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The illusion of a recovery: Unemployment drops as part-time work explodes

Recovery Summer Episode VI, Revenge of the Part-Timers. In the new landscape of the American labor market, jobs are easier to come by but hours remain in short supply. New government data released Thursday showed the economy added 288,000 jobs in June — the fifth straight month gains have topped the critical benchmark of 200,000. The unemployment rate fell to 6.1 percent, down more than a percentage point over the past year. But there’s a gnawing fear among some economists that the improving data provides false comfort. The number of people in part-time jobs jumped by more than 1 million […]

George W. Bush’s Stimulus vs. Barack H. Obama’s – A Look Back

When Obama came into office, he faced the bursting of the housing bubble and a big recession. His answer was to respond with a stimulus package, mostly full of spending, but with some minor tax cuts thrown in for lip service. But his predecessor also came into office faced with a big recession and he also responded with his own stimulus package. Let’s take a look at the way both men handled the problems facing each. As I said above, let us remember why the Bush tax cuts even took place. When Bush & Cheney took office, they faced a […]

Unemployment Down Due to People Getting Jobs, or People Giving up and Dropping out?

If you believe the Obama administration, or his sycophants in the MSM, the unemployment rate is down because of the President’s exceptional leadership and policies in the face of the racist GOP.  This should not come as a surprise, nor should we be surprised that the unemployment rate is really down due to the fact that so many people have dropped out, and given up on trying to find a job.  The Federalist has more… According to new data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released this morning, the U.S. economy last month added 74,000 new payroll jobs, while the […]

Destroying the False Racial Narrative and Creating True Equality

This is a post that I originally wrote from October to December of 2010.  It took time to do the research properly, and I run it again every New Years Day.  It is my hope that one day, all of our citizens are treated as Americans, not as hyphenated groups to be divided by the political elites.  -Matt I can’t tell you how many times that I’ve read blogs, from both ends of the spectrum, that talk about African-Americans as if they are a monolithic voting bloc that will ALWAYS vote Democrat. We’ve all seen the videos of African Americans […]

How Have Blacks Fared Under Obama as Compared to Reagan?

President Obama has stated that he was going to focus on Black unemployment like a “laser beam.”  Unfortunate for black Americans, the laser Obama chose was a death ray, as black unemployment is a national tragedy.  But, since Obama looks at himself as a transformative figure, let’s take a look at another transformative figure, Roanld Reagan, and see how blacks performed under that President.  Conservatives for Palin has the data… Richard Rahn, an economist, compared the relative economic fortunes of African-Americans under Presidents Reagan and Obama. The results are startling: If you knew nothing else about President Obama other than […]

Two Dozen IRS Employees Caught Claiming to be Unemployed to Collect Benefits!

So, the people in charge of the money are being arrested for defrauding the taxpayers?  Well, it appears that two dozen IRS employees have claimed to be unemployed in order to collect benefits.  Doug Ross(no relation) has more… But — but — but — I thought all who work in government are benevolent public servants? That they’re better than the rest of us? That they’re angels, working for the public good? Twenty-four current and former Internal Revenue Service employees have been charged with stealing government benefits, federal prosecutors said Wednesday. The IRS employees were indicted on charges that they illegally […]

More ObamaCare Layoffs: Medical Providers Now Bracing for Impact

The ObamaCare Layoffs continue to pile up.  In this edition, we see some medical providers that are taking action to stay in business-by laying off workers.  Michelle  Malkin has the details… The ramping up (or down, depending on how you look at it) for full implementation of Obamacare continues: In the largest staff reduction in its nearly 100-year history, Orlando Health is cutting up to 400 jobs starting immediately, hospital system officials announced Monday. The move is part of a broader effort to position the hospital system for the health-care overhaul, CEO Sherrie Sitarik said. The elimination of jobs will occur […]

Informed Voter: When Trust Collides with Reality

When Barack Obama was elected in 2008 people threw their support behind hope and change.  They placed their trust in Obama to usher in a new age of bipartisanship and unity.  After all he was the man said who said we were all Americans no matter whether we came from blue or red states.  People were inspired by his words and believed he would reduce the debt, save the economy, end the wars, and change the way business was conducted in Washington.  They chanted “yes we can” and embarked on a quest to get the man who would be America’s savior […]

Pain is a powerful motivator

If you believe polls, most show President Obama with a slight edge over Mitt Romney going into the debates.  This edge has left many pundits scratching their heads wondering how Obama can even be in this race.  After all he has presided over one of the worst economic recoveries in our nation’s history.  Unemployment has been over eight percent for three and a half years, we have lost our triple A credit rating, slipped from first to seventh in global competitiveness, increased our national debt by $6 trillion with nothing to show for it, lost 662,000 jobs to China since 2008, […]

Arthur Laffer: Economic Statistics, Some Matter and Some Are Deceiving

At Real Clear Politics the other day, I came across an article by economist, Arthur Laffer in theWall Street Journal. the same Arthur Laffer whom developed the Laffer Curve during the Reagan administration. As I often do, I scanned the article and bookmarked it as a possible source for a post. Then this morning I had an e-mail in my in-box from Pat Slattery of The Free Market Projectsuggesting that I consider doing a post on an article by John Hayward about the Laffer article. And, I thank him. So, I will discuss both the Laffer and Hayward articles in today’s post on economic […]

Baghdad Bob Named New Head of DNC!

In news that shocked everyone in Washington, the Democratic National Committee has replaced its Chairperson, Debbie Wasserman Schultz with Muhammed Saeed al-Sahhaf, better know to an earlier generation as “Bagdad Bob.” “We were all fond of Debbie” said DNC executive director Patrick Gaspard.  “But we felt she lacked the aggressiveness to combat those who oppose his eminence President Obama and his government.  Bob is perfect for us.” At his introductory press conference Muhammed promised a new “air of civility and a commitment to veracity.” When asked about President Obama’s low poll numbers he said: These villains, and particularly the villains Bush and […]

Bud Abbott and Lou Costello on “Unemployment”

Internet meme…. COSTELLO: I want to talk about the unemployment rate in America. ABBOTT: Good subject. Terrible times. It’s about 9%. COSTELLO: That many people are out of work? ABBOTT: No, that’s 16%. COSTELLO: You just said 9%. ABBOTT: 9% Unemployed. COSTELLO: Right 9% out of work. ABBOTT: No, that’s 16%. COSTELLO: Okay, so it’s 16% unemployed. ABBOTT: No, that’s 9%… COSTELLO: WAIT A MINUTE!! Is it 9% or 16%? ABBOTT: 9% are unemployed. 16% are out of work. COSTELLO: If you are out of work you are unemployed. ABBOTT: No, you can’t count the “Out of Work” as the […]

May Economic Numbers Discouraging: Will Team Obama Create Another Social Issue to Distract From it?

Once again, the monthly economic numbers represent a disappointment.  The Blaze has more… U.S. employers created only 69,000 jobs in May, the fewest in a year, and the unemployment rate ticked up. The dismal jobs data will fan fears that the economy is sputtering. It could also damage President Barack Obama’s re-election prospects. And it could lead the Federal Reserve to take further steps to help the economy. The Labor Department also said Friday that the economy created far fewer jobs in the previous two months than first thought. It revised those figures down to show 49,000 fewer jobs created. […]

Effective Romney Video: People That Obama Left Behind

The Romney campaign seems to be hitting the right spots-namely, the Obama economic record.  The Lonely Conservative has the video… Keep it coming!

A Simple Graph on Jobs

This is what the election is about this year. Yes, it is important that our foreign policy goals have been accomplished- killing bin Laden, finishing up in Iraq, continuing to pressure terrorists around the world, encouraging revolutions aimed at toppling autocratic dictators, etc. Yes, it is important that many of our foreign policy goals have not been accomplished- those revolutions have resulted in less friendly and liberty loving people taking control, many revolutions were not supported, free trade agreements were not passed, rogue nations have continued to advance in weaponry, our allies are collapsing economically, our enemies are growing in […]

So Why a “War on Women,” and Now Gay Marriage?

Why have the Democrats and their media lapdogs made contraception, Sandra Fluke, gay marriage, and other inconsequential issues front page news?  So you wont look at or discuss this… Uh-oh.  Once they run the wheels off of the gay marriage story, what will they have to come up with next? Considering that the employment numbers look pretty weak, and have therefore not been reported, I think it’s safe to assume that we’ll see more and more social issues to distract from the economic fail. H/T: Sister Toldja

Welcome to Obamaville, Population: Growing!

It must really suck to be homeless.  Not only do you have misfortune of not having a home, you only officially exist when a Republican is in office.  When a Democrat is in office, no one talks about your plight.  The media ignores you.  There are no impassioned pleas to help you, because pointing out your situation might make socialism look bad, and we can’t have that, can we? Maybe, during an election year, the Democrats will give you a pack of smokes in exchange for an absentee ballot, but that’s about all your really get from them. Now, it has to […]

MSM in Coordinated Attack Against Santorum?

Newsbusters ran this last night, featuring Rick Santorum on Hannity.  This is predictable.  The administration and MSM are on a quest to avoid the economy at all costs.  To do that with Santorum, they have to hammer him on social issues, even if they have to do some cherry picking or making some stretches to do so.  Forget that gas prices are through the roof, and expected to rise even higher.  Forget that a couple million jobs are gone, and the people aren’t even bothering to look anymore.  Instead, let’s talk about how Rick Santorum is going to ban condoms, […]

Mining the Numbers: BLS Data Shows Obama Has Destroyed 500,000 Jobs, Bush Created 9,000,000??


During his State of the Union address on January 24, 2012, President Barack Obamaoffered up reasons why voters should give him a second term of office, arguing that …In the last 22 months, businesses have created more than three million jobs… Many on the left (like Balloon Juice) are trotting out this statistic as evidence thatPresident Obama’s policies are successful at creating jobs and putting Americans back to work. Although the jobs are being created by businesses, and it could be argued that these jobs would have been created regardless of who was in office, liberals and Democrats and progressives argue that President Obama deserves credit […]

If Debbie Wasserman Schultz Were Pinocchio, her Nose Would Burst Through Your Monitor and Poke Your eye out

Is she reality impaired, or a sociopath? Seriously?  Does she expect anyone to believe this dreck?  She isn’t even good at it! In the future, I think that there should be a warning on each Wasserman Schultz video Warning:  Viewing this video may cause eye damage due to Pinocchio-related-lie-induced-nasal-expansion.   I know that I’ll be wearing protective eye-wear in the future.   After all, it’s all fun and games until someone loses and eye. H/T: Redstate