t realized that this runs counter of their efforts to silence Jeanette for pointing out their multitudes of lies and desire to legalize jail bait.  Nope, being would-be internet bullies, they never learn, and do what they know-they double-down on the stupid.  Here are some screen captures, because as well all know, quoting someone’s public statements is  “harassment and stalking,” right?

still reportedng JeanetteQuoting =harassment, proving that they lied, even worse!

Then one, “Katie” Murphy, took the lying to Facebook, because the only solution to being caught lying is to remove the evidence, right?

katie complained about thisBecause her own quotes are, “graphic violence,” right?

katie complained

You see, there are no lengths to which they will go in order to lie.  They want Jeannette to STFU, and they’ll pretty much say anything to make it happen, including harassing her husband, who is a disabled vet, and is not even on social media.

katie harassing hubIf you recall, instead of stating their case, #FreeKate admins dug up “dirt” on the victim’s mother, and the detective investigating the case.  Here, rather than simply stop lying, these supporters are doing the same thing to Jeanette’s husband, who is a retired, disabled veteran.  And, Jeanette has informed me that her husband was never arrested.  So, it is clear that what they cannot find, they will invent.

Here is more…

tracking hubbyWe’ll discuss the DVD’s at a later time, it will be interesting, and fun.   Note the indications that they are going to harass Jeanette’s husband in every potential setting that they can find?  But we’re the stalkers for quoting them, right?

Now, when these people aren’t supporting the effort to legalize jailbait, lying about Jeanette, and their effort to silence her by harassing her retired, disabled veteran husband, they engage in some religious hatred as well.

chrsitians are molesters“In with the molesters?”

Interestingly enough, it is far more statistically likely for a child to be molested in a school  than a church.  Just like the victim of Kaitlyn Hunt!  Make no sudden moves, and allow the irony to sweep over you.  It doesn’t get much more powerful than that.

As usual, we are dealing with people that completely lack morals.  When their public statements are brought to light, they engage in the usual leftist tactics of “digging up dirt,’ and inventing it when they cannot find it.  Then, they proclaim their detractors to be “stalkers,” and  engage in a pattern of lies and harassment against them.  In other words, they engage in projection, doing all the things that they accuse their critics of, and more.

Sadly for them, their ongoing efforts only draw more and more attention to themselves, limiting their effectiveness.

In the end, liars hate the truth, and when confronted with it, they attack those that present that truth.


#FreeKate Update: Supporters Lie to Censor Those That Quote Them-Shutuppery in Action!


Something that most Americans hate is censorship.  Freedom of speech is a cornerstone of our Republic  It allows even people that advocate legalizing statutory rape to have a voice.  However, it does not allow for defamation.  A couple days ago, I covered that some #FreeKate supporters were openly and admittedly using false information to smear Jeanette Runyon.  Jeanette’s “crime” was to post their public comments that showed that they were lying about her being involved in “human trafficking.”

  I will go into the fact the “katers” defaming Jeanette Runyon have been thoroughly exposed as rather infamous liars, yet they continue to double down on their lies, even though they KNOW they are lying.  Here are some examples…

lies about jeanetteJeanette tells us that this is a lie, willingly and intentionally told. 

lies about Jeanette repeatedRepetition makes it true, right?

they don't care if its trueThey don’t care if it’s true or not.

mattingly glad someone made it upMr. Mattingly is glad that someone made up the false information about Jeanette?

And finally, what do you do when someone keeps on pointing out that you openly support legalizing adult-minor sex?

lie about spamYou lie about spam in the hopes that they get time in the Twitter Gulag.

So, as you can see, when lying about someone doesn’t get them to shut up, you try to get others to shut them up.

And, they did exactly as they said they would.  They reported Jeanette as spam, and her Twitter accounts were suspended.  Sadly, she needed extra accounts, as her previous ones were suspended by #Freekate supporters to stop her from discussing the facts of the Kailtyn Hunt case.

Here are more screen-captures…

FireShot Screen Capture #065 - 'Twitter _ RealJeanetteR_ @rsmccain @MrEvilMatt ___' - censorshiopTranslation:

How dare you describe our attempts to defame Jeanette Runyon into silence!

The only problem these people have is a rather big one.  The more they do this, the more people pay attention.  They more they lie in order to ban people, the more people are going to discuss it.  People hate censorship, and will point it out where it happens…lots of people.

So, why don’t you ask @support why @nicolebonnet1, @Periabo, @jhnmattingly09 and crew are able to intentionally post defamatory information, and the lie about spam to get someone suspended for pointing that out?  You also  might want to point out that at least some of those people openly want to legalize adult-minor sex as well.

To our spam happy liars, I can only say this; do your worst, you have a national audience that will see every false claim you make.  Every lie you tell will be documented for the planet to see.  Enjoy your fail.


Alan Grayson is a Hero! Just Ask Him, He’ll Tweet it to You!


Many people are “messed up.”   And for them, they know they are messed up.  They realize that their problems are problems, and work on them.  Or, at the very least, they refuse the inflict them on others.   There is no shame in recognizing one’s weaknesses, and addressing them.  That recognition leads to recovery and health.  On the other hand, other people are messed up, and not only do they not see it a problem, they see it as a “feature, not a flaw.”  These sad creatures roam the world, or the halls of Congress, inflicting their symptoms and vile behaviors on the rest of us.   One such person is Alan Grayson, also known as “Congressman Shrek,’ He’s apparently a “hero,” and he had no problem Tweeting that out to his followers…

FireShot Screen Capture #060 - 'Congressman reminds everyone on Twitter that he’s a ‘HERO!!!!’ I Conservative Intelligence Briefing' - www_conservativeintel_com_2013_10_14_congressman-reminds-everyone-on-twitter-tha The term, “unwarranted self importance,” comes to mind.


Dirty Tricks on Twitter: Bloggers Targeted with Fake Followers


When it rains, it pours.  it appears that three bloggers named in a lawsuit filed by convicted felon and perjurer, Brett Kimberlin, have all been subjected to an attack via Twitter.  R.S. McCain has more…

Inquiries were made, and it turns out that this same troll-tactic harassment phenomenon has also been used in recent days against the Twitter accounts of John Hoge and Aaron Walker, who happen to be my co-defendants in a lawsuit filed by Brett Kimberlin.

Just a coincidence, I’m sure.

Evidently, this tactic is used to try to get someone’s account suspended: A troll buys fake followers for his targeted enemy’s account, which then makes it easier to then get the target account suspended. Considering that I’ve got 20,000+ real Twitter followers and run a high-activity feed, the troll had to buy thousands of fake followers in this sabotage effort, and they need to be deprived of this resource.

Hogewash has reaction as well…

Over the last 24 hours, around 20,000 twitter account have tried to follow my @wjjhoge account. Exactly two of them were real.

This sort of deluge of spambot followers first hit Aaron Walker (@AaronWorthing) a few days ago. Stacy McCain (@rsmccain) was added to the party a few hours after I was.

So, this is a tactic of which I was unaware.  It just goes to show just how far someone will go to silence some bloggers.

As of the time of this writing, approx 9:30 AM EST, the problems seems more under control, but that it can happen should be of concern.

Were are dealing with evil people folks, and they don’t want us sharing information with you.

Linked by Doug Ross ( no relation), Thanks!


#FreeKate Commentary: Trolls, and Those That Trolls Target


Alfred Adler suggested that all human behavior is goal directed.  I’ve allowed those words to guide me through dealing with those despicable internet dwelling creatures known as trolls.   I was reminded of that last evening when I saw this at The Other McCain.

Internet Douchebag Patrol: Commie Scum and Other Satanic Creatures From Hell

“Especially important is the warning to avoid conversations with the demon. . . . He is a liar. The demon is a liar. He will lie to confuse us. But he will also mix lies with the truth to attack us. The attack is psychological, Damien, and powerful. So don’t listen to him. Remember that — do not listen.”
The Exorcist (1973)

“Facts and logic that contradict their arguments are dismissed as somehow tainted because they don’t come from reliable (i.e., leftist) sources, whereas any specimen of counter-factual lunacy is acceptable to them, so long as it supports their anti-social worldview. There is therefore no point in trying to reason with such fools.”
Robert Stacy McCain, May 4

That kind of reminded me of something I wrote back in ’09…  


  1. The trolls are not concerned with verifiable facts.  They actually hate facts, which is why they’re attacking anyone who presents them.
  2. The trolls have the objective of, and probably enjoy, the fact that you spend a lot of time responding to them.
  3. When you are responding to them, you are not doing what you want.  They take the initiative.  We are responding to them instead of promoting what we believe.
  4. You’re never to going to convince them.  THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT REALITY!
  5. Time spent responding to them is time wasted.

This, of course, beings me to the #FreeKate story. The #FreeKate hashtag is pretty much dominated by Conservatives. We stick with facts, present them, investigate them, make conclusions based on the evidence at hand.  We also joke and point out the failure that is so abundant in the #FreeKate crowd.  After all, most of them are terrible liars. and I think they’ve been lying so much, that they now believe their own propaganda.

However, I have noticed that there are a handful, and perhaps less than that, of trolls that make stupid comments.  Then, far more people respond to the troll, who follows something like what R.S. McCain and I described at the top of the post.  Frankly, I do it at times, and used to fall for it all the time.  In fact, if you look at the CH 2.0 “About Page,” you’ll see that I started this site to avoid trolls.

So, and hoping not to be too obvious, but if you are trying to exchange information or ideas, and the other person is acting as described here, you are dealing with a troll.  They post threats, blatantly false information, and basic stupidity.  And, since all behavior is goal directed, they want you to waste your time on them.   Deprive them of their goal, and simply ignore them.  Like all sociopathic losers, they will escalate when you don’t perform for them.  They think that if they spew enough nonsense, you’ll eventually respond.  Such is the  pattern of their behavior, but there are parallels.  When dealing with spoiled children, therapists will often advise the use of “planned ignoring.”  Do the same with trolls.  There is no reason to spend a ton of time and energy responding to pond scum with a dozen followers, especially when they don’t care about reality.

Of course, there are exceptions.   But that is another matter.


Stacey Dash on Receiving End of Tolerance, Racial Slurs Flung by Tolerant Leftists


The most noticeable  thing about liberal “tolerance” is it’s contradictory nature.  As Stacey Dash found yesterday, disagreeing with liberals brought out the typical “tolerant” reaction-racial slurs.  The Lonely Conservative has more…

Actress Stacey Dash endorsed Mitt Romney on Twitter and the oh-so-tolerant left showed their true colors.

Actress Stacey Dash, who has starred in everything from the 90?s hit Clueless to CSI, prompted a firestorm on Twitter after publicly endorsing Republican nominee Mitt Romney, and then standing by her opinion.

“Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future. @mittromney @teamromney #mittromney #VOTE #voteromney,” Dash wrote on her official Twitter page, accompanied by a photo of herself with an American flag.

Not long after, presumed Obama supporters began insulting Dash for her opinion, saying she isn’t “black” enough, severaleven asking if the actress would just “kill herself.”

One man wrote: “This hurts but you a Romney lover and you slutting yourself to the white man only proves why no black man married u @REALStaceyDash.”

As news of Dash’s treatment spread, however, First Amendment-lovers nationwide began voicing their support for the actress using the hashtag#ISupportStaceyDash. (Read More)

Twitchy has some more of the steaming hot tolerance.  

Remember kids, the left is only tolerant of people that agree with them.  If you step of the plantation, so to speak, expect punishment.


Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Liberals call for Ann Romney’s Death


Just imagine if Conservatives all over Twitter called for Michelle Obama’s death.  Might that cause a bit of an uproar, or even some coverage by the MSM?  I think we all know that such an event would be cause for the MSM to revisit the Republcan “hate” and racism memes.  However, it doesn’t even seem to be of note when liberals call of the death of Ann Romeny.  The Examiner has more…

On Wednesday, liberals on Twitter called for the death of Ann Romney, the wife of GOP nominee Mitt Romney, Twitchy reported. As of this writing, the so-called “mainstream media” has refused to report on the hatefulthreats issued on the social media site.

“I want to murder Ann Romney right now,”tweeted “Gregory Martinez.”

Some called for Mrs. Romney to commit suicide.

“Why does Ann Romney act like an average mom? B***h kill yourself, you had maids taken care of your f*****g kids,” another person said.

“Ann Romney Need To Kill Her Husband Then Kill Herself (sic),” said another.

“Ann Romney needs to die,” tweeted Quinn McGregor.

Go to the original post for more.

So, we once again see the double standard at work; the left get’s a pass on all sorts of nasty behavior, and if Conservatives do not do it, it will be invented-all to skew public opinion.



Hey! How Does a Blog Work?


I was recently asked-yesterday, in fact, about how this blog works.  So, to unveil the “behind the scenes” world of blogging, I’ll go though some common questions, and how bloggers accomplish them.

Q:  Hey Matt, how come your blog posts things all day?

Matt:  Well, the more posts a blog has (in general) the more traffic (visits) it will receive.  I personally make sure the posts are done at specific times, like 8 AM, noon and 5PM.

Q:  Why those times?

Matt:  I have a system for doing it.  For one, the 8AM post catches traffic from readers before they go to work.  A post is done at noon so multiple online accounts posts a link to that article on Twitter, and the 5PM post catches traffic from readers after they get home from work.

Q:  You mentioned Twitter.  Why post at noon for Twitter?

Matt:  There are more users on Twitter at noon EST than any other time of the day.  The timing is meant to expose the post to the most attention.  More attention=More traffic.

Q:  I see that you have done tens of thousands of tweets.  How do you do that, write blog posts, and post all kinds of things on Facebook, especially when you have a day job?

Matt:  The answer is simple, about 99.5% of it is automated!  Either I, or one of the contributors write the posts (yes, other people write for this site).  I usually write mine the night before they post, or early that morning, before work.  It’s simple really.  Here is a screen-capture for this post, taken at about 9PM last night, showing how the scheduling is done…

As you can see.  This post has been scheduled to post the front page of the website at 8AM (it goes by military time), and will do so with no further intervention on my part.  It’s the same thing with Twitter and Facebook.  Most of the stuff on those sites post themselves without any input on my part.  I set them up previously, and they go off on their own.  In fact, if I were struck by a meteor on the way to work, all of these things would continue posting automatically, until someone else stopped it.

Q:  So, in other words, you can keep the blog going during your work hours, and not spend a minute of company time on it?

Matt:  Absolutely!  That’s how it’s done.  All the articles are prepared the night before, and they end up posting while I’m in staff meetings, or other work-related activities.  It’s called automation, kids!  Or, as I like to call it, retrograde-pre-emptive-multitasking.


Brett Kimberlin Update: Kimberlin Claims he was SWATted, Stacey McCain Delves Into “Team” Kimberlin


The Kimberlin story continues to develop in some interesting ways.  I haven’t the time to keep up with it in real time, but I can relay you to the sources you need to keep up with the unfolding story.  So, here is the latest.

Stacey McCain is covering Kimberlin’s claim that he was SWATted as well…

Lee Stranhan contacted police in Montgomery County, Maryland, who say no such thing ever happened. Now we can probably expect Kimberlin to claim that the cops are part of a right-wing conspiracy against him.

The Blaze has some more on Kimberlin’s claim…

Blogger Lee Stranahan took it a step further, reaching out to the Montgomery County, Md. public information office to see whether they could corroborate Kimberlin’s claim and receiving thefollowing response:

I searched our 911 call database for the above listed address. There was no call listed for 5/31, nor anything similar to what you described. I then searched each of our 6 districts for the entire day of 5/31 for a murder in progress, murder just occurred or murder occurred earlier call with negative results. I then spoke with our director to determine if this type of incident was brought to his attention recently and it was not…for the time being, I don’t see anything similar to what you described.

Still, Kimberlin attorney Kevin Zeese told Stranahan he stood by the reward offer — and seemingly Kimberlin’s claim as well:

This is a law enforcement matter, we are cooperating with the FBI in all these matters. We have offered the reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons involved in these four swatting incidents.

If this goes as Patterico and others suggest, perhaps “Team Kimberlin” should consult with OJ Simpson, who did such a great job searching for the “real killer?”

Speaking of Patterico, he has some conflicting commentary from Kimberlin…

Brett Kimberlin to ABC News:

Kimberlin denied he was responsible for the post, even saying that he does not maintain any online presence and said he and his family have been victims of threats themselves and accused the bloggers of constructing a “false narrative” about him.

“I don’t blog, I don’t comment, I don’t tweet on any blogs at all. This is a right-wing attack on me and my organizations and it’s a smear job. It’s a swift boat action against us,” Kimberlin said. “What they’re doing is an obstruction of justice and it’s defamatory. We’re cooperating with the authorities in this matter. They have engaged in a massive smear campaign against us that has resulted in death threats to me and my family and to others associated with us.”

Brett Kimberlin at Aaron Walker’s recent hearing:

I’m the director of several non profits in the area I work with human rights issues and government accountability issues and so it’s part of my job to, to work on the internet because it’s basically a social networking job and so I get Google alerts all the time mentioning my my organizations, my name what work we do and (inaudible).

It would be rather difficult to have a “social networking job,” without actually social networking, wouldn’t it?

Then, going back to Stacey McCain, who has a fantastic post over at his place, laying out some of the “Team Kimberlin” personalities, as well as their possible connections.  I can’t just do an excerpt and do it any justice, so just get over there and read it.  

Bob Belvedere, over at TCOTS, has a great post and update as well.

And, finally, 85 Congressmen are planning to sign a letter to AG Holder, requesting that people that engage in political speech be protected from SWATting…

Earlier, Mandy Nagy of reported that 70 House Republicans were prepared to sign a letter calling for Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate the dangerous “SWATting” of conservative commentators. Now, Kerry Pickett of The Washington Times reports that the number of signatories is 85:

Congresswoman Sandy Adams, Florida Republican, is sending a letter, currently signed by 85 House Republicans, to Attorney General Eric Holder urging him to assign Justice Department officials to investigate the recent threat of “SWAT-tings.”
A SWAT-ting happens when a person calls 911 emergency dispatch services under another individual’s name and falsely claims he or she is committing a violent crime. Such an act is committed to cause local law enforcement authorities (like a SWAT team) to surround and enter the residence of an innocent individual, who was impersonated and framed for a violent crime through the 911 call. The false call can be made via the internet, so as to mask the true caller’s identity and location.
“My concern is someone is going to get hurt,” Rep. Adams told me on Friday. “It’s very dangerous for the people living in the home that didn’t call 911, because have no awareness whatsoever that something like that had happened. So they open the door to law enforcement whether it’s with or without guns drawn,” said Congresswoman Adams . . .
Congresswoman Adams is a first term Capitol Hill lawmaker and has a military and law enforcement background. Following her time in the Air Force, she served for seventeen years as a deputy sheriff in the Orange County, Florida.
“We were dispatched from 911 calls where there were shots fired and holding of a hostage. Those were the things that you went to and you’re going to want to know that,” she said.
The SWAT-ting issue caught the Florida Congresswoman’s attention when she heard that CNN contributor and Red State blogger Erick Erickson was a victim of swat in late May. Another blogger who was SWAT-ted, Patrick Frey, a Los Angeles assistant district attorney, went through the terrifying experience in July of 2011. . . .

This is a good development, but I can’t imagine that Holder will lift a finger to defend free speech, no more than he’ll prosecute voter intimidation, prevent voter fraud, or tell the truth in front of Congress.

So, that is all for now.  I will follow this story as close as I can, given the time that I have.


Brett Kimberlin Update: The Big Guns Are Coming on Board UPDATED and Stickied: Herman Cain and Erick Erickson Enter the Fray


As we’ve been reporting, Robert Stacey McCain has been forced into hiding due to the actions of Brett Kimberlin, a convicted bomber, among other things.  As the story has evolved, many bloggers have stepped forward to support R.S. McCain, this one among them.  Here is an update…

Film Ladd has the following observations…

Why no jibberjabber from the media herd? Why is this story being left to the part-time blogosphere?

Why does Lee Stranahan have to make a video on his own dime, and declare this Friday as “write about Brett Kimberlin day” to try and drum up interest in the story?

And here is the video, also showing at Zilla’s Place…

NOTE:  If anyone has the ability, archive this video.  I can see it being taken down due to bogus complaints.   That kind of thing has happened before.  I’ll be getting to it myself later.

Now, Michelle Malkin has lent her considerable influence to the cause…

Over the past year, Aaron Walker (who blogged as “Aaron Worthing”)PattericoLiberty Chick, and now Stacy McCain have been targeted by convicted Speedway bomber Brett Kimberlin because they dared to mention his criminal past or assisted others who did. The late Andrew Breitbart warned about Kimberlin and company.

I have spoken directly with both Patterico and Aaron about their ongoing battles.

The mainstream press, not just the conservative blogosphere, needs to hear and report their stories.

This is a convoluted, ongoing nightmare that combines abuse of the court system, workplace intimidation, serial invasions of privacy, perjury, and harassment of family members. McCain was forced to move with his family out of his house this week, and has just gotten a small taste of what Aaron and Patterico have been enduring over the past year. Aaron and his wife were fired from their jobs after their employer feared the office would be targeted next. Convicted bomber Kimberlin has filed bogus “peace orders” against Aaron, when it is the Walkers who are the victims, not the perpetrators.

And Patterico’s plight will send chills up your spine when he is ready to tell it.

Institutional inertia, incompetence, and apathy among law enforcement officials on both coasts have exacerbated the victims’ suffering. It has moved far beyond a partisan or political story to a bottomless, Kafka-esque morass. And, via investigative journalist Matthew Vadum, it certainly doesn’t help that “progressive,” left-wing foundations that have funded Kimberlin continue to look the other way.

Well said.  There are failures on multiple fronts, and ones that we all know too well.  Conservatives are often victims of such attacks, and there is zero media coverage, and little to no intervention from law enforcement.  Frankly, I expect neither to suddenly come around.  However, what I am seeing is a very concerted and widespread attempt on the part of the Conservative Blogosphere to retaliate-not with lies, threats, and harassment, but with facts.

Also Ed Morrissey is lending his considerable presence to the fight…

Stacy has had to take his family out of their house in order to protect them, at least for a while.  It’s no blogospheric secret that Stacy and I have had our differences, but I still count Stacy as a friend and hope he does the same, and no one should have to leave their home in fear simply for engaging in political debate.  I hit his tip jar yesterday to help in some small way to defray his travel expenses, and I’d encourage everyone else to do the same.

What else can we do?  First, read all of Michelle’s post to get a sense of what the story and its impact actually is.  Write about it or don’t, depending on how much focus you believe the story deserves, but try to post something about what these bloggers are enduring — if not on a blog, then on Twitter, Facebook, or other social media channels.  At some point, we all need our friends to have our backs.  I’ve already been there, and believe me, it’s a lonely place until they arrive.

As I mentioned the other day, if we allow our friends to be picked off one by one, we will all be picked off.  It is imperative that we stand together, and face this together as a united front.  That powerhouse bloggers like Malkin and Morrissey have joined this battle makes our chances of being successful all the higher.

Ace has taken the stand as well.  

There are a lot of smaller bloggers who’ve heroically covered this. And one big blogger. And another big blogger is very interested (and I imagine that blogger will post soon; I just don’t want to commit this blogger to anything).

I will note them later. Right now, I’m just disgusted. Disgusted at my allies, disgusted at myself.

Cowards die a thousand deaths.

I already died 40 cowards’ deaths this past week. That’s enough for me. I will die no more of them.

Am I to understand only the smallest, least-well-financed bloggers are going to be covering this? While large media franchises with lawyers on retainer all decide “we’d rather let tiny one-man blogs take the lead on this?”

Does that make sense?

If that’s the case, maybe we could do with fewer large media franchises. Perhaps we need more of the little guys, who actually cover important, outrageous newsworthy stories.

Also, R.S. McCain has an update today as well, so get over to his place, and hit his tip jar.  

As for Lee Stranahan, the creator of the video above-he has some good advise for blogging on Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day

So I’m declaring this Friday, May 25th as Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day.

Here’s what you do to take part…

  1. Research Brett Kimberlin on your own. Don’t trust secondary sources; look for the orginal articles articles published about him, too.
  2. On Friday, May 25th — write an honest, factually accurate post about what you learned and what your OPINION is. Brett may try and sue you, so be accurate, factual and separate fact from opinion.
  3. The post doesn’t have to be long — ANYTHING helps.
  4. After you post, Tweet, share, whatever — get the post out there.

Wise advise, and it should be followed.  Kimberlin has allegedly even sued the victims of his crimes, so don’t give him an opening.

Let’s get together, small and large, and make sure that the world learns the facts regarding Brett Kimberlin.

Linked by:

The Daley Gator


Herman Cain Posted on his Facebook…

H/T:  Sundries Shack

Note that the image of Cain’s post was found at Addicting Info, who takes the time to claim that R.S. McCain is a White Supremist.  It seems that they follow the “let’s discredit all dissent as racism” narrative dutifully over there.  However, I did find the image there, so I felt obligated to provide the link. I guess that it’s a sign of his success that he has been declared a racist.

Also, Erick Erickson at Redstate has publicized the situation…

As individual bloggers and sites like have begun shedding light on Brett Kimberlin, Kimberlin has resorted to suing them.

In an email to noted conservative blogger (and prosecutor) Patterico, Kimberlin threatened to sue Patterico writing,

I have filed over a hundred lawsuits and another one will be no sweat for me. On the other hand, it will cost you a lot of time and money and for what. I run a small non profit that works to inspire youth to get involved. I have only met Brad Friedman one time in my life. Your piece is a smear job against both me and Brad.

Robert Stacey McCain has posted his intentions to go into hiding after his wife’s employer was harassed relating to McCain’s blogging about Kimberlin.

Others, including Aaron Walker, and Breitbart blogger Liberty Chick have likewise been notified of lawsuits and other harassment for pointing out Brett Kimberlin’s background and sources of funding from prominent organizations like the Tides Foundation.

Also pitching in is Bill Quick at the Daily Pundit…

So folks, get ready for Everyone Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day.  However, be extra careful to go to original sources, and stick with facts.  No need to give Kimberlin an opening.

UPDATE II:  Robert Stacey McCain has linked as well.  Thanks, and good luck! 

UPDATE III:  Linked by the great Bob Belvedere at TCOTS.  Thanks! 

UPDATE IV:  Linked by Wyblog.  Thanks!   Also mentioned at Doug Ross (no relation).  Thanks to you!  Also, the Conservatory links! As does For God and Liberty!

Update V:  Stixblog, and The Conservative Daily News link!  Thanks! 


Trayvon Martin Update 3-30-12: What About the Gun? Or Medical Records? Spike Lee Settles, Rosanne Barr Threatens Zimmerman’s Parents


There are several new twists in the Trayvon Martin story, so here is the latest.

A commenter here, and a resident of the CH 2.0 blogroll, Brock Townsend, left the following in the comment section of my last Trayvon Update

“……..Zimmerman claims the gun came out because Martin had tried to take it from him. This is consistent with the state of the gun as it was found: The chamber was empty, despite the gun being fully loaded, apart from the one round which killed Martin. This suggests that something prevented the bullet from being replaced in the chamber, as would likely have happen if Martin had been grabbing the barrel.”

Now, this is intersting.  And may go to prove Zimmerman’s story.  If someone was interfering with the operation of the slide, it might not have allowed the next round to load, resulting in a “failure to feed.”  Also, it must also be recognized that Zimmerman was using a rather inexpensive and small  firearm, and they jam more easily that larger, more pricier models.  Inexpensive ammunition might also cause that.  However, there are two missing pieces of information here:

1.  Google searches bring up nothing regarding this-unless I was doing it completely wrong.

2.  Was there powder residue or burns on Martin’s skin, especially on his hands?  Or, was there residue on his hoodie?  If he was grabbing the gun as it fired, there would be convincing evidence of it.

What frustrates me more than anything is the lack of relevant information from the police.  There are so many things we don’t know, and hard evidence would settle many of them.

Speaking of hard evidence, Zimmerman’s brother was interviewed on CNN.  He claims that the medical records will settle the matter.

Here is a quote…

Sanford, Florida (CNN) — George Zimmerman’s brother said medical records will prove that his brother was attacked and his nose was broken by Trayvon Martin before he fatally shot the teen.
Robert Zimmerman Jr. spoke to CNN’s Piers Morgan Thursday night saying he wanted to correct some of the “mythology” and untruths that have been spread about the controversial shooting.
“We’re confident the medical records are going to explain all of George’s medical history,” Zimmerman Jr. said. “His nose looks swollen in that video. I’m his brother.”

Basically, we need those records. After the ABC video the other day, some hard evidence would go a long way towards proving that Zimmerman was actually injured as he said.

In another turn of events, Spike Lee has reached a settlement with the elderly couple that fled from their home when Lee tweeted their address, thinking it belonged to George Zimmerman.

Spike Lee has reached an agreement with the Florida couple forced to flee their home after the film director retweeted their home address and they fled to a hotel to avoid problems associated with the shooting of Trayvon Martin, it was announced Thursday.

 “The McClains’ claim is fully resolved,” Matt Morgan, their attorney, said in an email. “Mr. Lee personally called them to give a very heartfelt apology. Further, he agreed to compensate them for their loss and the disruption to their lives.

“The McClains were very moved by Mr. Lee’s apology,” Morgan said. “They would like the Lee family to be left in peace,” Morgan said.

Well, that appears to be resolved, and Lee acted honorably towards the McClains.  However, not everyone get’s the notion of not being an idiot…

Barr, who deleted her tweet in the face of criticism from some Twitter followers, noted that she first thought it “was good to let ppl know that no one can hide anymore.”  That stance quickly changed, with Barr reporting, “But vigilante-ism is what killed Trayvon. I don’t support that.”

But while Barr deleted her original posting, the Zimmermans’s address remains in messages in her Twitter stream. Barr’s original tweet was a retweet of a post by a new Twitter user who appears devoted to disseminating the Zimmermans’s address and phone number, as well as contact information for Joseph Oliver, who has made numerous TV appearances in support of Zimmerman, a friend and former coworker.

Still, the entertainer left open the possibility that she would again circulate the Seminole County address of Zimmerman’s parents. “If Zimmerman isn’t arrested I’ll rt his address again.” She added, “maybe go 2 his house myself.”

There is no indication that Zimmerman, who is reportedly in hiding, is holed up in his parents’s residence.

By tweeting the Zimmermans’s address, Barr appears to have violated Twitterrules that state, “You may not publish or post other people’s private and confidential information, such as credit card numbers, street address or Social Security/National Identity numbers, without their express authorization and permission.” 

Well, leave it to Roseanne Barr to double down on the stupid.

Again, I see the need for balance when covering the facts-because we don’t have all of them.  However, what we are seeing is the politicization of a death.  And frankly, it is disgraceful.


Same old ChiComs: Blogger Jailed for Criticizing Regime, Social Networks Lose Anonymity


So, it seems that it still a pretty bad idea to criticize the ChiComs via a blog…

Turns out China is a tyranny where criticism of the government can result in aprison sentence:

A Chinese court has handed down a 10-year jail sentence to Chen Xi, the second dissident in four days to be convicted of inciting subversion through online essays…

The intermediate people’s court in Guiyang, in south-west China’s Guizhou region, tried Chen Xi, 57, on charges linked to more than 30 political essays he published online.

“The judge said this was a major crime that had a malign impact,” his wife, Zhang Qunxuan, told Reuters by phone after the trial. The judge said Chen was a repeat offender who deserved a long sentence, she added.

If you hit the link, and go over to Verum Serum, you’ll get the details on how Chinese citizens joining social networks, like Twitter, must now give their full name when registering.

If you recall, our own regressives wanted to make all campaign donations public.  You know, with everyone’s name and personal information for all to see, so they could be harassed by regressive minions.  I covered the (failed) Disclose Act this past February, illustrating what had happened when people had disagreed with the tolerant and diverse regressives, and those same regressives found out where they lived…

That just oozes “tolerance” and “diversity,” doesn’t it?  Then again, the gay rights crowd used campaign contribution regs to find out who contributed to Prop 8, and created a map to their homes.

And the results of that?

More to the point, what Eightmaps intends to accomplish happened to me and my famly last year. And it was terrifying. Here’s the story:

Someone got my address from publicly available sources, made a malicious flyer with that information on it, went to the city’s homeless shelters and passed it around (the police told me that someone on staff at a shelter told them he saw a stranger distributing the flyers). The flyer told the homeless that if they came to my house, we’d give them money. This person did not care that it was summer, and he was tricking the poorest of the poor to a four-mile walk from the downtown shelters to my house. All he cared about was striking out at me.

We knew something was up after the second rough-looking person showed up demanding money, and got angry when he was told we had no idea what he was talking about. (All this happened when I was at work; imagine your wife opening the door to confront a homeless man who has just learned from her that he’d walked all that way in the heat for no reason). But we could tell they had some sort of flyer with our address on it. We called the police, who advised us to stall the next person who showed up, then call them on 911. That we did. Julie phoned me at work one day to say a scary-looking guy was at the front door with one of the flyers, and that she’d just called 911.

By the time I got home, the police were there questioning this guy, who looked like he’d wondered what the heck he’d gotten into. The cops said that this guy meant no harm, that he’d been the victim of this prankster just as we had. They also said he was a registered sex offender.

But wait…there’s more.

Harassment, Hostility, and Slurs

Several individuals who supported Proposition 8 reported receiving harassing telephone calls, e-mails, and mailings. Prop 8 supporters have reported receiving phone calls and voice mails calling them “bigot”[34] and using vulgar language.[35] Sometimes harassers called at work.[36] A public relations firm hired by the Yes on 8 Campaign received so many harassing phone calls from one person that the sheriff’s office became involved.[37] Other Prop 8 supporters received e-mails, letters, and postcards using vulgar language[38] and offensive labels like “gay hater.”[39] Through the contact form on his business’s Web site, one individual received an e-mail stating “burn in hell.”[40] One e-mail threatened to contact the parents of students at a school where a particular Prop 8 supporter worked.[41]

Harassment sometimes took other forms. For example, two women painted an arrow and the words “Bigots live here” on the window of an SUV and parked the vehicle in front of a household that had supported Prop 8.[42] In another case, an individual who supported Prop 8 found himself the subject of a flyer distributed in his town. The flyer included a photo of him, labeled him a “Bigot,” and stated his name, the amount of his donation to Prop 8, and his association with a particular Catholic Church.[43] At the University of California, Davis, a Yes on 8 table on the quad was reportedly attacked by a group of students throwing water balloons and shouting “you teach hate.”[44] A professor at Los Angeles City College allegedly told students in his class, “If you voted yes on Proposition 8, you are a fascist [expletive deleted].”[45] One Prop 8 supporter received a book, sent anonymously through, that contained “the greatest homosexual love stories of all time.”[46]

In a sense, even the ChiComs are playing catch-up to our regressives.  Removing anonymity is a means to subject people to punishment when they offer opinions that run counter to the government, or their ideological allies.  Therefore, we shouldn’t be surprised when statists of any stripe propose means to identify, and target, political opponents.


A Threat From an Occupy Wall Street Goon: Updated as of 10-15


If you had any doubt what we’re up against with #OccupyWallStreet, this image, tweeted to me on Twitter (@snarky_basterd), should not only give you pause, it should send you to your local gun dealer to stock up.

This is a fight for freedom, my friends. It’s a fight for your way of life, your property, your loved ones. If one of the “99 percent” thinks this way, you can bet your ass many more do.

Prepare yourself.

Original Post: Feed Your ADHD

Note from Matt: Let’s make this viral folks.  I’ll stickie it for a couple of days.  If you post it, let me know, and I’ll add your link here.

As I have been suggesting all along, it wouldn’t take too long for these folks to expose themselves.  We just need to spread the word.

Update:  Some have linked this post, like…



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Thanks to all that have reposted!