Union Thugs Alert: Goons Threaten to Rape Children of Managers


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union thug

Union thugs are at it again.

Correct that!

Union thugs are still at it. 

The first sentence implies that union thugs ever stop being union thugs.

As the title points out, Union thugs have again been found to threatening the children of their targets.  Included in the latest example is threats to rape and kill children.  You know, just peaceful union activism, right?

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Via Red State:

In the latest development of a more than year-long labor dispute in Vancouver, the National Labor Relations Board has accused picketers of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) Local 4 of a multitude of horrific acts which include violence, threats of rape and implied harm to children, as well as racial slurs toward company security officers.

These acts, according to The Oregonian include the pinning of a security officer’s legs under a moving vehicle, blocking drivers’ vision and causing permanent eye injury to a security officer, reckless pursuit of company vans, as well as threatening a manager’s daughter with rape and “implied threats to harm a manager’s children by telling him they would ‘see his children at school’ and asking, ‘are (his) children okay today?’”

The labor dispute began in February 2013, when United Grain Corporation–a wheat exporter that runs a terminal in Vancouver, Washington–locked out 44 ILWU workers following six months of “fruitless negotiations” and after an ILWU member allegedly sabotaged the company’s equipment. […]

In addition to the acts alleged by the NLRB, the union has used religious leaders to accuse the company of sins, “including the sin of ‘theft in stealing the right to work,’ the sin of ‘heartlessness in failing to acknowledge the humanity of their workers’ and the sin of “manipulation in hiring replacement workers who need the money.’”

You remember all the Bible verses where Jesus said to rape children, don’t you?

Just think about it.  According to law, threats, extortion, and the like, are all legal for union thugs (at least here in the US).  And, the unions, and their democrat cronies, are fighting tooth and nail to keep it going.   Because, as we all know, unions are go great, that people have to be forced to accept them!


This is How the Left Works: The Stalking and Harassing of Scott Walker and His Family


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I have devoted a great deal of time to covering the tactics of the left.  Whether it’s been Union goons, Occupy Wall Street, of even #FreeKate, they all try to use thug tactics to threaten and attack their adversaries.  Here are some of the tactics being used against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker when the unions were trying to maintain their death grip on public workers…

The letter was addressed to Walker’s wife, Tonette. It read:

Has Wisconsin ever had a governor assassinated? Scotts heading that way. Or maybe one of your sons getting killed would hurt him more. I want him to feel the pain. I already follow them when they went to school in Wauwatosa, so it won’t be too hard to find them in Mad. Town. Big change from that house by [BLANK] Ave. to what you got now. Just let him know that it’s not right to [EXPLETIVE] over all those people. Or maybe I could find one of the Tarantinos [Tonette’s parents] back here.

But, Walker’s opponents didn’t stop at just death threats.  They were following his family members, including his children…

Erwin worked tirelessly to ensure Walker’s safety, the book notes. And it wasn’t just for him: Walker’s entire family was apparently being stalked.

“Governor, I’ve been at this awhile, and when the hairs stand up on the back of my neck, you have to be concerned,” the former Marine told Walker. “They know where you go to church; they’ve been to your church. They’re following your children and tracking your children. They know where your children go to school, what time they have class, what time they get out of class.”

“They know when they had football practice. They know where your wife works, they know that she was at the grocery store at this time, they know that she went to visit her father at his residence,” he said.

The size of Walker’s security detail was eventually increased and troopers had to be assigned to monitor his children at school.

This is what leftists, bullies, and other goons do.  This is not the exception-it is the rule.  For example, one of the former #FreeKate supporters that contacted me told me that once they broke with that group, and started talking about what they knew, they were contacted by other #FreeKate supporters.  Those supporters threatened not only the “defector,” but their family and even children as well.  The groups formerly known as ACORN were well know for having protests at the schools attended by their target’s children.  And, we remember how Occupy Wall Street terrorized children…

When one has no morals, terrorizing children is nothing more than a tactic, or a means to an end.


Union Thug Update: Better Not Talk About Right to Work


union thug

As the saying here at the CH 2.0 goes,

Unions: so great, that people have to be forced to join. 

And, if you want the freedom to choose if you belong to a union or not, goons show up to threaten you!  Freedom Works has more…

One eyewitness sent me an account of what happened, along with video. This eyewitness has requested anonymity, fearing reprisals from the unions.

Freedom “Ruins Everything,” Unions Protest

Three words strike fear into the hearts of union leaders: “Right to Work.” At the mere mention of the phrase, unions in lockstep intimidate, harass, and bully those who dare to question what’s best for American workers.

Little did I know I’d be experiencing this first hand.

As a young conservative striving to find a foothold in a challenging economy, I was intrigued by the Northwest Employee Freedom event about right-to-work legislation. Held jointly by Oregon’s Cascade Policy Institute and Washington’s Freedom Foundation, labor experts including “top union watchdog” Vincent Vernuccio from the Mackinac Center would be coming to Vancouver to discuss labor reform and strategies for increasing employee freedom across the country.

I was looking forward to an intellectual discussion from these leading minds, but others insisted on being heard that evening.

From the moment my companions and I pulled up to the Clark College parking lot, already having fought our way through a drenching Northwest downpour, we realized another battle lay ahead. A cluster of people waving signs obstructed the driveway. Standing in the crosswalk to slow down cars, one man snapped pictures of every license plate as we drove in. Intimidation: Chapter One.

Chapter Two awaited us at the building entrance. Another crowd milled around the doors bearing more signs, daring any one of us to call them out. “He threatened to punch me if I didn’t get out of the crosswalk,” complained one would-be victim about another event attendee. “Let’s call the police on him.” One man held a sign stating, “Right 2 Work short changes your wallet” and admonished us, “Shame on you!” as we walked by without comment. “Right to work ruins society,” intoned another protester. “Ruins everything.”

The only thing being ruined at that moment was the educational forum we were yet to reach. Protesters in the hallway hovered as we presented our tickets, trying to join their compatriots who had already shouldered their way inside.

We entered the room to find sheer chaos – men with signs and bullhorns flanked the perimeter, surrounding participants who sat at tables watching the spectacle in disbelief. Vincent Vernuccio, the featured speaker, was countering the amplified voices with his brash New York attitude, giving no quarter as the men tried to hold the event hostage. “It’s our meeting now!” one bullhorned protester proudly proclaimed, as if sheer volume somehow translated to being king of the sandhill.

Chanting then broke out. “Hey hey, ho ho, union busting’s got to go! Hey hey, ho ho…” Another shouting match ensued. “Who is paying your wages?” demanded one protester.  “What are your biggest donors, your biggest contributors?” Ah yes, because unions are clearly in favor of financial transparency.

The situation continued out of hand until police arrived to a round of applause, escorting out the union trespassers and arresting one man who tried to insist that he was being “profiled.”

“Back to our regularly scheduled programming,” Vincent, the speaker, quipped. “If you’re not getting flak, it means you’re not over the target!”

The event itself proved incredibly illuminating. Harry Beck, famous for union workers’ “Beck rights” to pay only those dues not used for political purposes, cited Governor Kitzhaber’s Labor Day speech as a classic example of the hypocrisy inherent in the anti-right-to-work movement.

“Kitzhaber gives women the right to an abortion, or not. He gives seniors the right to die with dignity, or not. But he won’t give public sector workers, who are specially trained, who carry guns, who protect us, who we trust to teach our children – he won’t give them the right to choose whether to be in a union, or not. Why? Because they’re not smart enough?”

“Right-to-work isn’t about union dues. It’s about choice. It’s about freedom,” he emphasized.

Freedom to make unions have to earn their dues. Freedom to hold them accountable to the members that they claim to represent. Freedom from fear of the retaliation and intimidation tactics on which they rely.

Hey hey, ho ho, freedom helps workers, don’t ya know?

The Blaze has even more…

All of this points out several aspects about Unions, and the political left as a whole…

1.  The left is all about choice, until you choose something they don’t like.  Choose to kill a baby?  Great!  Choose to kill a black baby?  “Better yet,” says the leftist!  Choose to be gay, Muslim, Wiccan, or furry?  Excellent!

Now, something breaks down…

Choose to be a Christian?  HATER!  Choose to be free?  GREEDY! Choose not to be in a Unions?  Release the Union Thugs!  You’re a medical worker who chooses not to participate in abortions because of your religious beliefs?  You’re FIRED!

2.  “This what democracy looks like,” was the battle cry in Wisconsin, and at OWS.  But, when people vote for something else, it simple cannot be allowed.  You see, “democracy” is only “democracy” if the leftists win, even if they have to cheat.  If they lose, then it is not “democracy,” it is “hate.”

3.  Just like the East Germans and Soviet Union, the totalitarian impulse is strong in leftists. So even if it sucks, people cannot be allowed to leave.  Whether its keeping poor minority kids from escaping democrat-ruined public schools, or preventing workers from choosing to join a union, there can be no escape from leftist control, and if Union Thugs have to bust your head to make you stay, so be it.


The Psychology of Gun Control



Last week, I saw a picture that shows the psychology of gun control perfectly.  Here’s the pic…

psychology gun control

The real psychology of gun control is far more subtle than the public debate would imply.  It is also far more powerful.  The state always wants order, and power.  While order is desirable, the state’s means of enforcing it is shown by the man with the whip.  It is based on fear, threats, and injustice.  It is not just, it is violence.  As for the people?  Most of them bowed.   But when one stood up, others were emboldened to stand as well, and even thought the state continued using it’s whip, he was eventually broken when all the people stood up.

To look at this further, we have to turn it around, and realize that many people are being conditioned to be compliant, even to their own detriment.  To get there, we need to look at learned helplessness.  It’s a psychological state in which a person does not try to help themselves.  It is, in fact, so pervasive that people do not think to help themselves, because they do not believe that anything can be done for them.  To illustrate, let’s use an old analogy.  I don’t know how factually true it is, but it does capture this quite well.

When a baby elephant was born in the circus or zoo.  A rope would be tied to one leg, and secured with a stake in the ground.  Try as it might, the baby elephant could not escape.  Eventually, it would quit trying, and accept it’s captivity.  As the elephant grew into adulthood, it would continue to be restrained in the exact same way, even though it could easily pull the rope and stake right out of the ground.  Based on it’s learning and conditioning, it no longer contemplates its escape, and passively accepts it’s captivity.  It has learned to be helpless.

That state of passive captivity is exactly where the state wants all of us.  And, the political left attempt to create this by use of the Alinsky Method.  People that dissent, believe in freedom, and such are singled out and destroyed.  They are harassed in public, and in their own homes.  Their children and tracked and harassed.  They receive death threats, false lawsuits are filed.  Basically, the target is relentlessly isolated and attacked until they submit.  They want the target to submit and be passive, and they want to people witnessing it to not get any bright ideas about having independent thoughts of their own.  Also, when children are singled out for punishment in school for being Christian, or c0llege students are threatened with failing grades for not embracing the “tolerance” of the regressives. we see the isolation and attack mode that seeks to create passive sheeple, and punish those that stand up.

How this applies to gun control is simple.  A firearm provides a sense of security and confidence.  As the old saying goes, “God made man, but Samuel  Colt made them equal.”  Meaning, that it became very difficult to intimidate and subjugate a man that is armed.  It is a catalyst for independence, as when a human can defend themselves, they will stand up to the state, community organizers, or union goons.  It’s the “emboldening agent” that could be applied to the picture.  It’s the great equalizer of our Republic. It is the counterbalance to tyranny; the gun owner is confident, and the one(s) that would attack him are wary.  It doesn’t matter that the gun owner cannot impose his will on others, as others cannot impose their will on him.

If you will notice, we see stories about union attacks, and community organizers intimidating people far more in urban areas.  Why is this?  I think most of you will understand why.  In the cities, there are more gun control laws, so these thugs have less of a chance of being confronted by an armed citizen.  In the suburbs, and especially in rural areas, the thug’s shenanigans would be confronted with the sound on dozens of “metallic clicks.”  It’s hard to intimidate someone that can fight back, even if he or she is outnumbered (or, unless the government limits the amount of bullets that go in magazines).

Obviously, the gun owner  can’t stand against the military, nor can he wreck the state single-handedly, nor does he have to.  However, he and a million so of his close friends, could make the country ungovernable.   And when he does that, even more will stand with him.   In that scenario, I wouldn’t want to be the man bearing the whip. Again, it’s about being confident, and not psychologically helpless that wins the day.  It’s a psychological balance of power that is at stake.  And, that’s exactly why the state wants to take the guns-they seek compliant sheeple, and emboldened free citizens with fire arms prevent that.


Did Union Thugs Destroy a Church?


union thug

Apparently, even God isn’t above the reach of union thugs.  Here’s the background.  Quakers (not the Oatmeal folks, the actual religion) needed a new “meeting house” (their place of worship=church).  However, they decided to go with non-union labor.  That’s when things, shall we say, got interesting.  Philly .com,  via Weasel Zippers has more…

As agonizing as the process was, the result is a trim little design, faced in traditional Wissahickon schist, that will visibly reflect the ideals Quakers hold dear, from respect for the environment to plain old good neighborliness. And yet, in one crucial way, the $5.8 million project now under construction is also a frank acknowledgment of real-world conditions: To afford Philadelphia’s first new Quaker meetinghouse in 80 years, the Chestnut Hill Friends felt their only option was to employ a nonunion contractor.

And now they are paying the price.

Four days before Christmas, the Friends’ world was rocked by the sort of violence they have devoted their lives to stamping out.

Vandals with an acetylene torch crept onto the project’s muddy construction site in the middle of the night. Working out of view in the meetinghouse’s freshly cemented basement, they sliced off dozens of bolts securing the bare steel columns and set fire to the building crane, causing $500,000 in damage.

Police detectives deemed the attack arson because of a series of confrontational visits from union officials days before the incident. They say the torch could only have been operated by a trained professional, and believe it was almost certainly the work of disgruntled union members. The city has assigned extra investigators to the case and is working with federal forensic experts to track down the vandals, said Michael Resnick, the city’s public safety commissioner.

If this turns out to be true, it would be yet another example of the terror tactics used by unions.  If someone steps outside of the union influence, they must be punished.  And, it doesn’t appear that they even respect God.  It must be good to be a union boss.  Great pay, lots of perks, millions of workers that are forced to pay tribute to you, and you even get to attack God.

No wonder union bosses think so highly of themselves.


Michigan Union Violence Update: Thugs use Racial Slurs While Destroying Local Business


When you leave the left to their own devices, they’ll most often show you their true thoughts and intentions.  This could not be more true recently in Michigan, where it was seen that union thugs displayed the violence and intelligence that has given them their “thug” designation   Of course, racism has deep roots in both the Democratic party, as well as unions, so it isn’t a surprise that racial slurs flew when a black businessman dared provide a service to Americans for Prosperity.

Stacey McCain has the background…

Lee Stranahan returned my phone call today. He was in Lansing, Michigan, to cover this week’s union goonfest for Breitbart.com, and he told me the story of what happened to Clint Tarver.

Clint is a beloved local figure, his hot dog stand across from the Michigan state capitol being a sort of institution, a landmark. “This is not a guy who’s about politics,” Lee explained. “He’s about hot dogs.”

Americans for Prosperity hired Clint to serve hot dogs at their tent on the capitol grounds, where AFP officials were presenting the pro-freedom side of the right-to-work argument. And when the union goons decided to assault the AFP tent, Clint became a target.

Union Thugs Shouted Racial
Slurs At Hot Dog Vendor While
Trashing His Business

Good Lord. Of course, they have no sense of shame, but are they also completely lacking a sense of irony? I mean, the Left has spent nearly four years building their “Tea Party is racist” meme, and the AFL-CIO brutes — who were nearly all white, as Stranahan reports and video verifies — decide they’ll just waste all that liberal media propaganda in order to terrorize a guy whose only “crime” is serving hot dogs?

Legal Insurrection has more…

But unless you read conservative blogs and websites, you have not heard that the union protesters shouted racial slurs at the man, including the N-word.

Lee Stranahan at Breitbart.com has an interview with the man in which he details what happened.  You can jump ahead to the 3:42 mark to hear about the racial slurs.

Then, Clint Tarver gave a press conference.  However, I doubt anyone from the MSM bothered to attend.

So, this isn’t going to get covered, being against the narrative and all.  So, racism and violence can be on public display, but our impartial and balanced media will never cover it.

Remember kids, we live in a post-reality world.


Eric Holder Speaks to NAACP Against Voter ID: Media had to Show Picture ID to Enter


In our modern society, picture ID is needed for quite a few things, like driving, for instance.  However, when it interferes with voter fraud (which clearly does not happennot ever), it’s the most racist thing ever!  However, labor unions must have an exception from this…

Apparently, it’s OK when the unions do it.  But what if the NAACP did it themselves?  GateWay Pundit has the answer…

Via the Joe Pags Show :

*******MEDIA ADVISORY*******


WASHINGTON – Attorney General Eric Holder will deliver remarks at the NAACP National Convention during the plenary session on TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2012, at 12:00 p.m. EDT/11:00 a.m. CDT.

WHO: Attorney General Eric Holder

WHAT: Remarks at the NAACP National Convention

12:00 p.m. EDT/
11:00 a.m. CDT

WHERE: George R. Brown Convention Center
1001 Avenida De Las Americas

NOTE: All media must present government-issued photo I.D. (such as a driver’s license) as well as valid media credentials. Members of the media must RSVP to receive press credentials athttp://action.naacp.org/page/s/registration. For security purposes, media check-in and equipment set up must be completed by 9:45 a.m. CDT for a 10:00 a.m. CDT security sweep. Once the security sweep is completed, additional media equipment will NOT be permitted to enter and swept equipment will NOT be permitted to exit. Press inquiries regarding logistics should be directed to REDACTED.

So, unions can check ID, and the NAACP can check ID, but preventing voter fraud is a big no-no!

NOTE:  I know the top post image is a fake.  I think it’s funny.  If you don’t like it, get over yourself.


Richard Trumka Seems Awfully Confused About Freedom


AFL-CIO “Don,” Richard Trumka seems a tad bit confused as to what freedom actually means.  He wrote an op-ed for the huffpo that stretched reality to the breaking point.  Then again, he is a liberal.  Here is a quick excerpt, as well as my usual sarcastic take…

Let’s call this right-wing “freedom” catch phrase what it really is: a grossly political strategy to dupe the public, which holds the word “freedom” as something sacred.

This Independence Day, I say let’s go back to a truer use of the word “freedom.” Let’s start with President Franklin Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms: freedom of speech and expression, freedom of worship, freedom from want and freedom from fear. I would add the freedom to bargain collectively.

Those freedoms are under attack today. We all will pay a heavy price if we don’t stand up and fight for them.

OK then, let’s look at how the unions deal with “freedom of speech…”

You see, like all leftists, the freedom of speech means that you are only free to agree with them.  Disagree?  Well, that means some people are going to “convince” you to keep your freaking mouth shut.

And the freedom from fear can be exemplified by the following…

So, Trumka must mean that”freedom from fear” means that as long as you don’t disagree with the union bosses, you won’t get “taken out!” Of course, that is, until you lose your job.

And lastly, he would add the “right” to bargain collectively.  Because nothing says freedom like forcing people to join something against their will.  On top of that, that having that right also means that the union gets to take your money against your will, and give it to politicians that support the union bosses.  Then, those socialist politicians will regulate your job out of existence.  But don’t worry, the union bosses will still have their power and influence!

Yes, that’s freedom all right!


Walker Wins Recall Vote: Let the Denial of Reality Begin


It was over early, and  the race was called for Scott Walker, and the Lt. Governor, Rebecca Kleefisch.  This is one for the history books, and represents a huge win in the constant fight between freedom and the thug tactics used by Walker’s union opponents.  Here are some of my initial thoughts…

1.  The blame game will begin.  With any loss, the Democrats are going to blame someone else, so I would guess that the Koch brothers will be at the top of their list.  Forget that the unions spent $60,000,000.  Forget that they made asses of themselves by protested Special Olympics ceremonies, police memorials, wrecked the capitol building, faked Dr. excuses, beat up counter-protesters, and intimidated business owners.  Forget all of that, because that could not have possibly had anything to do with it, right?

2.  Then, there is now a conflict between the DNC and the unions.  The DNC didn’t spend a freely as the union bosses would have wanted.  Let’s just say that they aren’t going to like spending time under the bus.  The internal warfare might be interesting to watch.

In other words, it’s going to be the typical denial of reality.

More as it comes, and congratulations to Governor Walker, and Lt Governor Rebecca Kleefisch.

NOTE:  Smitty has been doing the coverage over at The Other McCain.  


What Happened to the Occupods and Union Goons? CPAC Not Disrupted (Yet)? UPDATE Attempted- and Failed!


After all of the promises, it seems that the promises to disrupt CPAC were greatly exaggerated.  When encounters with occupods and union members did occur, the protesters themselves seemed far more confused than anyone else.  Then, there were some union goons present, but it appears that they were paid to be there.  Here is some video, courtesy of The Daily Caller…

I know that folks that are out of work needs the money, but $60 bucks for a day of protesting? Talk about slave wages? That seems rather “one percentagish” to me.

Also, there were some brain dead creatures, commonly referred to as occupods. For example, here is a rather confused occupod…

Once again, we see an occupod that doesn’t know what she is doing.

All in all, it doesn’t appear that the forced of useful idiocy were willing to disrupt CPAC.  They certainly have enough numbers to cause some problems, but they backed off.  The question is why.  I have some theories, but I’d like to hear what the readers think.  So, conjecture and theories are welcome.

We also need to realize that there is one more day of CPAC, and all the forces might be mustering for one big move.  I guess time will tell.  I’ll try to monitor it as best I can, and report on what happens, if anything.

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Update:  The Occupods did attempt to #occupy CPAC.  They failed.  Breitbart has the video.

They tried so much more the last time Occupy DC tried to attack a Conservative event.  Why this time, they didn’t even use children as human shields, or throw an elderly lady down a flight of stairs!

They must be slipping!


Wisconsin Union Goons Protest a School for Hosting Governor Walker


The union shenanigans in Wisconsin haven’t gone away, they’ve simply gone smaller scale.  The goal, however, is the same-to punish Scott Walker and anyone who associates with him.  Again, the regressive playbook is powerful, but paper-thin.  They are using  Alsinky’s rule #8…


8. “Keep the pressure on, with different tactics and actions, and utilize all events of the period for your purpose.”

and #13…

13. Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.  In conflict tactics there are certain rules that [should be regarded] as universalities. One is that the opposition must be singled out as the target and ‘frozen.’…

In other words, they are going to harass him, and anyone around him, and keep on doing it until the target(s) relent or crack.   If you recall, they even went as far as to protest a Special Olympics Event…

Those silly union goons!  Even disabled children are potential targets!

Now, for the latest example of union disregard for anything decent, we have to take a look at what happened late last week in Milwaukee.  Governor Walker visited Messmer Preparatory School, a choice school.  Here is what happened…

So, we have a school that parents can CHOOSE to send their children.   Combine that with the fact that the school is SUCCESSFUL, sending over 80% of their kids to college, and that makes for a “double plus” tempting target.  Not only do they get a chance to harass Walker, but they also get to protest a school whose mere existence points out their incompetence.  Of course, the thugs showed up with their usual bag of vandalism, disruption, and attempted intimidation.

Brett Healy from Big Government aptly contrasts the children at the school and the protestors…

The Left and the perpetually offended, who despite spending millions of dollars in national money have been losers now in several consecutive elections and policy debates in Wisconsin, must resort to civil disturbances, vandalism and thuggery.  Their well of vitriol has no bottom, apparently.

Contrast them with the kids at Messmer. These students come from the same abject poverty, single parent-dominated households and unsafe neighborhoods as their peers in the Milwaukee Public School System. Yet, they are eager to learn, polite, inquisitive and successful.

Qualities in which the protesters are severely lacking.

I think an interesting angle is the fact that a mostly white group of agitators were protesting a school filled with successful black students.  Where is the MSM?

But it’s the Conservatives that are racist, right?


Union Goons Disrupt Special Olympics Event


Imagine that you are a disabled child, and have participated in the Special Olympics.  Also, you’ve been invited to the state capitol, where you will be honored by the governor of your state.  I would imagine that you would be rather excited about that.

Now, also imagine that this happened…

Let’s just ask ourselves, and everyone else as well, “is this behavior that is consistent with American ideals, or on any level of decency?”

Not so, according to the union bosses.  They’re going to get theirs, and they’re going to take it from you.  And if the have to disrupt a ceremony for disabled children to make a cheap point, so be it.

H/T: Hot Air via Instapundit