10 Union Goons Indcited on Extortion, Arson, and Assualt Charges in Philadelphia


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union thug

You’ve seen the post image, I’ve used it for years.  This story explains why I use it.  It is one story of many-union goons caught violating the law.  However, what this makes this story a rarity is that the goons were caught and indicted…

10 In Union ‘Goon Squads’ Indicted For Violence, Arson In Philadelphia – The Foundry

Ten members of a Philadelphia ironworkers union are charged with conspiring to commit extortion, arson, destruction of property, and assault to force construction contractors to hire union workers, according to the FBI.


The FBI this week said the members of Ironworkers Local 401 collaborated with allies who sought out construction sites that employed non-union workers, threatening personnel there with “violence, destruction of property or other criminal acts unless union members were hired.”

So-called “goon squads,” including a group calling itself “The Helpful Union Guys” (or THUGs) went into action. Some “set a crane on fire and cut steel beams and colts” at a Quaker Meeting House construction site in 2012, according to the indictment. In 2010, union members assaulted non-union workers with baseball bats at another construction site.

In 2013, they “threatened the contractor of an apartment complex… if he did not hire Local 401 members,” the indictment said. As a result, “the contractor relinquished his profits and turned the job over to a union-affiliated contractor.”

Experts say such incidents go both under-reported and prosecuted. National Institute for Labor Relations Research has documented over 9,000 reports of union violence since 1975, of which “barely 3 percent… have led to an arrest and conviction.”

This story has it all; vandalism, destruction of property, threats, arson, you name it.  It’s union goons in action.  And, all of this reflects back to one fact-that unions are so great, that people have to be forced to deal with them.


Unions Attempt to Embrace Democracy, by Preventing Vote


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If you recall, the unions love the chant, “this is what democracy looks like.”  But they seem to not understand what democracy is, as they seem to try very hard to stop actual votes from being taken.  We saw that in Wisconsin, and now, in Michigan.  The Blaze has more…

Police used pepper spray Thursday to subdue protesters trying to rush the Michigan state Senate after Gov. Rick Snyder and other Republican leaders announced they would press for quick approval of right-to-work legislation limiting union powers.

“When several of the individuals rushed the troopers, they used chemical munitions to disperse the crowd,” said Michigan State Police Inspector Gene Adamczyk. “It would be a lot worse if someone gets hurt and I failed to act.”

It seems that the thugs didn’t want a vote to tale place.

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Notice the chant “Right to Work has got to go.” Now, I thought the leftists we all about choice? Or, is that all about being to choose what they want you to choose.

And if you disagree?

So, to summarize, lets make some observations about labor unions, and the left as a whole.

1.  Democracy is what they are all about, unless the vote goes against them.

2.  Choice is great, as long as you choose what they like.


Union Thug Alert: Refuse to Talk to Media, Walmart Black Friday Protest Failure


In the latest example of attempted union thuggery and fail, union organizers attempted to stage protests in front of Walmarts in the busiest shopping day of the year.  For starters, it appears that protests were rather sparse.  Twitchy has the following…

The Twitchy post has a great deal more information, so feel free to go check it out.

For the second part, here is a video featuring the outcome at the Landover, Maryland WalMart.  Apparently, the union bosses shipped in about five buses worth of rent-a-mob to the scene. 

Here are some quick points…

1.  The bosses had to ship goons in, which means that it was not spontaneous or even at all related to WalMart.

2.  They refused to speak to the media, which goes back to a post I did a short while back.  It seems that when the goons open their mouths, it is quickly discovered that they don’t know why they are there, and they admit that they are being paid to attend.

In the end, this is little more than more astroturf fail.  The only way the unions get a protest together is by paying people, and then putting them on buses.  Because, as we all know, all spontaneous protests happen than way!


Romney Recommends the Small Business Owners Warn Employees of Obama Second Term: Liberals Upset


What happens when Mitt Romney recommends that business owners talk to their employees about the consequences of a second Obama term?  Upset liberals! Here is the “leaked” video…

And, here is commentary from Working in These Times…

In the June call, Romney went on to reassure his audience that it is perfectly legal for them to talk to their employees about how to vote:

Nothing illegal about you talking to your employees about what you believe is best for the business, because I think that will figure into their election decision, their voting decision and of course doing that with your family and your kids as well. 

He’s correct that such speech is now legal for the first time ever, thanks to the Citizen United ruling, which overturned previous Federal Election Commission laws that prohibited employers from political campaigning among employees. 

In the post-Citizens United era, “there is not much political protection for at-will employees in the private sector workplace,” explains University of Marquette Law Professor Paul Secunda, a pro-union labor lawyer. “It is conceivable, under the current legal regime, that an employer like Koch could actually get away with forcing his employees, on pains of termination, to campaign for a given candidate or political party.”

And, here is some more from Think Regress…

There have already been some reports of employers suggesting how their employees should cast their ballots. A CEO of a Florida resort company threatened to fire his employees if Obama won. The CEO of a timeshare company did the same. And the famous right-wing Koch brothers warned of “consequences” of not voting for Romney.

Now, let’s take a second and look at this, because hypocrisy abounds…

1.  An employer has no way of knowing how an employee voted.  How can they, with the secret ballot?  However, unions want to get rid of secret ballot elections for their purposes.  They want employees to sign a card, in the open view of union representatives,  so they will know exactly who supported the union.  That, and they’ll know their address, phone number, and the like.  But, that’s OK, because they’re liberals.

2.  No employer, in any scenario discussed, has threatened employees.  What they have done is told employees that Obama and his policies are so bad for business that some may may have to do layoffs to stay in business.  And, it would also be logical to predict that many small businesses may go under entirely in Obama term two, because they won’t be able to afford all of the new taxes and  regulations.  But, unions can offer all sorts if dire predictions, and it’s perfectly OK, even when none of them come to pass.

3.  Citizens United did removed restrictions from employees that allows them to share information with their employees.  But, once again, that only serves to level the playing field.  For places where people are forced to join a union, they union bosses have been telling people how to vote for decades.  Essentially, liberals don’t want balance in the workplace anymore than they want in on the airwaves.  They seek to control information, so this is an affront to that intent.

4.  Remember this story about union bosses fining members if they did not support Elizabeth Warren?

In the end, this appears to be a classic case of liberal projection.  They use lies, threats and intimidation to get their people in line, and to silence dissent in the ranks.  Since they do this as standard practice, it’s reasonable to assume that they would assume others do it to, even if the others are not.



Manhattan Infidel Presents: The Dogmatic Constitution of the Democratic Party


Democrat Harry Reid prays for Barack ObamaMany of my readers have asked me for more information on our political parties. And with the Presidential election a year away I am more than happy to give that information. After all, I want my readers to make an informed choice based on principle and not, like I do, vote for the candidate with the hottest daughter.

And so, in the spirit of our Republic, I now present the Dogmatic Constitution of the Democratic Party:


What was from the beginning, what we have heard what we have seen with our eyes, what we looked upon and touched with our hands concerns the Word of Barack Obama.  For Barack was made visible.  We have seen him and testify to him and proclaim to you the eternal Obama.

The Mystery of Obama

Barack Obama is the light of humanity; and it is the heartfelt desire of the Sacred Democratic Party, being gathered together in congress, that by proclaiming President Obama’s word to all Americans the light of redistribution of wealth and socialism will come to all citizens.

All men and women are called to redistribute their wealth.  For it is only in the light of Barack Obama and his word that mankind will be raised up to socialism.  The Democratic party is the sole and necessary gateway to this.  All those who know and yet refuse to vote Democratic will remain outside the visible confines of the socialist workers’ paradise.  For they are all racists.

The People of Obama

At all times (but more specifically 2008 and 2012) anyone who fears Obama and votes for him has been acceptable to the Democratic party.

The whole body of registered Democrats cannot err in matters of belief or doctrine.

By this appreciation of Democratic principles, aroused and sustained by the spirit of Obama, the people of the Democratic party, guided by the sacred teaching authority of elected Democrats, and obeying them, receives not the  mere word of men but truly the word of Obama.

Basing itself on tradition and principle the Democratic party teaches that it is necessary for salvation, or at the very least if you vote for us we won’t call you stupid.

All Democrats should remember that their exalted condition results, not from their own merits, but from the grace of Obama.

The Democratic Party is Hierarchical

The Democratic Party teaches that elected Democratic congressmen and senators  have taken the place of the founding fathers in such wise that whosoever listens to them is listening to Washington, Jefferson and Madison and whoever despises them despises Washington, Jefferson and Madison.

Despite being successors to the founding fathers, elected Democrats have for all that no authority unless united with its head, Barack Obama.

Democrats who campaign in communion with Obama are to be revered by unelected or mere voting Democrats as witnesses of Barack Obama’s truth.

Barack Obama enjoys infallibility in virtue of his office.  His decisions are rightly said to be irreformable by their very nature and not by reason of the assent of the people.

The Unelected Democrats (the Laity)

It belongs to the unelected Democrats (laity) to seek the triumph of the Democratic party by engaging in temporal affairs and lying about their opponents and, if possible, hiring union goons to trash their places of business.

In every temporal affair the unelected Democrats (laity) are to be guided by the Democratic party, since not even in temporal business may any human activity be withdrawn from the principles of the Democratic party.

The unelected Democrats (laity) should promptly accept in obedience what is decided by elected Democrats, who in virture of their office, represent Barack Obama.

The Call to Socialism

The Democratic Party is held, as a matter of principle, to be unfailingly socialist.

Those who are weighed down by poverty, infirmity, sickness and other hardships should realize that Barack Obama will tirelessly fight to redistribute others income to you.

Therefore all the unelected Democrats (laity) are invited and obliged to vote Democratic and believe in socialism – the socialism that will perfect their own state of life.


In her life on Earth the Democratic party has been a model of that motherly love with which all who register Democrat should be animated.

Vote early!  Vote often!

Original Post:  Manhattan Infidel


Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Union Thug Threatens TV News Crew


It has crossed my mind that union thugs would eventually get a tad bit conscious of cameras.  After all, they have been exposed engaging in their special brand of “democracy” so many times, that too many people are figuring out what the thugs are all about. We saw some of that in Wisconsin, where goons tried to cover cameras, and attack those using them.  Here is the latest example, from those hostage taking Longshoreman in Washington state…


Is this what “democracy” looks like?  Why yes, yes it is.  In fact, the only way that it would have been more “democratic” is if the goon had smashed the camera, and assaulted the crew, because, as you all know, that is what “democracy” looks like!

I wonder if the regressives will condemn this as hateful?  Yeah, I know, that’s a laugh.

Seriously though, as the unions, and other regressive entities realize that their own activities are damaging to their movements, they will be on the alert for cameras.  They do not want the world seeing what they do-they only want the sanitized version that their PR people and union bosses release.   Violence, intimidation, death threats, and the like makes the leftist narrative ring a bit hollow.  However, they aren’t going to stop it, they just don’t want the rest of the world to know about it.

I have also suggested that if you are going to a protest, you should have a camera.  For one, everything has to be documented, and for two, they are going to hesitate to go after on person with a camera is 15 other cameras are on them.  I bought a cheap digital cam for about $30 to take to any potential problems in my area.  That way, if it get’s trashed, it’s no major loss.  In daylight it takes pretty good video, and if that goes, my cell phone is a back up.


Even More Verizon Strike Quick Hits: Flinging Poo is Out, Alleged Internal Union Memo Leaked


Well, the Verizon Strike just keeps plugging along.  Or should that be, thugging along?

Flinging Poo is apparently not appropriate:

And we’re so glad that it actually had to be said…

According to the Toms River News, NJ Supreme Court Justice Marybeth Rogers ordered that there should be no vandalism, violence, harassment, obstruction, intimidating, threatening, blocking, or trespassing.

Rogers also set restriction on picketing, allowing no more than six picketers at the entrance to any Verizon owned property at any one time. Picketers were also advise that no more than two picketers may picket a private residence of a Verizon employee and must stay more than 10 feet away from any Verizon individuals performing work on a private residence or business. Rogers’ decision also specified picketers may not have animals present or block any ingress or egress to prohibit movement of a Verizon contractor vehicle.

Striking workers have also been barred from entering inside of any Verizon properties unless they are performing their duties as Verizon employees under the direction of Verizon. Rules were also set for recording, video taping or photographing any individual at any Verizon or performing company.

Ironically, section J is one that would normally go without saying, yet is clearly stated:

”Dropping, spreading, throwing, placing or otherwise causing nails, glass, cinder block, spikes, feces, clubs, rocks, screws, or puncture devices of any kind, or other object or debris to be thrown or strewn in, on, or about Verizon’s driveways, parking lots, entrances, exits, vehicles and adjoining roads to any of Verizon’s property or at any work site.”

The order took effect immediately after its filing on August 11th. IBEW 827 agreed to the proposal and posted a $50,000 bond for payment of incurred future damages.

Seriously, what does it say about your efforts when a judge has to ORDER YOU NOT TO THOUGH FECES??  That it even had to be said speaks volumes about the situation.

Alleged Internal Union Memo Lays out Strike Strategy:

Labor Union Report has posted what is, allegedly, an internal memo that discusses the union strategy for this strike…

The company is using out of state cars/vehicles that are unmarked except for verizon door magnets. There is a possibility that other Unions may be accessing our facilities whether building or manhole. If they are you may first beat them repeatedly with a tire iron then advise them that we are on strike.

Keep pushing the pickets at verizon wireless. The number of stores visited daily is a part of the call now. If you are out of fliers let me know. There is a new flier and I’ll get 100?s of copies made for us to hand out. If we can generate the support of the employees (look how hard we fight for employee rights, etc.) as well as the general public it bolsters our image and public support grows. Believe it or not the public is more with us than against us right now and we need to take steps to keep it that way. If we can keep people out of the stores it will also be a benefit to us because that is money that will be spent on a competitor and not verizon. Any lost profits in wireless only emphasize our value.

A new mobilization is to get everyone in the habit of calling repair several specific times a day. For example, some at 10am others at 11am etc. to keep a steady and disruptive volume of calls slowing the companies ability to take real ones. Have everyone dial *67 first if they are nervous about their number being tracked. A direct number to repair is xxx-xxx-xxxx in case the 800 # is busy. A direct fios number is xxx-xxx-xxxx. We can start our own time table to do this. I think the biggest part is to get EVERY member doing it at different times through out the day.

We cannot sit back and wait. You folks are kicking serious ass! It was requested that whenever possible get pictures of families walking our lines together. Spouses and children who stop by or come for a full shift need to be highlighted and photographed. Matt B. Thanks for the picture of the kids in Bethel. It is exactly what that is about.

Get over to the link to see the rest.

I do post the alleged memo with some hesitation.  It is a tactic of leftist to leak false information in order to discredit opponents.  That being said, subtly has never been a hallmark of organized labor, so you never know.

As for the content of the memo, it seems pretty standard leftist/union fare.  Intimidation, violence, using families and children to score PR points; we’ve seen all of it before.  And considering that my traffic almost doubles when I post about this strike, and 90% of the increased traffic comes from search engines, more and more people are seeing it too .

Can you hear us now goons?



Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Unions Call Gov. Christie "Hitler"


To introduce the latest “Great Moment in Civil Discourse,” I think a history lesson is in order.

From the inception of the Tea Parties, Lyndon LaRouche supporters started showing up with signs like this…

The MSM went bonkers for this, citing that the Tea Parties were RAAAAACIST! They also neglected to mention that Larouche is a DEMOCRAT.  But, as always, the MSM can’t let the truth get in the way of the narrative, can they?

Of course, being the propaganda tools that they are, they neglected to report in signs like this…

In fact, they denied their very existence!



Then, after the shooting of Rep. Giffords (which was Sarah Palin’s fault, you know) we were all told by the left that we had to engage in the “new tone,” and “civil discourse.”  Apparently, “inflammatory rhetoric” causes deranged fans of Zeitgeist to go on shooting rampages.

But, as we have documented here time and again, the lefties apply those rules to others.  They, on the other hand, are immune.  Like the do as I say, not as I do- nanny, they have again been caught engaging in the sin of “inflammatory rhetoric.”

Where is the MSM to tell us about this egregious violation of the “new tone?”  Why have we not heard universal condemnation of this terrible breach of civil discourse?  There will be none.

But why has this happened?  Why is there no condemnation?  There is an answer to that, and it’s one of the Conservative Hideout Rules of Politics

When a Conservative does it (or can be blamed for it), it’s bad, very, very bad.

When a liberal does it, it ALRIGHT!

It’s simple, demonstrably correct, and easily applied to nearly any controversy or issue.

H/T: NewsBusters, Free Republic, Sister Toldjah


Tea Party in Wisconsin: It Ought to be Interesting


I believe it is the Chinese curse that reads, “may you live in interesting times.”  Well, we’re certainly cursed.  And perhaps no more so than in Madison, Wisconsin, where the Tea Party will be holding a rally featuring Sarah Palin.

It was announced yesterday that former Alaskan Governor and John McCain running mate Sarah Palin will be keynote speaker at the Annual Madison Tax Payer Tea Party Rally.

The rally is set to begin at noon on the capitol lawn and will include James T. Harris as emcee, the Rockstar of Radio: Vicki McKenna, John Fund of the Wall Street Journal, Tony Katz of Pajamma Media, and other activists and media pesonalities to be announced.

This year’s rally is jointly coordinated by Americans for Prosperity and the Founders Compass.

Madison Tea Party Lead Organizer Nancy Mistele and Founders Compass founder announced Sarah Palin’s appearance on April 14th on Vicki McKenna’s WISN Milwaukee show.

More information on the rally can be found on the event page:http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=164799016908247&index=1.

So, given that Madison has been the mothership of union thuggery, might we expect:

1.  Infiltrators with crazy or racist signs:  That is a real possibility.  They’ve tried it before.  I can see no reason that they wouldn’t again.  And, if there are infiltrators, expect Think Regress to have a guy with a camera there.  After all, liars lie, and deceivers deceive.  Why would anyone expect anything else? It’s pure Alinsky.

2.  Union thugs on the march:  That is possible.  I can’t say that they unions will show up to disrupt the event-time will tell, but such activities are typical for the left.  Remember that for the lefties, “democracy, tolerance, and diversity” means that no one else can be heard.  It is always generally advisable to be packing-a camera.  Document and publish should be the mantra.

3.  The MSM will lie:  There will sins of commission and omission.  The MSM conveniently ignored the union activities in Wisconsin.  Yes, they covered the protests, but left out the violence, intimidation, vandalism, and the like.  In almost every Tea Party event, they generally undercut the attendance.  Like the “dozens” that reportedly attended the event in Harry Reid’s home town, when aerial photos show that there were thousands.

4.  The left will lie:  Remember folks, that we’re all racist, redneck, homophobic, ignorant, and uneducated teabaggers.  No matter what happens in Madison tomorrow, the left will craft some nonsense and distribute it.  The general idea here is to put any opposition to the left on the defensive.  If one can keep an enemy off message by defending themselves against false claims, they are rendered less effective.

Good luck to all that are going to attend events tomorrow.  Stay safe, and keep cameras at the ready.  I’ll try to keep looking for coverage tomorrow.



Useful Idiot of the Month: March 2011


Well folks, the nomination process is done.  And now, it is time to vote for the Useful Idiot of the Month.

Here are your candidates for this symbol of disdain:

Barak Hussein Obama: The messiah spendulus maximus, the ditherer in chief, takes sides with who the heck knows who, the empty suit.  Clarification:  He dithers only AFTER golfing, partying, and making his brackets.  Priorities, you know.

Anthony Weiner: He gives Oscar Mayer a bad name.

Organized Labor: For hanging out with the Marxists, beating people up, threatening businesses, death threats, vandalism, and general thuggery.

Stephen Lerner: The lefty who proposes to collapse the economy.

It’s a short list, but have at it.  The poll will be up for two days.  Enjoy!

[poll id=”27″]


Breaking News: Union Thugs Threaten College Students, Steal Cell Phone


The union thugs are just that…thugs.  They cannot overcome their nature.  Their history is filled with violence.  It is so part of their “culture” that they are programmed to attack anyone who opposes them.  We have already posted multiple videos of violent attacks perpetrated by union goons.  I said before that that was only the beginning, and as usual, there is more…

Gateway Pundit has more coverage…

Amanda, who is 5? 1? told me today that the guy who took her phone (the same guy in the video) was over 6 foot and 200 pounds.
Real classy, leftists.

Steve from the Westshore Tea Party sent this on the incidents:

We were in Columbus yesterday and were threatened multiple times by union thugs.Amanda Shell of Freedomworks had her cell phone violently ripped out of her hands by a union thug who started to walk off with it. She implored the Columbus cops to help her retrieve her cell phone, but they turned their backs on her. I think they need to be recognized for allowing the unions to openly accost SB-5 supporters.Amanda finally got her phone back after she threatened to call 911. He threw it at her. Several people had the same thing happen. I have personally been threatened several times and we constantly had union thugs trying to provoke us.

We presented the thank you poster to Senator Shannon Jones’s aides. They broke into tears of happiness after finally receiving letters of support. Senator Jones sponsored SB-5 and she and her staff have received constant threats of bodily harm from the unions. Senators Jones has had to have protection around the clock protection since then.

There you have it; threats, intimidation, and taking cameras from young women.

If you are going to a rally, being a camera.  It is absolutely essential that you do so.  If they get your camera, and there aren’t other people recording nearby, they will hurt you.  As these kids found, you can’t always rely on the police.  They might turn their backs on you, and allow you to be beaten.

And, as a reminder, the thugs don’t seem to have a problem harassing women…

Waiting for the NOW to decry this violence against women….

5, 4, 3, 2, 1,

Cue crickets.


Fraud and Dirty Tricks: The Democrats Are Trying to Steal the Massachusetts Miracle


As I discussed in my Sunday post, it appears that the Democrats are up to some of their typical dirty tricks.  First up, a “community organizer” is caught on video handing out blank absentee ballots.  Problem is the deadline for absentee ballots was this past Friday.  Here is the video from Michelle Malkin.

Election Journal, the website that exposed the New Black Panther Party thugs’ voter intimidation tactics in Philadelphia in November 2008, is on the ground in Massachusetts today.

They’ve just posted video of a woman in Lawrence, MA, carrying around blank absentee ballots in Spanish today. She explains how she’s telling people to mark Martha Coakley’s name. The woman handing out the ballots identifies herself as “Isabel Melendez” and says she has a talk show in which she promoted Coakley’s candidacy.

The deadline to apply for absentee ballots for the January 19, 2010 special election for US Senate was Friday, January 15.

More on Melendez: She’s a “community activist” in Lawrence who has run for public office before.

So, here we have absentee ballot trickery.  Very typical.

Next up, we have groups posing as Conservatives, using false flag ops to misrepresent Brown’s positions and support.  Here is more from Gateway Pundit.

This is a horrid new low for the left. They not only promote the murder of unborn children but lie about who they are and lie about the pro-life candidate Scott Brown.
Pro-lifers are receiving phone calls from a phony group pretending to Mass Citizens for Life.
The Mass Citizens for Life Blog reported:

“The most disgraceful thing is happening!

Pro-lifers are receiving phone calls from people claiming to be Mass Citizens. The callers say that Mass Citizens is not supporting Scott Brown because of his position on health care!
The truth is that Mass Citizens is suporting Brown because of his position on health care!

These deceitful calls are coming from 202-461-3441, a Washington, DC number. The phone company says this is a company called SOOH. Pro-lifers are not the only victims of this scam. Our MCFL sleuths have found that this same number is calling people across the state claiming to be different groups with different messages – all anti-Brown!

Please, please send this email to your entire list and ask those people to do the same! This deceit must go viral!

We cannot let this election be stolen!

Keep up your great work!

Anne Fox

P S If you get the call on your answering machine, please save it. These people should be made accountable for using our name!”

Any help with the number is appreciated.
This is a horrible new low for the left.

Also up, Keyboard Militia has some pictures of Coakly signs being placed outside of polling places.  This is illegal in Massachusetts.  Check out the link they have quite a few pics.  Here is one…

You would think that with all the technology available to us, they wouldn’t try to pull this stuff.  I think they still believe that since the MSM will ignore all of this, that they can just deny and deny, and it will just go away.  They don’t know us very well, do they?

I’ll update this post as more information comes in.

Update #1: Snarky Basterd has this footage of some charming union goons chasing reporters out of Coakley’s HQ


Profiles in Useful Idiocy: The SEIU


Since we are in the last few days prior to the close of the voting for Useful Idiot of the Year, I thought we might take a look at some of the candidates.  So here is a profile, in video, of the SEIU.

Just imagine what they’ll do to people if “Card Check”  passes!

Welcome to Obama’s Amerika!

Welcome to Obama’s Amerika part II.  This is what happens when you disagree with the POTUS.

Does the SEIU have powerful allies?

And finally, my own take on Organized Crime…oops, I mean labor.  Or is there a difference?


New Poll, New Useful Idiots

Uncanny, isnt it
Uncanny, isn't it"

Well, given his outspoken support for single payer, his defense of Fannie and Freddie over the years, and his overall “Barny Frankness,” it was only a matter of time before Barney was added to our infamous list of useful idiots.

Our other new useful idiot is a union, or as Vinny the Ice Pick would say, “Respectable Union Organizers, yeah, respectable, that’s it!”  The name, the SEIU.  When they aren’t beating down African Americans and calling them the “N” word, they can be found slugging people filming them beating down African American Conservatives.  Great job guys, you helped us more than you know.  We won’t forget about you either.