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The Grandpappy Of ObamaCare Circles The Drain: UK’s NHS In Trouble

  Hat/Tip to Doug Ross @ Journal. You mean the only problem with socialism is that you REALLY DO run out of other people’s money to spend?? African AIDS Tourists Overwhelming England’s NHS Writing at The Commentator, Vincent Cooper shines a spotlight on the fiscal tsunami engulfing the United Kingdom. …the NHS is so short of resources that patients in some areas had to be treated in a hospital car park. But if that is true, was not Nigel Farage right to condemn the health service for putting the treatment of foreigners above the needs of those who have paid […]

Israel Forced To Consider Military Actions Against Iran

Hat/Tip to Michael Wilner at The Jerusalem Post. The latest “talks” aimed at Iran abandoning it’s plans for obtaining nuclear weapons are nothing more than a sham. “Iran’s not being asked to dismantle the nuclear infrastructure,” the Israeli official said, having seen the proposal before the weekend. “Right now what they’re talking about is something very different. They’re talking about Ayatollah Khamenei allowing the P5+1 (the US, United Kingdom, France, Russia, China and Germany) to save face.” It seems that the world community is only worried about not looking bad, instead of keeping nuclear weapons out of the hands of […]

British Child Cannot Get Life Saving Treatment There, Authorities Have Family Arrested When They Try to Get it Overseas

Government, when given sufficient power, becomes totalitarian.  It ALWAYS does.   For the latest example, the British NHS is again trying to kill patients, and even had the family of a child arrested for the horrific crime of seeking medical treatment overseas.  Townhall has more… What makes today’s story different, though, is that the bureaucracy not only is denying care to a small child, but also seeking to prevent the family from seeking treatment elsewhere. Check out these excerpts from a blood-chilling story in USA Today. The parents of a child suffering from a severe brain tumor signaled Monday they would […]

Abandonded Cruise Ship, Filled With Cannibalistic Rats, Said to be Drifting Towards UK

In a story only a scifi original movie writer could love, a cruise ship, the Lyubov Orlova, is thought to be adrift in the Atlantic, and possibly headed for the UK.  And, just to make it creepy, the ship is said to be filled with disease ridden, cannibalistic rats.  The Independent has more… The Lyubov Orlova cruise liner has been drifting across the north Atlantic for the better part of a year, and salvage hunters say there is a strong chance it is heading this way. Built in Yugoslavia in 1976, the unlucky vessel was abandoned in a Canadian harbour […]

Priest Found Dead, With Message, “Christian Scum” Left on Body

I know what you’re thinking, besides the fact that it’s terrible.  You’re likely thinking that this happened in Egypt, or perhaps was done by Obama’s Syrian Allies Al Qaeda.  But, it’s even worse.  This not only occurred in the UK, but assaults on Christian Clergy are an increasingly common event in that nation.  Shoebat has more… The heresies of atheism and Islam are flooding England, and there are consequences to this, consequences that are both innate and inevitable to the dangerous acceptance of religious tolerance: violence toward Christianity. In England, the body of the Rev John Suddards in Thornbury who […]

Normalizing Pedophilia: British Barrister Recommends Lowering the Age of Consent to 13

The following appeared on #FreeKate hash earlier today… And, ironically, this story appears… It seems like people in the UK are following the lead of #FreeKate, and instead of stopping at age 14, Barbara Hewson, a British Barrister, is recommending 13 be the age of consent. LONDON, May 14, 2013 (Acton Institute) – Barbara Hewson, a London barrister, has made the call for lowering the age of sexual consent in the United Kingdom from 16 to 13. Her reasoning (if one may call it that) is that the current age of consent leads to the harassment and “persecution of old men.” […]

Rumors of War: UK Avoids Chickenhawk Obama’s Syrian Snafu

It seems that if Obama wants to play “war” with Syria, he might have to play with himself, as his would-be allies are seeing through his “let’s start a war to get attention off my fail” game. First off, the British House of Commons told PM Cameron to shove off… Even the lefty NY Daily News made a mockery of Barry… If Obama supporters thought he was going to change how the world views us, they were right.  Obama is a failure, an embarrassment, and a fool.  And frankly, the whole world sees it, except the MSM, and the few […]

Margaret Thatcher, The Iron Lady, Dead at Age 87

Margaret Thatcher, the so called “Iron Lady,” had passed away at age 87.  The UK’s first female prime minister, she was in power at a pivotal time in the UK’s history, restoring the economy and international prestige of her nation.  She was seen as a partner with Ronald Reagan in confronting Soviet Communism, winning her the title, “Iron Lady,” from the Soviet Press.  The Daley Gator has more… Margaret Thatcher Dies After Stroke – Sky News Britain’s first and only female prime minister Baroness Thatcher has died at the age of 87 after suffering a stroke. Lady Thatcher’s children Mark […]

Britain Suffers Coldest Winter Since 1962: Global Warming Alarmists Silent

In the US, most of us are lamenting the fact that while our calendars say “spring.” the season has not really “sprung” as of yet.  However, for the Brits, the season has been much worse, suffering their coldest winter since 1962.  Doug Ross has more… The chubby grifter Al “Gorezeera” Gore hardest hit. [England] is on track to suffer its coldest March in more than 50 years as conservationists warned that the prolonged winter weather was damaging wildlife… The unrelenting cold weather is showing no signs of slowing this week as snow continues to fall across the North. …Friday will […]

Gun Control Works? Think Again!

The faulty premise of all faulty premise is that gun control works towards preventing crime.  To take a honest look at that thought, perhaps we ought to look towards a nation that established gun control, like Great Britain… Let’s see what effect once great Britain’s draconian authoritarianism has had. Here’s a report from 2009: The latest Government figures show that the total number of firearm offences in England and Wales has increased from 5,209 in 1998/99 to 9,865 last year — a rise of 89 per cent. In some parts of the country, the number of offences has increased more […]

BFFs DOA in Some UK Schools

In some schools, the following is forbidden… Yes, best friends have been banned in some British schools.  For the details, kindly consider the following, from the SUN… TEACHERS are banning schoolkids from having best pals — so they don’t get upset by fall-outs. Instead, the primary pupils are being encouraged to play in large groups. Educational psychologist Gaynor Sbuttoni said the policy has been used at schools in Kingston, South West London, and Surrey. She added: “I have noticed that teachers tell children they shouldn’t have a best friend and that everyone should play together. “They are doing it because […]

Abortion News: UK Docs Agree to do Abortions Based on Gender

Most all Conservatives would classify abortion as a great evil.  And, consistent with evil, we have read horror stories about abortion clinics, including babies that survived to procedure, only to be killed.  Now, there is news from the UK regarding doctors aborting babies based on their gender.  For more, kindly review this excerpt from the Telegraph… Doctors at British clinics have been secretly filmed agreeing to terminate foetuses purely because they are either male or female. Clinicians admitted they were prepared to falsify paperwork to arrange the abortions even though it is illegal to conduct such “sex-selection” procedures. Andrew Lansley, […]

A Righteous Rant: Nigel Farage

I caught this on The Blaze.  Apparently, some of the Brits get it completely.  Here is one example, courtesy of Nigel Farage. I really hope that he is one of many, because it will take quite a few to save the UK. They have slid far further than we have. Opus also has her take on this.

Guns and Crime: The Tale of Two Countries

One of the liberal narratives, that guns cause crime, is taking a shellacking via reality.  Of course, what you are about to read will NEVER appear in the MSM (unless they want to give Obama credit for it).  Let’s take a look at two countries, and their attitude towards guns. First up, the US.  As we all know, Americans are purchasing firearms in record numbers.  While it peaked after Obama’s election, the numbers had been rising steadily since 2005.  It would seem that Firearms are the only private industry that Obama has actually stimulated.  Pajamas Media has looked into the […]

More Declines to Hide: Britain Faces Record Cold, Government Forecasts Wrong All Year

The AGW folks continue to take hit after hit.  With winter officially less than two weeks old, records for cold and snow continue to be set.  Europe continues to be hit with record cold. They predicted no let up in the freezing snap until at least mid-January, with snow, ice and severe frosts dominating. And the likelihood is that the second half of the month will be even colder. Weather patterns were more like those in the late 1970s, experts said, while Met Office figures released on Monday are expected to show that the country is experiencing the coldest winter […]